Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (Volume 2) (Official Music Video)

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"Girls Like You” is out now.
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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Girls Like You. © 2018 Interscope Records


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Oct 16, 2018




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Vosha Mercia
Vosha Mercia 11 minutes ago
maroon 5
Tashfeen Malik Vlogs
Watching just because of Lilly singh
Hilsy Flores
Hilsy Flores 4 hours ago
Music beatiful
Svert Crever
Svert Crever 4 hours ago
Graciela CARRIGAN 6 hours ago
This girls like you I love it 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚😚👯👯👯👯
Spider TECH
Spider TECH 6 hours ago
The time is passes quickly
Pinar Gidi
Pinar Gidi 7 hours ago
Can you help me reach 5 000 views video challenge?
For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life..
Ellysa J !
Ellysa J ! 10 hours ago
This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you :)
Logan Miller Novy
Logan Miller Novy 10 hours ago
People stop asking who here in 2021 we never keft
Jennifer Mejia
Jennifer Mejia 11 hours ago
La última que sale con el bebé en el otro vídeo que hizo, ¿es su esposa y su hijo?
Nikhil Tripathi
Nikhil Tripathi 12 hours ago
Here is the list of beautiful ladies in the video: Camila Cabello (singer) Phoebe Robinson (comedian, writer, actress) Aly Raisman (Olympic gymnast) Sarah Silverman (comedian, actress, writer) Gal Gadot (actress) Lilly Singh (RUvidr, comedian) Amani Al-Khatahtbeh (tech entrepreneur, author) Trace Lysette (actress) Tiffany Haddish (actress, comedian) Angy Rivera (activist, writer) Franchesca Ramsey (writer, activist, RUvidr) Millie Bobby Brown (actress) Ellen DeGeneres (television host, comedian) Cardi B (rapper) Jennifer Lopez (singer, actress) Chloe Kim (Olympic snowboarder) Alex Morgan (Olympic soccer player) Mary J. Blige (singer, actress) Gal Gadot (repeat) Millie Bobby Brown (repeat) Franchesca Ramsey (repeat) Beanie Feldstein (actress) Jackie Fielder (activist, writer) Jennifer Lopez (repeat) Danica Patrick (Racecar driver) Ilhan Omar (Politician) Camila Cabello (repeat) Elizabeth Banks (actress) Ashley Graham (model) Aly Raisman (repeat) Rita Ora (singer) Behati Prinsloo (model)
Macy keagle
Macy keagle 12 hours ago
Ellen Degeneres
Macy keagle
Macy keagle 12 hours ago
is that ellen in your video ?
paparazzi club
paparazzi club 13 hours ago
Yassss cardi went hard on the rap buy Ayy cardi is in the song
paparazzi club
paparazzi club 13 hours ago
At 2 :52. It was funny how the girll looked at him
Sarthak gaming
Sarthak gaming 14 hours ago
No dout this is unic 😂
Mari 14 hours ago
Espetáculo. Canta encanta...😁030321
rahma mohamed
rahma mohamed 14 hours ago
Austin gun
Austin gun 15 hours ago
Love ❤️
Akosi Bait
Akosi Bait 15 hours ago
I like your sugar song
Jisset Rondon
Jisset Rondon 17 hours ago
Your a good singer
j Valencia
j Valencia 17 hours ago
where is the mother of dragon? hahaa
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith 18 hours ago
was it just me that saw millie bobby brown
Sahra Same
Sahra Same 18 hours ago
Camila ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥
David Miller
David Miller 19 hours ago
The violent hygienic impressively increase because michael family increase off a deadpan truck. elite, lean pancake
se 20 hours ago
Bu şarkının çok hoş çok farklı bir havası var😻💫
multiverse 007
multiverse 007 20 hours ago
Harshal Mehta
Harshal Mehta 20 hours ago
Ohkay....Somethin is new.............
It's just me me
It's just me me 21 hour ago
Ellen did surprise me.
nisanur kebeli
nisanur kebeli 21 hour ago
çok güzel laaaa
Şilan Emlük
Şilan Emlük 9 hours ago
Aynn çok iyi söylüyor 🤩🤩
Marwa Elassad
Marwa Elassad 23 hours ago
Mejor On Thhcg
Arijit Basu
Arijit Basu Day ago
How to show you support the ladies without coming across as trying hard or fake. 😎
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy Day ago
The succinct search postmeiotically hook because cemetery practically rush apropos a drab humor. overt, fresh tip
Hunter clark
Hunter clark Day ago
I still listen to it
someone helps me with english and i help with portuguese 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️
Eduardo avila
2:11 esa era Millie bobby Brown?
mr shrek oficcial
Like si escuhas esta joya en 2021🎶🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶
Paper Monkeys
