Marvel Studios' Avengers: Damage Control | Story Trailer

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Suit up, step in, and save the world in Avengers: Damage Control. Launching at select The VOID locations October 18.
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Oct 10, 2019




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Comments 80
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 3 days ago
Naga Raja
Naga Raja 3 days ago
I think this was a new movie
Banana EVD
Banana EVD 5 days ago
Who went to it
Pks Senthilkumar
Pks Senthilkumar 6 days ago
This is real movie or cartoon
Kamini Rai
Kamini Rai 6 days ago
I think it is some vr game
xystus paradise
xystus paradise 8 days ago
Is this a virtual reality game
tamil valga
tamil valga 9 days ago
Let's see how many like to marvel
SPY NET 11 days ago
Fuad Games
Fuad Games 13 days ago
Elements Cool
Elements Cool 13 days ago
Is this a game?
jaden ng ammie
jaden ng ammie 19 days ago
Real Psycho Kid
Real Psycho Kid 23 days ago
Me also
Somanath Parida
Somanath Parida 23 days ago
Marvel bring back iron man Tony stark as dame Robert Downey jr or mcu will be destroyed
Shashi Atray
Shashi Atray 25 days ago
I am a marvel fan but it is looking like a game instead of movie 😂
y. nageswararao
y. nageswararao 25 days ago
First we think it is a movie but we are all absect
Earth qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
It's wast of this movie -damage of the marvel studio
Leman Russ
Leman Russ 25 days ago
Seriously hope you are not thinking of getting rid of Ultron with this game and don't make him come back on the big screen
Prasad Gullapudi
Prasad Gullapudi 26 days ago
I am waiting iron man.tony Starks
Leon Melon
Leon Melon 27 days ago
Ho watching this in 2020?
Lok Law
Lok Law 28 days ago
It like a game more
Shield Serfer
Shield Serfer Month ago
Represent Nepal at opening is awesome
Ratul Hasan
Ratul Hasan Month ago
No Tony no avengers
L.R Kirby
L.R Kirby Month ago
Why is this not available on Ps4
MANAV JAIN Month ago
It is game
nitin gamer
nitin gamer Month ago
How to download
Ифрат Ходжамбердыев
Half life alyx call of duty mw2r avengers damage control and call of duty ww3?
Spartaximus Month ago
Give it a rest Ultron!
Eliyas Ghanchi
Eliyas Ghanchi Month ago
Fantastic get ready for marvelous enjoy
Eliyas Ghanchi
Eliyas Ghanchi Month ago
Frost dragon 1073
Frost dragon 1073 2 months ago
0:30 This is spider-man's new suit in "Spider-Man 3 (2021)"
Neshant Tech
Neshant Tech 2 months ago
It is movie or game
Mr.Rizwan 2 months ago
Is this a game
Gunnar B
Gunnar B 2 months ago
Someone please tell me if this is Mcu canon or not.
DILEEP kumar
DILEEP kumar 2 months ago
Thor ?
Muneeb Khan
Muneeb Khan 2 months ago
Game should be more realistic.
I think it's a game
Man is this a game
Piyush Panchal
Piyush Panchal 2 months ago
Avengers kab aygi vapes
Last Hope
Last Hope 2 months ago
This is cartoons pic
Freedom Pancakes
Freedom Pancakes 2 months ago
I hope Wanda isn’t ignored for like the 50th current Marvel game in a row.
Shambhu Kumar suman
Shambhu Kumar suman 2 months ago
1:09 who else ever waiting for theme in every Avenger movie trailer?😊
Shibu P
Shibu P 3 months ago
This is movie not game its form to watch in vr for best experience
Duckers 3 months ago
This is coming to steam right? Would suck if i had to travel to a different country to try a VR experience that looks like a phone port.
