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MARRY, SMASH, OR KILL 😍💍 | PUBLIC INTERVIEW | MET MY NEW VICTORIA SECRET MODEL❤️😱 #publicinterview #interview #marry #victoriasecret

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Dec 29, 2018




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Comments 80
CeyNoLimit Year ago
Gotta end the 2018 wit BANGERS 🔥🔥 WHAT YALL WANT TO ACCOMPLISH FOR 2019 👀🤔?
Reecy the Rapper
Reecy the Rapper 11 months ago
CeyNoLimit i made the best public interview out no cap 🚫🧢
kiyah shaheed
kiyah shaheed Year ago
CeyNoLimit Y’all Be Holling On The Rapping Side🤣❤️
Mathew Ergas
Mathew Ergas Year ago
Michael Taylor did you ever find out the song
Jermaine Nobles
Bro you had me dying laughing Lol.
David Coleman
David Coleman Year ago
CeyNoLimit what the name of that beat 10:43
Kam Hall
Kam Hall 5 hours ago
Wat da FUQ was that intro song🤧
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis 2 days ago
Look at DJ at 8:23 😂
Nei Sj
Nei Sj 4 days ago
The only light skin I see is the short one,the rest are brown skin...or maybe its the video quality
Cole Lobb
Cole Lobb 13 days ago
'He got a hickey on his neck"😹😭
Jayson Latrell
Jayson Latrell 13 days ago
Why only black girls 🤷🏾‍♂️
YT Derek Snippets
Jasmine Month ago
i will smash smash mash and marry marry marry! i can´t decide!
xokylan 3 months ago
Who watching these in 2020?
Aric mr2
Aric mr2 3 months ago
What is the 1st beat in the end???
Exhaln 4 months ago
These videos just hit harder after the whole group spread
Rehza 4 months ago
Y'all all ugly to be honest
I2wayV 4 months ago
What is dat nigga rg drip bruh
Kaidyn Dobbins
Kaidyn Dobbins 4 months ago
Dim girls thick cey👌👈
Just A Kid
Just A Kid 5 months ago
YO Whoo here in 2020 !!! ? Slime Mafia was the first to do interviews
iamdxpe 5 months ago
One year ago today🤯🤯🤯
Jaysing03 6 months ago
why bj look like he about to commit a sin in the beginning foo
Christopher M
Christopher M 7 months ago
when ole girl at 6:20 keepin it real about dark skin is her preference ,I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE HONESTY and LOYALTY 4 real!!!
Youngchief 7 months ago
wtf yall niggas dont look yall age i look way older than yall and im 19
Shakira Oliver
Shakira Oliver 7 months ago
Kashiaaaaaaaaaa 😍😍
jeff smith
jeff smith 7 months ago
The nigga stomped his feet then walked off lmfao
Tammara Coley
Tammara Coley 7 months ago
Bj face tho
Juju thykey
Juju thykey 8 months ago
Song at 0:50 ?
Angz The one and only
Dj look like Michael jackson
black panther543
black panther543 9 months ago
DJ is my fav youtuber nigga he looks dope my nigga🔥🔥
Queen. Dxddy
Queen. Dxddy 9 months ago
Kashia jabre !!
Lil Fallaki
Lil Fallaki 10 months ago
KingLeo52 10 months ago
Sarai is my cousin on my freaking god bro wtf 😂😂
Lucky Emmou
Lucky Emmou 10 months ago
Its Aaliyah
Its Aaliyah 10 months ago
The first one kashia jabre aayyyeeee
Robyrob Rob
Robyrob Rob 10 months ago
if i had to marry kiss or kill out of cey dj rg i pick kiss cey marry dj kill rg dj u is so fine
Highoff Nia
Highoff Nia 10 months ago
Dj so mfn fye tho❤️‼️😻 Dey was bullshitting
Kaylab Brown
Kaylab Brown 10 months ago
Damn low key miss all y’all together no cap
Pyg_. Aj
Pyg_. Aj 10 months ago
Omg kashia jabre in this
TeeSha 804
TeeSha 804 11 months ago
Which video is jai in? The public interview when y’all first met.
