Martin Garrix Live @ Sziget Festival 2019

Joey Garrix
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Hey guys here is the full video u all have been asking for, Martin Garrix Live @ Sziget Festival 2019! Enjoy, share, comment, like and subscribe thx guys!!!


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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 130
Dee Dmy
Dee Dmy 12 hours ago
Goosebumps when Pizza drops😍🤩
Rulkem RBLX
Rulkem RBLX 15 hours ago
36:52 DubVision - Young Money is FINALLY OUT NOW!!
Hardik Joshi
Hardik Joshi 2 days ago
Joey, you made my day, thank you man, I subscribed to your posts. Had many Goosebumps watching size Sziget 2019. 👍🏻 keep rocking and dancing 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
Hardik Joshi
Hardik Joshi 2 days ago
God bless you !!
Seveyna Garrix
Seveyna Garrix 3 days ago
9:51 I see a bald spot! Martin Baldi Garrix
Seveyna Garrix
Seveyna Garrix 18 hours ago
@Ultra Legend OH
Ultra Legend
Ultra Legend 18 hours ago
Those are his headphones look at 0.25 speed
Alexsmusic 3 days ago
5:52 how he do that????? ( the trick with no sleep)
Noahs Gaming
Noahs Gaming 5 days ago
The adds
Noahs Gaming
Noahs Gaming 5 days ago
He inspires me
Noahs Gaming
Noahs Gaming 5 days ago
I love Martin garrix
Noahs Gaming
Noahs Gaming 5 days ago
Thanks Joey love your vids
Tinnie1 5 days ago
song at 42:13
Luisa Badillo
Luisa Badillo 4 days ago
don't look down(;
SARYTA SILVA 5 days ago
Sou criança mais amo suas músicas!
TikTok Asia
TikTok Asia 8 days ago
37:00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
うさぎ 8 days ago
The intro sound like Porter Robinson - Fellow Feeling Lol
Music Original Mix
what song 9:43
X Spartan
X Spartan 7 days ago
ID ( Next Level)
Francisclyde Villo
Francisclyde Villo 10 days ago
Being crossfaded in this shit is a dreammmm❤️
Francisclyde Villo
Francisclyde Villo 10 days ago
Ily martin
Aneta Stoycheva
Aneta Stoycheva 10 days ago
This is my favourite set this year 🔥🔥🔥Thank you for uploading it Joey !!! ➕❌❤❤❤❤
Rafi Oktova
Rafi Oktova 10 days ago
See you next time to Jakarta 😍
Csaba Kocsis
Csaba Kocsis 14 days ago
Ott voltam és fantasztikus buli volt! :)
tonyal 666
tonyal 666 15 days ago
Cual es el remix del minuto 55 56?? Por fa
Cris Rangel
Cris Rangel 15 days ago
No es un Remix, es un Mashup hecho por Martin con la canción llamada "SAGA" de Matisse & Sadko
Joel Gerez
Joel Gerez 20 days ago
martin did great show nice
Timea Rusnáková
I was in the third row at this show and I didn't notice Macklemore because I was way too much focused on white confetti 😂😂😂
Timea Rusnáková
Timea Rusnáková 12 days ago
@Csaba Kocsis there is never enough confetti for me... 😂😂
Timea Rusnáková
Timea Rusnáková 12 days ago
@Charissa Hallam of course I was jumping, I love it ❤😂😂
Charissa Hallam
Charissa Hallam 12 days ago
here's the thing were you jumping
Csaba Kocsis
Csaba Kocsis 14 days ago
There was too much confetti, there isn't? However I very enjoyed these parts of the show...
Keshav Menon
Keshav Menon 19 days ago
Timea Rusnáková amazing 🤣🔥🔥
Rave Dream
Rave Dream 24 days ago
How many lasers do you need? Martin : " Yes!" My reaction at 9:58 😱😱😱
X Spartan
X Spartan 6 days ago
more 1:07:49 lollll
bennyB 24 days ago
Thank you for uploading this, one of my best sets 🙏😁➕✖️
Miguel Pinto
Miguel Pinto 25 days ago
Mysteryland set plz
Sagar 26 days ago
Thnk u god for bringing Joey to this world....✌️
Prada Hansoe
Prada Hansoe 27 days ago
Prada Hansoe
Prada Hansoe 27 days ago
Ok. Thanks. Waiting for next official video.
