Markiplier's Unus Annus Reupload Warning (WILL BE DELETED AT THE END OF UNUS ANNUS!!)

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Someone else posted this and I wanted to spread the word - even if it's only to 200 people.
"Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end"
Markiplier: ruvid.net/u-markiplierGAME
CrankGameplays: ruvid.net/show-UC2S7CGceq5tsuhcVyACdA3g
Unus Annus: ruvid.net/show-UCIcgBZ9hEJxHv6r_jDYOMqg


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Feb 11, 2020




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Favored Existential Crisis
Those of you who keep saying that everything is on the internet forever and there will always be somewhere to post the videos blah blah blah clearly didn't listen to what Mark said at 2:03 . He doesn't really care all that much. He'll take down what he can, but the biggest part of everything being deleted is that you missed out on the community. Everyone who goes against their wishes and watches the videos wherever they may be after the year can enjoy the content on the surface all they want, but they won't have the experience of living it in the moment, and that's something you can't re-upload. Edit: I know it will be re-uploaded, you guys really don't have to tell me. Just stating the opinion that it won't be the same as watching it now and respecting its legacy. Also, re-uploading anyone's content is not okay, especially if youre making money off of content that you did not make. Not cool at all. Good day to you all.
L3m0n41d Official
420 likes lmao
Queen Lasagna
Queen Lasagna 23 days ago
Momento Mori.
Salty Tape
Salty Tape 28 days ago
I downloaded it on my rock tv
D6YTON Month ago
Moon incorrect a lot of people do care
D6YTON Month ago
Digital Cyclone damn that’s so true
Kaunoe Kazoo
Kaunoe Kazoo 6 hours ago
It’s really surprising and disappointing to see how many people re-upload/defend re-uploaders, and how many people just completely miss the point of unus annus. It’s a shame such a meaningful message has flown over so many people’s heads.
Plutogreen123 12 hours ago
Jokes on you! I animated every episode on flipnote for the Nintendo 3ds and uploaded it there!
PeaceSimon 7 hours ago
So? As long as you delete at the end of Unus Annus, I don't think Mark or Ethan care
Garpu Gaming
Garpu Gaming 22 hours ago
People really just keep mark’s words,when we lose unus annus it will be sad but we need to respect what markiplier said
Whilan 22 hours ago
I understand the concept he is going for, and I understand how the internet works with it never being truly gone. I get that he doesn't want people to reupload it so he needs what he deems a harsh penalty. However unless they are like mass uploading large batches of their videos. Getting their channel deleted is in my opinion way too harsh and might turn some people off if that happens. If you happen to see one of your videos on their channel then simply ask for it to be taken down. If it appears again give them a more stern warning, if it happens a third time send it to RUvid to deal with. Sometimes people just like to have a couple of videos of what they like to see and don't like seeing it disappear. In short I think unless they are mass uploading it for the sake of messing up the channels theme, than getting their entire channel deleted is way too harsh and seems like you are just throwing your weight around.
L3m0n41d Official
Does anyone know what mark considers a reupload? Is it strictly footage or is there more to it then the video content itself?
L3m0n41d Official
@PeaceSimon I'm going to try and ask mark or eef if keeping a video like that on your channel goes against the spirit of Unus Annus because I plan to keep it up as long as there okay with it because it won't really be a reupload it will only show the titles and thumbnails but nothing beyond that. So I'll just have to see what they think about it
PeaceSimon Day ago
I don't have any idea but I'm guessing that animations won't be taken down as long as the creator deletes it at the end of Unus Annus And I think compilations might end up being taken down
zomboss lord of doom
ima make aa personal use archive then delete before i die irl.
Jack Harden
Jack Harden 2 days ago
what if we downloaded all the videos and keep it for ourslelves??
PeaceSimon 2 days ago
I don't think they want that either, but it's not like they can delete it from your computer
Berglind Omarsdottir
I don't really thibk that making deleting youtube videos will teach people to live in the present just saying
The Steel Eel
The Steel Eel 5 days ago
What about memes?