Ayanna PrankGang_xx
Ayanna PrankGang_xx 11 months ago
Not sae, not the one with yellow hair. But the OTHER one I would smash
Theresa Cahill
Theresa Cahill 11 months ago
4:19 - 4:25 I am dieing
0fficial Jay
0fficial Jay 11 months ago
BJ in the beginning was looking calm ASF😂
Meme Plugs
Meme Plugs 11 months ago
Da good olé days 😪
Fenrir Beats
Fenrir Beats 11 months ago
His voice annoying asf
Jordyn Macklin
Jordyn Macklin 11 months ago
Smash-CEY Marry- DJ😍😍😍 Kiss- RG
Ma'Eisha Forna
Ma'Eisha Forna 11 months ago
kashia jabre is a youtuber !!! @kashiajabre
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 11 months ago
The edits got me weak
Maryy Thoo
Maryy Thoo Year ago
Bro yo editing funny as hell 😂😂😂
Kaeon Waller
Kaeon Waller Year ago
The edits got me dead
Anderson Caraballo
Rg outfit was fire no KAP.🔥🔥
LOWKEY STUDIOS 11 months ago
Most of the time yea
Gavin Darby
Gavin Darby Year ago
1:39 dj already saw somebody
Jayla Year ago
How he met jai🥴😊
10:56 had a mustache
Dabriel Rodriguez
Rg always looking like a lil boy funny af
Strawberry Sarah
Kill RG Marry Dj Smash cey
Charon Murphy
Charon Murphy Year ago
They do look like twins tho
Fortnite is Bae!
I like how bj ain't say nothing in the intro 1:50
jhamere anderson
y’all should do a video smash or pass
Diego Jimenez
Diego Jimenez Year ago
Damn rg vvs sparkling from here
Soft Himiko
Soft Himiko Year ago
marry dj smash rg kill cey sorry cey
Breanna Baker
Breanna Baker Year ago
Idk who y'all are but that one who always getting killed is the only fine one there 😂😂like on god I don't understand this shit bruh 😂 like I'd cuff his ass in a heartbeat.
Ahmed Abdurazik
Bring bj homeboy big tay
Chris Abbott
Chris Abbott Year ago
Yall should do a smash,marry,or sleep with
Aniya Irving
Aniya Irving Year ago
I love light sinks
I luh Tyrone C
9:22 whats that guy’s name?
SheWant kari
SheWant kari Year ago
Mk slat
amir hayward
amir hayward Year ago
Dat nugga bj face in da beginning tho 😐
Dustin Guzman
Dustin Guzman Year ago
How does he avoid copyright 😭
Candida Lugo
Candida Lugo Year ago
Tf is wrong with bj
Ahh_itz_trin Year ago
guess what yall aint no real fans u know im down with the real atl squad yall should do and meet and greet in atl
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Year ago
The memes kill me 🤣
Alanna Slate
Alanna Slate Year ago
Ngl lightskins are fine af
Babybankroll Juice
😂 The first one tho
RG really got the freestyle thing going 🔥🔥
Makayla Coleman
Kashia jabre‼️‼️‼️
OrrDon 03
OrrDon 03 Year ago
Man said “how am i a fuckboy?” and got all these numbers 🤣🤣
OrrDon 03
OrrDon 03 Year ago
Sharkeisha hit that girl so many times on these niggas channels 🤣🤣💪🏾
emmanbige Year ago
dj got scoped 5mins in
Qumarri Shipp
Qumarri Shipp Year ago
I’m from the southside too
selfmade dee
selfmade dee Year ago
I know I'm late but do a rap battle
Rachel Fleming
Da bush head boyz
Nyah Green
Nyah Green Year ago
what's up to my boy BJ WHATS GOOD HIT ME UP ON INSTAGRAM BOO @nyahcheereg8310
nis_ !!!
nis_ !!! Year ago
Marry DJ💍smash RG 🤤kill Cey☠
trophy & stank
Why would any marry or smash RG
Deku 4x
Deku 4x Year ago
The edits😂😂😂
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