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Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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Comments 100
Batman _
Batman _ 31 minute ago
I hope at least 100 people found my comment. Ok so my experience of watching this was ruined by some annoying little boy here’s why. 1. He was talking randomly and made loud laughs at which parts wouldn’t even funny. 2. He kicked the chair right next to me which made noises. 3. Not even once the people right next to him never tell him to shut up. 4. At the part of when the battle against Thanos and Avengers just got f*cked because he won’t shut up, like the scene was awesome but he just had to ruin it. 5. And I had to deal with this for 3 HOURS. I will forever hate him for ruining the first time I ever watched Endgame.🤬😡👿
Batman _
Batman _ 14 minutes ago
BlackCatPlay46 yep I thought about telling his parents but I thought I would ruin someone else’s experience so I waited until the end to tell one of them.
BlackCatPlay46 16 minutes ago
Maybe go see it for a second time for a more enjoyable experience, If the kids parents were there I would've said something if they weren't I would of just killed him lol. No one ruins a marvel movie like that.
Berry Allen
Berry Allen 39 minutes ago
Batman :what's the matter between you and Tony, Steve. Steve:we had a disagreement. Batman : any chance your mothers had same name
lil_slayer_13 !
lil_slayer_13 ! 40 minutes ago
Omg Endgame BEAT avatar!!!!!
Some people should move on after watching the movie...but not us..NOT US.....
Bharath Mohan
Bharath Mohan Hour ago
Avatar you are in the endgame now......
rosangela ruiz
Mr Short
Mr Short 2 hours ago
Whatever it takes
m k
m k 2 hours ago
Avatar still top grossing.
I AM THANOS 2 hours ago
I swear I cried a million times watching this movie
D P 3 hours ago
Some people's watches have ended, but not us...not us
NØAH SØLAR 3 hours ago
Mr.Stark... We won
moka chan
moka chan 3 hours ago
*whatever it takes*
DC Danner
DC Danner 3 hours ago
Watched endgame like 5 times now still I watch the trailer it's so good 😂👍
FliXer 13
FliXer 13 3 hours ago
I love that movie 3000
Dragon_ Slayer
Dragon_ Slayer 3 hours ago
Who is here after the movie
Blyvz_ 4 hours ago
Inglis boy Fan
Inglis boy Fan 4 hours ago
One of the best and most inspirational movies I have ever seen out of Marvel.
Zack Tran
Zack Tran 4 hours ago
Never knew a iron man scene would ever be in the endgame trailer but I was wrong
Miguel Mercado
Miguel Mercado 5 hours ago
$167,951,860 to go
Zoom Boi
Zoom Boi 5 hours ago
When you and the Bois go to fight the ender Dragon We're in the endgame
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson 5 hours ago
Who’s the British woman speaking
Stogie2112 5 hours ago
Ethan Johnson ..... It’s a direct quote from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
i2E Prod.
i2E Prod. 6 hours ago
Rat fan club like this!
168 million left
EKoranjeWK 6 hours ago
I just seen it, its was perfect. After the dissapointment of game of thrones you marvel saved my day
Bryan Hypebeast
Bryan Hypebeast 6 hours ago
Who else scared to look at comments for spoilers
A Really Good Production
avengers went for the head of avatar
Tomislav Mijoč
Tomislav Mijoč 6 hours ago
SLOBODAN PRALJAK, last true hero, real mean, not some marvel bulshit
M Killer
M Killer 7 hours ago
Avatar: You can’t beat me Infinity war: I know, but he can Endgame: appears
Pafr0 8 hours ago
For the people ( probably spam accounts of the children of thanos ) who disliked should be part of the decimation
TheCoolKidz21 8 hours ago
Some people don’t see 10 years of GREATNESS but not us........But NOT US!!!!!
king_has_no_cloths kul
imdb comment section is dearly missed as it had legit discussion. As it was one place where movie buffs could go and take it out! but here it is just not possible. that chat of yahoo and aol are also dearly missed. had they been there now it would have been mayhem for this kind of movie. In fact it was more social back then.
Natalino Raposo Belina
♥️ love you Avengers 💔
recall 8 hours ago
This is a really crap trailer
Stogie2112 5 hours ago
recall..... Everyone’s entitled to their opinions.
recall 8 hours ago
+Fam squad 1 Why does it matter when it came out? If I think it's crap then I think it's crap...
Fam squad 1
Fam squad 1 8 hours ago
recall why are you criticizing a trailer that came out 2 months ago
Zain Baig
Zain Baig 8 hours ago
Avatar get ready
Gopnikriding 9 hours ago
Yes i know it was legit
king_has_no_cloths kul
how is thanos destroyed in marvel comics?
Chanya Sathmi
Chanya Sathmi 9 hours ago
Kyle Ho
Kyle Ho 9 hours ago
Maybe some people leave from MCU But Not us Not Us
kara danielle
kara danielle 9 hours ago
wait who's talking in this trailer???
