Markiplier Animated | RESIDENT EVIL 2

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Resident Evil 2 gets the animation treatment by Eric Striler!
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Apr 10, 2019




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Comments 80
Ms. Justine Pulka
Markiplier you're like friendly toward children while shooting zombies.
Blueberrys ART
Blueberrys ART 5 days ago
Can we get to 1000 subs from just comments?
The second knife bit would be so good in a cartoon or something
Moso Bubbles
Moso Bubbles 11 days ago
Why you shoot pink teddy
Matthew L.
Matthew L. 13 days ago
0:46 Is me when I see a spider
my room is cold
my room is cold 13 days ago
when he pulled out the ribs i died
wendy birdy
wendy birdy 14 days ago
45… When your ex wants to get back together
F_cking Username
F_cking Username 14 days ago
i think it would be funny/great to also have leon there like "???/What The?!" To Mark the whole time
DragonGuy GTO
DragonGuy GTO 16 days ago
Looks like Mark needs some goop juice for his ribs
Michael Klos
Michael Klos 17 days ago
The ribs
Cooper Hunter
Cooper Hunter 18 days ago
Dan and Aron from game grumps
Natalia Saxon
Natalia Saxon 19 days ago
My ribs😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joshua Kovacs
Joshua Kovacs 19 days ago
All the good scary games have flame throwers
JBuLuT 20 days ago
2020 lmao
Prakonekeo Phanthavady
Dan and arin at 0:34
FNAF Dragons
FNAF Dragons 20 days ago
Did he have to shoot Cuddle team leader? LOL all she was doing was the floss WHEEZE.
Collin Zwolinski-Gwyn
0:38 My Thoughts Exactly
Arash Noroozi
Arash Noroozi 24 days ago
That is a good one 😆😆😆😆
Jacob Brothers
Jacob Brothers 25 days ago
Game Grumps, JonTron, Nostalgia Critic, maybe pewdiepie? Don't recognize any of the others
Chinchy Gamer
Chinchy Gamer 26 days ago
This is awesome 😂
DJpranav cod gamer gamer
Tant will be more nice if it was call of duty mod zombie
Anden Smith
Anden Smith 27 days ago
I want some ribs.
Skyler Steward
Skyler Steward 28 days ago
Holy sh it what's with his chin
Eric_T123 Month ago
0:34 best part
TrueSylveonLover /CalebTSL
0:33 is that Sr Pelo in the background?!
Terminator Playz
0:46 severe case of paranoia
Dennis Rhoades
Dennis Rhoades Month ago
0:34 grumpocalypse!
Elijah Vlogs
Elijah Vlogs Month ago
Now we just need markiplier animated for Resident Evil 3
Rozihaton Latif
Rozihaton Latif Month ago
Look at poor cartoon you need cartoon maker
Charlie Weasley
Charlie Weasley Month ago
0:23 - 0:28 is my favourite
John Allison II
John Allison II Month ago
No! Not the dancing bear!
Heiwa Ire
Heiwa Ire Month ago
ok so its just a quick hop and a jump AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Koosha Mokhbery
Koosha Mokhbery Month ago
😂😂I haven’t even seen this part yet(I’m on part 2) but oh my damn this was amazing, not only the fact that Markiplier was hilarious but the animation bringing it alive. Well done❤️
Vegeta Lover92
Vegeta Lover92 Month ago
You gotta do one for Re3
Nicholas Wilkins
The flamethrower part was my favorite
Fancy Man
Fancy Man Month ago
0:34 I know everyone in this shot
Korbin Hand
Korbin Hand Month ago
0.34 is that Matt Watson and Ryan Magee from the world famous super mega
Sym Mings
Sym Mings Month ago
M: My ribs are but weak babies before the mighty Tyrant!!
izaiah martinez
izaiah martinez Month ago
That was beautiful 😂
rimix360 plays
rimix360 plays Month ago
Hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome to 0:46
Cody Craft Paper
0:57 Dawko
nathaniel others
Legend tells markiplier is still hiding
Creamy Orangesicle
I see dan and arin pewdiepie jack sr pelo and nostalgia critic
red flag
red flag Month ago
hahahaha this is the best playthrough i have ever watched ever!
x nametaken
x nametaken Month ago
One year later... it's the apocalypse..
