Maroon 5 - Misery (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Misery. (C) 2010 A&M/Octone Records
#Maroon5 #Misery #Remastered


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Jun 30, 2010




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i_eat_ dough_NUTS
i_eat_ dough_NUTS 14 hours ago
I remember listening to this when I was 5
emaan 19 hours ago
joshua bassett listening to this and taking notes: 🧑🏼‍🦱✍🏼
Josephine George
青い 8 hours ago
Lichi Co
Lichi Co 19 hours ago
iTS the first time i see this MV my gosh where I've been
Dane Tibbs
Dane Tibbs 22 hours ago
i'm at a payphone in missouri
JuanC17 Playz
Director: How much violence do you want? *Adam: yes*
B.I Day ago
Hahah i agree with you 🤣🤣🤣
Serenity Fountain
People here in 2021
Tyler Zander
Tyler Zander Day ago
I remember listening to this on the way home from elementary school
Claudia Frank
seems kinda GAY
Love Always
Love Always 2 days ago
well.. this was a concept
Sparkle Butt
Sparkle Butt 2 days ago
Wow I really felt that I related to this in all my life experience when this video came out. I was 11. I WAS 11! Was I okay? LOL
Charlie Ackla
Charlie Ackla 2 days ago
Plot Twist: The girl is doing the exact same actions Adam was doing to her
samar stewart
samar stewart 2 days ago
and I’m back lol
Syed Waqar 11
Syed Waqar 11 2 days ago
I remember how madly we all Lads Fell in love with this lady back then , its been 10 massive years , A decade passed . Damn She is still Damn gorgeous Lady
Ezekiel Laww
Ezekiel Laww 2 days ago
*I am at a PAYPHONE in the pouring rain in Missouri*
Monzur Rahman
Monzur Rahman 2 days ago
Why are there so many comments talking about if the genders were reversed? According to the Insights Idva National Dataset 2013-14, 95% of victims of domestic abuse were women. The tables are turned on women. Men rarely face domestic abuse in comparison to women
J H 2 days ago
They need to put a rating on his music videos 😂
Pamela Abbitt
Pamela Abbitt 2 days ago
I will take this one song only
Gamerchike Time
Gamerchike Time 3 days ago
2021 gang
victor victory
victor victory 3 days ago
Man our theaters and outlets in GA were sending these vibes all the way from my neighborhood.
Sam Aufevre
Sam Aufevre 3 days ago
I don’t know why but it’s remind me of Nicky Larson 😂
danna ceci garcia marquez
This song got soooo many bottom energy
Jeffy101 YT
Jeffy101 YT 3 days ago
This music video..... scares me
Bubble-Explosive Cat
androssteague 4 days ago
Where's the version of this video where the band is playing in the street surrounded by a large crowd?
Oinkster 3 days ago
Lmk when u find it
kuromi 4 days ago
poor dude
Laytacin3 4 days ago
Bought this as a ringtone so it plays when a alarm goes off letting me know to go to online school class.
Reese Stainer
Reese Stainer 6 days ago
This was like, my most played song 2-3 years ago, was I okay-
tanjilur rahman
tanjilur rahman 6 days ago
music video on johnny depp and amber heard.
Florian Lebreton
Florian Lebreton 6 days ago
Maroon 5 avant c'était super et depuis 2019 et le titre Memories c'est devenu de la merde
victor the voictoror
Hah hes a bottom
Caryn Lash
Caryn Lash 7 days ago
Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Falling Petals
Falling Petals 7 days ago
just act dead let her walk away then run. DuH
Senpai_Hector 7 days ago
amazing... this was my favourite song 10 years ago... Still here dudes
Mohammad Kamran
Mohammad Kamran 7 days ago
Fernando Lima
Fernando Lima 7 days ago
Adam sold her moves better than roman reigns
Rachel Spcy
Rachel Spcy 8 days ago
What’s her ig ?
Joel Martinsson
Joel Martinsson 8 days ago
Lol I always wondered why Todd in the Shadows hated this dude so much an now I understand why. It's a sweet song but this video just oozes douchebag.
