Martin Garrix feat. JRM - These Are The Times (Official Video)

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix feat. JRM - These Are The Times (Official Video)
♫ These Are The Times is out now: stmpd.co/MGTATID
♫ Home (feat. Bonn) is out now: stmpd.co/MGBHMID
In partnership with AXE Music and Sony Music I'm releasing my new track These Are The Times featuring beautiful vocals from my friend JRM! Love playing this one at my liveshow!
#TheseAreTheTimes #AXEMusic #MovesYouCloser
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Martin Garrix has risen to global stardom in pop as well as electronic circles - and yet he’s far from being done. Dance music’s freshest talent has headlined festivals around the globe, founded a label and mentored other artists and won the #1 spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 three times in a row. His passion, ambition, drive and maturity remain unmatched in the world.
‘Animals’, released June 2013 was a breakout success and a game changer for the music industry. Reaching No. 1 in the UK and many other territories, it proved that a hard-hitting, dancefloor- oriented track could reach pop status, ultimately reaching over a billion streams across several platforms.
The six years since have been marked by a quick march through the ranks of dance music, conquering stages all around the world and releasing more breakout hits, showcasing his diversity. And diverse it has become looking at Garrix’ own releases, including the highly acclaimed Scared to Be Lonely (with Dua Lipa), ‘In The Name Of Love' (with Bebe Rexha), ‘There For You’ (with Troye Sivan), ‘Ocean' (with Khalid) and 'Summer Days' (with Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy). It’s clear that he has no producing boundaries, delivering dancefloor-oriented stompers as well as vocal-heavy and melodic pop anthems.
With his label STMPD RCRDS now firmly established, Garrix has free range to do exactly that which he loves most: making music.


