Martin Garrix - Drops Only Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019

Electronic Drops
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Credits For Ultra Music Festival and Martin Garrix


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Apr 4, 2019




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๏†ลкμ louco
UltraJazz Gaming
UltraJazz Gaming 12 days ago
This many drops give me goosebumps😎!
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 25 days ago
Jhatu Music Ever
deepan savio
deepan savio Month ago
there no enough fireworks for martin.why??????????
deepan savio
deepan savio 5 days ago
@ITakeLzz ohhhhhhh ok
ITakeLzz 12 days ago
it would seem he likes the colors of the lights to match, he doesn’t need fireworks.
James Manion
James Manion Month ago
Spotless goes so hard live idek why something ab the visuals and the drop just get me hype
Thibo Huyghebaert
youre not the only one feeling that
C&G last name
C&G last name Month ago
Intro music??
Amit Kumar Sahu
Amit Kumar Sahu Month ago
Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko ft Alex Aris - Mistaken This song has two version one is progressive house another one is club mix...
Zoltan 2 months ago
I'm sorry to announce but this version of gold skies is just lame :D tiesto made that track unforgettable
JOKSI 2 months ago
record video for better quality
Spack Jarrow
Spack Jarrow 2 months ago
Restart Your Heart is finally released guys yesssss
Iracema Matos
Iracema Matos 2 months ago
LOOPERS & Seth Hills - Out Of Control
Iracema Matos
Iracema Matos 2 months ago
Julian Jordan - Oldskool
Iracema Matos
Iracema Matos 2 months ago
Dyro - Bombai
Iracema Matos
Iracema Matos 2 months ago
Florian Picasso & GRX - Restart Your Heart
Gunnar H.
Gunnar H. 2 months ago
5:30 "Restart your heart" - Florian Picasso and GRX.
Mueej Al Basit
Mueej Al Basit 3 months ago
Why the mistaken feels so sick here
Spack Jarrow
Spack Jarrow 2 months ago
because of the visual effect of mainstage
VITINN x 3 months ago
Lee Hill
Lee Hill 3 months ago
Lee Hill
Lee Hill 3 months ago
Banani Nath
Banani Nath 4 months ago
where is the "animals"
Chamoth Wanniarachchi
He goes with the flow which is amazing🥰
Dreamers - Brooks remix ❤
Iracema Matos
Iracema Matos 4 months ago
Brooks & Jonas Aden - Riot
Iracema Matos
Iracema Matos 4 months ago
LOOPERS & Seth Hills - Out Of Control
Iracema Matos
Iracema Matos 4 months ago
Julian Jordan - Oldskool
Iracema Matos
Iracema Matos 4 months ago
Dyro - Bombai
AL FHRZ 5 months ago
5:39 waiting for release
Lambert Heelal
Lambert Heelal 4 months ago
byEllix 5 months ago
100th comment :D
OwO -
OwO - 5 months ago
0:00 what’s that song
Make Some Noise
Make Some Noise Month ago
mistaken club mix
Vanix_ 303
Vanix_ 303 5 months ago
Mistaken by martin garrix and matisse sadko
Cristian 5 months ago
Physics Aficionado
Physics Aficionado 5 months ago
Whenever I hear Bombai I get very emotional.
Тимур NGY
Тимур NGY 6 months ago
King Progressive house 🌑🌑🏟️
fergeniz z
fergeniz z 6 months ago
why when im hearing yottabyte it feels me emotional...
LDJ3 2 months ago
Yottabyte is amazing.
Roro Faso
Roro Faso 5 months ago
Happens to me when I hear Together
Icbeiz 6 months ago
ғєяgєиιѕ z The magic of music 💥
A 7 months ago
J H 7 months ago
My screen lagging lmaoo😂😂
Javier Suay Bosch
Javier Suay Bosch 7 months ago
0:50 it isn't ID, it is Bombai
Primez 7 months ago
bro.. ID means unkown. he does not know it.
Rafael Perello
Rafael Perello 8 months ago
3:18 the best❤
Coc Account
Coc Account 8 months ago
I love the way he include his progressive house tracks
Aymerick Annicette
Aymerick Annicette 8 months ago
Rai amsterdam 2019 martin garrix
Zoriffy 8 months ago
This channel got creampied by COPYRIGHT emails😁😁😁😁
Ashraf Mohammed
Ashraf Mohammed 9 months ago
Please provide more drops
Mason Hadley
Mason Hadley 9 months ago
Zheng Bin Hao
Zheng Bin Hao 9 months ago
0.21 ???