Joey Garrix
Joey Garrix 27 days ago
@Prada Hansoe There is no official video for the first weekend sorry but u can go watch fans pov of it
Prada Hansoe
Prada Hansoe 27 days ago
@Joey Garrix different . intro *mistaken*
Joey Garrix
Joey Garrix 27 days ago
It's on my channel both Rai Amsterdam 2018 & ADE go check it out!
Gregory Garrix #12
Gregory Garrix #12 28 days ago
Antal Cserhalmi
Antal Cserhalmi 28 days ago
I fuckin' wanna go back to the concert :D It was so amazing
Rhythm Doshi
Rhythm Doshi 29 days ago
can anyone spot india's flag 1:20:19
ATHUL M K 29 days ago
Joey Garrix subscribed..
brian mamani
brian mamani 29 days ago
your money, love id
Joshua Castillo
Joshua Castillo 29 days ago
Imagine if you went to sziget festival last time he played and haven't heard any of his music since only to see him now with all the music he's made since then.
James Short
James Short 5 hours ago
@Hải Long He played Virus?
Hải Long
Hải Long 28 days ago
maybe back in 2014 or 2013? I personally haven't been Sziget festival but from 2015 martin has a lot of song in his live performance set. Lots of songs have been brought back from 2015 as well, forbidden voice, gold skies, sadly no poison and virus. But forbidden voice and pizza on the same set make my dream come true.
Math 29 days ago
Rpz la Bretagne
Payal Verma
Payal Verma 29 days ago
24ever _1
24ever _1 Month ago
🔥WOW!🔥 And I thought the lasers at ➕✖'s Ultra Miami set this year were incredible.😁 His Sziget performance took it to a whole other level! Phenomenal! 🔊🎶🎶🔊
MoonKnight Month ago
This is my favorite one!
XiphasSolidus Month ago
That Dubvision mix of one of favorite songs, No Sleep, is FUCKING FIREEEEE. Martin Garrix is on another level
Rulkem RBLX
Rulkem RBLX Month ago
Always count on Joey Garrix for posting Martin’s livesets! Keep it up!❤️❤️👍👍
Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma 26 days ago
@Joey Garrix yeah bruh i appreciate your efforts
Joey Garrix
Joey Garrix Month ago
Thx brother
SteVen Month ago
One of the best days of my life
joe joseph
joe joseph Month ago
Thank you for existing joey
Dan 390
Dan 390 Month ago
How about tomorrowland 2019
Keshav Menon
Keshav Menon 19 days ago
Dan 390 yeah. Really sucks. I wished I could see the set live
Dan 390
Dan 390 29 days ago
@Keshav Menon really?? that would be such a disappointment. 😥
Keshav Menon
Keshav Menon Month ago
Dan 390 the set was not recorded
Vineet Yadav
Vineet Yadav Month ago
Txxxxq its osm 👌➕❌
Varnan Jha
Varnan Jha Month ago
I’m the 700th subscriber :)
Michael Scheller
Good fkn times 😭
Fanda Majer
Fanda Majer Month ago
Best concert in my life
Khandicrawford Month ago
Michael Duong
Michael Duong Month ago
Would be great if you could upload onto soundcloud
Ndaru Arrow
Ndaru Arrow Month ago
Joey Thanks So Great Show
Bence Kovács
Bence Kovács Month ago
THANK YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!
Daan Van Ieperen
37:39 nice song
Łił whørę
Łił whørę Month ago
0:00 Some Slut Talking 0:10 Martin Garrix ft. Bonn - Home (Intro Edit) [STMPD] 4:53 Nicky Romero & Teamworx vs. Mightyfools vs. Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway - Champion Sound vs. Footrocker vs. Spotless (Martin Garrix Mashup) [REVEALED / STMPD / PROTOCOL] 5:52 Martin Garrix & Bonn vs. DubVision - No Sleep (Martin Garrix Mashup) 9:43 ID - ID (Next Level) 10:30 Martin Garrix ft. