Maroon 5 - Maps (Lyric Video)

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Maroon 5 - Maps (Lyric)
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Jun 23, 2014




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Florencia Murillo
Florencia Murillo 37 minutes ago
I remember this sons I loved it 🥰🥰🥰
Dinda zhillatul
this song makes me remember my ex
Doritos 12 hours ago
2021 anyone?
jeonismworld 13 hours ago
anyone?? 2021??
Supreme_Az 14 hours ago
Cmon guys where is the 2021 comments at??
Farhan Hasbi
Farhan Hasbi 15 hours ago
clash royale
Raymond Batac
Accidentally stumbled on this song after listening to their girls like you. Now I can't stop listening to this.
jhn k
jhn k Day ago
Ans Cards
Ans Cards Day ago
Alguém 🇧🇷?
Irsyad Raffi
Irsyad Raffi Day ago
yeah yeah, I always there, but now she left, lol
Reikoツ Day ago
"I was there for you in your darkest times" I was there for you in your darkest nights. But I wonder where were you, When I was on my worst down on my knees. **Everyone felt that**
itsspaw 17 hours ago
Isn't weird how when we are young we listen to these songs singing along and then we get older , we continue to sing but with different meaning
Justarandomweebkid-v_v 13 minutes ago
@Brigella Querubin same. I think 2020 did this to us
Brigella Querubin
Brigella Querubin 3 hours ago
Ikr? I've been revisiting old songs that continue to make me realize so much more.. ❤️
Ren Solis
Ren Solis Day ago
VirusS Virus
VirusS Virus Day ago
League of Legends: Wild Rift Teamfight Tactics : mobile ❤ MAP 🗺
yezoui Day ago
this is just nostalgia i remember chilling with my cousins at the theme park 6 years ago and this song was playing. omg i just wanna live that life again..😔
ApoloGX Day ago
pure damn nostalgia dude, same for me, it brings me back those old memories
Ashwini Desai
Well, that life has gone. You won't be able get it back now. You can't have things back when you need them the most! It'll just cause more chaos than ever.
T v T
T v T Day ago
no hay forma de no amar esta canción
bisteca encubada
This music come in a Good time.... I want this back....
Buddy Bildner
Oh my- I forgot this song🥺 this is my favorite song!!
Ta Chu
Ta Chu 2 days ago
0:22 my love video :X.
XMusic_Luvs 2 days ago
This song with the video just hits different 😔😂
BEN dover
BEN dover 2 days ago
Gonna come back here again in 5 years.. To see the comments again
Zorn Zorn
Zorn Zorn 2 days ago
Lancer X
Lancer X 2 days ago
Me to my hot wheels (one) case collection
Ishizu Isis
Ishizu Isis 2 days ago
Who else is just listening to a bunch of song from their childhood for old times sake?
TinyMocha 2 days ago
Why can't radios play this instead of Doja's Cat say so?
I love this song from japan🇯🇵
Nate G
Nate G 2 days ago
Guys I know what we can do let's bring back the old radio from 2015 or 2016 to get this dam sick songs
lina zd
lina zd 3 days ago
If you're listening to this song in 2021 then you're a legend!!
Muhammad Hilmi Putera Bin Zaini
music : happy Story : sad af
suck my pp
suck my pp 3 days ago
Music:happy Story:sad Comment:copied Hotel:trivago
Jordan_z 3 days ago
Litzmary Vera
Litzmary Vera 3 days ago
this song hits different if u actually listen to the lyrics 😕
An Nguyễn Chấn
Music : happy Story : sad af
Spring Trap
Spring Trap 3 days ago
Comment : copied
37 Nightcore
37 Nightcore 3 days ago
okay you gotta be next level depressed or something to make this song sounds happy even tho the lyrics is as sad as my life
Bird Wing
Bird Wing 3 days ago
I was I highschool when this came out
Alia Kaissy
Alia Kaissy 4 days ago
2021 u a legend
BraedenPlayz 4 days ago
2020: listing while corona virus 2021: listing while during school work.
Fire Lord
Fire Lord 4 days ago
This song might make a comeback
charlize thea
charlize thea 4 days ago
edwin effendi
edwin effendi 4 days ago
2021 check
Nezuko Chan
Nezuko Chan 4 days ago
O quanto eu amo essa música não dá pra descrever😍😍😍😍
Ana Lara
Ana Lara 4 days ago
【【Mayonessa 】】
nada que ver, pero piola por vos
Lelaleigh Sadsad
Lelaleigh Sadsad 4 days ago
Nice edit
ʟᴠɴᴅʀʀ 4 days ago
Remember hearing this as a little kid on the radio thinking it was a happy song?
John Christian Butaslac
This song hits you good when you're broken.
Daian Zapanta
Daian Zapanta 5 days ago
the first time i heard this song i thought it was a happy song not until I found it so depressive. 2021
Brayden Haruzi
Brayden Haruzi 5 days ago
If your listening to this in 2021 your a LEGEND🐏🐏🎉🎉🎉👑👑👑👸🤴🤴👸👸🎉🎊🎊🥂🥂🎏🎏🎆🎆🎀🎀🎗🎈🎋🎋
No Name
No Name 5 days ago
2021 :) I like song
Nino Lao
Nino Lao 5 days ago
this song is when i met my girlfriend
Sergio Campos
Sergio Campos 3 days ago
Well then....interesting contrast.
goldenGOAT 5 days ago
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Genesis Tibigar
Genesis Tibigar 5 days ago
2021 anyone??