M L 9 hours ago
Some people didn’t cry with Tony’s death, But not us Not us...
Misery 9 hours ago
My man thanos killed half the universe just to play farmville
Malik Shariff
Malik Shariff 9 hours ago
Whatever it takes to find a pirate copy i shall do some of us don't move on!Bwahahaha haha
suraj mohanty
suraj mohanty 10 hours ago
I can challenge there'll be another part after good earnings This is the best way to say end game as no other movie after that But but but but but but but but After grand success there'll be another part either by marvel or some other
Kookie Pleyz
Kookie Pleyz 10 hours ago
Peppa pig should’ve been in it
Justin Batsukh
Justin Batsukh 10 hours ago
Why does Thanos look like Thor?
Salma Sultana
Salma Sultana 10 hours ago
1:57 - 2:10 Gossebumps 😍😍
Kelly Boi's music and stuff
The music is epic
Ayhan Arslan
Ayhan Arslan 10 hours ago
1:13 cap says “but not us” İt sounds like “bananas” isn’t it? :D
Johnny Redneck
Johnny Redneck 11 hours ago
Iron man dies at the end and Disney profits from all the idiots who paid to watch this crappy movie. NO MONEY FROM ME DISNEY!
Rawda Zayed
Rawda Zayed 11 hours ago
Some people stop watching the trailer over and over again but not us❤️
You Tuber
You Tuber 12 hours ago
I'm gonna download?!?! But 3 Hour 2Min Is it 2.89GB Or 3.12GB
Technical Gk
Technical Gk 12 hours ago
Who is seeing here after see ashish chanlani
Daniel Montenegro
Daniel Montenegro 12 hours ago
@0:45 Lost In Translation is back!!!
Jayray 2k18
Jayray 2k18 12 hours ago
Your not a true marvel fan if u don’t like this trailer
A Nice Fella
A Nice Fella 12 hours ago
I'm still hyped...
A.R Shivakumar
A.R Shivakumar 12 hours ago
I love avengers infinity war more than end game
Dylan Proffitt
Dylan Proffitt 11 hours ago
So do a lot of people
Daniel Clover
Daniel Clover 12 hours ago
Well we all learned one lesson: thanos is much stronger with his freaking sword than with the infinity gauntlet. Thanos from the past can defeat thor with mjolnir and stormbreaker, but thanos with gauntlet can t defeat thor with stormbreaker. is this a plot?
Stogie2112 9 hours ago
Well, when you're fighting a fat, drunk and stupid Thor Lebowski, you always have a chance.
deepie 12 hours ago
Who misses spiderman!? 😭
Jigna Prajapati
Jigna Prajapati 13 hours ago
After Watching movie still gives me a goosebumps.
Jigna Prajapati
Jigna Prajapati 13 hours ago
Proof that tony Stark has a heart. After watching endgame its hurting my chest. I miss him more than 3000. He is my first favourite superhero and he always be my favourite.
2 Dumme 1 Gedanke
2 Dumme 1 Gedanke 13 hours ago
Music Miracle
Music Miracle 13 hours ago
Avatar- Endgame did it what he actually say!!
Ajay Meena
Ajay Meena 14 hours ago
Fun Fact : Kevin Feige Confirm that they have a video in wgich luis explaining the entire 10 year of MCU
Ajay Meena
Ajay Meena 14 hours ago
Avatar: Some buddy stop this right now plz Endgame: 😈
Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma 14 hours ago
My mom : stop watching this trailer Me: I can do this all day
Mark Allan
Mark Allan 2 hours ago
Arpit Sharma Whatever it takes
McKayla Paulding
McKayla Paulding 14 hours ago
This hurts my heart. I havent even watched the movie yet
Bharti Singh
Bharti Singh 14 hours ago
Same to you
Matronix 14 hours ago
Whatever it takes
Anit diwedi Dwivedi
Anit diwedi Dwivedi 15 hours ago
I see this trailer after watching avengers:Endgame
Y9_ Zehnzy
Y9_ Zehnzy 15 hours ago
After endgame and crying
Nadeem A
Nadeem A 15 hours ago
Trailer is hurting to watch now....
FactoNation 15 hours ago
0:52 asgaurd scene n thor with his father is the bst scenein the whole trailer
Koltok 16 hours ago
Black Widows dies.
Loki Batman
Loki Batman 16 hours ago
I am iron man -2019
Matt J
Matt J 16 hours ago
This is the only timeline where the Avengers win. Let that sink in. The rest thanos wins.
Mark Allan
Mark Allan 2 hours ago
Stogie2112 possible outcomes in THIS universe. Differences matter.
Stogie2112 16 hours ago
Matt J ..... Not true. Dr. Strange looked into 14,000,605 possible outcomes. He didn’t see ALL possible outcomes.