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy - Summer Days (Live Edit) [EPIC AMSTERDAM] 13:53 Martin Garrix & LOOPERS - Animals vs. Game Over (Martin Garrix Mashup) [SPINNIN' / STMPD] 17:13 Tiësto & SWACQ - Party Time [MUSICAL FREEDOM] 19:06 David Guetta & Martin Garrix & Brooks - Like I Do [WHAT A MUSIC] 22:18 Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan - Glitch [STMPD] 25:19 Martin Garrix vs. Florence + The Machine - Pizza vs. You've Got The Love (Martin Garrix Mashup) [ISLAND / STMPD] 27:10 Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love (DallasK Remix) [STMPD] 30:31 Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo ft. Dewain Whitmore - Burn Out [STMPD] 33:48 SWACQ - No Strings Attached [STMPD] Jamie Lewis ft. Michael Watford - For You (Put Your Hands Up In The Air Acappella) [PURPLE MUSIC 36:52 Dubvision - Young Money [STMPD] 39:53 King Arthur - Friday (Instrumental Mix) 41:20 Blinders vs. Martin Garrix & Usher - Leaving vs. Don't Look Down (Martin Garrix Mashup) [REFUNE / SPINNIN' / STMPD] 44:30 Sander Van Doorn & Martin Garrix & DVBBS ft. Aleesia - Gold Skies [SPINNIN'] 46:30 Brooks & GRX vs. TJR & VINAI - Boomerang vs. Bounce Generation (Martin Garrix Mashup) [SPINNIN' / STMPD] 47:45 Martin Garrix - Yottabyte [STMPD] 49:18 Martin Garrix & Mike Yung vs. Nicky Romero & Brooks - Dreamer (Martin Garrix Mashup) [STMPD] 52:39 Martin Garrix & MOTi ft. Jenny Wahlström - Virus (How About Now) [SPINNIN' 54:46 Matisse & Sadko vs. Martin Garrix & John & Michel - Saga vs. Now That I've Found You (Martin Garrix Mashup) [STMPD] 57:14 Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Lonely (DubVision Remix) [STMPD] 1:00:58 Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko ft. Max McElligott - Together [STMPD] 1:03:26 Martin Garrix & Blinders ft. Ilsey Juber - Breach (Walk Alone) [STMPD] Jamie Lewis ft. Michael Watford - For You (Put Your Hands Up In The Air Acappella) [PURPLE MUSIC] 1:04:26 Afrojack & Martin Garrix vs. Dawn Golden - Turn Up The Speakers vs. Sun Is Never Going Down (Martin Garrix Mashup) [SPINNIN' / STMPD] 1:07:02 Martin Garrix vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Avicii ft. Simon Aldred - Tremor vs. Waiting For Love (Martin Garrix Mashup) [SPINNIN' / PRMD] 1:09:37 Florian Picasso & Blinders - Genesis [SPINNIN' PREMIUM] 1:10:22 Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko ft. Alex Aris - Mistaken (Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko Club Mix) [STMPD] 1:14:59 Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You (Madison Mars Remix) [STMPD] 1:17:42 Martin Garrix - Forbidden Voices [FREE] 1:19:34 Martin Garrix - Forbidden Voices (Jake Liedo Remix) [FREE] 1:21:22 Martin Garrix ft. Bonn - High On Life (Extended Mix) [STMPD]
Łił whørę
Łił whørę 7 days ago
Naz Adz Crime Zcene - Breathe fytb it isn’t Crime Zcene’s song
Daan Van Ieperen
Daan Van Ieperen 7 days ago
Naz Adz No Seth Hills
KyubiDZNS 7 days ago
some slut talking :DDDD
Rulkem RBLX
Rulkem RBLX 16 days ago
Some slut talking🤣🤣🤣
Łił whørę
Łił whørę 17 days ago
Sanneria no it’s not dipwhit 😂🤡👏🏼
Kevin CG
Kevin CG Month ago
Ya andaba esperando thank you
Kevin CG
Kevin CG Month ago
Buenaaa broooo !!
giorgio abre
giorgio abre Month ago
I love it! Martin is the best dj of the world!!!➕✖
Márk Dorszki
Márk Dorszki Month ago
Like aki ott volt :D #Hungary
iAmAti 21 day ago
Sajnos nem voltam de majd jövőre bepótolom :)
Nadya Lazenda 2
Nadya Lazenda 2 Month ago
Keshav Menon
Keshav Menon Month ago
Nadya Lazenda 2 hahaha that sucks
Nadya Lazenda 2
Nadya Lazenda 2 Month ago
Keshav Menon in my place it was 04.30 and I have to work 😂😂
Keshav Menon
Keshav Menon Month ago
Nadya Lazenda 2 I missed the streaming because it was at 3:30AM for me 😂😂
Said Avilés
Said Avilés Month ago
I'm very thankful @Joey Garrix, if you see Martin tell him that i loved his Sziget set!!!!
Bruno Camargos
Bruno Camargos Month ago
obrigado joey garrix
Bruno Camargos
Bruno Camargos Month ago
Eton Jay Pampanga
Love you man thanks to upload!
Sayooj V
Sayooj V Month ago
I've searched a lot for this set. Thanks joey
Joey Garrix
Joey Garrix Month ago
Np my friend
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