Martin Garrix & Brooks - Byte (Official Video)

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix & Brooks - Byte
♫ Mistaken is out now: stmpd.co/MGMTNID
So happy to share Byte, a collab with my brother Brooks!
Spotify - stmpd.co/BYTEsp
iTunes - stmpd.co/BYTEi
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Facebook: facebook.com/MartinGarrix
Twitter: twitter.com/MartinGarrix
Instagram: instagram.com/MartinGarrix
RUvid: ruvid.net/u-MartinGarrix
Follow Brooks:
Facebook: facebook.com/MusicByBrooks
Twitter: twitter.com/MusicByBrooks
Instagram: instagram.com/MusicByBrooks
Directed by: Damian Karsznia - instagram.com/damiankars
Production: Joris Hoevenberg / MM8
Camera / VFX: Thom Redder, Dylan Luijten
Special thanks: Leon Valero
Shot & Edited by: Damian Karsznia
#Garrix #Brooks #Byte


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Apr 6, 2017




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Comments 80
DJ erre O
DJ erre O Day ago
Pjm Mlf
Pjm Mlf 2 days ago
Trop bien
Kearon Lottering
Kearon Lottering 2 days ago
RUvid is red Like button is blue You've found my comment Beatdrop is at 0:46
Daury De la Cruz
Daury De la Cruz 3 days ago
1:17 The sound of the ghost on the horizon
SupernovaYT 3 days ago
May I have permission to use this song in my RUvid Intro?
Sebixowzkyy 3 days ago
lets gooooo!
Pjm Mlf
Pjm Mlf 3 days ago
Trop bien
Avneez Bhargkeshari
The Matrix..
Luis Fernando Querevalu Inga
Kenzie Official 805
Kenzie Official 805
Kenzie Official 805
You are funny dj be cause if you sing the wizard
Dropout Brothers
Dropout Brothers 5 days ago
Gustavo Fernández
I love this song ♥️
Daniel K
Daniel K 5 days ago
In other news, Garrix goes blind staring into a projector
Easy Peasy
Easy Peasy 11 hours ago
rKafp - Musics
rKafp - Musics 5 days ago
One of my fav musics :D
Surya Trisaputra
Surya Trisaputra 6 days ago
Masih mendengar di 2020!!!
Ricardo Merchan
Ricardo Merchan 6 days ago
Solo por joder y ampliar conocimiento La palabra "Byte" es correspondiente a 8 digitos de bit, en otras palabras 1 Byte= 8 ceros o unos (o cualquier pinche combinación de 0 y 1 que tenga la cantidad de dígitos de 8). El byte representa la minima unidad de almacenamiento de datos en la tecnología actual digital. }POSDATA 2020 cuarentena?
Zers Day ago
Ya veo, lo leí mal, estudio Sistemas y solo quise recalcar eso.
Ricardo Merchan
XD No pues ocho es 1000, pero me referia a que un byte tiene 8 casillas en donde pueden ser 0 ó 1 ■-■-■-■-■-■-■-■ XD
Zers Day ago
Bro asi no funcionan los numeros binarios, cualquier cantidad con unos y ceros de 8 digitos no siempre dará 8 nmms.
ElCortaPasto69 4 days ago
"The more you know"
Maxim Pogorely
Maxim Pogorely 6 days ago
ghost 787
ghost 787 7 days ago
Emmmm, the crew 2 sjjssj?
oliver Garcia
oliver Garcia 8 days ago
someone listening to this track in quarantine
oliver Garcia
oliver Garcia 8 days ago
I am fond of electronic music uuuwuuuu someone who speaks Spanish
Zoboti 8 days ago
The crew 2
Harry Abrigo
Harry Abrigo 11 days ago
How could someone dislike this Stupid mfs
Walber Ximenes
Walber Ximenes 11 days ago
Sou fã de eletrônica ❤️
Nate McDonagh
Nate McDonagh 12 days ago
Little did he now his reflection was some one els and that some one was stearing back at him
Nate McDonagh
Nate McDonagh 12 days ago
Crew 2? BPM ?
Shaurya Chauhan
Shaurya Chauhan 13 days ago
Miss my old days😔
FOKLASH -ZH 13 days ago
دييييم مان👌🔥🔥🔥🔥
Phúc Lưu Trường
2020 ♡♡♡
Nate McDonagh
Nate McDonagh 12 days ago
Hello finally some one from 2020😂
Mary MOD13
Mary MOD13 16 days ago
A quien le trae recuerdos esta canción sin saber por qué 🙊🙈🙈🙈
Dre DreDinosaur
Dre DreDinosaur 16 days ago
Saludos desde colombia 🇨🇴
Liliana Flores
Liliana Flores 17 days ago
Liliana Flores
Liliana Flores 17 days ago
Liliana Flores
Liliana Flores 17 days ago
Tom Kushal
Tom Kushal 17 days ago