PeaceSimon 6 days ago
Why the fuck has this gotten so much attention?
scrawnybostonkid 6 days ago
So let me get this straight comment section: Because I did not watch the video during the year it was up means that if I were to watch a reupload I won't be getting the same experience that I would be getting if I watched it DURING the time it was up? AND the reuploads themselves will be more hollow and just won't be the same as when they were originally uploaded? From what I gather that's the whole point of Unus annus correct? Living in the moment. But yet for some reason, the people who reupload these videos will be vilified and hated for doing so? granted it IS Marks request not to reupload but still. What does it really matter if people reupload these videos? At the end of the day, these videos are content, just that. This whole principle of living in the moment can be applied to so much media out there but it's not and for very good reason. In fact, it's one reason which is: Not everyone has heard of Unus annus before and could only just now be joining or watching their videos (shocker I know). By this point, there is NO WAY anyone in their right mind would sit down and watch literal hours of content to catch up on what they have missed. I've seen a few Unus annas videos and I found each one funny as all hell. But because these people didn't begin watching Unus annas in time, by Mark's logic there's simply nothing that can be done, they should've joined earlier. THAT is why I think the whole concept of Unus annas is bullshit. It has nothing to do with "everything uploaded on the internet stays there forever" it's the idea that because someone didn't join in time they've missed out on a MASS of hilarious and good content. This concept can be applied to ANY TV show or video game series out there today. "Oh sorry pal, you didn't see the latest episode of your favourite TV show? Should've watched the episode the night it was aired." / "You watch the latest movie you've been keeping track of due to work or family issues, perhaps you were even sick? Sorry man, should've watched the premier anyways" / "Hey, you didn't pre-order the latest video game you've been waiting for but didn't have the money at the time to buy? Sucks for you because I got the deluxe version which'll be taken down in a few days! It's a great game too, let me tell you!" It's not fair to take away the experience from someone just because they missed it or didn't hear about it in time. Imagine if John Wick movies were ONLY available for about a month in theatres and if you don't see it in that one month, you don't see it at all. Imagine if ANY TV show's seasons were taken down a year after they're released with no chance of watching them again.. Imagine if halo games somehow got taken down each year after release and if you didn't play the games at the time or maybe just weren't even old enough to play them or didn't have money to afford them, sorry should've saved up some cash in time. By Unus annus' logic, people who didn't hear about these things sooner are just unlucky and will NEVER be able to enjoy them period. THAT'S the big problem I have with Unus annas and it's why I ENCOURAGE people to reupload or post these videos elsewhere. Besides, is it really wrong for people to go back and watch old content just to enjoy again? People go watch star wars movies, people play video game classics so why shouldn't some people be able to go back and enjoy these things again just to enjoy it? Mark himself says these videos are CONTENT AND JUST THAT at the 2:30 mark. And before you say "Well, the message is to live in the present and not dwell on the past" if that were true, people wouldn't have family photos or old camcorder videos of themselves and their family eight years ago. We can enjoy things from the past while still living in the present and it's just plain wrong to think otherwise.
scrawnybostonkid 5 days ago
@PeaceSimon Yeah I made the "Unus Annus" / "Unus Annas" mistake but no one's perfect.
PeaceSimon 6 days ago
Make up your mind, do you wanna say "Unus Annus" or "Unus Annas"? But also, good comment since you actually went into depth about what you thought unlike many of these other comments
celestial calliope
question -- is it against the "rules" to download the videos for yourself? i only recently got into unus annus and idk if i'll have time to watch it all, so i wanna download a few for myself and i obviously wouldn't repost them anywhere. but i don't wanna do it if it goes against their wishes
celestial calliope
PeaceSimon okay, thank you. that makes sense
PeaceSimon 6 days ago
I don't think they care about you downloading the videos. It's _reuploading_ they don't want you to do. But I'm neither Ethan or Mark so idk
Fumes 6 days ago
ROBLOX guy. 6 days ago
Solution: Convert Your Favorite Unus Annus Videos to mp4 for yourself.
Post Mortem in C Minor
Okay Lmao what if it’s archived on another viewing area? If someone genuinely wants to see it they can just look it up
NerdyNeutron 10 days ago
God the way he talks gives me fucking anxiety. Like I love Mark but when he is serious he gives me major anxiety.
