Maroon 5 - This Love (Closed Captioned)

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing This Love. (C) 2003 OctoScope Music, LLC


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Jun 16, 2009




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Gustin Doank
Gustin Doank 33 minutes ago
Anthony Jungen
Anthony Jungen 3 hours ago
I love that you get just the smallest hint of "She will be loved" at the very end of this song.
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes 6 hours ago
Who is this Joel guy? I'm just here because it's a good song 😆
Jack Borden
Jack Borden 7 hours ago
early 2000s had just the worst fashion sense
Sujan Ghising
Sujan Ghising 8 hours ago
I was 10 when I listen this. Good old days 😥
Aesthetic Addict
Aesthetic Addict 14 hours ago
I can’t believe I almost forgot about this song 🖤
hael A.
hael A. 14 hours ago
I was so young when this came out!!!! Memories
Vitória Simmer
Vitória Simmer 15 hours ago
A infância me chama de volta😢
Jeezy Breezy
Jeezy Breezy 20 hours ago
Who's here in January 2021
Heroic RE
Heroic RE 23 hours ago
I remember hearing this from my iPhone 5 music player
Ashley Hagans
Who knew this tiny little person would end up becoming huge. Now I’d call him daddy every day if I could 😂😂😂🤣
El Otaku :v
El Otaku :v Day ago
Arte en su máxima expresión
Abigail flores rojas
Seguí jugando al amor, como si fuera solo un juego fingiendo sentir lo mismo.
i love this song aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Fun Time
Fun Time Day ago
This song was 2003 or 4
Cindy Lira
Cindy Lira 2 days ago
J. ...i wishing u...
Eloy Morales
Eloy Morales 2 days ago
January 2021 anyone?
Tomas Gyurovics
Tomas Gyurovics 2 days ago
darkness 2 days ago
The only reason why da new massive hits r popular is cuz ovs TIKTOK . Just proofs how legendary this song was/is
darkness 2 days ago
the new generation is missing out big time . THIS IS WHAT U CALL JAM !!!!!!!
Qont Haar
Qont Haar 2 days ago
That is a 19 year old song! It’s insane to think about it... I was like 17/18 years old when this came out. So yeah
Dnieto 2 days ago
I didn't know this was from Maroon 5
Krackal 2 days ago
Man, this song should get more attention then it does, its been 18 years, and it still kills!
Katon Wao
Katon Wao 2 days ago
2021 this love.. 😍😘
patrick grondines
2021 anyone?
beat by Bvolta
beat by Bvolta 3 days ago
yyrtdov aydym prosta
I'm here bcause kanata
erika lopez
erika lopez 3 days ago
Llegue aqui por la pelicula y donde estan las rubias
Felipe Fuentes
Felipe Fuentes 3 days ago
La vida es cool
Gon 3 days ago
chupalo adam levine
Karol Iberia
Karol Iberia 3 days ago
Entre más años pasen más los voy a amar❤️
Anna Letig
Anna Letig 3 days ago
this song sounds like the song from the 90’s and i love it
Tuvia Gering
Tuvia Gering 3 days ago
I'm here because of Joel Haver
Baslostplanet 3 days ago
James f
James f 3 days ago
Im 29 now and this is still just brillant....👋🇮🇪🇮🇪
J_ SH 4 days ago
뮤비를 봐버린 유교걸은 지나갑니다....
Madalina 05
Madalina 05 4 days ago
My ex boyfriend brought me here
Lyst 4 days ago
my childhood song :((
Wilde Wood
Wilde Wood 4 days ago
It's not helpful for the soul as I have tragically found out by visiting adult sites
Wilde Wood
Wilde Wood 4 days ago
Pornography is bad and I know we can rise above it
n0fac3 2k
n0fac3 2k 4 days ago
This was when I got hooked man good shyt💪💯
erikatok 4 days ago
The hell I just watch this MV on my trip, I'm shocked there's scene they're "doing that", and my mom is sitting beside me right now 😵
Mrcheese 5 days ago
Esta si era musica chingona alv
Guscos 5 days ago
Omg I had 13 when I listen this for the first time
Ali 47 minutes ago
are lies
Ali 47 minutes ago
@No Interessa Uste lies. again. ur saying lies all of em
No Interessa Uste
No Interessa Uste 11 hours ago
@Ali I'm not the liar here, you are...
Ali 12 hours ago
@No Interessa Uste how dare you lie in front of all this people wow liar wow wow wow
No Interessa Uste
No Interessa Uste 13 hours ago
@Ali how dare you?
lvndrrxs 5 days ago
whos joel and why r they talking abt him
Christian J. Pronk
Joel haver. He made a comedy skit about Maroon 5's music videos.
Nakshatra Trivedi
Thinking same
TUL 6 days ago
Mizore 6 days ago
Cute 1:36
Attapon Treemake
Attapon Treemake 6 days ago
2021 ไทยแลนด์ มารวมตรงนี้ครับ