Poppy Empress71
Poppy Empress71 9 days ago
Uk version is different
Lechuga_ Fresca
Lechuga_ Fresca 9 days ago
La maldición de este temazo es que no puedo ver este vídeo frente a mi familia 😔👌
Camilo Alejandro Rosso Moreno
That times after 11 years, it's still a great song 🎶
Thelu10ant 10 days ago
Director: Ok Adam for this video she’s just gonna beat the shit out of you Adam: ummmm hang on... Director: annnnnnnd... ACTION
campestre bugambilias
SoundQuest _informal
Mohammad Kamran
Mohammad Kamran 11 days ago
i wish avril lavigne do this with me ,,,,,,,,,
Kai playz2
Kai playz2 11 days ago
Song is good(is it just me or I like seeing people get hurt to the level they die but their invincible/immortal) Its just me, ok
Simon Dua
Simon Dua 11 days ago
sono capace rido e scherzo
Simon Dua
Simon Dua 11 days ago
è la mia famiglia mi spiega come mai non prendo in braccio non sono arresti sono Valckyrie Deuteshe parte l'RPG amo divertirle per distrarle tipo da volo aeroplano
Simon Dua
Simon Dua 11 days ago
non è sordità la parata degli scemi
Simon Dua
Simon Dua 11 days ago
sono canzoni sciocche si sono divertiti catene partiamo andiamo a bari pure Madonna ci hanno messo ridono cantono
Simon Dua
Simon Dua 11 days ago
ancora non inizia Matrix vero ero a giocare a Tomb Rider
Simon Dua
Simon Dua 11 days ago
siamo due sonnambuli non ho incontri faccia faccia con mio marito ce una mia cugina Monia Ricci somiglia alla mamma Kate Moss
Mental man
Mental man 11 days ago
Adam does the Diavolo challenge
Eleonore Sweeney
Eleonore Sweeney 11 days ago
I can't wait for his child to see this music video......
Tyler 2.0
Tyler 2.0 11 days ago
His girlfriend is actually a symbol of all the haters
M. 12 days ago
i want a girl who beat me the way she beat adam
Audrianna White
Audrianna White 12 days ago
Denil 12 days ago
Toño si lees esto te amo
Voyager 1
Voyager 1 12 days ago
no one: Mr. Bean at the start of every episode: 0:01
Glitchy Error
Glitchy Error 4 days ago
You genius
Whitestar 13 days ago
i never listen to this song without listening to these also Matchbox Twenty - She's So Mean Trapt - Love Hate Relationship
Nate DS
Nate DS 13 days ago
I've never really liked maroon 5 but this song is pretty good. Theyve always had a talent for writing good melodies and this song is a great example of that.
Nathan Whitehead
Nathan Whitehead 11 days ago
It took me like 6 years to realize their funky undertones and now im kinda mad that I hated maroon 5 for so long.
heidi osborne
heidi osborne 14 days ago
this is a great song but lets not romanticise this guys !!! :))
Hyde P
Hyde P 14 days ago
I don't understand why the girl is trying to kill him
Yo Soy Spider
Yo Soy Spider 14 days ago
Jhonny deep when he was l8 to amber’s party
Dickinson Contreras
I am looking for a change, I am an alcoholic and today I stopped drinking, I listen to your music years ago and I think about the change, your music inspires me to continue, I am Dickinson Calderon and I decree that I will not get high and I will not drink more today. I will read this message in one more year with faith
Dickinson Contreras
my Misery
Jalima Sarria
Jalima Sarria 14 days ago
Abdillah Speed Painting
Sing the reff of Dynamite - BTS when it reff wkwkwk
Alexandre Maheux
Alexandre Maheux 14 days ago
even in 2021 this clip makes me laugh as much as the first time hahah :D
MammaBcalm 14 days ago
Hottest jean commercial I have ever seen in my life lol.
Rey R.
Rey R. 14 days ago
2021 anyone?
