Martin Garrix feat. Bonn - Home (Official Video)

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix - Home (feat. Bonn)
♫ Home (feat. Bonn) is out now: stmpd.co/MGBHMID
♫ Used To Love is out now: stmpd.co/MDTLID
Premiered my new track Home featuring Bonn at Tomorrowland 2019 as a surprise and so happy I can release it already!
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Written by Martijn Garritsen and Damian Karsznia
Directed by Damian Karsznia
Producer: Mees Roozen
DOP: Julian Lomaga
1st AC: Maric Dam
Associate Producer: Quita Ruijgrok
Production ass.: Annerose van Strijen, Idris Bakker
Gaffers : Jan van Galen, Wiegert de Vries
Art Director: Daylene Kroon
Set Dresser: Denise Bassahan
Make-Up Artist: Luna van Herwijnen
Make-Up Ass.: Romy van Veen, Astrid Hage
Styling & Creative: Joia Mendes, Neza Bricelj
Edit: Damian Karsznia
VFX: Dylan Luijten
Special Thanks to: STMPD Records, Martin Garrix, Watse de Jong, Joris Hoevenberg, Karaokebar The End, W Hotel Amsterdam, Hotel Twenty Seven Amsterdam, Good Vibes Agency, Dutch Crowd Security
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 4 852
Apollo Street
This is probably the best music video I’ve ever watched.
IkHebGeenNaam 3 days ago
1:34, is that Rico Verhoeven?
MatthijsGames NL
MatthijsGames NL 4 days ago
Crokobos 6 days ago
Seems like every dream ever
djimi kiki
djimi kiki 8 days ago
Mi cancion de clase y me gustaría que tevolla dar mi numero 6666
Jeet Pradhan
Jeet Pradhan 9 days ago
Jhim King
Jhim King 9 days ago
Linda canción Quien más habla español
alexander y sus pendejadas
te susribes a mi cnala y me suscribo al tuyo
邹雨哲 9 days ago
生活太tm糜烂了 不过i like it
Mirte van Rooij
Mirte van Rooij 10 days ago
Is de bewaker Rico Verhoeven?
Maurice Pradel
Maurice Pradel 11 days ago
👍👍👍 best Song of the year
ArkinGames 126
ArkinGames 126 11 days ago
0% saying the F word 0% drugs, tobacco & alcohol 10% half naked women 100% talent 200% MARTIN GARRIX!
Kling Music
Kling Music 9 days ago
10% alchohol
H0usseTube !
H0usseTube ! 13 days ago
Like the guitar
Keane 16
Keane 16 13 days ago
That was so dope. I wish bonn had more songs
Lxcz 14 days ago
Bruh this reminds a little bit of nirvana, like the background melody and the singing
Filip Elez
Filip Elez 15 days ago
bro this guy is going fucking nuts
leothefotographer 15 days ago
does anyone know the instagram of the girl in the first seconds? (its for a school project)
Nico Manci
Nico Manci 15 days ago
Genial tema de Martin Garrix
Gesichtsfelsen 17 days ago
Is it possible to be addicted to a damn song?
Suman Adhikary
Suman Adhikary 18 days ago
the whole video is in FPP mode . (pubg)
Rasul Rzaev
Rasul Rzaev 18 days ago
Off Spring - Vultures guitar sample rip. Idea For video - Prodigy f*ck old shit of smack since 1997
Abdulla Haciyev
Abdulla Haciyev 19 days ago
wanderley abreu andrade
Muito top 👏
Erba Kubatov
Erba Kubatov 22 days ago
Аххунееное видео епта
ORParga 23 days ago
The Prodigy - Smack my bitch up
Zack 23 days ago
infidon 24 days ago
Mainstream garbage edmmmmm
Julio Benitez
Julio Benitez 25 days ago
Martin garrix
The Archivist
The Archivist 26 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks this song sounds like a Sonic the Hedgehog level song?
R Lihuak
R Lihuak 24 days ago
Aaqib Mukadam
Aaqib Mukadam 26 days ago
Ily Martin garrix❤️
The Ball One
The Ball One 26 days ago
New Grand Theft Auto 6
América Garcia Bukoswi
Woooow ecellent Melodíe sooooo cuuuuteeee Very much Melodíes thanks Martin Garrix Likeeeee my favourite Melodíe Likeeeee ❤ Likeeeee 😊 Likeeeee Likeeeee ❤
Mike IRL
Mike IRL Month ago
The beginning sounds a lot like a nirvana song. Martin Garrix being unoriginal, typical.
maria quezada
maria quezada Month ago
kelvin tu
kelvin tu Month ago
dj magladon
dj magladon Month ago
I watched it with vr
André Neto
André Neto Month ago
Smack my bitch up?
Bas Van Den Nieuwenhof
Real life GTA
Fernando M. Tortosa
Deadmau5 Ghost's and stuff?
Marco Tabo Silalahi
Martin has way too many songs to be played in just 1 concert 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
taydaiii Month ago
when you finally realize the security guard is Rico Verhoeven
ward boss
ward boss Month ago
The song was very good but the video clip was not good
Ketaki Jambhekar
The ambulance part feels like u have been playing GTA for too long, if anyone can relate !? idk
chilena de corazon
Martin Garrix va venir a chile :) alguien de chile ✌️
joo bbro
joo bbro Month ago
Im in love with that girl in red dress 😍
joo bbro
joo bbro Month ago
@progamers3 progamers3 👏👏 sherlock
progamers3 progamers3
joo bbro you do realise she a golddigger right?
zet in de reacties yeet als je nederlands bent
MatthijsGames NL
MatthijsGames NL 4 days ago
Vári Tüske
Vári Tüske Month ago
Smack my bitch up...
TheAgrizi Month ago
The last part seems the only part where he's truly happy. Goes to show that money isn't happiness, though I don't mind a million or 2 on my bank account.
Thijs Vernooij
Thijs Vernooij Month ago
1:35 you can hear Rico Verhoeven.
Emily Zavala
Emily Zavala Month ago
Martineishons acaso soy la única que hablo en español jejej😍😍😍❤❤😆😆
chilena de corazon
no jajaj
Sean Caravaggio
Sean Caravaggio Month ago
Songs dope.
Simon Senpai
Simon Senpai Month ago
Reminds me of.. *Deadmau5*
Smiley Yuu
Smiley Yuu Month ago
Cool song❤ Sad video
Reden Salh
Reden Salh Month ago
🎧🎶🌧 2019-12-6
Reden Salh
Reden Salh Month ago
Maulana F
Maulana F Month ago
1:12 *now get your hands up
Stijn Biemond
Stijn Biemond Month ago
1:33 Rico Verhoeven
Dinco422 Month ago
Prodigy did it better.
Vita JJ
Vita JJ Month ago
Love you, Martin! I am your honest Chinese fan!
Lennix Month ago
0:04 that ass
Julio Benitez
Julio Benitez Month ago
Stork Blast
Stork Blast Month ago
Funfact: the bouncer in the video is Rico Verhoeven. A world champion kickboxer.
Erik Eriks
Erik Eriks Month ago
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