PEDRO Henrique
PEDRO Henrique 10 months ago
0:49 Dyro - Bombai
well Hard
well Hard 10 months ago
7:27 Brooks & Jonas Aden - Riot
Eddy Gibbons
Eddy Gibbons 10 months ago
I really like music like this because it inspires me to make my own mixes and gives me new ideas for my own videos as I'm a DJ trying to get their name out 😊
Best Dog
Best Dog 10 months ago
3:36 out of control -Seth hills and loopers
well Hard
well Hard 10 months ago
3:35 LOOPERS & Seth Hills - Out of Control
NK_ Krus
NK_ Krus 2 months ago
Andre Romani
Andre Romani 11 months ago
Saga 😍😍
Liliana López
Liliana López 11 months ago
Martín Garrix Martín Garrix Martín Garrix Martín Garrix Martín Garrix Martín Garrix Martín Garrix Martín Garrix Martín Garrix Martín Garrix ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👌♥️😍😘😊👌😍😘😍
ES MUSIC 11 months ago
Please Go Check Out Martin Garrix Mix ruvid.net/video/video-7IdfqrG9Ch4.html
Rifat Khan
Rifat Khan 11 months ago
152 done.😎 Garrix fans.😍
Gemma Seymour
Gemma Seymour Year ago
Milton Amaro
Milton Amaro Year ago
Qiyaz _KhId3
Qiyaz _KhId3 Year ago
2:33 why I suddenly had an anime feel here??
Edoardo Ferrari
Fuck you Garrix Hardwell is the real n1 dj in the world
Lennix Year ago
3:02 love it Nicky romero to Brooks
Celine Cooper
Celine Cooper Year ago
DVBBS Garrix
DVBBS Garrix Year ago
Thank you. Good video
Khush Vlogs
Khush Vlogs Year ago
Any way video Audio quality is quite bad but bro next time make it better I know you’re being just we support you bro
Primez 7 months ago
bro.. songs are copyrighted. he must change some
Zaid Zaid
Zaid Zaid Year ago
This ain't shit love this
The Notorious MAGC
Música barata y sin sentido. El peor dj de los últimos años.
EDGE 4 months ago
Erik Hernandez
Erik Hernandez 11 months ago
Muy buen set y todo pero les aseguro que este año ya no será el dj 1
William Year ago
The Notorious MAGC tú cuantas canciones tienes?
Efrain Vilchis Aguirre
JAJAJAJAJA, no es ahuevo comentar tonterías
Gemma Seymour
Gemma Seymour Year ago
Martin garrix and Marshallow. Id
Anshul Dogra
Anshul Dogra Year ago
pls update drop list....
roberto uc uc
roberto uc uc Year ago
la neta martin garrix no tiene sentido antes me gustaba
VATEX YT 11 months ago
Ok martin garrix fue hacer su nuevo exito hazi que callen llamas
Iván Orozco
Iván Orozco Year ago
@William tienes toda la razón amigo cuando estás en un festival obviamente vas a sentir toda esa vibra y vas a querer divertirte al maximo porque personalmente lo e vivido en carne propia, pero por el otro lado si lo ves por esta plataforma si notas que repite muchas canciones al festival del año pasado....yo sé que obviamente va tener que poner sus propios tracks pero tiene que cambiar poquito...
roberto uc uc
roberto uc uc Year ago
@William me referia al tipo de musica
William Year ago
Cesar Gonzalez Orozco yo tuve la oportunidad de verlo hace un par de meses, y créeme, no es aburrido, se siente una sensación muy especial, no es lo mismo ver videos que estar en uno de sus sets, saludos ✌️
Josa Estrada
Josa Estrada Year ago
Pero si algo se tiene que admitir es que su popularidad no se la ganó tanto por sus producciones si no por lo que tú dices, su manager ah hecho un buen trabajo buscándole presentaciones hasta convertirlo en modelo, y su fin llegará pronto por que, ¿No crees que con todo lo que tiene que hacer va a llegar un momento en el que se tenga que dar un descanso?🤔 Pero en lo que llega su momento hay que disfrutar de la música😎✌️
JiJi Year ago
Martin Garrix has the best set of umf 2019, I mean look at the views on the official video
Zachary Rodriguez
Zachary Rodriguez 2 months ago
Your gonna ignore afrojacks set?