G G 3 months ago
So these is a close look to avengers 5
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores 3 months ago
Do people play virtual reality games
Henrique Fonseca
Henrique Fonseca 3 months ago
Gian Carlos
Gian Carlos 4 months ago
How’s ultron back is he that head that we saw in homecoming because the only what to differentiate ultron and his A.I army is that his in the body with glowing red eyes and the ultron head in homecoming has red eyes so probably that’s how he lived?
Mario Pagara
Mario Pagara 4 months ago
Hey marvel team please make a solo movie from hawkeye because he's the team avengers hate him and that's why he lonely
I’m already Sans Undertale
So this isn't a movie?
sourabh b
sourabh b 4 months ago
That's video game
Lxserfye 4 months ago
So ultrons back?
Just some random Memer
I’m to broke for Vr
lilmil 5 months ago
So dumb how we have to go to the void every time we wanna play
lilmil 5 months ago
0:35 we should’ve got that instead in age of ultron
David Blankenship
David Blankenship 5 months ago
Oh.. so we won't see him epically return on the big screen again anytime soon, huh? But he reappears in the comics all the time.. BTW Ultron as a sort of intermediate-level villain between the big baddies, like how he was between Loki and Thanos, would be cool. Thanos dies, new Avengers start to appear, and then Ultron resurfaces again. "Oh, there's MORE of you now? Good, because there's more of me, too"
SpideyRob Miles
SpideyRob Miles 5 months ago
Virtual Reality has to take on a whole other level as SAO, ALO, GGO, and Alicization. Also.....why is it that in the trailer that Peter is wearing two different web shooters?
Makoto Ikusa
Makoto Ikusa 5 months ago
This was epic when I tried it out!
Jimmie Rubio
Jimmie Rubio 5 months ago
I had the best v.r experience of this at void in Disney town.
Anam Mortoza
Anam Mortoza 5 months ago
It looks like that Marvel is going to launch a new video game 😂😂
mood whatsApp status
This is official or fans made The graphics like cartoon
SomethingNeo 5 months ago
@lilmil didnt say they were
lilmil 5 months ago
KiddNether video games aren’t live action
SomethingNeo 5 months ago
bruh its VR. computer generated stuff, not live action.
NAMMusic7 5 months ago
Is this game canon?
F L 5 months ago
JUST OGU 5 months ago
IT is a game
prajwal zanje
prajwal zanje 5 months ago
check out iron man suit up scens @
prajwal zanje
prajwal zanje 5 months ago
check out iron man suit up scens @
prajwal zanje
prajwal zanje 5 months ago
check out iron man suit up scens @
vineet chaudhary
vineet chaudhary 5 months ago
Y animated movie h kya
Baba Abhyankar
Baba Abhyankar 5 months ago
It's a game
rachaiah m
rachaiah m 5 months ago
Worst , boring
Vitor Morato
Vitor Morato 5 months ago
Que merdaaa cai na trap, pensei que era um filme da Marvel, agora que eu vi que é um jogo 😡😡, tô mó triste agora 😭😭
owie Endurance
owie Endurance 5 months ago
That pod at the beginning with all the wires coming in and out looks exactly like the one in guardians of the galaxy vol2,you know the one those gold people made at the ending
K Z 5 months ago
This look more like a game trailer than a movie
rahne23 23 days ago
it is a game / VR experience in themeparks.
ShavDiamonds Music
ShavDiamonds Music 5 months ago
Man why VR😕
BLK Vines
BLK Vines 5 months ago
Film km cartoon Jada h
Aravind Itte
Aravind Itte 5 months ago
Is this really avengers 5 Oops this is a Game
Music lover
Music lover 5 months ago
Marvel:- ironman dies... Also marvel:- lets make everyone iron...
jithin v ashok
jithin v ashok 5 months ago
Need a movie 😬😬😬😬
G Selva Das
G Selva Das 5 months ago
I think I am the only one who is cartoon..
Ryrygamers 5 months ago
Virtual reality yay. Can I get it for my Playstation so I can play more VR games
Sandy 's
Sandy 's 5 months ago
Game ka dikha ke trailer bana diya wah
Emin Aydin
Emin Aydin 5 months ago
Next videos