Markiplier Lied to His Mom About Becoming a YouTuber

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Markiplier tells the story of how he became a RUvidr and talks about what kind of content he likes to make and A Heist with Markiplier.
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Markiplier Lied to His Mom About Becoming a RUvidr- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


Published on


Nov 13, 2019




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Comments 80
GhostRider2224 2 hours ago
Who doesn’t love markiplier?
Storyswap Asriel
If anyone hates markipier they have a serious face 24/7
پرنیا عباس نیا
He doesn't even know that i exist but i have such a massive crush on markiplier❤️❤️
plushy ducky 102
plushy ducky 102 3 hours ago
Julia Oglaza
Julia Oglaza 4 hours ago
Momiplier watching this like 👁️👄👁️
Crimson Warrior293
Crimson Warrior293 9 hours ago
If markiplier had longer hair in the interview he would be BREATHTAKING (Hope you get the joke)
STRANGER 6 hours ago
Crimson Warrior293 I don’t
H0WLISH3R3 10 hours ago
Mark looks so snazzy!
Alexandra 11 hours ago
Because of the suit this looks like Dark going undercover as Mark just for this interview
Gaming Knights
Gaming Knights 12 hours ago
mark is on Seth Meyers answering good and smart questions also mark: PeE SaUNa WIth EaTHan
Joe Dakota
Joe Dakota 14 hours ago
Markilpier luv u man! but next time u come to a show like this please wear a fitted suit. Wearing your little brother suit wont fly bro.
paul Eracleous
paul Eracleous 19 hours ago
Markiplier "I wanted to multiply myself" Other Markiplier's "you right"
Memeify TheOfficial
Memeify TheOfficial 20 hours ago
ᑕᖇIᑎᘜᗴ ᗷᗴ ᒪIKᗴ
electric pug
electric pug 13 hours ago
lovelyleeyah Day ago
Who told Mark to wear that tie
i only disliked this so i would not have to have anything like interviews in my recommended.
They put a link to this video in its description...
Comment Guy
Comment Guy Day ago
“Markiplier is a cool name” I agree good sir I agree
Ramon Cristobal
Imagine if his mon secretly had a youtube channel lying to his son and his channel is literally called momiplier
Isabella Rosa
Doesn't matter. I still love him the same. Some secrets are kept until it is time to set them free. Yes, lying isn't good but we all do it and there is no shame unless it's a really harmful lie, or you get caught. The latter of the two being that you get caught.
Ahmaddiyafam •
Your telling me mark wanted to be a CalebCity?!
This is cool and I wish I was there
redred110 Day ago
He should go back and explain to him his thinking process while uploading Chair Fucking Simulater
Brett Hoff
Brett Hoff Day ago
Nobody: Markiplier: I am the king of five night at freddys!!!!
Frogs For Gays
Mark: I love your name 🥺 Seth: Well I like it too
1SmolBoi :D
1SmolBoi :D Day ago
Him talking about how he wants to prove that RUvidrs can really do great things and really impact people very well relates to Unus Annus. The 365th day will be a dark day.
Its SyKe
Its SyKe 2 days ago
Mark: Hi Audience: Ah, yes *C O M E D Y*
nice Idang
nice Idang 2 days ago
Me smart ??? Nop not at alllll
Mano 35000
Mano 35000 2 days ago
Shoot, I didn’t realize how much I relate to Mark before he started RUvid, just not having a grasp on life
Selena Chen
Selena Chen 2 days ago
It's so weird seeing Markiplier in a suit.
516Toxic Bat55
516Toxic Bat55 2 days ago
Whys everyone laughing I don't get what's funny 😕🤔
Bruno the Existor
"I'd tell you that we'll edit it out, but we won't." *makes it the title of the video*
Fwiji 2 days ago
Through all of his acting and fooling around, it's clear that Markiplier is very intelligent.
o k
o k 2 days ago
“I love your name” 🥺☺️😌
Pookie -
Pookie - 2 days ago
Why am i sensing sexual tension in the beginning 🐸
electric pug
electric pug 13 hours ago
Peiran 2 days ago
Nobody: the audience in talk shows: *WHEEZE*
osielone1 M
osielone1 M 2 days ago
Seth: I'd love to tell you we're goin to edit it it out but we're not gonna Markiplier: Alright, Thank You... *angry face*
Unicorn 4Life
Unicorn 4Life 2 days ago
2020 anyone?
Chris O'Bray
Chris O'Bray 2 days ago
I had to watch this to wash out the awful taste that Jimmy Kimmel left in my mouth when he had Mark and MissesMae on his trash show.