Very nice video, keep it up... Paper Monkeys
Aj Singh
Aj Singh Day ago
Love this song👌🏻👌🏻
Amor Perez
Amor Perez Day ago
soy la unica que vio a Millie Bobby
Citlaly Ramirez hernandez
1:57 millie bobby Brown 🥰
Tsega Berhane
Beautiful ❤️
Carlos Gomes
Carlos Gomes Day ago
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy Day ago
The heartbreaking raft adversely add because soda customarily change beyond a torpid motorboat. watery, lowly fang
Janhi Lyngdoh
I love this song I don't know what happened to me like i am in my country I like it
Monika Fleming
Y’all hating on tiktok but that’s where I find the best songs
millie Bobby Brown
Millie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂
naman ff
naman ff Day ago
2 Years before i thought i will purchase a audi q5 from my business and make a gf and ride with her now my business became so sucsessfull that i got a lambo aventedor in india but my gf left me and now everyone's begind me i planned no need of gf east or west single is best😏😏😏
Aarav Prajapati
the song name is girls like u but no girl likes me all lonely like if u think ur crush like u pls like
Շուշան Day ago
Kurt Brown
Kurt Brown Day ago
Videos got some amount of big names should have got them involved with the song 😒
Omar Esquilin
:O Day ago
who is here in march 2021???wow i really like this video....mostly bc of Gal 😂😍
jeff fung
jeff fung Day ago
The swift ash optimally sign because sale concomitantly water despite a public angle. shut, wrathful transaction
Gabinka Buchtova
This music is very beatifull
Keiden Carbajal
Any year before 2020 was the best years of my life🙂
Legese Ashe
Legese Ashe Day ago
Wesley Lu
Wesley Lu Day ago
Im watching it in 2021, and im not feeling like a legend. Thnx
Karine Ramalho
Karine Ramalho 2 days ago
Ninguém absolutamente ninguém eu 02:54 iê iê iê, 🎶🎵🇧🇷❤️2021
Akash Roy
Akash Roy 2 days ago
My favourite song
Prudhvi 2 days ago
Iam listening in 2025. Iam a time traveller...
Brooklynn Farber
Brooklynn Farber 2 days ago
Wow I didnt know this duo would ever happen
summerautumn 2 days ago
Seems like the video was changed. That moment with his wife and baby is not on this MV anymore.
INATOR GAMING 2 days ago
Please stop writing if you are watching in 2021 you are legend cause all are watching every minute every second 🙄
Cris Silva
Cris Silva 2 days ago
Amei a millie ai lindaaaa
Shekela Farmer
Shekela Farmer 2 days ago
Love this song is fun to sing and or 💃 dance to. 😉
Ken 2 days ago
Who's watching in 2029
MrSurvivalManz 2 days ago
If you’re still watching this in 2030 you are a legend
Mohd Suleman
Mohd Suleman Day ago
It mean I am future legend.
juce wrld edits
juce wrld edits 2 days ago
2019 vibes
genieforreal 2 days ago
charelle kinzer
charelle kinzer 2 days ago
There Needs To Be More Songs About Girls Like This
José Cardona
José Cardona 2 days ago
Like sí no ablas inglés
vishwaroop saha
vishwaroop saha 2 days ago
Camila u got fabulous attitude
quistaa playz
quistaa playz 2 days ago
never gets old
Nissa Muliana
Nissa Muliana 2 days ago
Claris麵包 2 days ago
I like Maroon 5 every song
LONG NGUYEN 2 days ago
a the a
ליהי אלון
Tim Bokor
Tim Bokor 2 days ago
Debbie Blake
Debbie Blake 2 days ago
💘 this song makes me happy
Michael Romero
Michael Romero 2 days ago
Tgnina hahahahaiowosnxi
Ryuji Manimtim
Ryuji Manimtim 2 days ago
bigla ako napaiyak habang pinapakingan ko to
Rafraf Sans Animates
Almost every comment of this music video: vIbing, memes, etc.. Me: so nobody gonna talk bout volume is happier than volume 1????
Tiffany Porter
Tiffany Porter 3 days ago
Omg how tf did I miss this song in my life 😳😳😳
Blxze_is_gotad Yessir
i like this song beause it goes to my heart
JoJo Maruapey21
JoJo Maruapey21 3 days ago
Camila Cabello Love This😍
Joseph Suarez chan
Quiero una chica como tu..!!🥀❤️
B. 3 days ago
behati my beauty queennnnnn
Ale Villegas
Ale Villegas 3 days ago
Veronica Khan
Veronica Khan 3 days ago
Did was my elementary school jam
That one Weird kid
1:45 is that who I think it is 👁️👄👁️
corinne smith
corinne smith 3 days ago
Belen Castillo
Belen Castillo 3 days ago
My mills 🥲❤️
Kimberly Arnold
Kimberly Arnold 3 days ago
I am a big fan😃
Kimberly Arnold
Kimberly Arnold 3 days ago
Me and my mama love this song I really like your songs
Kitzia Canseco
Kitzia Canseco 3 days ago
Monya Gal
Monya Gal 3 days ago
He is bonkers. Yeah, I m His dream come true . Naughty Girl xoxo
annie callahan
annie callahan 3 days ago
Seriously Ellen
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