Martin Garrix - Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix - Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019
♫ Mistaken is out now: stmpd.co/MGMTNID
♫ Summer Days is out now: stmpd.co/MGMSDID
Ultra Miami, it was so good to be back... missed you guys! ❤️I hope you enjoyed the liveset, the visuals and also some new STMPD music! 🔥👀 Comment your favourite track from the liveshow!
Full tracklist: 1001.tl/v6x3ju
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Apr 1, 2019




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Comments 80
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix Year ago
Ultra Miami, it was so good to be back... missed you guys! ❤️I hope you enjoyed the liveset, the visuals and also some new STMPD music! 🔥👀 Comment your favourite track from the liveshow!
Андрей Артёмов
Хочу разжечь!!!!!!
Gary Dunn
Gary Dunn Month ago
Get the cowies out xxxx
takagi1223 Month ago
In The Name Of Love!!
Andjela Tatarovic
Afrojack & Martin Garrix vs. Dawn Golden - Turn Up The Speakers vs. Sun Is Never Going Down (Martin Garrix Mashup)
Liam Stokes
Liam Stokes 3 months ago
Sick set Bro
Manan Patel
Manan Patel 2 hours ago
Oriol Cuñado
Oriol Cuñado 5 hours ago
Martin is telling us alot of things with sets like this... way more than it seems, he is a subliminal genius following Tim (AVICII) steps, you are both heroes, like Alesso said. :) We have a bright tomorrow together Martin as a united world in peace.
Tung gaming Mai
Tung gaming Mai 8 hours ago
you go to vietnam
Tung gaming Mai
Tung gaming Mai 8 hours ago
i love you so much
Sagar Shetty
Sagar Shetty Day ago
Never Gets Old ❣️ Who else agrees?
Ranjit Jana
Ranjit Jana Day ago
He is the best DJ in the world 💙♥️♥️♥️♥️💙💙💙❤️❤️💙♥️❤️💙♥️♥️💙♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shelya Bhokre
DAVYS Day ago
eres el puto fucking amo de los discos
Augusto 2 days ago
Lo ve you Martiiiin! Keep inspiring people to make their dream come true!
Sheruk Maheeshan
Sheruk Maheeshan 3 days ago
Great brother ➕✖️
Jason Hutson
Jason Hutson 3 days ago
I have to say he is 1 of the best DJ in the 🌎 hands down!🙌🙏
freelance Entartain
Seeing this makes me sad, attending one of those events was my great dream, but because of the covid-19 it will no longer be possible :(
Al ver esto me da tristeza,mi gran sueño era asistir a uno de esos eventos,pero por culpa del covid-19 ya no se podrán realizar :(
Fabrizio Slater
Fabrizio Slater 5 days ago
22:00 Zyzz forever !!
Drew B
Drew B 5 days ago
47:23 Amazing mashup Enjoy now Thank me later
Vineet Panwar
Vineet Panwar 5 days ago
appreciation to the videographer as well
Cade Barnes
Cade Barnes 5 days ago
You and Avicii make/made Ultra so special
pc shocker !
pc shocker ! 6 days ago
heftiger auftritt digger
Fábio Pereira
Fábio Pereira 6 days ago
Andrés Ramirez
Andrés Ramirez 6 days ago
22:25 corona
Sidnei Forroni
Sidnei Forroni 6 days ago
eu gosto das musicas
Jazz Gaming
Jazz Gaming 7 days ago
This many drops gives me goosebumps 😎!
DRKNSS 8 days ago
21:03 Martin Garrix & MOTi - Virus (How About Now) [Coronavirus Anthem] 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Angel Dumont
Angel Dumont 8 days ago
El mejor del mundo sin duda🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
JENU THUMMAR 8 days ago
What about Alan walker at ultra?...❤🙌
sam resuelo
sam resuelo 9 days ago
crowd is dead
Christian el chavalon
竹内‘ 10 days ago
毎日聞いてます!音楽の素晴らしさをたくさん知りました👍 いつもありがとう😍🔥🔥🔥
竹内‘ 10 days ago
who's 2020?
DJ DXD Games
DJ DXD Games 10 days ago
29:41 ok I see u pewdiepie
JUNIOR ALMEIDA 10 days ago
O maior produtor musical
Ndivhuwo Rambau
Ndivhuwo Rambau 11 days ago
Hello, I'm currently doing an events management course in South Africa. I have an assignment that is about the Ultra Music festival. Can you please help me with naming 5 of their suppliers and their roles in the event? I have been searching but I cannot find any of their suppliers. What I found was that they have over 80 suppliers. Thank you.