MoltenBreakerZ 3 days ago
Markiplier mom: that boy fucking lied to me all these god damn years 😠
MapKaka Tale
MapKaka Tale 3 days ago
One Of The Goat
Filmore1991 3 days ago
I really like his blazer color.
Li The fander
Li The fander 3 days ago
Mark: “Where I play all the characters, I wanted to multiply myself” Thomas Sanders: *plays all the characters in Sanders sides making them different versions of him*
DoodleTimes 3 days ago
Why yall gotta make it seem like markiplier is bad here? He isn't bad at all!
Aw Geez
Aw Geez 3 days ago
this video should be retitled as : *mark insults himself on television*
Ymadina 3 days ago
Yes mon
Gracelyn Tiger
Gracelyn Tiger 3 days ago
Nice my favorite youtuber !🙌
EvanRBLX 3 days ago
marks ex: breaks up with him mark: gains popularity marks ex: we've known each other, for so long
Im the Aussie Devil
It’s mum not mom
Im the Aussie Devil
Im the Aussie Devil 13 hours ago
electric pug you see why I say mum
electric pug
electric pug 13 hours ago
I see your pfp
Angel Gd
Angel Gd 4 days ago
He plays games and makes silly comments, he's okay but I seriously don't get it.
Nicholas Manupella
Can he open his eyes. Must have some good weed 😊 . He done doodid it.
I will fight you, you Squirrel ye
mark in a suit if setting of my fight for flight instincts
Baked Farts
Baked Farts 4 days ago
The title is a bit overdramatized
Zee Knights
Zee Knights 4 days ago
00:39 Straight Facts!
GraysontheghosT 5 days ago
I’m pretty sure everyone here is a Markiplier fan
gamer foxy
gamer foxy 5 days ago
His a real YT
Flips,Tricks,& Fliptricks
I saw another RUvidd eat candy off this guy’s ass and that makes this interview unnaturally docile
AlksAdventures 5 days ago
Wow! A show that doesn't force the perception that RUvidrs are bad upon viewers! Good job Seth Meyers!
clownskeleton 5 days ago
...this was two days before Unus Annus
GHOST BOY Polichak
That's amazing how he became a RUvidr
emotionally unstable and filled with bees
Why have I never seen markiplier in a suit until now? Hes killin' it
Hoods 5 days ago
wait that means if his mom even found out markiplier would never exist
Дима Обзорщик
Вечерний Ургант в США
Sorin Caragea
Sorin Caragea 5 days ago
Why does mark look so much like tony stark? He just needs a bit bigger hair and a lesser beard
acpl 3 days ago
stormeePS3 XM
stormeePS3 XM 5 days ago
He looks a bit like keano reeves
avaclxire_. 5 days ago
Don’t worry, Mark. I’m doing the same thing now :>
Josh ._.
Josh ._. 6 days ago
I'm not gay, but like.. why is markipler the sexiest man I ever seen.
Black_lives_matter 13 hours ago
electric pug uuuhhh yeah lol
electric pug
electric pug 13 hours ago
@Black_lives_matter judging by your name and pfp your really in the loop now
I have some news for you bud
Ava Menard
Ava Menard 6 days ago
this does not seem like a real video
Ali Butterfly
Ali Butterfly 6 days ago
I'm so proud
Natertater 1633
Natertater 1633 6 days ago
seth: id like to tell u we could edit it out but were not gonna mark: allright thanck u Marks brait: wait wut
Amanda Kaschaks Vlogs
26.1million now
Danielle Martinez
Markiplier is live action Maes Hughes
Zach Borgan
Zach Borgan 6 days ago
Since when tf was Markiplier on a late night tv show?!
DeLirIous RIOLU 6 days ago
Plot Twist: This is actually Darkiplier
Christiana Le
Christiana Le 6 days ago
I think that his RUvid's name it's does sound really really stupid but i mean like i have to agree with Markiplier, and i mean Markiplier and Jacksepticeye they were on Disney XD channel on the gaming show called PLAYER SELECT
HolyBurrito 6 days ago
unnus annus unnus annus Unnus Annus UNnus ANnus UNNus ANNus UNNUs ANNUs UNNUS ANNUS *UNNUS ANNUS* *UNNUS! ANNUS!*
Lil Playz
Lil Playz 6 days ago
anyone else thought this video was playing at 2x speed? edit: I was watching this at x1.25 speed D:
Spiderpig 7 days ago
Is this the lie of 87?!?!?!?!
ARI 7 days ago
ok... not to simp but.. mark- he- ughhhhhhhh!
Heyy Its Sophiee
Heyy Its Sophiee 7 days ago
:0 anyway
Jokutoinen123 7 days ago
Markiplier is like the best example of an influencer or like a RUvidr
Firehawk Gaming
Firehawk Gaming 7 days ago
Great video, horrible title.
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