Marley's BEST OF 2019 - Rainbow Six Siege

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This year has been incredible. Reaching the dream of 1 million subscribers and continuing to grow and entertain you guys, means more to me than I can put into words.
I decided to put together another "best of" video, this one compiled of all the highlights and best funny moments of 2019 whilst playing Rainbow Six Siege.
I love you all, thank you so much for supporting me along this amazing journey! Let's hope 2020 will be just as good :)
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Dec 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Marley 5 months ago
2019 has been nuts, you guys are the best
RLV Gaming
RLV Gaming Day ago
I guess I'll be the 500th comment. Maybe someone will notice this comment.
Brandon Roy
Brandon Roy 2 days ago
Last, #500
William Roberts
William Roberts 3 days ago
Around 210,600 times
Diane nall
Diane nall 4 days ago
best youtuber in general
ghostrider666586 mac
You said mate a little over 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
Huntermain XD
Huntermain XD 4 hours ago
0:23 M A T E
muittinwick 18
muittinwick 18 4 hours ago
31:00 a litlle turkish kid saying kick him pls
Liam Shaut
Liam Shaut 4 hours ago
Custard would beat that nomad to ace
TheKrazyPlayer 5 hours ago
1:27 :49
Figu1972 campillo
Figu1972 campillo 6 hours ago
Why you speak spanish? I LOVE It 🥺
Llama609 8 hours ago
Who’s watching in 2020 saying “ we were so hopeful...”
Mason The Moron
Mason The Moron 13 hours ago
Please someone song at 8:14 ???
BulletBtw 18 hours ago
Don't lie who has been a fan of marley You really thought I would self promote
Marjorie Cruz
Marjorie Cruz 22 hours ago
Your so good
Rambo BOSS2
Rambo BOSS2 Day ago
I had a 1v5 clutch I'm better than Custard
HiHow AreeYaa
2020 didn’t take us anywhere Marley..
Benjamin Spangler
Can someone tell me how Marley's content is marked for kids?
So its now june 2020, (yes the future if youre that inept) but its fucking chaos over here yall need to chill
PenguinRisk Day ago
30:55 Be like Marley not a simp
xjayman Day ago
im a bigger waffler than custard
Nathan Guaitoli
te amo = I love u Portuguese to English
Sonny Vang
Sonny Vang Day ago
when marley baits dom he whezes so so hard
nitrous Day ago
Kenan Day ago
54:00 who is this guy?
Mr Gofz
Mr Gofz 5 hours ago
Kenan two mad
Thomaslufc123 _
Wall this is where 2020 took us COVID-19 Blm.
Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker 2 days ago
Wait I’m a lvl 21 and I have black ice on the mp5. Is it like super rare?
PenguinRisk Day ago
Yeah i had to wait to level 70 and i only got a pistol
Slade Bridges
Slade Bridges 2 days ago
25:17 never in my life have I seen worse editing
PusCMunga YT
PusCMunga YT 2 days ago
Can we just appreciate this mans map sense and knowledge
NVXTY 2 days ago
I watched the whole video
Nick Russell
Nick Russell 2 days ago
i love streamZ
i love streamZ 2 days ago
its 1:41 am for me im gonna need to dip homies cya i ended at 43:38
Otha Gamer
Otha Gamer 2 days ago
June 2020 and custard still not getting an ace..........
Jorge Jasso
Jorge Jasso 2 days ago
"see where 2020 gets us" Only if you knew...
Swaggy Seal
Swaggy Seal 2 days ago
my 10 year old brother has more aces than Custard...
Michelle Carter
Michelle Carter 2 days ago
1:27 :56 it's like the videogame broforce
Numb Crack3d
Numb Crack3d 2 days ago
lets get marley to 3mill subs
OGAJ 13 2 days ago
I watched all 1hr and 33mins of this lol
TheTurtle ofCreation
Whenever Marley joins a Siege match everyone’s brain turns to mush.
Dhanauranji 3 days ago
The Cav killsteal, hahahaha.