Tami Perkins
Tami Perkins 14 days ago
The ethereal meat predominantly scrape because napkin ecologically scorch during a kindly hour. highfalutin, common trigonometry
Sachin Harode
Sachin Harode 15 days ago
I wonder how you get beaten by that girl 😂
Tybeanz 15 days ago
That girl is gonna be telling her grandkids “I beat up Adam Levine in a music video”
Tungaa Bayarmaa
Tungaa Bayarmaa 3 days ago
@Jake from state farm no he broke up with her. The woman in the video is the Russian supermodel Anne V. His wife is supermodel Behati Prinsloo
Spit fire
Spit fire 3 days ago
@Jake from state farm Wait what
Jake from state farm
It’s actually his wife.
sandro tchoxonelidze
shis girl is very amazing 😻😻♥️♥️💕💕🥰😍👄💋👩‍❤️‍👨
daydream 16 days ago
He's in misery thats why he made this
Clément R
Clément R 16 days ago
Who is watching in 2021 ? 👇
Eleonore Sweeney
Eleonore Sweeney 16 days ago
*Falls to the ground* Him *Oh Yeah!*
Itsyeboipiklerick 26
Who only knows this song because of the meme
Athena Sciarra
Athena Sciarra 16 days ago
Taufik Rahman
Taufik Rahman 16 days ago
2021... Anyone? 😄😌
Marilyn Jane
Marilyn Jane 16 days ago
the story changes when both respect each other, also if both put themselves in the other's place. Although it is better to live alone. You have the freedom of the world.
Yuliana Carcaño
Yuliana Carcaño 17 days ago
Jajaja wtf!
san_V 17 days ago
So did you get her back?
19 17 days ago
7ven exe has stopped working
He do be in Missouri
Fun Intros
Fun Intros 18 days ago
Johnny Depp and amber heard
Sammani Carcamo
Sammani Carcamo 18 days ago
December 30,2020
Joshua 18 days ago
This song is for simps🤣
Radicalz 18 days ago
I am in missouri
gars129 18 days ago
Maroon 5 before they became annoying.
Starla the Kitten
Starla the Kitten 18 days ago
0:36 here you go
AFoxOn YT 18 days ago
l am inm missouri
Anchal Chandra
Anchal Chandra 19 days ago
Adam Sandler Adam Levine
J D. L
J D. L 19 days ago
Trey Tucker
Trey Tucker 20 days ago
Not gonna lie thought the lyrics were Missouri not Misery because Adam Levine and the music was too upbeat to sound like someone in misery.
RuddiestManx511 20 days ago
I live in Missouri
WNM 20 days ago
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” (acoustic) are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together.........
Luis Röhr
Luis Röhr 20 days ago
Ich finde, dass Eigelb und Eiweiß auch im Einzelhandel getrennt verkauft werden sollten, um Lebensmittelverschwendung vorzubeugen.
Plot twist: Adam is immortal so his misery is that not his girlfriend and he is suicidal. But he can’t kill himself so he tries to have his gf do it. But nothing works so that’s the whole video- I could be wrong
DREAM INDIGO 21 day ago
The people who say: “if the genders were reversed there would be a revolution” are missing the fact that *he* chose to be the victim in this video, it wasn't made by a messed up woman wanting to abuse men. It was made *by a man himself* [Am I justifying woman hitting on men? NO, I would never. Those women should be imprisoned]
DREAM INDIGO 12 days ago
@Laurence Morin thank you! If it's a part of a story then it's not romanticising anymore
Laurence Morin
Laurence Morin 12 days ago
@DREAM INDIGO The albums have the songs in order I believe. Crybaby is the first album, then there is the K-12 album (from the movie she made) and she most recently got another out about her K-12. You should be able to find the playlists on her channel.
DREAM INDIGO 12 days ago
@Laurence Morin out of topic but… can you suggest me some songs by Melanie to listen? In what order should I listen them to hear the whole story?
Laurence Morin
Laurence Morin 12 days ago
@DREAM INDIGO And killing her abductor.
Laurence Morin
Laurence Morin 12 days ago
@DREAM INDIGO It’s definitely not romanticizing abduction, it’s the story of Crybaby getting kidnapped.
Noi Thu
Noi Thu 21 day ago
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.
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