Martin Garrix feat. Bonn - No Sleep (Official Video)

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix - No Sleep (feat. Bonn)
♫ No Sleep with Bonn is out now: stmpd.co/MGBNSID
♫ Home (feat. Bonn) is out now: stmpd.co/MGBHMID
My new track No Sleep featuring Bonn is out now and the official music video is all about the good vibes! Hope you like it!
Turn on subtitles for English and Spanish lyrics!
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Video credits
Filmed by Damian Karsznia and Olav Stubberud
Edit by Damian Karsznia
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Feb 21, 2019




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Comments 12 050
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix 6 months ago
Hope you like my new track "No Sleep" featuring Bonn! ❤️❤️
royalmusicparis 22 days ago
i m fan big fan great emotion in this track
Gianni Carraro
Gianni Carraro Month ago
I love martin garrix e lui vale come lo smeraldo
Chetan rathi
Chetan rathi 2 months ago
You are such a brillant guy martin i love you men
Brazina Zed
Brazina Zed 2 months ago
daniel leggio
daniel leggio 3 months ago
W Martin Garrix W Area21 I love youu❤
Fenno Kaas
Fenno Kaas Day ago
We dont need sleep❤️ door you music ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Carlitos Doritos
I swear to God, I’ve listened to this song so many times, and I think it’s so amazing. I just *HAD* to say that your songs are amazing, they get me through a lot of tough times, and they remind me that life isn’t so bad. Your songs are amazing. Not you 😂 I don’t know what to say about you 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 but...! I just know that you are a very talented person, and that you put a lot of energy and emotions in your songs. I know that because, when Iisten to any of your songs, I can feel them. ( the energy and the emotions, ‘cause it kind of sounds weird when I say “ I can feel them. “ so yeah 😂 I feel the energy. That’s it. Bye. 😒)
T0M1KA42 Day ago
The best moment ❤️ 0:38
Jeelene Escamilla
I love you
Claudia Escobar
Claudia Escobar 2 days ago
I love you Martín garrix
fir santi
fir santi 3 days ago
Lest Go Tuor Asian Indonesia 👐 ✌👍👤🎧📹💻
fir santi
fir santi 3 days ago
ON SLEEP 24 👍👍👍👤🎧💻📹📷
Kuchisake-Onna 3 days ago
Nino wants to sleep a milion years bună bună bună bună bună bună bună bună bună bună bună bună bună
Tonny Vasquez
Tonny Vasquez 3 days ago
if someone wants to help me i'm on instagram like tonnyvasquez8
Tonny Vasquez
Tonny Vasquez 3 days ago
I would like to have that luck of being known I would like to be a DJ like Martin Garrx that is my dream sometimes I cry and I only have a launchpad and I do not have a pioneer mixer my dream is to play music in tomorrowland
Esther Ayewoh
Esther Ayewoh 3 days ago
Who else thinks Martin Garrix is cute😍
Jayro Valiente
Jayro Valiente 3 days ago
Martin garrix me hace soñar y se q algún día estaré en un tomorrowland pura cultura electrónica
Ally 🐱
Ally 🐱 4 days ago
Amo troppo sta canzone ❤️❤️ ti amo dall’Italia Martin🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
uriel house
uriel house 4 days ago
Sigues siendo el mejor del mundo desde un principio lo supe x+
Nicelooking Dyadbted
Hey martin garrix, and about your name, one told that has bug, mean may my opponent groups make chaos which why one from all of these name has chosen this kind of name,.. for this long that don't have any argue about it, one decided to don't continue to you, but know one find your name perfect, and don't have any bug, cos ,one or first words are letter and never consider as triangle, and names which one select among all singers to follow them don't attribute, as could have destructive effect on one or first title, means if my enemies be seek finding similarity from one or first name with his fan's name to gonna make accordence their names to one or first, let's break it down more, for instance if one now choose name of singer martin garrix, his chose is absolutly unbiased ,and pointless with view of letters of name,means letters of several names can't have advers influence on one or first, or could make blot on one or first title, if one' enemies gonna make publicize or gonna make mislead opinions against one or first, they can't. One has restricted all of his enemies desperate attempts, ha ha, they can't take any way to headway against one or first.
Desiree Perin
Desiree Perin 5 days ago
Who's listening in Sept. 2019
Vida Cool
Vida Cool 5 days ago
Enio META 6 days ago
Best song ever!
Taimoore Yousaf
Taimoore Yousaf 6 days ago
Me when doing homework at 12AM: I DONT NEED NO SLEEP CAUSE IM ALREADY DREAMING (about finally having my homework finished and other random sh*t)
Horgeaarrasando Alex
Love music
Neymar Kelly
Neymar Kelly 7 days ago
I big fans Martin Garrick
Hellen Muller
Hellen Muller 7 days ago
I don't need no sleep cause I'm already dreaming (I Love you Martin)
btje vtje
btje vtje 7 days ago
Is this song a tribute to avicii? It just feels that way
xd pico
xd pico 8 days ago
song u hear 47 times per minute in radio
OneYTV 8 days ago
Se hai sentito questa canzone con Leclerc e Vanzini sei nel posto giusto!
