Martin Garrix feat. JRM - These Are The Times (Official Video)

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix feat. JRM - These Are The Times (Official Video)
♫ These Are The Times is out now: stmpd.co/MGTATID
♫ Hold On is out now: stmpd.co/_k7FxID
In partnership with AXE Music and Sony Music I'm releasing my new track These Are The Times featuring beautiful vocals from my friend JRM! Love playing this one at my liveshow!
#TheseAreTheTimes #AXEMusic #MovesYouCloser
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Martin Garrix has risen to global stardom in pop as well as electronic circles - and yet he’s far from being done. Dance music’s freshest talent has headlined festivals around the globe, founded a label and mentored other artists and won the #1 spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 three times in a row. His passion, ambition, drive and maturity remain unmatched in the world.
‘Animals’, released June 2013 was a breakout success and a game changer for the music industry. Reaching No. 1 in the UK and many other territories, it proved that a hard-hitting, dancefloor- oriented track could reach pop status, ultimately reaching over a billion streams across several platforms.
The six years since have been marked by a quick march through the ranks of dance music, conquering stages all around the world and releasing more breakout hits, showcasing his diversity. And diverse it has become looking at Garrix’ own releases, including the highly acclaimed Scared to Be Lonely (with Dua Lipa), ‘In The Name Of Love' (with Bebe Rexha), ‘There For You’ (with Troye Sivan), ‘Ocean' (with Khalid) and 'Summer Days' (with Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy). It’s clear that he has no producing boundaries, delivering dancefloor-oriented stompers as well as vocal-heavy and melodic pop anthems.
With his label STMPD RCRDS now firmly established, Garrix has free range to do exactly that which he loves most: making music.


