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This is an edit focused on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Trailer Music: Dillon Francis DJ Snake - Get Low
Outro Music: m.ruvid.net/video/video-ThZzT8STQJ0.html
Patreon Shoutouts: Ole Martin Dyrerud, Shiva, Kaiser Marrero, Daxtyn P Cook, Manny Arriaga, Justin, Chase Minden, Christopher Yee, Ali Paterson
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Oct 9, 2018




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Comments 80
Mr. Krepshus
Mr. Krepshus Year ago
Sorry about the long wait.
Артём Долгов
No problems, bro)
Shubhro dev
Shubhro dev Year ago
Can You make something for DCEU ? Like this
Wasi Ahmad
Wasi Ahmad Year ago
Mr. Krepshus Bring me Mr. Krepshus...
Mohammed Hassan
Can you make avengers infinity war with doctor strange trailer theme!!!! I know u done a lot of infinity war videos but i think these two joined together would be tooooo cool not to do😁😂
Vince Santos
Vince Santos Year ago
Can you make a trailer of THE MEG but with the KONG: SKULL ISLAND final trailer song?
X PRIME 29 days ago
Lia Rose
Lia Rose 2 months ago
i have memorized the dance to this it was my favorite song to dance to on just dance like 5 years ago lol
Spider - Edits
Spider - Edits 2 months ago
Thats what we played on my schools carnival
Leeluvs Readin
Leeluvs Readin 3 months ago
Anybody else thinks it's weird how Rocket grabs his boys at 0:25? LMAFO😏
Sahilm Vlogs
Sahilm Vlogs 4 months ago
Thats like mah boy😍.. that cap speech 🔥🔥
Hunter Koopman
Hunter Koopman 8 months ago
The bass drop with thor slamming Stormbreaker on the ground was lit af
Shrey Sharma
Shrey Sharma 10 months ago
So good
M.T.S The Shark
M.T.S The Shark 10 months ago
Sure. Why the hell not
Hell Arrow Noe
Hell Arrow Noe 11 months ago
Real World depression + fantastic universe + relatable characters = The Mcu
Downtown High Dive
Downtown High Dive 11 months ago
Please do Marvel with Lil Jon's get low now lmao
PB Status
PB Status Year ago
Awesome bro 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏✊👍
Lucky ASMR
Lucky ASMR Year ago
This is sick af.👌🔥
kindly space
kindly space Year ago
He never got that arm
Judah Harrigan
Bruh the sync tho
kral murat
kral murat Year ago
Irene Gabierakis
Really nice video
FDR 25
FDR 25 Year ago
Sameer. S
Sameer. S Year ago
Wooooowwww!!! Beyond Awesome ❤️❤️😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏🙏⚡⚡⚡
Sandeep Lamay
Sandeep Lamay Year ago
Dope 🔥
Aza Stark
Aza Stark Year ago
you find the craziest songs and just make them fit the mcu and it's amazing!!!
Evan Year ago
Why dont you have a million subs? Seriously.
Mutaz Muhanad Hammad
Sofia Barbosa
Sofia Barbosa Year ago
This deserves more views.
Molly Quinney
Molly Quinney Year ago
0:36, 1:01. two amazing, well timed hits in a video full of them! great work on this epic edit!
Jordan Chavez
Jordan Chavez Year ago
0:38 is everything
Fan Te Dan Edits
One of the best edits I've seen... 🙌
Sir. El Dorado
Don't mind me I'll just put that on replay...
Punda Express
Punda Express Year ago
Man how are you so good!
AA Productions
Fast a f furious style
Marvel Legion
Marvel Legion Year ago
That song was made for this edit
Chekhov Year ago
On a scale from 1 to 10, this would be somewhere in the low thirties.
Poke Year ago
1:14 Fucking lost it lmfao
Rastaman Year ago
how did you get such colours?
November Studios
I watch this daily
Silvano Soares
Best trailer I've seen so far. Awesome job. Keep up the excellent work, thanks!
