Martin Garrix & Macklemore perform Summer Days LIVE @ Main Square Festival 2019

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix & Macklemore perform Summer Days LIVE @ Main Square Festival 2019, Arras (France)
♫ Summer Days is out now: stmpd.co/MGMSDID
Performing Summer Days for the first time LIVE with Macklemore! It was such a blast, thank you Main Square Festival!
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Martin Garrix has risen to global stardom in pop as well as electronic circles - and yet he’s far from being done. Dance music’s freshest talent has headlined festivals around the globe, founded a label and mentored other artists and won the #1 spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 three times in a row. His passion, ambition, drive and maturity remain unmatched in the world.
‘Animals’, released June 2013 was a breakout success and a game changer for the music industry. Reaching No. 1 in the UK and many other territories, it proved that a hard-hitting, dancefloor- oriented track could reach pop status, ultimately reaching over a billion streams across several platforms.
The six years since have been marked by a quick march through the ranks of dance music, conquering stages all around the world and releasing more breakout hits, showcasing his diversity. And diverse it has become looking at Garrix’ own releases, including the highly acclaimed Scared to Be Lonely (with Dua Lipa), ‘In The Name Of Love' (with Bebe Rexha), ‘There For You’ (with Troye Sivan), ‘Ocean' (with Khalid) and 'Summer Days' (with Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy). It’s clear that he has no producing boundaries, delivering dancefloor-oriented stompers as well as vocal-heavy and melodic pop anthems.
With his label STMPD RCRDS now firmly established, Garrix has free range to do exactly that which he loves most: making music.


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Jul 8, 2019




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Comments 681
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix 5 months ago
Summer Days! LETS GOOOOO 🔥❤️
jimmy_ de_salvador
jimmy_ de_salvador 3 months ago
nice brooo
菜徐坤nmsl 4 months ago
Mosi ta
Mosi ta 4 months ago
Ilove you so much 😍😘
Falcon100lotus1 5 months ago
Moiki Crawford
Moiki Crawford Month ago
I need Patrick here.
Candace Fettes
Candace Fettes 2 months ago
i noticed his leg
Lisa Farrell
Lisa Farrell 2 months ago
Dancing with a broken leg boss level 1000000000000
SkylerJay Ford
SkylerJay Ford 2 months ago
Are you okay?? We love you still... I miss you babe.. Take good care always
Max Kroon
Max Kroon 2 months ago
Just the fact that he just in all those years Made all these banger songs Thats just amazing And Dutch forever
Shane Smeenk
Shane Smeenk 3 months ago
mag ik kaartjes martin ik wil ook dj worden
Andres Leonardo Perez Coronel
this my love
Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo 3 months ago
Patrick stumph >:v?
Clément Philippo
Clément Philippo 3 months ago
I was there, it was amazing wow!! Thanks Martin
The Paking Shit
The Paking Shit 3 months ago
No patrick stump? :(
AZFAR MUSIC 3 months ago
Do you see background Martin? It is Area 21 logos
AZFAR MUSIC 3 months ago
Do you see background Martin? It is Area 21 logos
Chloe Dobbenberg De Garritsen
Of course, the Area 21 logo will appear on the Background, Martin Garrix and Area 21 are the same people, you knew that, right? I have no intention of offending 😊
lejio devio
lejio devio 3 months ago
Yeah. ...
Saad Freakin’ Adhia
Where’s Patrick?
Andy Labias
Andy Labias 4 months ago
Me encantas Martin eres lo mejor Te amo
KMSTRZ 4 months ago
Why Macklemore wont perform it on his live is mystery
dawei sun
dawei sun 4 months ago
SomeRIPS 4 months ago
Glad to see mack back!
Swiftly. 4 months ago
Ohh looks like there’s no water in this video?
V B 4 months ago
Wheres Patrick?!
reinner reinner
reinner reinner 4 months ago
Wow! :D
bread crumb
bread crumb 4 months ago
weres patrick.
TRIB3 4 months ago
Ayyee I see the shirt I bought at EDC LV 🙌
Adriano Cárdenas Olazabal
good job..... Ure the best
Ana Flores
Ana Flores 4 months ago
Dj FireRush
Dj FireRush 4 months ago
Yh MartinGarrix
Jason 4 months ago
I'm sweat!
Üユ 4 months ago
こんなに大勢の前で歌うの凄い気持ちいいだろうなぁ So Nice performance 🚚🚚🚚
Lorenita Cabrera
Lorenita Cabrera 4 months ago
Estamos orgullosos de ti, te queremos 😍✌️❤️
Ts Clutchy
Ts Clutchy 4 months ago
Wish I was there
Krish Pomichter
Krish Pomichter 4 months ago
Julián Caballero
Julián Caballero 4 months ago
I saw Macklemore live twice... and I can't wait to see him again!
Ronald Olzheim
Ronald Olzheim 4 months ago
I legit called this
Eggy 4 months ago
kevin Aguilar Matias
sigan poniendo esta mierda en mis jodidos videos... como publicidad...
CreedeL Hans
CreedeL Hans 4 months ago
Ava P!atdfobidkhbtfm
It would have been so much better if Patrick where there
mees koch
mees koch 4 months ago
Wat hat je med je been😊😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️
Amandine Krier
Amandine Krier 4 months ago
I WAS HERE 💜💜💜✖️➕
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