Markiplier Lied to His Mom About Becoming a YouTuber

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Markiplier tells the story of how he became a RUvidr and talks about what kind of content he likes to make and A Heist with Markiplier.
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Markiplier Lied to His Mom About Becoming a RUvidr- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


Published on


Nov 13, 2019




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Comments 7 629
SuperiorComicFan 53 minutes ago
2:15 - 2:25 Big brain time
Chantel N
Chantel N 5 hours ago
This is so wrong 😂
Moon Heroz
Moon Heroz 6 hours ago
I've never thought Markiplier would be in a Late Night show! He's that popular! WOW!
Jessica Warner
Jessica Warner 6 hours ago
Mark didnt know what to do with himself
Henning Gu
Henning Gu 9 hours ago
His mom is in his videos guys. Edit: Oh wait. Ok. Got it 😅
Enoch Nazrathian
Enoch Nazrathian 12 hours ago
Dude open your eyes man. Holy up n smokes
airicsunn 14 hours ago
BonKuNGZ The Security guard.
Wow some news fact
Jombo Day ago
Man he looks dapper in that suit.
Kate Evanz
Kate Evanz Day ago
dont put a bad title on mark. hes a good guy.
Dylan Schwartz
Who here is a Markiplier fan?
Cameron Hollands
I am not surprised that he studied biomedical engineering because he always talks about his "big brain"
Emma Carpio
Emma Carpio Day ago
i see mark, i click.
Ya Boi Dayron
Yea, he also forgot that he's fucking rich when it came to crowdfunding his niece's funeral.
Finnx 2 days ago
i love him omg
Hannah nightshade wolf
Dude I didn't know this happened lol
Savanna McIntyre
Savanna McIntyre 2 days ago
Wait I have a question mark were you expired to make RUvid video 's or did you just wanna do something new??????
I make animations And comics
Lava tie?
KC Beauty
KC Beauty 2 days ago
All the unnecessary laughs edited in
Justin 2 days ago
Mark is RUvid Keanu Reeves.
BabyBlue Simmons
BabyBlue Simmons 2 days ago
Wait does momiplier know of Unus Annus?!
BabyBlue Simmons
BabyBlue Simmons 2 days ago
Is Mark okay with this title?! Because it seems kinda fucked..
dedley01 2 days ago
I don't see anything wrong with it.
Maxture 2 days ago
His like the Ryan Reynold guy but asian.
Bum Bum
Bum Bum 2 days ago
Markiplier lovers ❤️❤️❤️ 👇🏻
Talyn Smolgay
Talyn Smolgay 2 days ago
Mark here: smart, professional, kind Mark in Unus anus: I was broke as a child and I’m going to attempt to kill Ethan in every video
Crynzx 2 days ago
Momiplier need to see this
Nicole Yamada
Nicole Yamada 3 days ago
🥺🥺 he’s so handsome ✊🏻
Jackie Rumker
Jackie Rumker 3 days ago
So cool to see how far you've come Mark! Congratulations!
Panda Man
Panda Man 3 days ago
“When they think G A M E R they think of you”
Darlene Widger
Darlene Widger 3 days ago
Love u mark
gingerninja 70
gingerninja 70 3 days ago
i hate the fake laughs
Mya Turner
Mya Turner 3 days ago
I love how real he is
amy pond
amy pond 2 days ago
thats mark :)
Angy Rodriguez Castellini
After seventeen years of depression and almost ended my life i finally can be me i'm Transgender i could never be more happy;but it's hard moving on from the past there where a lots of horrible stuff that happend to me and i was blocking all the pain i'm goin to therapy and talking to my mom about it but when i can finally get my self trust back some guys came in the street and said so hurtfull thing to me i almost didn't want to leave my house for days anyways i kinda better now thank you for giving me laughs when i'm feeling bad and sorry for the long comment
Lucy Wilcox
Lucy Wilcox 4 days ago
omg mark I love you so much. Your so cute and wonderful and make me feel like I can do anything xx
Daizyyy 4 days ago
He’s so sweet love him so much 💕💕
Zephyr Valleau
Zephyr Valleau 4 days ago
Next thing you know is “markiplier lies about ExIsTiNg”
Kale Kale
Kale Kale 5 days ago
SortaJunpei 5 days ago
Wow so nice to see Seth Meyers being so nice and respectable to him. Much better than other talk show hosts I've seen *cough cough
Jonathon Garcia
Jonathon Garcia 7 days ago
Mark: Show that youtubers can make amazing content. Me: thinking about cooking with sex toys.... SEEMS FAIR ENOUGH😂
Stony Potson
Stony Potson 7 days ago
Hey Seth. If you wanna keep all your fucking teeth i suggest you remove this video
Aotearoa Seymour
Aotearoa Seymour 2 days ago
Aotearoa Seymour
Aotearoa Seymour 2 days ago
Aotearoa Seymour
Aotearoa Seymour 2 days ago
Aotearoa Seymour
Aotearoa Seymour 2 days ago
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