DJ Wolve
DJ Wolve 10 days ago
This is 2020’s YOLO
Good Morning
Good Morning 12 days ago
I wish that people would make art, take notes, memorise, only keep one or two videos, make cartoons, etc instead of literally keeping the whole channel. Millions of channels are still out there and will, most likely, never be deleted and should be enjoyed. After Unus Annus they should be happy they ever seen a channel that won't exist anymore. It is a unique idea and should be respected wholeheartedly. Momento Mori.
IM A GOOD NOODLE 12 days ago
Markiplier “angry” reminds me of when my dad is mad at me.
William K Tipsmark
William K Tipsmark 12 days ago
if he isgoing to do a takedown request. make sure to upload the videos on a achive website that he cannot takedown your channel
Kristopher Kaufman
Kristopher Kaufman 15 days ago
I'm almost tempted to download them for myself, but that would defeat the point of the channel. I really love the videos on Unus Annus though.
Agen C
Agen C 15 days ago
So what happens to my channel if I have a single video with a one second clip of unus annus 0-0
prinklz 15 days ago
Unus Annus is a great idea and a rather special channel but it really sucks knowing they don't want it to exist after a period of time. Like, don't they know they have young and impressionable fans? The greatness of growing up is having the ability to revisit your past self and interests. It would suck to feel deprived of those memories for art.
pub 16 days ago
Tip: Make a folder and download ALL the videos so only you can enjoy them if you like and DONT re-upload them (I’m not doing it but if you want you can
Vine energy Videos
Vine energy Videos 17 days ago
Well ill just upload it on a different platform
WastedGTAZ 17 days ago
What if you’re just saving the videos but not reuploading them?
Lucas 19 days ago
uhh, hello, i know this comment doesn't really have anything to do with the video but Unus Annus deleted their Omegle video...
Nico Tetrox
Nico Tetrox 22 days ago
What about clips? What if you use, like, 4 seconds of an Unus Annus video as an edit for your own channel?
PeaceSimon 22 days ago
No idea, but it technically isn't a reupload, but I'm not Mark so yeah
Waluigi_ Time_
Waluigi_ Time_ 23 days ago
"BUT IT'LL STILL BE ON THE INTERNET" that's not what Mark's getting it. He knows people can and will upload the videos again, BUT Unus Annus is an experience. It's not just some random channel. It has a purpose, and by reuploading, that purpose is gone, and the videos don't have heart. If people truly are upset over Mark saying any of this, you're missing the entire point of Unus Annus
thecoolman station
thecoolman station 15 days ago
I call b******* on that just because people are reuploading does not mean they're missing the point and the videos do have a heart most creators when they make videos they put their heart and soul into it and that's what they obviously did with unus annus and him deleting the videos is obviously him his hard work go to waste but then again it's his choice not ours anyways in the end of the day people can reupload whatever they want Mark can't stop us he's not our dad even though we joke about it the point is that you should be able to reupload without any problems but apparently Mark wants to make it that way
Lukas A worm
Lukas A worm 23 days ago
I highly doubt he's gonna delete the animations or the compleations
Lukas A worm
Lukas A worm 23 days ago
@PeaceSimon whoops sorry about the compilations misspell I did not have my glasses on. And with the amount of time and effort put into the animations I highly doubt he would take them down
PeaceSimon 23 days ago
He might delete the "compleations" as you choose to call compilations, but I doubt he'll delete the animations, as those aren't showing the actual videos, only using the audio from the videos, but I don't know, I'm not Markiplier
xXSimpForNestorXx 24 days ago
It's sad that I know damn well some people will keep the videos ☹️ it defeats the whole purpose of the channel.
Sakura Leaf-Chan
Sakura Leaf-Chan 26 days ago
Me just screen recording all their videos so I can watch them when the channel gets deleted.. TwT
Suicune 26 days ago
I'm gonna miss the heart of the channel at the end... many download, but is it really worth it without them behind it? Think of downloading as a memory, reuploading as illegal cytopathic reanimation. There's no soul, just... what it is.
High King Trasher
High King Trasher 28 days ago
I'm sorry to say, but this simply cannot be done. These videos exist now. They will always be. The mere mention of deletion inspires longevity. It. Will. Not. Be. Gone.
PeaceSimon 28 days ago
Read the pinned comment.