NORELIS BORJA 8 days ago
Luis Figueroa
Luis Figueroa 8 days ago
Nice song
jason lim
jason lim 8 days ago
I don't to sleep i need answers
Marsel Marsel
Marsel Marsel 9 days ago
Bad song
Herman Lentelink
Herman Lentelink 9 days ago
Dit is amazing song➕✖️👌✌️
Husrav Homids
Husrav Homids 10 days ago
Thank you for such amazing lyrics in your music, Martin! It ads so much meaning and power to the track.
Lorena Delgado
Lorena Delgado 11 days ago
I love you music Martin!!!!.....
Barça Fans
Barça Fans 11 days ago
Me now: I don’t no sleep cause I am already dreaming! Me 2 minutes later: Okay one more nap
Tatiana Sandoval
Tatiana Sandoval 11 days ago
Músic perfect
Takhi ransaran
Takhi ransaran 11 days ago
I get no sleep listening to this song
Top 5
Top 5 11 days ago
OfficialChannel SAKO.T
I like sleeping with listening to this music💤
MadBeast魂 11 days ago
Why sleep when u already dreaming?🤣
Ema Bustos
Ema Bustos 11 days ago
Like=martin Garrix Comenta=avicii
Ema Bustos
Ema Bustos 11 days ago
No nesecito dormir ya estoy soñando
Geni 11 days ago
Summer nights all alone As I drown in the moonlight I collide in plain sight Yeah, I always be alright And i come out , I run the night with strangers 'Cause in the end, they're all different faces I'm young and wild, enjoy the ride, I'll make it I'll make it *I don't give a shit* 'Cause I'm alwaayss thinking, Alwaayss thinking *Say you'll leave right now* Because I love the feeling, I love the feeling Find myself awake at night See myself through lucid eyes Oh, I don't give a shit 'Cause I'm alwaayss thinking, Alwaayss thinking I don't care nothing 'and I'm not ignorant Not ignorant Wide awake, no time to waste *Put a tick on my booklist* I'm safe and sound, I'll come around *I will dance in my room nowwww* And i come alive, I run the night with strangers 'Cause in the end, they're all different faces I'm young and wild, enjoy the ride, I'll make it I'll make it I don't give a shit 'Cause I'm alwaayss thinking Alwaayss thinking Say you'll leave right now Because I love the feeling, I love the feeling Find myself awake at night See myself through lucid eyes Oh, I don't give a shit 'Cause I'm alwaayss thinking , Alwaayss thinking Ohoh, I don't give a shit 'Cause I'm alwaayss thinking, alwaayss thinking Oh, I give a shit à 'Cause I'm alwaayss thinking Alwaayss thinking
Kip herry
Kip herry 12 days ago
Super goed!!!
Lana Love kukie
Lana Love kukie 12 days ago
I LOVE it ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Botond Salavecz
Botond Salavecz 12 days ago
Leonardo Laperna
Leonardo Laperna 12 days ago
Bonn: How many times should we collab? Martin: Yes
•SoyKeily• 12 days ago
1:15 - 1:30 :3
Rodrigo Perez
Rodrigo Perez 12 days ago
no nesecitamos dormir si podemos escuchar tu música toda la noche...! todo por que somos jóvenes y salvajes😍🇲🇽
Koenny 12 days ago
Züleyha Öz
Züleyha Öz 12 days ago
üffff mükemmel
Nick Gurklis
Nick Gurklis 14 days ago
i like it
Krisnanda Saputra
Krisnanda Saputra 14 days ago
My fav until now ! Thank you for made this song for us !
jackson capera
jackson capera 14 days ago
Alguien Que Hable Español..?😂
EL OSO PRATTO 11 days ago
Adityo Qrren
Adityo Qrren 14 days ago
When the first time listening this song I though it was Ed Sheeran or Ed Sheeran written. But it's not. Still so good 👍😁
Alexander LOL
Alexander LOL 15 days ago
JozesoP 15 days ago
OMG I used to "dance" this almost everytime in the school where I was this summer and now it's on my head everyday 😵😵
Arif Khan
Arif Khan 15 days ago
I love this song...🎶
muhammad Zidane
muhammad Zidane 15 days ago
ryan ng
ryan ng 16 days ago
Sometime changes can be small to various style ,think about that.
Giorgi Laghidze
Giorgi Laghidze 16 days ago
This is out of this world, especially LIVE.
Shreyal 17 days ago
The melody is running in my head 😘
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