Insane N
Insane N 3 months ago
Marshmello is the best set before Others
Ali 109
Ali 109 7 months ago
well..... hate to break to ya but Skrillex UMF 2015 more views in 73 mil sooooooooooooo
Nikunj Kapadia
Nikunj Kapadia 9 months ago
You haven't seen THE CHAINSMOKERS set yet... You'll love them.. the set was too lit 🔥🔥
Robert Hardwell
well Martin Garrix is the most popular dj/producer at this moment so there's no doubt that he will have the most viewed set
itz_ DopeBoy
itz_ DopeBoy Year ago
I'm LooperZ jr
Electronic Drops
0:49 Dyro - Bombai 1:23 Julian Jordan - Oldskool 3:35 Seth Hills & LOOPERS - Out Of Control 5:30 Florian Picasso & GRX - Restart You Heart
Dan Jeong
Dan Jeong Month ago
0:22 should be "club mix version" of mistaken
The Peppercup
The Peppercup 3 months ago
dyro's pluck was so better
Zach TNT
Zach TNT 4 months ago
Gemma Seymour this isn’t a doctors email Gemma Seymour XD
Gemma Seymour
Gemma Seymour Year ago
Hdyehehdgdydu=&is a very good friend and I am a parent of one of the childre I have been a little lenient with them knowing that I have attached the documents that are required any problems please let me know ASAP thanks so I can get him seen in the morning and get the kids to come and pick up the dog tomorrow from work to pick up the dog from the hospital and the kids will be there he's a bit tricky that they will be there he's for his birthday from
Gemma Seymour
Gemma Seymour Year ago
Marshmallow and Martin garrix
Liliana López
Liliana López 11 months ago
Liliana López
Liliana López 11 months ago
Martín Garrix ♥️👌♥️♥️🐼😉😘😍
MrZGaming Year ago
You mean *Marshmello* ?
Vedansh Gupta
Vedansh Gupta Year ago
0:49 Dyro - Bombai
Rishith Sh3tty
Thanks for putting the drops of martin garrix....very joyfull..
Sebastián Montilla
Thanks bro!!
WOLFPACK YeaH Year ago
Julian Jordan- oldskool 1:23
Pew Die Pie
Pew Die Pie Year ago
Ian Keene
Ian Keene 6 months ago
Pew Die Pie cool to see that your into this genre. Love your channel
SUPAW Year ago
Goosebumps all over
Deepraj Naik
Deepraj Naik Year ago
Day by day is going dum n lame
Respect everyone bro...
EC HD Year ago
Sub for sub?
Predation Year ago
is it only me or Saga sounds like the original version for Dreamer's remix?
Rakesh Acharya
Rakesh Acharya 7 months ago
@Qiyaz _KhId3 yeah!
Zoriffy 8 months ago
Ahhh i c yeah i kinda do agree with u 😙
Qiyaz _KhId3
Qiyaz _KhId3 Year ago
Tf same??? Nicky romero's bass is completely different with saga
Satō Matsuzaka
it's like the 2nd drop of it lol
manuel hootowl
Same preset
BosterKillah Year ago
1:23 Martin Garrix & Seth Hills - ID
Electronic Drops
1:23 is Julian Jordan - Oldskool
Iluse Music
Iluse Music Year ago
1:23 Julian Jordan - Oldskool please on SHAZAM
what happened to the audio at 5:22?
austen laurensen
austen laurensen 10 months ago
@LACKOFMEMES it's copyright song,must put some audios for pass
Gemma Seymour
Gemma Seymour Year ago
Caleb Lackie
Caleb Lackie Year ago
Ouch i wanna listen but I can't
Electronic Drops
@LACKOFMEMES sorry, it's because the songs are copyright and I had to put the audio
@Electronic Drops No, I am asking what happened to the audio, it became more mono.
DOUG EDM [Drops Only, Mashups & More]
KING Garrix ➕✖ Good work bro! 👊
Aveilzy Year ago
Martin Harris Calvin Garrix
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