Skelly Month ago
I know this is an Unus Annus sin, but I seriously hope someone uploads all the videos to a Google Drive or something. I'm living in the moment, but I want to be able to show my child those videos, like a museum. I know "living in the moment" will be gone, but it never hurts to visit the grave of an old friend.
PeaceSimon Month ago
You can just download them but never _upload_ them, Mark or Ethan can't hack your computer to stop you from only downloading them
GOHDS Month ago
jokes on you. you wont be able to take down those videos! cause we will all be dead
PeaceSimon Month ago
I'm not the one taking down the videos. I'm not part of Unus Annus. I can't do shit about reuploads, however Mark and Ethan can.
Moon Moon
Moon Moon Month ago
Buddy, I know and am already scared about my mortality, I don’t need pretentious jackasses telling me about it.
Neroidius Month ago
Once it’s put on the internet, it’s there forever ♾
Gavin O
Gavin O Month ago
PeaceSimon Month ago
Oh golly gee whiz, I never knew that. Neither did Mark. Tooooootally new knowledge 🙄
NekoWolf76 Month ago
Mark: There’s a big chance that your channel will be deleted People with 500 alts: I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that
IronicIvan Month ago
people are also gonna download it
Quinston Month ago
So what if someone has merch and they make a video with the merch on does that count as “re uploading content”
PeaceSimon Month ago
Wtf do you think?
Cr4z3d Month ago
I'm just hoping they at the least leave the Reddit up.
Cr4z3d Month ago
Thank you for reuploading this as I literally was not aware he made this announcement. I highly disagree with him though that he's literally willing to go as far as nuking a person's entire channel just because they reupped some unus annus, that's going too far imo.
The Archives
The Archives Month ago
I believe this project is kinda stupid because nothing is deleted forever on RUvid and maybe mark will content id people but if its under fair use its gonna ruin a lot of peoples channels.
Bea Hope
Bea Hope Month ago
I don’t get how he’s going to delete our channel if we do that. Is he going to frame us for doing something? Also some fans are gonna private their videos so they won’t be able to take it down (if it was unlisted unus annus would probably find it somehow)
Gavin O
Gavin O Month ago
He can delete reuploads by submitting what's called a "copyright takedown request", which you can submit if someone steals your content on RUvid. Note that if a video gets taken down on RUvid, the person who uploaded the video that was taken down does not automatically get their channel deleted. Instead, their channel gets a copyright strike, which expires after 3 months. The only way a person's channel can get deleted from copyright strikes is if they get 3 strikes before the 3-month period ends.
Agent S
Agent S Month ago
The true thing to UA Dont record it The point of the channel is to think of it as its life. Unus Annus is one year. So the memory of this channel will be here. Just not the videos Plz dont reupload
theroyal gamer
theroyal gamer Month ago
I really don't see the point in it ya you can delete it from RUvid but that doesn't mean it's not on some other site ppl save videos all the time
aJordan Month ago
what about private archives
PeaceSimon Month ago
Don't ask me, I'm no RUvid expert, nor am I Markiplier.
Zackaxz Month ago
God damnit I wanted someone to make a funny compilation of Unus Annus
PeaceSimon Month ago
@Zackaxz I mean, as long as you don't don't reupload it, you could always download it, they don't say that that's not allowed
Zackaxz Month ago
@PeaceSimon I want one that last's **forever**
PeaceSimon Month ago
I think that'll pass, since it's not direct reuploading, as long as they delete it at the end of Unus Annus
Reza Reverse
Reza Reverse Month ago
are they gonna delete their othrr channels too or just unus annus?
Ally :3
Ally :3 Month ago
Its so disappointing to see re-uploading. That channel was made to make a point even if it hurts me to know its going to end soon.
the gaming doggo
Laughs in way back machine
QDawg 24
QDawg 24 Month ago
This is why I bought merch
darkdoggo24 Month ago
No matter what. I'm not gonna watch a reupload. I hate that people are trying to ruin the idea.
Reupload it on PH. Mark cannot do anything there.
the gaming doggo
@PeaceSimon oh trust me there is and the titles are absolutely hilarious
PeaceSimon Month ago
Probably already countless reuploads on there
Mradamgamer Adamparent / Danparent
Someone hook me up when unus anus reuploads when they are gone, it gives me anxiety because I have always had a "hoarding" problem. I mean not hoarding per se but I just can't let go
SCoffee X
SCoffee X Month ago
It can be unlisted right?