ZerWQ GT 17 hours ago
Teacher: Who Can Give Me An Example Of IDIOTs ME : YEAH, I Could Those 54K People Who disliked
marie z
marie z 17 hours ago
Captain marvel: saved Tony and Nebula, saved everyone by crashing thanos's ship, fought thanos to prevent him from snapping Everybody: Omg ShE's sO UsElesS No seriously, if she killed Thanos y'all would be still mad anyway, you would be like: omg ShE's tOo pOwErFul
Windows command prompt And Linux commends
anyone after seeing the movie ???
Goldi 17 hours ago
I will watch this trailer forever. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.
Ginnex 875
Ginnex 875 18 hours ago
Will vision come back i mean the stones are back to their place this mean vision will back right????
Stogie2112 16 hours ago
Ginnex 875 ..... In their current reality, the Stones are broken down into atoms. They still exist, but they are unusable.....unless someone re-integrates them.
Ezekiel Morales
Ezekiel Morales 19 hours ago
We need the audience to rewatch endgame, we’re close to passing avatar box office!!!
Stefan S
Stefan S 19 hours ago
Chraxey 19 hours ago
Black Widow didn’t stick the landing (200 m)
Revathi Rajan
Revathi Rajan 19 hours ago
if you are sad as me becausethe avengers are ended
Christian and Gabby’s Channel!
*Finds a Good Quality spoiler vid* *Watches it* You: ITS NOT ENGLISH
Flame Of Fire Chin
Flame Of Fire Chin 19 hours ago
Imagine thanos just saying this. They see me rollin,they hatin. iron man is coming to kill me
Sweet Lollipop
Sweet Lollipop 20 hours ago
I want Iron Man and Natasha back! Do u?
Sweet Lollipop
Sweet Lollipop 20 hours ago
Why isn't Batman in Marvel?
Oliver Griffiths
Oliver Griffiths 20 hours ago
I saw endgame and iron man dies
Oliver Griffiths
Oliver Griffiths 18 hours ago
Black widow dies
Oliver Griffiths
Oliver Griffiths 18 hours ago
Captain marvel gets a hire cut
Oliver Griffiths
Oliver Griffiths 18 hours ago
Cap is deid
Oliver Griffiths
Oliver Griffiths 18 hours ago
Thor is fat
Oliver Griffiths
Oliver Griffiths 18 hours ago
Ram Dular Rai
Ram Dular Rai 21 hour ago
This is cool how dislike the trailer is fool
monrim28 21 hour ago
I came here after watch the batwoman trailer .-.
Ram Dular Rai
Ram Dular Rai 21 hour ago
Spider man is come?? And v. quesions about the Avenger endgame but,C😎😎L
Everything You Need
I am here to see every fake scenes
Sweet Lollipop
Sweet Lollipop 20 hours ago
Aditya Roy
Aditya Roy 21 hour ago
Avengers 1: That’s my secret cap, I’m always angry Avengers 2: Like the old man said, together Avengers 3: Bring me THANOS! Avengers 4: Avengers! ........Assemble
Sweet Lollipop
Sweet Lollipop 20 hours ago
ElPidePan 22 hours ago
I see this everyday
애플파이 22 hours ago
avengers villein ranking avengers:Loki avengers:age of ultron:Ultron avengers:infinity war:Thanos avengers:endgame:NOOBMASTER69
Marie Burns
Marie Burns 22 hours ago
Whatever It Takes
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 22 hours ago
All dislikes are from DC fans
Bane 23 hours ago
Everything that happens in the second part of the movie that changes the universe (going back to get the stones (which lead to Thanos arriving) bringing everyone back, and the whole fight) was because of one thing Pepper said... The Avengers were trying to go back in time to get the stones, but couldn't without the help of Tony. And Tony didnt want to go back and risk losing even more people, including his daughter. But as Tony and Pepper were at home, talking about if he should go back in time and then try and fix what was done, Tony says something like "maybe I should just forget this whole idea and just go to bed" or something like that. And then Pepper says... "but would you be able to rest?" That right there changed everything. He realized that as much as he just wanted to *not* mess with time, and just be happy with what he still had... (let's say he never told the Avengers he figured it out and went on with his life, and no one ever came back, and the whole universe stayed the same) he would never be able to live with himself. But her saying that helped him to see, and in the end of it all, she tells him "were gonna be okay Tony... you can rest now." If they wouldn't of had Nat die too, it wouldve been the ultimate sacrifice by Tony. Even still, it's still such a sad story of a hero. Probably one of the greatest superhero story's ever told.
Stogie2112 18 hours ago
Tony Stark's intense competitive fire wouldn't let him rest. He was retired, he had a daughter, but once he saw that there was a chance to actually defeat Thanos, there was no way he would let it go. And when Pepper gave him the OK, he went all in. Stark was brash, egotistical, combative, super-competitive, and at times a real pain, but he was also more than willing to risk it all to save others.
ediyanta purba
ediyanta purba 23 hours ago
I wacthed end'game Ironman is cool because Van kill Thanos the sad is Ironman die
Johan Yeong
Johan Yeong 23 hours ago
Watch this once a day for good health
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