Martin Garrix feat. Bonn - No Sleep (Official Video)

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix - No Sleep (feat. Bonn)
♫ No Sleep with Bonn is out now: stmpd.co/MGBNSID
♫ Home (feat. Bonn) is out now: stmpd.co/MGBHMID
My new track No Sleep featuring Bonn is out now and the official music video is all about the good vibes! Hope you like it!
Turn on subtitles for English and Spanish lyrics!
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Video credits
Filmed by Damian Karsznia and Olav Stubberud
Edit by Damian Karsznia
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Feb 21, 2019




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Comments 12 371
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix Year ago
Hope you like my new track "No Sleep" featuring Bonn! ❤️❤️
jisung pwark
jisung pwark 5 days ago
love you<3
NaRis Sara SL.
NaRis Sara SL. 2 months ago
I'm loving it. 💛
Sara Magdalena
Sara Magdalena 3 months ago
The best 👍❤️
Ra-hul Sah
Ra-hul Sah 4 months ago
Most appreciate ur effort towards this music.
royalmusicparis 6 months ago
i m fan big fan great emotion in this track
канал: Ам Ням корни
Wow, randomly found this song and from the first listening to it added to my playlist. Such a positive song with great lyrics. Keep it up man! You have great potential
Sahaj Mehta
Sahaj Mehta 2 days ago
Love you Martin+X
Alexandre Schauner
C de la merde
khalil amamra
khalil amamra 2 days ago
Yesterday's first anniversary of the song no sleep
Theodora 3 days ago
I feel this music is so cool😍😚
Jose Mejia
Jose Mejia 3 days ago
Hoy hace un año ❤
unicorn marky
unicorn marky 3 days ago
❤️❤️❤️1 year❤️❤️❤️
Franco Gasparovic
happy birthday No Sleep a day like today turns 1 year of his departure and I still listen to it with so much emotion since his departure, today it is one of Martin's best elaborated songs and has his special touch and that's why I adore this happy song birthday and always hear this beautiful song with with energy 🔥🔥🔥😍
GUAVA憨恩 4 days ago
This song is one year old🔥🔥🔥🔥➕✖️
Stefano Occhiuto
Stefano Occhiuto 4 days ago
Rodrigo Mettetieri
One year later and it's still amazing
Noobz Pvp
Noobz Pvp 4 days ago
This is the best song i have ever listened
Amber Peelen
Amber Peelen 4 days ago
Emma 4 days ago
This song reminds me of graduation
Erick 5 days ago
Isabel Gomez
Isabel Gomez 5 days ago
this is what plays when u enter heaven
Noel Nagy
Noel Nagy 7 days ago
Noel Nagy
Noel Nagy 7 days ago
Is it the best music
Géza Ülkey
Géza Ülkey 7 days ago
3 days and a year,s Number. 🤩🥳😍
Shamsherpurcant Nahan
Nice feeling 💖💖💖💖
ili eindje
ili eindje 9 days ago
Elias Ccoscco ochoa
This very good
Astro Fotografias
Awesome song!!! Keep going with Bonn you both are great team!!!!!
Sara Mi
Sara Mi 10 days ago
This song males me soo fuckin emotional. Love you guys 💗➕✖️
怪人 11 days ago
But I listen to this while sleeping
Julio Benitez
Julio Benitez 12 days ago
Martin garrix
Julio Benitez
Julio Benitez 12 days ago
Martin garrix
vasilis koulouris
vasilis koulouris 12 days ago
when martin garrix and bonn collaborate the result is just wonderful
Nevill Koshy
Nevill Koshy 13 days ago
Sadly this is not reality. I wish I had friends that were there with me thin and thick.
Osbert Magara
Osbert Magara 14 days ago
Omg! What a beautiful song. People are so talented. Great audio amazing video
Nguyễn Quyên
Nguyễn Quyên 14 days ago
11/2/2020. My ex loves this song and I still love him
Mariadelaluz MillanRamos
Me encanta mucho Bonn_No Sleep mas guapo Martin Garrix😍😍😍
emirkentalmanis 14 days ago
Listen this music before sleep
Fernanad López
Fernanad López 14 days ago
Me encanta 😱❤
paula 825
paula 825 14 days ago
Me gusta esta canción pero me ha salido un anuncio con una canción genial y creo que la prefiero 😂
Thijmen Roos
Thijmen Roos 15 days ago
The chords in the chorus are seems to be stolen: A Sky full of Stars - Coldplay
ryan ng
ryan ng 16 days ago
Thinking is the hardest thing, people who think with logical manner, then only no history artist, new course under same old building, straight a student.
Burak Aksin
Burak Aksin 17 days ago
Why this song is so underrated?
Jiří Katreňák
Jiří Katreňák 18 days ago
Mahdi Salhi
Mahdi Salhi 19 days ago
I think im too late but good job martin
khalil amamra
khalil amamra 19 days ago
i dont need no sleep
Katharina 26111997
Katharina 26111997 20 days ago
Bonn is also a city 🤔
tomas Silveira
tomas Silveira 22 days ago
La mejor canción de Martín Garrix en mi opinión
hello we are one direction yay
I freaking love this song
Mυhαmmαδ Hαmζα
Ralph Tissen
Ralph Tissen 23 days ago
No Sleep i have lol whit No Sleep
Isaac Perez Fernandez
邱琦芸 24 days ago
These is my favorite song!
Kateřina Štefáková
Pozdravuj pokace 😊
Zabir Raihan
Zabir Raihan 26 days ago
Stefana Stefanut
Stefana Stefanut 26 days ago
Everything it is so beautiful about this song and video! Love it! Thank you Martijn and Bonn !
Chris Banez
Chris Banez 26 days ago
Bonn's voice is perfect! Anyone seen a video of him singing live ? Please tell me
Wip Style
Wip Style 26 days ago
2020 ??
Shane Lorbert
Shane Lorbert 28 days ago
its 2020 do some more stuff with bonn please :)
Ismail Mohammed
Ismail Mohammed 28 days ago
وللة الأغنية يتكرني في ايام الحلوة وللة بكيت أغنية رائع 😢😢😢😢 translation English for a lond the song recalls me during the sweet days and a cried for a wonderful song thanks Martin garrix thanks for tis song wonderful
Abdalkarem Ali
Abdalkarem Ali 29 days ago
I like it ➕❌❤️
BbNogz 29 days ago
Antonia Kero
Antonia Kero Month ago
I'm in love with the lyrics!❕❗👌🏻😍😍😍😍 😏🤭 🍀♥️🍀
Katja Beuckelaers
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