PeaceSimon Month ago
@SCoffee X ah fair
SCoffee X
SCoffee X Month ago
@PeaceSimon yeah but Markiplier wouldn't know about them to request a takedown
PeaceSimon Month ago
I'm sure RUvid can still see your videos, they control the damn platform :P
I promise I won't reupload them I'll just download them
ItsAllAboutAnimals 17 days ago
​@No lol k
No lol
No lol Month ago
Still disrespecting them
Spoopy Things
Spoopy Things Month ago
Fade Month ago
Most people would most likely download the videos and save it on their desktop lmao
Gavin O
Gavin O Month ago
That is true, but that's not the point of this video.
Master Productions
Unus annus I love it but they are gonna delete it and we can’t keep them it’s gonna make me super fucking sad I hate hearing say that we can’t reupload
Unseen Gaming
Unseen Gaming Month ago
Ytmp3. Com hahaha. What's going to happen to me.
Bloxiphur Month ago
Mark: Please dont Reupload, The point of the channel is the temporary value- Literally everyone: haha unus annus repost go brrrrr
Xander Willingham
Respect for deleting this when Unus Annus ends 👌
Top SK!TS Month ago
What happens when you save it on your phone 🤣🤣
Dead Theories
Dead Theories Month ago
What they do?
Romina Ainara Gilces Bermudez
La feria de ciencias naturales me pareció muy interesante y Felicidades a todos los maestros y compañeros por su buen trabajo
Legolord Productions
Also in the end, those videos will simply be downloaded and reuploaded by various channels or archived in their own stash so that when the time comes to reupload them, they will reappear. Checkmate m8
Bunny {Ariabella} Hendrix
What even is this about?
Gavin O
Gavin O Month ago
About warning people that if they reupload Unus Annus videos, then their channels will get a copyright strike and may be deleted.
Alicia Hyde
Alicia Hyde Month ago
Does anyone else hate the whole concept of just all of this?.. i know it sounds so hateful which it is ig in a way but I love mark and his videos and ethan’s too and i will respect their wishes but i feel like i can’t even enjoy any of these videos n ik they say it’s about living in the moment but every time i try to watch a video it just gives me a lot of anxiety and i start to go down a spiral because of this concept and so watching the videos are at this unbearable for me. overall tho i guess this is ig a personal problem and i shouldn’t project it onto others but i just wanna know if i’m alone with it..
JdTh3Lon3r Month ago
Well, I'm on the same page as you do, I don't even know why their taking down their successful channel.
shane pratt
shane pratt Month ago
I never heard of this guy but I like what he and his buddy had to say. I respect this very much, it’s reminder that it’s time to go back to ourselves, to be the very people we were before social media because if you asked me who I was I don’t think I could tell you simply because I’ve been so lost in social media myself. So definitely mad respect ✊🏼
CHlEFFIN Month ago
Just found the channel. I don’t understand what it’s about. Can someone please help??
JdTh3Lon3r Month ago
Its like a "mix" channel i would say. Mark and Ethan make funny videos, even scary and other types of videos together as a whole fundamental team, that's just how I see their "unnus annus" channel. Aside from that, you might have a different perspective than mine, of course. Watch some of their videos, you can get the idea of where I'm going.
PMitchell1011 Month ago
Lmao rip reaction channels
Mayor McCheese
Mayor McCheese Month ago
just use ytmp3.cc/en13/
Amanda Widman
Amanda Widman Month ago
Why am I just finding this out?
JdTh3Lon3r Month ago
Lol me too
CrayZay Month ago
I like the point of unus annus because its to remind us that the end will come ( momento mori ) we can download the videos and watch them but you cant download your life and start over. And similar to death you only have the memories
Lastman Standing
Just delete them already Karen. Pffff......
billie day veerappa
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Belland _Dog
Belland _Dog Month ago
You mean the people who wrote the book and brainwashed you into believing someone like that wrote it?
suspicious carl
suspicious carl Month ago
But whats his stance on compilations?
PeaceSimon Month ago
I don't know
Sab Rine
Sab Rine Month ago
Why tho? Did they state the reasons why they wanna delete it?