Ibinnabo Year ago
This so like a SUPER AWESOME trailer, like actually😱🤩🤩
Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy Year ago
Make a marvel edit for mask off by future
Where do you get all of your sound effects?
mark shao
mark shao Year ago
It should’ve be fast and furious 8 style
Taha Siddiqui
Taha Siddiqui Year ago
A man of great talents, you are! This just makes me sad that you aren't making official trailers at Marvel.
Boris Gorchilov
Where did you learn to edit like that?
I saw this on Instagram and it blew me away the fact that he used Get Low as the song made me love this video even more I think Marvel needs to give this guy a call he’s insanely talented the way he edited the video like with every scene he chose it was perfectly synchronised with the lyrics of the song all I can say is that this was simply outstanding
Teeto Year ago
THAT... WAS... AMAZING! Only thing I would of liked to have seen was more ironman and winter soldier elevator fight scene
The Excelsior
The Excelsior Year ago
Luke Mainwaring
I love it. I have watched it now 14 times and I can’t stop watching it!
Derek Torres
Derek Torres Year ago
Bro your videos are super lit! i want you to make "Marvel-All The Stars" please do it. you're the best at what you do and it would be super duper cool if you'd do it
Matt Weber
Matt Weber Year ago
I need to meet the man who edited this
Dylan Hartman
Dylan Hartman Year ago
Mr. Krepshus is your consept trailer for the leaked trailer for Avengers 4?
Haley Forte
Haley Forte Year ago
That beat at 1:01 tho ❤
Derek Torres
Derek Torres Year ago
Awesome video man! How do you make your videos? What's your process on making a video?
Manny Frogsplash
I was kinda hoping for Lil Jon Get Low but this cool too
Kunst Wunderkammer
Once again, your work is phenomenal.
Kairos Year ago
I wish I could edit half as well as you
Jackson Hayes
Jackson Hayes Year ago
Such a big fan of your videos!! This one is really well edited
Sums up the last 10 years of the MCU perfectly!
Josué Medina
Josué Medina Year ago
What about a Venom Kong Skull Island Style
Ben Hud
Ben Hud Year ago
Do Infinity war welcome to the party
Movers & Shakers Unlimited
Love it 👌🤘
Daniel Misner
Daniel Misner Year ago
I swear you get better and better!
Smilebirde9 Year ago
Can you Like Teach me?? xD I trying to do edits Like this but i end up deleting it ;(!! Cuz i sucks! How do you make it work? I mean i’m pretty Sure you can take whatever song and still make it look good while I Can’t!
Jake Jayney
Jake Jayney Year ago
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fu**************************** awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Rajesh Pandey
Rajesh Pandey Year ago
This is like a trailer for MCU
Noah Bach
Noah Bach Year ago
David Bowie please
Shania B.
Shania B. Year ago
Grohl Kins
Grohl Kins Year ago
par ken
par ken Year ago
1:03 not the one who's outta time...😂😂
All I think when I hear this song is Forza Horizon 2 Fast & Furious
roastYomommA Sucka
0:36 That nice bass
dat Hulk transition tho
Daniel R. Videography
Yup. On point 👌🏽💯
Jack Deegan
Jack Deegan Year ago
please be the one to edit the avengers 4 trailer
Ramen Edits
Ramen Edits Year ago
This is close to Voordeels Editing, y'all should collab
Chris Mahary
Chris Mahary Year ago
Do Skyfall with "Captain America civil war trailer 2" style
G.A Edits
G.A Edits Year ago
Great edit!
Sunset Shimmer
Avengers and Furious 7
Marvel Legion
Marvel Legion Year ago
That was great! Really enjoyable
Thomas Johnson
Please, please, please do a video of Dr. Strange to Lateralus by Tool! My wife would absolutely love it!!!!
Free Styler
Free Styler Year ago
Bring me Thanoooooos!
Scarlett Year ago
Hela cool bro... Yeah i deserve hate for this one...
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