quy tran
quy tran 12 days ago
Predator XCT
Predator XCT 12 days ago
Mainstage: approved Dj: approved Music: approved Crowd: pathetic
Vaquinhas 8 days ago
Vaquinhas 8 days ago
@Shashank Pv bro just see ( mandragora galp beach party sem chao) thats a crowd in portugal, I was there holy shit
Predator XCT
Predator XCT 9 days ago
@Shashank Pv discussion ended brother haha
Shashank Pv
Shashank Pv 9 days ago
@Predator XCT Exactly! Maybe they were just enjoying music rather than jumping arounf and also btw the crowd was dope asf. I think your pills were found by security
Predator XCT
Predator XCT 9 days ago
@Shashank Pv You mean I don't know when the public wants to jump? I was lucky enough to be able to be in many festivals in person, and believe me, I recognize when the public wants to jump, jumping did not it is everything, the best thing is to enjoy the music and in my opinion a festival as beautiful as this should have a better audience
Squinty 12 days ago
im sorry but nothing will beat the 2015 show. 2015 was insane
Rhea marie
Rhea marie 14 days ago
omg i never experienced this kind of life ahah.hopefully one day i could go in concerts of my fav fav edm djs
Riechenel Pono
Riechenel Pono 14 days ago
Butt-head: this is cool 😌🤘
VINA _WIN 15 days ago
Tanzeel Tariq
Tanzeel Tariq 15 days ago
Did anyone notice that he had custom made martin garrix headphones?
bruno sapir
bruno sapir 15 days ago
Dear Martin, you are one of the best dj ever!!! You and your music keep me going in quarantin. My dream is to be like you one day
FridRalixs 16 days ago
You are the best ❤️
Steve 16 days ago
how hot is the chick at 27 minutes BTW
Bit Ray
Bit Ray 16 days ago
Dj Damn
Dj Damn 16 days ago
Really he is real music maker I love u Martin u have made me to make music. I want to be a first in dj mag and ur the only inspiration. Thanks martin
David Ruiz
David Ruiz 16 days ago
i working and dacing at the same time😎😎😎
Theresa Gray
Theresa Gray 17 days ago
7:03 what song is that
FLY SYZDOL MUSIC 15 days ago
Martin Garrix - Spotless
graceys0308 17 days ago
Timothy Cabotaje
Timothy Cabotaje 17 days ago
Seth Hills x LOOPERS - Out Of Control (STMPD) 31:37
DJ DXD Games
DJ DXD Games 17 days ago
58:40 Damn
kyu kyu
kyu kyu 17 days ago
This looks sooooooo like so much fun! Oh my gosh!
Shivam Sahoo
Shivam Sahoo 17 days ago
15:43 when sped kid beatboxes
James Gunn
James Gunn 19 days ago
I fakeing wah the ultra stag is in Ottawa
DJ DXD Games
DJ DXD Games 19 days ago
25:04 best drop
sebastian josue nicolas chino
I like your music
ふぇちた大佐 19 days ago
Martin Garrix i love you💕
Belastingdienst 20 days ago
Belastingdienst 20 days ago
ADITYA BARODIA 20 days ago
Thats why he is and will remain be world's no.1 Dj producer
ADITYA BARODIA 20 days ago
Who's watching it again in Corona time 😔
Davxd 168
Davxd 168 8 days ago
Me 😢
Max Hodgson
Max Hodgson 10 days ago
crトンガ 21 day ago
天才どころじゃ無い、もはや頭がおかしいレベルで最高です。 四つ打ちの伝統を引き継ぎながらも、この独創的な音楽、やべぇ 頭おかしいんじゃねぇの、最高すぎる
crトンガ 21 day ago
最高です。 日本の方、居たら返信貰えたら嬉しいです。
Lewis Hamilton W
Lewis Hamilton W 21 day ago
Who speak alien language Martin and me yes my brother my partner why he not put Area 21 song but btw Martin is my best
Eastward Ape
Eastward Ape 21 day ago
1:19:05 I wanna marry this girl. Literally in tears!
Alex Rich
Alex Rich 21 day ago
I've never been to one of these yet. Someone tell me on a scale of 1-10 of how loud it gets
Nico___Jr 21 day ago
Colombia 🇨🇴
Pham Minh A1K21
Pham Minh A1K21 22 days ago
1:21:55 Martin: " see you next year" People who turn back the time: " which year ?"
AH Noors
AH Noors 22 days ago
Musics that never gets old even year is not matter 1 ANIMALS 2 TREMOR 3 TSUNAMI 4 FLUTE
Aldo Huerta Montes
Aldo Huerta Montes 22 days ago
wow te amo espero ser como tuuuu mi inspiracion
AXAR SiNGH 23 days ago
19:21 Hindi language in ultra logo ❤ wohaa love from India❤🎶🎧
Robert de naaa
Robert de naaa 24 days ago
Que bonita musica
Roel Van de Paar
Roel Van de Paar 24 days ago
Why use the F word? Please consider how you may make the world worse by using such language?
Jazz Gaming
Jazz Gaming 26 days ago
11:37 best drop for me😎!
Tung gaming Mai
Tung gaming Mai 27 days ago
i love you i like the music to you
Zulithern 27 days ago
Martin: My last 10 Minutes is making people feel bad so they know that something was ahead (CORONA VIRUS: Hahaha)
RICKY Gaming
RICKY Gaming 28 days ago
From martin garrix With love
Héctor iOS
Héctor iOS 28 days ago
+ x
An Angry Goat
An Angry Goat 29 days ago
Going to ultra for my grad party, hope you’ll be there
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