When i was little like 6 years i just loop al day this song and i just loved it,the rhythm i mean, and now my 14 year old version understand how sad is the meaning :( Pd:i still love the song and I know it by heart
nghĩa lưu
nghĩa lưu 6 days ago
i'm vietnamese but after listen this song i feel i can punch my young brother and play one match
Bea salvador
Bea salvador 6 days ago
I was there for you In your darkest nights But I wonder where were you When I was at my worst Down on my knees I felt that
Mrs. Froggy
Mrs. Froggy 6 days ago
I used to dance this at Just Dance lol
सबिन 6 days ago
Love it
Terra World
Terra World 6 days ago
26k dislike???
PHYTER TORRES 6 days ago
Like si estas por Ari
Levy Lopez
Levy Lopez 6 days ago
If anyone in 2021
Thomas The Dank Engine
Sounds kinda like "Am I Wrong"
SmishyShmuck Roblox DYBO
there is NO way this song is six years old..
Doodle 7 days ago
Im crying tears of joy.
skoopbiss 8 days ago
Arianna Caderao
Arianna Caderao 8 days ago
*this hits different when u ACTUALLY know what the lyrics meant..*
Helsa R
Helsa R 8 days ago
I missed my old life 🥺😭 when theres no insecurity or problems 🤧
Gerald Dela Cruz
Gerald Dela Cruz 8 days ago
Following following to yuuuu
Slurpee Man
Slurpee Man 8 days ago
damn, japanese can read the subtitle now they a fan
KAZUYA KAGAMI 8 days ago
Violeta Ramirez
Violeta Ramirez 8 days ago
Violeta Ramirez
Violeta Ramirez 5 days ago
@Jazmin Olvera 13
Jazmin Olvera
Jazmin Olvera 5 days ago
@Violeta Ramirez que bueno :) Perdón por preguntar ¿Qué edad tienes?
Violeta Ramirez
Violeta Ramirez 5 days ago
@Jazmin Olvera yo pienso lo mismo :)
Jazmin Olvera
Jazmin Olvera 5 days ago
@Violeta Ramirez ya somos dos igual yo para leer los comentarios en inglés y más de mis artistas favoritos y aparte quisiera aprender otros idiomas
Violeta Ramirez
Violeta Ramirez 5 days ago
@Jazmin Olvera yo quiero aprender ingles para poder lee los comentarios mas rápido
Me with my friends: My friends: hahahhahahah what were you saing?
severusly 9 days ago
young me: * just vibing, not really understanding the lyrics * me now: **INTENSE CRYING**
Diva Wiguna
Diva Wiguna 9 days ago
This perfect song in the past tense ,,, i was regret to memories my habits
cram 9 days ago
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz now i know my abcs next time wont you sing with me 😘
Ashby Bennett
Ashby Bennett 9 days ago
Haven't heard this in forever
Anabelle V
Anabelle V 9 days ago
I miss old Maroon 5 so much.
Huynhgia Ngoc
Huynhgia Ngoc 10 days ago
i love u .
Rosey And Yoshi
Rosey And Yoshi 10 days ago
All I remember is this song was played at the country club I would go to when I was about 5. I loved this song back then. I’m 14 now, and I realize how sad the lyrics are and how much I can relate to them. This song brings back a lot of good memories despite that.
Oh No
Oh No 10 days ago
my school played this at the end of the day reminded me of like 2014 haha
A TO THE Z 11 days ago
Quack Quack
Quack Quack 11 days ago
"So I'm following the MAP that leads to you" -Me to Pasta and Pizza
EclipsePlays 11 days ago
2021 still listening
シ Jannah
シ Jannah 11 days ago
" I was there for you in the darkest times but i wonder where were you " 💔
Rindu 11 days ago
good song..maps one of my favorites
Alexia 02
Alexia 02 11 days ago
me when my mom leaves while i stand alone in the grocery store like ;-;
christinagreekct 11 days ago
RUvid is the closest thing to me To a time machine. When you want to remember good times.🥰
Jash Khatri
Jash Khatri 11 days ago
Zlix Gaming
Zlix Gaming 11 days ago
Irvan Saputra
Irvan Saputra 11 days ago
I miss the moment where The music was only about the melody not the lyric 😪
Noel Giritharan
Noel Giritharan 12 days ago
whos here after covid
Ila! 123
Ila! 123 12 days ago
Louis to Zayn :/
Shamar ł
Shamar ł 12 days ago
i love vintage
i love vintage 12 days ago
jawab dong maniezzz
Đức Thiện Lê
Đức Thiện Lê 12 days ago
i love music , happy new year 2021
اكس. زون Ex. Zone
Is it just me or the world is getting worse every year
Killer Plays
Killer Plays 12 days ago
Still watching at 2021 how watching at dis video like maycomment if you miss maroon 5:(
iPlay YT
iPlay YT 12 days ago
If tiktokers use this song I'm going burry them to death.
adam's_chong 4 days ago
Yes burn the heritage
ahuman that'sblue
I will help... we are all on watchlist somewhere
yiijing _
yiijing _ 9 days ago
Strongly agreed!!!!!!!!
Althea Mae Arat
Althea Mae Arat 12 days ago
How is listing from 2021 :Me here
diego lopez
diego lopez 12 days ago
... y'all remember radio?
diego lopez
diego lopez 12 days ago
Interesante, I always thought it was "BUT WHEN THE WOR-Y-ORLD"
Joe Timmins
Joe Timmins 13 days ago
I can’t be the only one who watches the lyric video because as a kid the face of the woman who got hit by a car scared me and still does now 😂
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