Maroon 5 - Don't Wanna Know (Official Music Video)

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Director: David Dobkin
Music video by Maroon 5 performing Don't Wanna Know. (C) 2016 222 Records/Interscope Records


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Oct 14, 2016




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Comments 100
Quân Nguyễn Phú
hay vailon
Rilee Baker
Rilee Baker 3 hours ago
Some off brand Pokémon app ad....., lol
Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez
I don't know what's worse: the song or the video
3,6mn likes omg
Beauidiful la tua canzong
Nilecsy Foxy
Nilecsy Foxy 12 hours ago
Nilecsy Foxy
Nilecsy Foxy 12 hours ago
Nilecsy Foxy
Nilecsy Foxy 13 hours ago
Léo Silva
Léo Silva 17 hours ago
Legal muito show
Mia Mansell
Mia Mansell 17 hours ago
Pov:this is actually his life being a pop star
Roy Laurence Española
its like pokemon go
you got hacked
you got hacked 21 hour ago
2:35 trampoline be like
you got hacked
you got hacked 22 hours ago
Perfection. Just perfection
GREY Day ago
This song released because the hype of Pokemon Go at 2016
ß5 Day ago
👌🏼👌🏼 solo eso 😎🖤
WNM Day ago
This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...🙏🏻
Victor S
Victor S Day ago
Oooo la la la la you good😁❤❤
Victor S
Victor S Day ago
Wow hi you Good songs ❤❤❤
yang Liu 三好
I know when patty nt part
Maroon5 predijo pokemon go?
Jacob Justice
Katanaッ Day ago
It took me so long to realise the orange bird was a moltres
ꪔ̤̮ ꪔ̤̮
Rohit Paneru
Rohit Paneru 2 days ago
Didn't remember watching this ad of Pokemon go
Axel Hernandez
Axel Hernandez 2 days ago
Zakiyya Chan
Zakiyya Chan 2 days ago
This reminds me of Pokemon Go LMFAO
rayanxd128 2 days ago
La primera cancion de maroon 5 que escuche 😎✋
Kamal Acharya
Kamal Acharya 2 days ago
Takes me back.♥️
Yo Daijoubu Ka
Yo Daijoubu Ka 2 days ago
I don't wanna know.....still listening to this song 2021
Giovanna Vitória
BLZ, tô aq depois do vídeo da Patrícia falando das musiquinhas do Diogo na aula de inglês
Ellie Kendall
Ellie Kendall 2 days ago
The bugs are just having fun then people,e come
camilo aerwillwars
the song is addict :D
Naim 2 days ago
After 6 years damn they really make mv about Pokemon GO
Henrique Silva
Henrique Silva 2 days ago
R G Entertainment
Does anyone else think the squid looked like Chandler from Mr Beast?
Rosey Wolf
Rosey Wolf 2 days ago
I just realized that all of this just reminds me of Pokemon Go
Vale Ibañezzz
Vale Ibañezzz 3 days ago
Jsjsj mencantaa
Amaya Castro
Amaya Castro 3 days ago
megustan tus cansiones
Lewis Savellis
Lewis Savellis 3 days ago
After many years I only just realised it was a Pokémon reference
Camilah Hernandez
Camilah Hernandez 12 hours ago
Lewis Savellis
@Anthony Rosales 😂
Anthony Rosales
I've listened this song and I just realized it too
Lewis Savellis
@Mist Green Yeah haha I Love this song to. The reason why they were running away is because the people chasing them are trying to catch them and the catch phrase for Pokémon is Gotta catch them all
Mist Green
Mist Green Day ago
Is it?😭 I love this song!!❤️
shamema firdous
shamema firdous 3 days ago
Why leave the car and run when you could have escaped faster if you just floored that gas pedal!
John R.McDonald
John R.McDonald 3 days ago
May of 2021 :D
Elijah 3 days ago
May 2021 anyone else?
ayendi powell
ayendi powell 4 days ago
I'm loving this song
厨二 4 days ago
I’m a junior high school student in japan.I have been studying English for three years. I want to get better English. Because,I like this song. I want to speak in English.
厨二 15 hours ago
It's fun to talk to people all over the world. I love everyone∈(°θ° )∋
厨二 15 hours ago
@keniesha baptiste Oh!! I'm glad!! Thank you😊🍵 I love you very much❤❤ Foreigners are kind(*ˊᗜˋ)
厨二 15 hours ago
@Lil KhaozYT Do you learn Japanese!?( ゚д゚) It's amazing…!! Japan is great,but I think foreign countries are also great. English is cool,so foreigners are very cool!! Let's work hard together૮₍´。• ᵕ •。`₎ა
you got hacked
you got hacked 21 hour ago
Omg good luck
you got hacked
you got hacked 21 hour ago
@Alden Natanael Wongso trust me. DONT
tempestofsouls 4 days ago
Had only heard the audio of this song before. Bruh, the video is anything but what I expected from the audio. I thought it was supposed to be about a cheating partner or something
