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Markiplier takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Why does Markiplier have a pink mustache? Why can't Markiplier drink alcohol? Who drew his RUvid icon? Why did he need to have surgery? Mark answers all of these questions and more!

Check out more of Mark at his RUvid Channel: ruvid.net/u-markiplier

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Markiplier Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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Mar 21, 2019

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Comments 24 272
Moon Prism Bish
Moon Prism Bish 20 minutes ago
He has big UwU energy.
MaxSagez 49 minutes ago
Luv u markipliet
j k
j k Hour ago
His deep voice is satisfying
GangstaLuigi613 6 hours ago
8:02 I'm actually friends with the person who drew Mark's icon! Her name is Emily Thrain! She's a really great artist.
Tacocat King
Tacocat King 7 hours ago
Why does he remind me of Keanu?
GentlestMoon 414
GentlestMoon 414 7 hours ago
His religion is Shrek, as all gamers are Shrekians
Wyatt bauman Vlogger
What if micheal passed away
JustKilian 8 hours ago
girl group central
girl group central 8 hours ago
Venom 8 hours ago
He's such a sweet person
The EmeraldSword
The EmeraldSword 9 hours ago
I’m not necessarily AFRAID of manniquins, but they creep me out
Tristan Taylor
Tristan Taylor 9 hours ago
English isn't my mother tongue and I had understood everything but one thing: at which organ he had a tumor? "Adrinolens"...I can't understand and subtitles aren't helping me
LorieTheArtist 9 hours ago
He’s such a caring, genuine person.
Evasroses6543 9 hours ago
Wow, we got some real, in-depth answers in this one. Sometimes these videos don't got that way. Thanks, Mark! =)
Alex Rupp
Alex Rupp 9 hours ago
Only Mark could make me cry with an interview
Duhcapn crunch
Duhcapn crunch 10 hours ago
0:22 lmao Pokémon
Ethan Alldredge
Ethan Alldredge 11 hours ago
Oh yeeeeeah boiiiiiiiiiiiii
Sam Havranek
Sam Havranek 12 hours ago
I’m sorry I posted this comment but you need to beat 50/20 mode if you want to be the king.
Leo Neil Tirol
Leo Neil Tirol 14 hours ago
Nobody: Me after 3:38 : Ok guys, if he has reddit, leave an entry of a picture showing maggot holes.
TheRagingInfernape 14 hours ago
Can confirm. Mark is scared of mannequins.
Plush Xtreme
Plush Xtreme 14 hours ago
He reminds me of John Wick. Anyone else?
nagisa 16 hours ago
08wolfgirl 17 hours ago
Mark Edward Fischbach
Cut Man
Cut Man 17 hours ago
Berk Karşı
Berk Karşı 17 hours ago
10:59 E
Lan Yonson
Lan Yonson 18 hours ago
He's got such a big heart.
TovidGacha 20 hours ago
Des Wessells
Des Wessells 20 hours ago
*Happiness noises* This came out on my birthday
Sl0th Games
Sl0th Games 22 hours ago
He's a cancer
Samantha Fisher
Samantha Fisher 22 hours ago
“I don’t normally look this good.” LIAR!
the pig in your attic
Do pewdiepie next
Lord Fluffykinz
Lord Fluffykinz 23 hours ago
This guy gets it.
Star_ SnakeYT
Star_ SnakeYT 23 hours ago
Oh Hi Markimooo!!
Nicky Takahashi
Greeny Gruett Gaming
What is mark’s catchphrase?: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Twizey Tube
Twizey Tube Day ago
Mark is such a sweet little floof
Jasonmf123 Day ago
I never knew the point of this stuff..... IF THE WEB ANSWERS IT ITSELF!!!!
Adajane Bro
Adajane Bro Day ago
But I am a child °~°
VRMusic Day ago
Why is such a nice guy inflicted with so many medical issues?
Trent Northwick
crackerbarrel? *brads wife flashbacks*
Hdj Hdjd
Hdj Hdjd Day ago
He is also scared of happy wheels level 10 on fat shop lady
Bandit Day ago
11:00 time stamp
Dayne Bester
Dayne Bester Day ago
Well that was kinda depressing.
Lincoln Henderson
Ur the king of fnaf cuz u said oh ok
OMemeChief Day ago
Mark kind of looks like John wick 🚫🧢
Solomon Williams
Why can this Morgan Reeves mf make me sad with the snap of his fingers
"i love meat, i love eating meat"
Mute_Ban Day ago
My guy is wearing a one punch man jacket
Apple Pie
Apple Pie Day ago
When he talked about the 2 people who died, that literally showed that he's the purest, most down-to-earth and most sensitive person on earth...
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