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Jul 18, 2019




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Comments 6 440
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix 3 months ago
Who's ready for some new music? ❤️
Daniel Sierra
Daniel Sierra 2 months ago
César Villegas Durán
Annie Ly
Annie Ly 3 months ago
Me 💜
Thapelo Selepe
Thapelo Selepe 3 months ago
Miguel Angel Flores Conde
Me😍😍😍😍 i love music Martín Garrix
Leonie Alderden
Leonie Alderden 2 hours ago
it they movie
Leonie Alderden
Leonie Alderden 2 hours ago
i think of it when i see those yellow yas
Rey Uchiha
Rey Uchiha 6 hours ago
We are waiting for your new music . We are ready to start.🤘👊🖖👍✊
antonyt34 7 hours ago
Congrats on 7 million views!
En moins d’une minute
Wow I’m actually surprised there’s no comment stating :”bruh you poor or what no one uses wired”
Felipe Kohn
Felipe Kohn 20 hours ago
I'm deeply in love with this song 😍😍😍
Alexis andrew noriega sánchez
Alguien de México repórtate con un like
Paul den Brok
Paul den Brok 2 days ago
Ik ben nederlands
Macbook 2 days ago
The song's even more beautiful during long drive ❣️
Miep DS
Miep DS 2 days ago
Martin Garrix, ben jij engels of Nederlands? Ik heb jou namelijk op het jeugdjournaal gezien en toen sprak je nederlands
Luna2Tess 2 days ago
Hey a song without Bonn.. lol..
nikhil verma
nikhil verma 3 days ago
I love this new genre. Makes me remember AVICII
FieryCreature 3 days ago
2:19 Martijn Garritsen, Always Being Clutch!
Yunus Alma
Yunus Alma 3 days ago
who is the girl? and what a perfect thing!
Rani Ay
Rani Ay 3 days ago
90 % commments = Avicii 10% = actual song
Best cameo of martin
blackhole 6767
blackhole 6767 4 days ago
Anybody who disliked this should go to hell.
blackhole 6767
blackhole 6767 4 days ago
It’s my dream to meet Martin garrix. I just love this dude. 😎😎🙏🙏🙏🌈🌈😇😇😃😃😃☀️☀️☀️🌍🌍
blackhole 6767
blackhole 6767 4 days ago
2:18 it’s him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +x It’s MG. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏😇😇😃😃😃😎😎😎🥳🥳🌍☀️☀️
blackhole 6767
blackhole 6767 4 days ago
This song is Amazing. Wow 🌈😇😇😃😃
13 乃んムi
13 乃んムi 5 days ago
2:18 😄😄😄😄
jack studios
jack studios 6 days ago
Buena musica
I am sorry to ask this here, but I am looking for a music video. I think it’s Martin Garrix but I’m not sure. In the video, two white guys fight over Asian chick. It’s filmed in some Asian country, maybe China Hope somebody can help me
I am sorry to ask this here, but I am looking for a music video. I think it’s Martin Garrix but I’m not sure. In the video, two white guys fight over Asian chick. It’s filmed in some Asian country, maybe China Hope somebody can help me
J. Labeur
J. Labeur 6 days ago
Who got the AXE comercial
ruben flores
ruben flores 7 days ago
Me gustaria que te quedarias remplanzo de Gran Avincii con su estilo .Gran trabajo Martin garrix👏👍🎶
Sushil Bhattarai
Sushil Bhattarai 7 days ago
Martin Garrix 🔥🔥🔥
Noé Sanchez
Noé Sanchez 7 days ago
That guy looks like Martin
Eli Lui
Eli Lui 8 days ago
Uhmm does anyone know the actors' names? 😅 The song's really cool btw👌💕
Isabela Aranzazu
Isabela Aranzazu 8 days ago
el cordon umbilical
あか 9 days ago
I'm Japanese. I like this song very much !!
Yağız Kart
Yağız Kart 9 days ago
it's going to sound corny but WE NEED MORE MUSIC LIKE THIS!
ricky ticona gonzalo
WoodenHenryFan03 10 days ago
Great song, love you Martin!
푸야smc9321 11 days ago
와 진짜 진짜 진짜 좋아요!!! ^^
Fern Tronik Go
Fern Tronik Go 11 days ago
No deveria ser primero en la dj mag. Armin Van Buuren ah sacado mejores tracks.
Mark Slot
Mark Slot 11 days ago
Dude, martin is so talented. He uses so many different styles for his music. No wonder he is no.1 in DJ Mag top 100
Masaomi Kida
Masaomi Kida 8 days ago
Ghostproducer dude
BMW mexxie
BMW mexxie 11 days ago
Is Martin Garrix Nederlands🇳🇱
J. Labeur
J. Labeur 8 days ago
Ja toch, het is zn moedertaal
BMW mexxie
BMW mexxie 11 days ago
Ik vind het een super leuk liedje
EDM Saves My Life
EDM Saves My Life 14 days ago
This is the life ➕❌
Helan Reji
Helan Reji 14 days ago
A lovely song
Aji Kumar V K
Aji Kumar V K 14 days ago
So according to this, we get high if we use AXE......
Oddbjørn Halvorsen
Best Garrix melodi
Un ciqopata
Un ciqopata 15 days ago
These are the times de martin garrix = the days de avicii :v
Mohan Rocks
Mohan Rocks 15 days ago
Martin is the only who uses these organic drums in Edm after Avicii ❤️
Yvette Rosanna
Yvette Rosanna 16 days ago
I loves to get this ad before youtube videos
Alan Walker
Alan Walker 16 days ago
2015: Dragon 2015: Break Through The Silence 2015: TENGU (Coproducted by MG) 2016: Together 2017: Forever 2018: High On Life (Coproduced by M&S) 2018: Dreamer (Coproduced by M&S) 2019: Mistaken 2019:These are the times
John Smith
John Smith 16 days ago
Martin garrix music sometimes Reminds me of Avicii 💔😔 😭
Daniel Alcoba
Daniel Alcoba 16 days ago
like si lo escuchas en 2019 y eres latino
Sara Leo
Sara Leo 2 days ago
Salió este año campeón XD
Rohan Kumbhare
Rohan Kumbhare 17 days ago
did anybody notice there is a short reference of AVICII 2:22
Rohan Kumbhare
Rohan Kumbhare 17 days ago
martin garrix should really make these type of songs
Justin N
Justin N 17 days ago
So underrated
KV U 17 days ago
Oh Marti u are grown up now
Maxou Glo
Maxou Glo 17 days ago
Parfait Martin garrix
Jade Dionson
Jade Dionson 18 days ago
Make some good, Martin😊
roderick ten voorde
That melody ( Avicii) ➕❌
Beyon Jacob
Beyon Jacob 20 days ago
P_ Henrique
P_ Henrique 20 days ago
is very good
christine concepcion
Does anyone know what brand of shoes he’s wearing 0:26??
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