Luana Cardoso
Luana Cardoso 6 days ago
Maranda V
Maranda V 6 days ago
Good times.
K A R E N 6 days ago
This is my favorite Maroon 5 song 😍❤️
Cameron Wright
Cameron Wright 6 days ago
Same, so groovy
Tomas Linkevicius
Sev Android
Sev Android 6 days ago
Damn the intro so nostalgic , even the fashion
Hada Cr
Hada Cr 6 days ago
No dejo de escuchar esta joyita :D
Floatyoats 6 days ago
Joel was right ;(
Gamerchike Time
Gamerchike Time 7 days ago
Why this sounds like misery
Zergio Piscoya
Zergio Piscoya 7 days ago
Cuando no existía RUvid y tenias que esperar por la tarde para ver los 10 + pedidos de MTV.. buenos tiempos aquellos..😎🖤🔥🎵🎶🇵🇪👍🏻
Gunner Edwards
Gunner Edwards 7 days ago
Oops I was trying to listen to This Love by pantera, not this garbage 🤢
Joaquin Veracruz
Joaquin Veracruz 7 days ago
2021!!! Any one?
Ghost 7 days ago
Omg! First 2 seconds of this song an the nostalgia kicks in crazy. I remember this song on sing star when I was like 9 hahaha wow
- Vee -
- Vee - 7 days ago
"Love" has lost it's meaning these days.
Kartell 7
Kartell 7 7 days ago
Самира Гулямова
Самира Гулямова
Как же я ждала эту песню по радио когда мне было лет 11-12
Haris Martin Mananda
18years ago, it was my childhood song in dvd❤️
Brandon Luck
Brandon Luck 7 days ago
Brody Dayton
Brody Dayton 7 days ago
Damn that brunette really is 10/10 and he really did spike the camera thanks Joel
JYRXNY 7 days ago
This song still hits til this day👌🏾
성우조 7 days ago
This song was born with me lol
Guapo Ortiz
Guapo Ortiz 8 days ago
Luis Antony Guevara Carrasco
Buena canción deberia tener más vistas
Vitor Silva
Vitor Silva 8 days ago
Algum BR? Saudadezinha do caralho dessa época....
Yaroslav G
Yaroslav G 8 days ago
"Rare footage of Maroon 5 brainstorming for their music videos" by Joel Haver brought me here. so funny, 100% accurate
Zzzz Zzzz
Zzzz Zzzz 8 days ago
Hewbroc 8 days ago
Joel Haver sent me here. Good grief this is cringe af.
The Last Spark
The Last Spark 8 days ago
Should've called him self moron 5
Melonie Does Stuff
Just here from Joel Haver
Mozariah Rain
Mozariah Rain 9 days ago
Joel was right omgggg!!!! 😂😅
💕 kpop 가요 💕 가사 손글씨 handwriting 써보고 있답니다^^ 구경하러와주세요 ♡ 사연♡요청글 그냥 써드려요 💕 ruvid.net/video/video-qRTlS2Yw64A.html
Theodore Chiappone
joel haver
Ricardo Gomez
Ricardo Gomez 9 days ago
fauflooverto 9 days ago
Critical Productions
....let’s be honest. Half of us are coming from Joel’s new video.
Daniela Lopes
Daniela Lopes 9 days ago
Em 2021
Angela Miller
Angela Miller 9 days ago
Who’s listening in 2021?
Treacherouz 9 days ago
Had to confirm Joel's accusations to verify his findings. I can now say that they were accurate.
Nathan Albrecht
Nathan Albrecht 6 days ago
I came here to check Joel as well
KJ H 7 days ago
SAME! 😂😂😂
Keepinthecabbage 7 days ago
Callum Lambkin
Callum Lambkin 7 days ago
Yeah lol it was like "oh yep, there's the cherry blossom garden. Oh, and there's the hot brunette"
Honro 7 days ago
ᴋɪᴍ ᴄɪᴇʟᴏ
El comentario en español que buscabas 7u7
David Pozo
David Pozo 9 days ago
Sii al fin uno
Mohd Haziq Hafiz
Mohd Haziq Hafiz 9 days ago
What happen to you
THE CHEX 9 days ago
Кто от Игоря ребят?
Alya DhaNisa
Alya DhaNisa 9 days ago
2021 ❤❤
Maax Street niggaz
2021 e me bateu vontade de ouvir esse som, mais alguém?
Tataa Freitas
Vida Dureta
Vida Dureta 9 days ago
This loveeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Dwiky Rinaldi_
Dwiky Rinaldi_ 9 days ago
2021 watch this video
Mazzy 9 days ago
Joel. What? You expected more?
Lancelot4Camelot - Knight of KFP
Came here after Joel Haver
Teacher Sean
Teacher Sean 9 days ago
Thomas valim
Thomas valim 10 days ago
Nenhum BR em janeiro de 2021?
Bruno Borges
Bruno Borges 10 days ago
Essa musica trás uma energia tão boa 🇧🇷
Ana Barros
Ana Barros 2 days ago
simm meudeus
Esthefania Montero
Esthefania Montero 10 days ago
Soy la única que habla español aquí :0
Esthefania Montero
@David Pozo saludos!! :0
Esthefania Montero
Ya ví que no jaja
David Pozo
David Pozo 9 days ago
Al parecer si hay xd
David Pozo
David Pozo 9 days ago
wagner santos
wagner santos 10 days ago
Não tem como ouvir essa música e nao lembrar do filme "AS BRANQUELAS"
Monteiro empreendedorismo
2021 ?
Annie Q
Annie Q 10 days ago
Este video da "Reik vibes" ♡
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