Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | “Honor” TV Spot

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Today we have a chance to take it all back. Whatever it takes. Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame is in theaters April 26.
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Mar 21, 2019




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Comments 80
Jamal B. Castro
Jamal B. Castro 28 days ago
Playstation Psycho305m
I’m glad I got to experience day one with a large crowed. I won’t forget that moment. We all got to witness our favorite characters have a conclusion to their story and we’re all torn well never see iron man, cap and Thor together. Thank you marvel for giving us these characters. Thank you Robert, Evans, Hemsworth for making us care about your characters with laughter and sorrow in the end
DavyJones Transudo
1 years ago.
Ninja Kiwi
Ninja Kiwi Month ago
When the coronavirus comes we'll Fight with everything we got what ever it takes
Expelliarmus 885
I love how all of the original avengers survived the snap
Rahul Sarika
Rahul Sarika Month ago
BGM 😘😢😘😢😘😢😘😢
Amvlex 2 months ago
1 year ago already
Nikhil M
Nikhil M 2 months ago
Cap: we lost We lost friends, we lost family, today we have a chance to Take it all back Me: I lost I lost my burger, I lost my juice, today I have a chance to take it back from my brother
IKAMARA21 2 months ago
Nikhil M haha
Darth Pancake Studios
That cover of the Avengers theme in the background is so freaking epic.
I I 3 months ago
This TV Spot is brilliant but super sad
Raman Bawa
Raman Bawa 3 months ago
Who else got this in their recommendations?
AJOY DEY 3 months ago
anyone ..
Kessy Wwe
Kessy Wwe 4 months ago
I miss captaine and iron man 😪
Deshaun Malloy
Deshaun Malloy 5 months ago
The best tv spot ever
Marcus Cornelius-Spicer
Some people move on..........NOT. US.
Endangered Mexican
Endangered Mexican 6 months ago
I still watch these tv spots. I wish I can go back in time to see the mcu again for the first time
NVT_Player 6 months ago
Who is still watching???
Mr. Twister
Mr. Twister 6 months ago
Elijah Best
Elijah Best 7 months ago
This is my favorite TV spot this and To the END
Elijah Best
Elijah Best 6 months ago
Endangered Mexican Mission is good too
Endangered Mexican
Endangered Mexican 6 months ago
Mine is mission
TheBlackPhoenix YouTube
I miss the hype man
Ricardo Navarro
Ricardo Navarro 7 months ago
7 months later!...who is still watching??...
GG Travis Scott
GG Travis Scott 8 months ago
We lostttt all offf today will take all back
Elv Creatize
Elv Creatize 8 months ago
Hi Sir see this link video of iron-man plz
Siddharth Roy
Siddharth Roy 8 months ago
power full message is there in this tv spot
Elv Creatize
Elv Creatize 8 months ago
Hi Sir see this link video of iron-man plz
Faizan 8 months ago
So you've watched the movie and now You're watching the trailers again
Elv Creatize
Elv Creatize 8 months ago
Hi Sir see this link video of iron-man plz
its Skepta
its Skepta 8 months ago
Whatever it takes
Gus Van Barret
Gus Van Barret 9 months ago
better than the movie
daniel barba
daniel barba 9 months ago
*sony and marvel going back into negotiations to bring spider back into the MCU*
Angel Hanson
Angel Hanson 9 months ago
0:01 . Sony's partnership with Disney/Marvel Studios over spiderman disappears
Quetzal00358 9 months ago
Zuko likes the title of this video
MAN OF STEEL official
Give me this remix of song avengers plz
Protoss Tassadar
Protoss Tassadar 9 months ago
Someone tell me title of this background music?
Plague Produkshuns
Plague Produkshuns 10 months ago
Loki: you will all fall before me. you were made to be ruled. kneel. Ultron: I'm gonna show you something beautiful. Everyone screaming. I was meant to be new. People would've looked to the skies and seen hope. *I'll take that from them first.* Zemo: There's a bit of green in the blue of your eyes. How nice to find a flaw. Thanos: The universe needed correction. Balance. This is my destiny. I ignored my destiny once. I cannot do that again. Do you know what's happened since then? The children born have known nothing but full bellies and clear skies. It's a paradise. And that is destiny fulfilled. Mysterio: The people needed something to believe in. And these days... They'll believe anything.
MelkyLaf 10 months ago
We won Stan-lee now you can rest in peace 😇 We love you 3000 ❤
Daniel Mann
Daniel Mann 10 months ago
Some people Move on But not us Not us
Fauzan Adli
Fauzan Adli 10 months ago
watching this on my Honor device.
Tariq Az
Tariq Az 10 months ago
Leooo X8
Leooo X8 10 months ago
ENDGAME is The best movie on The history
tony 10 months ago
Nithin Prasad
Nithin Prasad 11 months ago
Am I the only one here who watches all the tv spots again and again because of how much I miss them...