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Jul 18, 2019




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Comments 6 618
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix 6 months ago
Who's ready for some new music? ❤️
Daniel Sierra
Daniel Sierra 5 months ago
César Villegas Durán
Annie Ly
Annie Ly 6 months ago
Me 💜
Thapelo Selepe
Thapelo Selepe 6 months ago
Miguel Angel Flores Conde
Me😍😍😍😍 i love music Martín Garrix
furba sherpa
furba sherpa 11 hours ago
Imma head out to buy blue earphone
Nwazojie Victor
Nwazojie Victor 14 hours ago
It's an amazing song💙
Etienne Bucher
Mich würde es echt mal wunder nehmen wer immer auf diese Musikvideo Ideen kommt
Kaskii 3 days ago
Animals the best💪💪💪💪💪
Irina Gabriela Vasile
This sounds EXACTLY like Avicii - progressive and uplifting. Love it, he was 🙌
Lucimar Dos santos
Adorei Esse rapaz tem o dom de fazer meu ❤ palpitar acelerado .
Pazi ElectronicMusic
gewoon david
gewoon david 5 days ago
Martin Garrix je bent de beste je muziek heeft zoon mooie bootschap echt respect
Cleider Moreno
Cleider Moreno 6 days ago
Welkinstone Manar
Martin Garrix fans when they see avicii in the comments 🤬
Welkinstone Manar
@Nixolas idk ask them
Nixolas 6 days ago
DJ PRODIGYY 8 days ago
1 day before my birthday July 19
Mundo Electrónico
Beautiful song, which left me with a nice perspective of what we call life When is Song Just Out I identified completely with His letter, because I was in a relationship where there was enough evidence to continue with my girlfriend, how to expect I dedicated it to her, I dedicated it to myself and dedicated it to our own, well I He knew that at some time or another everything would change and we could formalize the whole relationship in front of his parents, in a certain way, because his mother already knew about us. And after we spent so much to just conclude that purpose, finally after several months that time, was about to come. What we planned For so long was close, The Date Was Set, was December 7, 2019, Day That Would Be The Happiest For These Two Young Lovers. The days went by It was December 5, Her mother tells me that they were in the hospital Well she had become ill, which left me surprised, because just a few hours ago I had talked to her and told me that everything was fine and that I needed sleep For the next day go to the School, I spend the night. The next day Even His Father Who Didn't Know Me Yet My Name Is Giving Me Bad News Regarding My Girlfriend's Health That worried me even more As his father Never in Life had known me, Everything was evident to my Princess he didn't have much hope, it was only a matter of two days and a few hours for them to give me the worst news in the world ..... His Mother called crying and said Son-in-law My Daughter A dead, It was the worst thing that could have happened to me Especially since it was exactly on The Same Date We Believed And everything was to be formalized. those words hurt me quite unfortunately now I have to live with that with pain because I lost the person who until now had quite happy my life. From this I learned something You have to enjoy those moments as if it were the last and take advantage of all the time in the best way possible. That was the time of us That was the time of her and I never And could not be exchanged for anything in this World Well, they were simply Unique Times And so I will always remember. : '( Electronic music touches lives Martin Garrix Music transforms the world my greatest admiration for you many luck. Amamos tu música Desde México 🇲🇽
Pratap S
Pratap S 9 days ago
Happy song!
DAN ERIC 10 days ago
These are the "TIM" we been waiting for💙
Mi drystoyer
Mi drystoyer 10 days ago
BTS: how long earphone do you want? Martin Garrix: yes
Anna Ozga
Anna Ozga 11 days ago
SolaCatholica 11 days ago
Wow, Martin Garrix with Jacob Rees-Mogg on vocals.... amazing! lol
Mike De Santa
Mike De Santa 12 days ago
perfect jam for morning
Junwon 12 days ago
Moral of the story: Buy blue earphones if you want girlfriend
Daniel RB
Daniel RB 4 days ago
Dedi Yustirawan
Dedi Yustirawan 6 days ago
i'm agreee LOL
3rNy 352
3rNy 352 10 days ago
Yuliana Setiawan
Yuliana Setiawan 10 days ago
Luis Robles
Luis Robles 12 days ago
Kind of sensing some video game vibes here 🤔
MERT KÖSE 13 days ago
2:23 🕺🕺😀
MusicaPara Todos
MusicaPara Todos 13 days ago
2:18 ese chico literalmente se topo con Martín harris.
@MusicaPara Todos l am from Japan🇯🇵🙋
MusicaPara Todos
MusicaPara Todos 9 days ago
@『〇HAKASE〇』 It is a pleasure to talk to you. Tell me are you from Japan or come from another country?
『〇HAKASE〇』 12 days ago
I don't know English very well😁 Now l am very happy because l could talk with you! I thought Martin's fans are live in around the world! Thank you for talking with me❤ See you again on the RUvid🇨🇷🤝🇯🇵
MusicaPara Todos
MusicaPara Todos 12 days ago
@『〇HAKASE〇』 Yes, I don't speak English.😅 you know speak Spanish?🤔
MusicaPara Todos
MusicaPara Todos 12 days ago
@『〇HAKASE〇』 wow you live in japan! were you in Japan or are you from another country? I currently live in Costa Rica and now it's 6:16 a.m
agus darma
agus darma 13 days ago
This video clip is creative in foreign countries about when the concert in Bali at the end of December 2020
alica ahmed
alica ahmed 14 days ago
So no one noticed the hand gesture Avicii reference Martin did 👀😂✨🔥💙😭😭😭
..... 15 days ago
This make me feel happy!🤩❤️
Bartek 17 days ago
Wwow 🌷🌷🎶♥️🇵🇱
Devid De la Cruz Rojas
It makes me feel relax and I like it 😍
SunshineCamo 18 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks it sounds like he sampled something from legend of Zelda?
MoonLight Eternal
MoonLight Eternal 18 days ago
In 2020 Listening... Amazing... YEAH...!!!
Nivin Vinod
Nivin Vinod 18 days ago
This is why airpods were made...
OCH LXd16 18 days ago
lunecker 19 days ago
omg its so mainstreamish i cant
Vitinho Ragnarok
Vitinho Ragnarok 19 days ago
Amo essa música
Scarlet 20 days ago
Happy new year
DeltaSceptile 20 days ago
This is one of the best songs of 2019 and one of the best of the 2010s.
Cristhian Gutierrez
La mejor CANCION para pasarse escuchandola todo el DIA! ☺
Oscar Bosch
Oscar Bosch 20 days ago
Best song ever Martin Garrix 💯🇳🇱
Dipak Kowar
Dipak Kowar 21 day ago
New York City very nice video t
Samira sarah
Samira sarah 21 day ago
Martin Garrix
Soulixity 22 days ago
Peter quill if he grew up on earth.
Khánh Trần
Khánh Trần 24 days ago
Cái tai nghe đấy bao nhiêu nhỉ?
Marko Šelendić
Marko Šelendić 25 days ago
F U comment section reminding me of Tim :'( Jk jk love u
MC hamid O pardidi
MC hamid O pardidi 25 days ago
these are the times
Miguel Ruiz Toribio
Martin todas tus canciones son geniales
Markenn Wiz
Markenn Wiz 27 days ago
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez 27 days ago
Martin Garrix always makes great music!
S U C C 27 days ago
The first time i saw the thumbnail, I thought she was Marzia
Tanmay Sen
Tanmay Sen 28 days ago
Why this song is so underated
Jhoselyn Alvarado
Jhoselyn Alvarado 29 days ago
Michael Rowley
Michael Rowley 29 days ago
Come on let's goooo!!!
Guess Who?
Guess Who? Month ago
Prakash Pradhan
Prakash Pradhan Month ago
So chilly
Petros Master
Petros Master Month ago
AXE x Martin Garrix 0:05
Nirlando F. Silva
As melodias lembram muito o estilo do Avicii ❤️
Farhan Rafid
Farhan Rafid Month ago
Avicii misses you
Donna D Sykes
Donna D Sykes Month ago
why u on youtube
Donna D Sykes
Donna D Sykes Month ago
i love my all type of music
Jared Quintanilla
No sé si ables español pero vuelve a León el próximo año please🙏🙏
Gokublack Rezende
6 fala assin mas você morre de raiva com a vida
alex kieft
alex kieft Month ago
ja martin mij lijkt het leuk om volgend jaar een keer stage bij je te doen
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