PeaceSimon Month ago
I don't quite remember why, but I think they mention it in the very first video, simply named Unus Annus
StevenDogeXD YT
StevenDogeXD YT Month ago
Faith Federico
Faith Federico Month ago
M ok
Brian Bread
Brian Bread Month ago
The thing is i don't care for any of his content so I won't miss much although I do feel bad for those who do.
Eternal Illusion
*Posts Unus Annus vids on PH*
BlazeFyre Month ago
time to start a reddit where its just vidoes of markiplier from unnus annus but its a mp4 file and can be downloaded
Naim Cromwell
Naim Cromwell Month ago
You sound like A Straight Bitch
Will Collins
Will Collins Month ago
Delete your channel if you repost? You fucking serious? I get the whole message of the RUvid channel and I agree with it and I think it's a really good idea but like come on.
Will Collins
Will Collins 21 day ago
Wòë oh haha no problem
Wòë 21 day ago
@Will Collins I didn't mean it like that I'm really bad at wording, sorry.
Will Collins
Will Collins 21 day ago
Wòë I’m not reposting anything, It’s just a concern for any other people that might do that
Wòë 21 day ago
there's gonna be consequences...They already warned us that if they see someone reposting the videos that they will get a cc strike, which may end in there channel being gone. So if they already told you and you just don't listen, don't be surprised when the channel is taken down.
Tyler Malo
Tyler Malo Month ago
It would take me forever to watch all the videos.
Brendo Month ago
then try to take down the videos... ON A FOREIGN SITE THAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT!!!
Vielmasthe Demon
The sad part about this vid is that it's never going to happen like a self replenishing watervase vs somebody who doesn't want water in that vase it's only delaying the inevitable fullness yeah you empty it out and then they'll be no more water in that vase but someday it's going to refill really just a self-replenishing infinite cycle that they're trying to stop but unfortunately It will never stop
Solution: Ark.Net `d=Ark/People/Markiplier mkdir $d; cd $d entireChannel=ruvid.net/u-UnusAnnus youtube-dl -f best -ciw -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" -v $entireChannel`
T29 dude
T29 dude Month ago
*Me laughs in video files and not posting*
Lily_Flower d:
Lily_Flower d: Month ago
Ok I'm just dumb. But what is this about?
PeaceSimon Month ago
About warning people about their channel getting deleted if they reupload Unus Annus videos
sandytsc1216 Month ago
They are deleting their own channels to,I am a fan of markiplier but his channel will be deleted.
sandytsc1216 Month ago
unus annus's own video somehow the one with jack
Gavin O
Gavin O Month ago
They are not deleting their own channels. You were most likely misinformed.
JdTh3Lon3r Month ago
@PeaceSimon lol frl
PeaceSimon Month ago
Where, what or who the everliving fuck did you get that from?
Garrett Sampson
Garrett Sampson Month ago
Upload the videos to vimeo
Demented Duskull
I'm just waiting for some poor sap to use the videos to make a detailed critique/review and getting their channel deleted despite using them for fair use purposes.
Vestahaha Mashups
anyone else here think the whole concept of unus annus is stupid as fuck
adada adada
adada adada Month ago
God Markipliar is such a fucking loser. Who cares. Hope he deletes his channel too.
thecoolman station
@adada adada look that's your opinion but in my opinion he isn't
adada adada
adada adada Month ago
@thecoolman station I mean he is a loser. Have you heard the things he's said? What a nerd he is.
thecoolman station
Dude I can understand you voicing your opinion but you're taking it away too far
Civilian Intelligence Agency
I admire your stance on this. Taking a media that people don't give their attention to and take for granted, and forcing them into the moment. I completely understand the purpose of your art and will not be using any of your material. This is perhaps the best reason I have ever heard of for maintaining a strict copyright hold over your material. Best of luck to you both.
Kalevipoeg Month ago
Let me just be clear: If you re-upload these videos after Unus Annus ends, you're an asshole. It's as simple as that. Anyone who tries to keep these videos around does not get or respect the idea they're going for. Don't be an asshole. Just watch the videos while they're there, and stop trying to get views on the work of someone else, and respect a content creator's wishes. Don't be an asshole. Just leave it alone.
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