Kaylen 30
Kaylen 30 11 months ago
Whatever it takes
tronic47 11 months ago
is this song on soundtrack i didnt hear it there
Best of Luck!
Best of Luck! 11 months ago
Imagine giving a speech like this before ur gonna go out to war in the military and the song in the back playing.
sam chow
sam chow 11 months ago
Who is still watching this trailer after watching Endgame🙌
The Legend: Movies 4K
Yardanos Mesfen
Is it me or in the title they spelt 'honor' wrong?
Yardanos Mesfen
Yardanos Mesfen 11 months ago
Thank you for letting me know that. I understand it now 😊
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt 11 months ago
If you follow Uk english then it is honour If US then honor
tysoon363636 Year ago
Greatest movie ever made! The only movie leaves many men in tears.
Sebastian 323
Sebastian 323 Year ago
Donte Booth
Donte Booth Year ago
This Was A Good Movie
Bryant Mike
Bryant Mike Year ago
I'am Iron-Man
Abdullah Zafar
Really like the music
the comic book connoisseur
Even though I've seen endgame 3 times, this still makes me cry
Seth Drake
Seth Drake Year ago
Tony, Steve and Clint are the ones who said Whatever it takes
Himanshu Kaushal
I watched endgame And *WHERE THE HELL IS THANOSCOPTER?* i want my money back
Slap shot Studios1708
Slap shot Studios1708 10 months ago
HYDRA BYTE I think it’s in the re release
I I Year ago
can't help crying watching this
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin Year ago
Taylor Swift HAS gone because of THANOS. 😂
Jaiden georges
I watched Endgame already and I still watch this trailer. Still gives me chills. My favorite number is 3,000 by the way❤❤❤❤
Michael Profit
Whatever It Takes
Tyler Harding
Tyler Harding Year ago
this trailer music tho
YBN Samoa
YBN Samoa Year ago
*SPOILDERS* I wish that the clip of Thor holding his hammer while thunder was striking was in the film
Slap shot Studios1708
Slap shot Studios1708 10 months ago
Hamza Liaqat he did
Hamza Liaqat
Hamza Liaqat Year ago
Even better: We have Viking Thor holding both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker! With thunder striking!
Marilyn_i 29
Marilyn_i 29 Year ago
"Today we have a chance to take it all back." "We will. "Whatever it takes."
Mr Smol bean
Mr Smol bean Year ago
I think I know why they only show the colour red in some parts of this ad. My theory is that iron man dies, this is because iron man was red, with a little bit of gold. And the name for the ad is "honor" implying that they are honoring a fallen superhero, Aka; Iron man. But there isn't many other main Avengers that has the colour red symbolising them. Idk, it's just a theory
Mr Marvel
Mr Marvel Year ago
It way right
Nick bagnulo
Nick bagnulo Year ago
Tony sacrifices him self Cap uses,the time stone He grows old
AJ 19
AJ 19 Year ago
Here in the uk we get to watch it on the 25th!
X Official
X Official Year ago
We Will whatever it takes
Herlita Elisabeth
I've watched it this morning!!!! Awesome! 😍😍
Clo grx
Clo grx Year ago
Just came back from the theatre... (already out in France) guys you ain’t ready
Critic Mishra
Critic Mishra Year ago
The background score is so emotional... already feeling all the tension... do not know what will happen in the theater.... Roller Coaster of Emotions- Coming Soon
Mason Brand
Mason Brand Year ago
3 days
Richard Tellez
Marvel really said f Scarlett witch lmao
No one: Marvel studios: Avengers: Endgame “Hulk farts” TV Spot
MAT7OPS Year ago
Notice the clock ticking.... TIME TRAVEL
Nantha kumar
Nantha kumar Year ago
We want old iron man voice in Tamil
Meadow Skye
Meadow Skye Year ago
Marekita Year ago
sarah thingz
sarah thingz Year ago
5 days lefttt
Vincent Murphy
Idk why this trailer hits harder then the others
Mr Smol bean
Mr Smol bean Year ago
I think it's because Iron man may die, why do I think this ? Well the name for this ad is "Honor" and in most scenes the only colour you see is red. Implying that iron man dies, and that they are honoring a lost hero. idk it's just a my theory on it.
Meadow Skye
Meadow Skye Year ago
Alston Bora
Alston Bora Year ago
So lucky people of UAE 🇦🇪🇦🇪get to see the movie on 24th
Mason Brand
Mason Brand Year ago
5 days
Amani Kinywa
Amani Kinywa Year ago
Hellu, Im commenting on every trailer and I'd like to say that Banner may have some beef with Hawkeye 👩🐤😉 😠😠😠💚💚💚💚
I want a longer version of this soundtrack. It's beautiful, I just needed 30 sec to cry
Nicolas Ribeiro
Whatever is takes
Ana Paula Tovar Serna
Solo 1 semana💫💫💫
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