Lol anyone heard this song a lot inThe Crew 2?
Zam 17 days ago
replaying this song is called chewyng
Miguel El Gatito
Miguel El Gatito 18 days ago
13,528,132.8 KB of views 1,691,016.6 MB of views 211,377.0 GB of views 26,422.1 TB of views 3,302.7 PB of views 412.8 HB of views So many people xd
Miguel El Gatito
Miguel El Gatito 18 days ago
Anonymous anthem
Stephanie Aguirre
Stephanie Aguirre 19 days ago
I will never forget this beautiful song, my beautiful Martín Garrix ➕✖️😍
Stephanie Aguirre
@Karol Garrix 🙏😀
Karol Garrix
Karol Garrix 5 days ago
@Stephanie Aguirre xd
Stephanie Aguirre
@Karol Garrix ja no te creas extraño México
Karol Garrix
Karol Garrix 5 days ago
@Stephanie Aguirre te envidio x'd
Stephanie Aguirre
@Karol Garrix jaja gracias 😀😀😀🙏🙏
MasterMatt007 20 days ago
The drop is mainly Brooks
Yonas Sileshi
Yonas Sileshi 21 day ago
This is what you call a progressive bounce
Lizbeth Perez
Lizbeth Perez 21 day ago
2020? Alguien por aquí
Aryan Kadiya
Aryan Kadiya 21 day ago
Elizabeth Ruano
Elizabeth Ruano 22 days ago
Me gusta la música 😎😎👍
Валентина Бубка Некраткова
When i bite something i only think in binarian code and the things are much delicious xd
DROP ZONE 11 days ago
It's all about music and Martin Garrix
Zack Mack
Zack Mack 24 days ago
Ovro Nihal
Ovro Nihal 24 days ago
Priscila_1015 24 days ago
Robert Aidex
Robert Aidex 24 days ago
super song
Luv* 25 days ago
sohl sherwood
sohl sherwood 25 days ago
the melody is similar to brooks melody on the 1 hour track challenge just sped up .
Monkey.D Garp
Monkey.D Garp 26 days ago
Anyone still here in summer 2020
THD 27 days ago
Anyone still listening on june 2020 🇺🇸👩🏾‍🎤
WaGneR BeNteS
WaGneR BeNteS Month ago
brandon van beers
brandon van beers 19 days ago
Yes amazing game👌🏻
가즈아ᅡᅡ Month ago
David K
David K Month ago
Anyone else here after hearing this song on kiss fm adverts?
Skymid Music
Skymid Music 11 days ago
@David K ooh I didn't knew..
David K
David K 11 days ago
@Skymid Music This song used to be played on radio adverts
Skymid Music
Skymid Music 11 days ago
Conor Jaycell
Conor Jaycell 17 days ago
Rhyze Month ago
LL Cycle
LL Cycle Month ago
Love it❤
Sanjay 407
Sanjay 407 Month ago
He dabbed at 0:50 !!
Rosario Reyes
Rosario Reyes Month ago
I'm like Martin garrix
Ruki Piano
Ruki Piano Month ago
The anonymous song 2020
Tyler Melendez-Duke
I recently bought the crew 2 recently, the game was alright... then byte came on and I started freaking out (I’ve known the so g since it came out dw I’m not here cause the game)
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz Month ago
Like si la estás escuchando en este 2020
Martin Garrix y Brooks as acontact only leave you an example love is only a fable invented bi me for you bi all i love you
Makoto Moriyama
Makoto Moriyama Month ago
Mary MOD13
Mary MOD13 Month ago
Martín Garrix nunca me cansare de decirte que eres lo mejor de los mejores djs 😂😂te apoyo desde 👉🏻🇬🇹👈🏾
Geydar Santos
Geydar Santos Month ago
Saludo desde panamá like sino entiende ese idioma ingles🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Slade Nation
Slade Nation Month ago
If I listen to 28.75 second of this song could I say I listen to "Bit" then?
Sushant Devkota
Sushant Devkota Month ago
Most of the comment section: 2:09 sounds like tremor Me: Hey the song is great
Mix 17
Mix 17 Month ago
⚫kennethg & maurice - fung fu ⚫
Di4m Gaming
Di4m Gaming Month ago
Whos here because of The Crew 2?
Hernan Vincent
Hernan Vincent Month ago
jasjjajsa ese martin garrix es un lokillo
Ridho Memory
Ridho Memory Month ago
GaLvA Month ago
130 Martin Garrix we fly!!!!!!!
Zander Hussey
Zander Hussey Month ago
this could be an Ali-A style intro
Mr_Kiwi Month ago
The crew 2 anybody?
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco Month ago
¡I love this song, is very well!
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