If u aim at the heli the rotors stop moving
Gustavo Leyva
Gustavo Leyva 3 days ago
I dont like black skins marley 2019
Isiah Gomez
Isiah Gomez 3 days ago
53:56 is one of the funniest parts
Andrew Faust
Andrew Faust 3 days ago
37:12 😂😂😂
0_Mr.Shrimp_0 3 days ago
The viewer on the discord is actually a RUvidr he makes funny videos to
destiny ESP
destiny ESP 3 days ago
34:06 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
CREAMY SOREN 3 days ago
Can't wait for 2020
A1FI3 DEEzx 3 days ago
Who else is watching Marley over and over during lockdown
Cord 3 days ago
1 hour and 33 minutes of glory aim
xjayman 3 days ago
i dont know why but you did a 3 bullet 3 kills can you get a 1 tap ace with juan:)
M0N2T3R -_-
M0N2T3R -_- 4 days ago
Anyone know The Song at 26:36
Noob clapper
Noob clapper 4 days ago
This wheeze🤣🤣🤣
MGPlayzThe Game
MGPlayzThe Game 4 days ago
I am not happy for the new year because there is a virus called corona virus
doom560 aiden560
doom560 aiden560 4 days ago
Can we get a Marly whzze compilation
Jaden Page
Jaden Page 4 days ago
I got an ace before Custard... and I’m level 7
zemiak 44
zemiak 44 4 days ago
Only true gamers can watch to the end
James Ang
James Ang 4 days ago
21:03 proof that custard has got an ace before
bricklayer991 4 days ago
He’s cool but you can see he fakes vids by winning one round and switching attacking to defense 38:56 to 39:20
bbpoltergeist 4 hours ago
Hes not trying to look good by showing that he wins a round and never shows losses its because these clips are the years highlights, if you want to see losses too watch the entire video to each clip
Violet R6
Violet R6 4 days ago
bricklayer991 you’re joking right? It’s a compilation of the whole last year so the clips will change each map and offence and defence Marley is a god not a faker.
Seb Relf
Seb Relf 4 days ago
Anyone else 2021
Diane nall
Diane nall 4 days ago
Is plasma pink the rarest camo in the game?
Sketched 4 days ago
"Oh, Mate!!"
Tobias Troop
Tobias Troop 5 days ago
1:22 :38
Viper Playzz
Viper Playzz 5 days ago
2:30 i am here because of 2020 and i don`t like it lol
Did i Ask
Did i Ask 5 days ago
Bro is so easy to get those kinda clips if you are playing casual they are all bad wow a ace
The Communist Bible
1:17 :33 When Marley uploads
R6-WardenTheBest 5 days ago
I think that you are hacking
Bushman 5 days ago
I’m curios of how big your monitor is and how freaking close your eyes are to it because you can see pixels
Marmusic 5 days ago
THIS IS SO WEIRD TO WATCH. My name is Marley and this is the only youtuber I have found with the name Marley
Envy Laxck
Envy Laxck 5 days ago
Marley: and see where 2020 takes us Meanwhile World: Coronavirus
Noobie- Playz
Noobie- Playz 5 days ago
9:40 I have the same camo as dom
Garrett Fotis
Garrett Fotis 5 days ago
You wont squad up with me on siege no balls lmao
pakistani Gamer
pakistani Gamer 5 days ago
Do you play on PS4 or pc
MrCuteAssCat 5 days ago
Gatlun Johnson
Gatlun Johnson 5 days ago
There needs to be a compilation of him saying mate
Noah Swarttouw
Noah Swarttouw 6 days ago
''fuck south africa i dont give a shit'' -custard
Toxic_ Xzcid
Toxic_ Xzcid 6 days ago
One thing I really like about Marley is that he plays different people like every video
Acethegamer 6 days ago
1% of comments: actually talking about the video. 99% of comments: MArLeY: LeTs JusT sEE WhErE 2020 tAKeS Us Me: iF onLY yOu coULd sEE..
Eduardo Macario Braga
te amo is portuguese, the people os Brazil love you bro,
Juan Arevelo Gomez
Its also spanish
rectangle123 6 days ago
On a real tho who dislikes a video wether it be this one or Just any like
Karmamrak 7 days ago
1:23 :23 proof custard is heartless
Esteban Cinq-Mars
Ur To funny ;)
Ihab Reda BR
Ihab Reda BR 7 days ago
Te amo is portuguese
Tj Btw
Tj Btw 7 days ago
Thanks marli for the great content
Frag44 7 days ago
48:56 on JAH awe
avery Adams
avery Adams 7 days ago
DroneSync 7 days ago
It's mandatory that I know what headset he uses😂
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