Tracie salas
Tracie salas 4 days ago
I love vince Vaughn in this video at the end of the video he is so cool
H - mars universe
I don't know why I love you maroon 5
Azudia Ruiz
Azudia Ruiz 4 days ago
One of the vest songs
Nupur Srivastava
Nupur Srivastava 4 days ago
Legends watching in 2021 👇
Verena Laurent
Verena Laurent 4 days ago
BEREN ADA 4 days ago
2021 de izleyenler burada desin
Song Le Khoo
Song Le Khoo 4 days ago
I didnt realize shaq was in there
Savannah SO
Savannah SO 4 days ago
Zhou Yongkang
Zhou Yongkang 4 days ago
This is such a shit song.
Cat Valentine
Cat Valentine 5 days ago
Alguém do Brasil?
てるてる 5 days ago
Imagine how many people are listening to this at the exact same time you are. Its crazy how nostalgia brings us all together...
destroyerking 3 days ago
I saw this same comment on many MV's
Akhil Rawat
Akhil Rawat 4 days ago
@Joe I second that.
Joe 4 days ago
Live chat should be available on all videos
Çınar Gürpınar
Nurul Fadhilah
Nurul Fadhilah 6 days ago
Sooo cuteeeee
WNM 6 days ago
This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..💓
wonder wind blader
Me when someone ask me who my future girlfriend is.. Me: I dOn'T wAnNa KnOw
Analia Lastra
Analia Lastra 6 days ago
Sin l la muero
John Barber
John Barber 6 days ago
Terence Wong
Terence Wong 6 days ago
Pokemon go
Nur aini Aini
Nur aini Aini 6 days ago
miss 2016 so much
Ryze. 6 days ago
I cant believe its been 5 years. Wow, things have really changed.
Dhrupad P. S
Dhrupad P. S 6 days ago
Why he is making legendry songs back to back❤️. Legend never get older
x lazy teddy x
x lazy teddy x 7 days ago
Last time I listened to this song was 3 years ago but 4 years pasted and it's still great
Elizabete Germano
Elizabete Germano
InfernoYT 7 days ago
Huh this is the first generation of pokemon And I bet his the rarest one that getting chase through the hall video
Javy Nicole
Javy Nicole 6 days ago
Kingsniperfox Deasis
If you watch this in 2021 your a legend
Anna Mohan
Anna Mohan 7 days ago
¡EL Roier GG!
¡EL Roier GG! 8 days ago
Ashly Jimenez
Ashly Jimenez 8 days ago
I like that
Reety Galea
Reety Galea 8 days ago
The fact that the comment section is still active astounds me 🤯
阿肥_Fatz 8 days ago
Michael 9 days ago
I remember listening to this on repeat all day...those were the best times
Explorat 9 days ago
Me: Mom can I have pokemon Mom: we have pokemon at home Pokemon at home:
Biaxxbeyhirai !
Biaxxbeyhirai ! 9 days ago
Biaxxbeyhirai !
Biaxxbeyhirai ! 9 days ago
Bibiana Romero
Bibiana Romero 9 days ago
I❤️ music
TheGoofyDino 9 days ago
this song feels like it just came out yesterday
Pynox 6 days ago
It did I listened to this song for a year stright for 24 hours a day
Viiim 9 days ago
W-w-why I-is h-h-he in a bug costume
Mehak Singh
Mehak Singh 9 days ago
Legends are listening in 2021
CASTRO NERI 9 days ago
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Phát tv
Phát tv 9 days ago
Ridwan Saputra
Ridwan Saputra 10 days ago
Is the best for you
Aaron 10 days ago
If Adam were to wear that hat, he would look like la cucaracha
Dean Tucker
Dean Tucker 10 days ago
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Busque esta canción por 5 años 😭😭😭
Hiram Birzabith Sánchez serralde
@Sergio David jajajajjaajai x3
Sergio David jajajajjaajai
Igual yo
afnane sabaa
afnane sabaa 10 days ago
if you're reading this while listening to the song .. i love you
Abhidnya Deokar
Abhidnya Deokar 8 days ago
Love you too whoever you are 😂 take care
3 V
3 V 10 days ago
I use to go on dates dressed like that. Omg! It use to be such fun.
Isaiah Saw
Isaiah Saw 10 days ago
maritza zea
maritza zea 10 days ago
felicidades encontraste un comentario en español¡¡¡¡
Miller and Charlie Kimsey
Omg Vince Von is in here he'll yah hes so funny hes my 3 favorite actor my first is Paul Walker he passed away but I still love him even after 7 years ago love and miss you them me I play Jack O Conner in Fast 7 and so does my twin brother Charlie he makes this video better❤
Azul Alexandra Valverde Lazalde
Está buena la canción pero creo que nadie me entenderá porque no ablo Taka Taka
Nith Nith BTB Official
2021, if you are watching this you are a legend
Karmatee Cat
Karmatee Cat 10 days ago
so happy
Justin Timberlake - Mirrors
SHINee 샤이니 'Atlantis' MV