Ethan Doyle
Ethan Doyle Month ago
I just saw zombie game grumps
Adambombing Month ago
Wow Nostalgia critic game great game grumps ego raptor Sean Felix and Jon Tron and two I don't know
Gayathri Selvaraj
I wish someone comments the time of each scene 😔
Francisco Hernandez
0:46 when I see a spider.
Parra Danielle
Parra Danielle Month ago
Ebin Delgado
Ebin Delgado 2 months ago
Pitch 2 months ago
I see jontron
Dixie Reynolds
Dixie Reynolds 2 months ago
Markiplier just wanted some ribs until that giant stole them🥺😢🍖🍖
Gianpiero Rivasplata
0:34 wait, sr pelo?
Scotland Forever
Scotland Forever 2 months ago
"Hello Everybody! And welcome back to my cardigan." - Markiplier
Serena Kimlin
Serena Kimlin 2 months ago
After all this time the flamethrower bit always gets me laughing my ass off ^O^
Aqua Aliza
Aqua Aliza 2 months ago
0:34 the zombies are you tubers even sr pelo in the back
Panda Mann
Panda Mann 2 months ago
Rhiannon Tratchel
Rhiannon Tratchel 2 months ago
Detective Thanos just wanted some ribs
Choco - Copters
Choco - Copters 2 months ago
Only legends know what 0:26 is referencing.
Abdoodle 2 months ago
Like u didn't think I didn't see the game grumps there 0:34
Lord explosion murder
0:35 I see danny and arin and some other youtubers
Rainbow Knight
Rainbow Knight 2 months ago
"Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Me with the Ivy Zombies ...and the G adults >:(
Pissed off bucket dude
At 0:32 there's a few references like Sir poleo Jack Pewdiepie Game grumps
KeeKee Giovani
KeeKee Giovani 2 months ago
Jaydoesstuff 3 months ago
Mark: idk what I did but I think it was good? Me:yes, very good
Irish Coffee7K
Irish Coffee7K 3 months ago
(Mark) okay just a quick hop and a jump. (zombie appears and mark takes out the flamethrower.) (Mark) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
Henry Nelson Noatak
Henry Nelson Noatak 3 months ago
0:34 omg all of them are united and as zombies, 0:38 same here for my reaction, 0:45 how i am like if chaos happens in the world you know like in GTA series, 1:12 lol still going?, 1:19 - 1:25 how most of us players are like if we're low on health.
Shan Ming
Shan Ming 3 months ago
Mark in a real outbreak 🤣
Leila Fleurival
Leila Fleurival 3 months ago
Adam Bomb
Adam Bomb 3 months ago
I'm dead lol
Cyrus McWind
Cyrus McWind 3 months ago
@ 1:12 lmfao
Thi Huỳnh
Thi Huỳnh 3 months ago
Phoebe Woodberry
Phoebe Woodberry 3 months ago
1:16 reminds me of the teeth in those dentist games
Shadow Schattenschuetze
1:30 thats M-24 from Noblesse right?
jarleyz 3 months ago
Main shaft hehe they know my nickname name Mark 2019
jatrae shaw
jatrae shaw 3 months ago
Why are you so dramatic
Phoenix Gaming
Phoenix Gaming 3 months ago
0:49 continues aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ewan Ross
Ewan Ross 3 months ago
What episode was the "a quick hop and a jump" part in again?
whiteboy 101
whiteboy 101 3 months ago
0:46 me when i see a spider and i try to smash it but the it runs and its gone
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