Martin Garrix - Pizza (Official Video)

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix - Pizza (Official Video)
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Aug 25, 2017




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Comments 26 790
Finnx 8 hours ago
that violin is still historic bois 😭 won't forget!
pankaj thakur
pankaj thakur 18 hours ago
💟💟👁👁🇮🇳🇮🇳 ..
poppy gustiar
watching u live last year in south korea ... amazing
포켓e Day ago
He like the pizza, this is true???
Uno Day ago
Viva l’italia🇮🇹
Elizabeth Pérez Gutiérrez
El mejor DJ del mundo 💖
New Bee
New Bee 4 days ago
I contribute more than 3000 views on this video's. Love +x
ArkinGames 126
ArkinGames 126 5 days ago
Spider-Man: pizza time Martin Garrix: hold my beer
Uriel Fidencio
Uriel Fidencio 5 days ago
❤️Martin Garrix❤️ You are the best DJ
멀바시바 5 days ago
I'm watching this video because i am eating pizza now🤪
QwakyTaky 5 days ago
Me: Mom, can we have pizza Mom: No, we have pizza at home Pizza at home: Me: Thnx mom ಥ_ಥ
Valeria Kalashnikova
coral enriquez
coral enriquez 7 days ago
wow how beautiful I can not believe that it is a piece of yours in high school and since then I have not stopped listening to you I would like to meet you one day I know that it will not be possible but I will not stop being your fan I love your music when I grow up I want to be like you but in female version your big fan From Mexico (Chiapas)
U-Din 9 days ago
More like martin garrexs madness in one video
Will Shadap
Will Shadap 10 days ago
I'm here to observe his style , next stop kygo's then Chainsmokers but Avicii will always be my biggest inspiration
Rafael Abdias burgos cauich
Tari Fatih
Tari Fatih 10 days ago
This song makes cheers up❤❤❤
Hiếu Hoàng
Hiếu Hoàng 11 days ago
1:11 nhìn kĩ sẽ thấy cờ Việt Nam nhé
Jhonacans Rodriguez
I love You Martin garrix i love You
nikhil verma
nikhil verma 12 days ago
I wish to go to tomorrow land belgium when I grow up
Ella Záděrová
Ella Záděrová 12 days ago
I love pizza?? No I love Martin Garrix♥♥♥
José Vázquez
José Vázquez 12 days ago
👍Like si Martin es DY
Musket 1107
Musket 1107 12 days ago
1:08 Japan🇯🇵🗻🗼🏯🌸
EDM Music Official
EDM Music Official 13 days ago
1:13 việt nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳
M4RU 14 days ago
This song is commovent😥🔥❤
STORME YT 14 days ago
Remember that pizza is from italy🇮🇹
mukesh Yadav
mukesh Yadav 15 days ago
Who in 2019 ? Who in 2019 ? Who in 2019 ? Who in 2019 ? 💜💜💜💜💜
mukesh Yadav
mukesh Yadav 11 days ago
Heyyy bro
mukesh Yadav
mukesh Yadav 11 days ago
Hey bro thks
Alan Walker
Alan Walker 13 days ago
Steve and Alice r in ME
Me!!!! Hey fam
Some Guy
Some Guy 16 days ago
DipArya Music
DipArya Music 16 days ago
1:00 Mera bharat Mahan
Braffer. 013
Braffer. 013 18 days ago
Magnífico. Hace dos días tuve la oportunidad de finalmente escuchar su música en vivo y tiempo real, y simplemente es un show, increíble. Eres grande Martín. You're awezomeee!!
TjBlack_0 Fe
TjBlack_0 Fe 19 days ago
pubg player
pubg player 20 days ago
Happy to see indian flag🇮🇳
Lali Lu
Lali Lu 20 days ago
Piel de gallina quien escucha este temazo 😍😍💎❤❤
KushącaWiadomość Label
XD so funny, that much views and that shit? world, whats wrong with you?
_lleeennn 22 days ago
Life is short eat pizza is the vibe I'm getting
Tavishi 22 days ago
This song is exactly like pandora by hans zimmer.
jagath sanjaya
jagath sanjaya 23 days ago
The times he impressed us ↓
DanFire78 _
DanFire78 _ 23 days ago
*heavy peter parker breathing*
Miguel Angel Montes
2:42 is tfue??the one with the cell phone?
Olga Wokocha
Olga Wokocha 23 days ago
You got it pizza
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