Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret Dinner With Trump | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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Mark Zuckerberg gets dodgy about his clandestine meeting with President Trump and an exercise bike ad sparks outrage
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Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 100
Comedy Central UK
Comedy Central UK 9 months ago
What did you think of the exercise bike ad? Do you think it was problematic?
Maybe they already exercise, but wish to be entertained while doing so or wish to do so indoors it's a ****ing gift.
Shazzy Kitawa
Shazzy Kitawa 9 months ago
I don’t see why everyone is mad about this ad.
Brett S.
Brett S. 9 months ago
She was looking a little chunky...
Syreetha Kosoredjo
Syreetha Kosoredjo 9 months ago
I don't care for ads! They're mf annoying!!! If I could elemenate something in the world it would be exactly that, just that. Since we can't afford to get rid of wars, which I'd love to more than anything in the world.... Yet since the dawn of time is happening so my conclusion is that it never will. So yeah plSS ads I want to get rid of those, unless I could come up with them catchy lines which I've already written *Mad*
Syreetha Kosoredjo
Syreetha Kosoredjo 9 months ago
Sorry totally out of subject *cries*
Ife Oluwa Gameplay
Ife Oluwa Gameplay 23 days ago
He need to investigated, he could be a Russian spy. His last name is Russian, and his wife needs to be locked investigated she could be a Chinese spy. Something is truely suspicious here
anjima prashanth
Shema Jonathan
Shema Jonathan 7 months ago
If mark was running for President am 100% he will win. Cause all he has to say is ' if I loose the elections I will take down IG, Facebook and WhatsApp' after that everyone will vote for him
Dmitri Barbu
Dmitri Barbu 7 months ago
Hypocrisy at its best. Never will I have a Facebook account. The idiot decided people's personal info should be transparent. His meeting with Trump should remain private?.loser, clown. Hypocrite. Goof. Co&@ suckerberg. Cringe.
Hazel M
Hazel M 8 months ago
He lies as great as trump.
Seb B
Seb B 9 months ago
Lol he sounds less human every time because he’s psychologically trying to distance himself from all the stuff happening to him. Not that I pity this guy. He’s too rich for that lol.
Il GhostR lI
Il GhostR lI 9 months ago
He said judgement oh no Facebook : Judgement day
Opportunity Knox
Opportunity Knox 9 months ago
Oh yes he did! Check his face bright red!
Adam Zawadzki
Adam Zawadzki 9 months ago
Mark Zuckerberg should make support better on facebook. Let users aucally speak with humans rather then ignoring users on the community page when asking for help.
Helena Galvão
Helena Galvão 9 months ago
What a prissy android bot
Gourgandise 9 months ago
Why is Mark Zuckerberg always talking like he's trying very hard to hold his poo in?
Lara Palma
Lara Palma 9 months ago
He's trying to hold his poo in lol
Jet 9 months ago
I’m not offended by the Peleton ad in the least. I can’t figure out the problem. What’s wrong with staying fit?? Or don’t people exercise anymore? I’d love to get one for Xmas. People are super sensitive.
Jet 9 months ago
How is advertising a lie ethical?
Yassine Barnaoui
Yassine Barnaoui 9 months ago
It's sad this Zuckerburg is not aware at all of the huge impacte facebook has & had on the world, I bet he still see himself like a nerd who made so much money from an app he created, & continue to make money
Oluchi Charity
Oluchi Charity 9 months ago
Nice one Zuck y'all wanna peddle fake news pheew..lol
Shaheeda William
Shaheeda William 9 months ago
Its difficult to lie when one blushes so easily
Brett S.
Brett S. 9 months ago
You cannot block my schtyle!
Crystal Elk
Crystal Elk 9 months ago
Hi trevor thank you for making me laugh everyday! You're so very Entertaining . Sending positive Vibes your way. Peace love Dreams!🇨🇦 💞😊✌💗💭💜
Paris Sitochi
Paris Sitochi 9 months ago
Get the *zuck* out of here man😂😂
Jane Madarang
Jane Madarang 9 months ago
Zuckerberg............ im on the verge of not supporting facebook !
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis 9 months ago
Odd ttump has once stated that he's not a fan of social media, yet he tweets ALL the time and has a little private chat session with Zuckerberg that no one knows anything about. Seems shady on both their parts. I am glad I stopped using FB long ago.
NMK One 9 months ago
Mark is a joke
Ivan Bryan
Ivan Bryan 9 months ago
For a billionaire his wife is extremely fugly 😁
Rudy Colludi
Rudy Colludi 9 months ago
No regulation for "favors"
Rudy Colludi
Rudy Colludi 9 months ago
No regulation for "favors"
Lua Olaghere
Lua Olaghere 9 months ago
Mark Zuckerberg could use some public speaking classes. He can afford it. Intelligent but can't speak.
Ana J
Ana J 9 months ago
"You can't block my style" ~ South Park
stranraerwal 9 months ago
Mr.Zuckerberg is so obviously lying-and that in his usual inhuman, robotlike way. He is a freak.
Rooiku 9 months ago
just because someone us skinny doesn‘t mean they are fit. People forget that working out is healthy! Also if it was an overweight women in that add there would be even more backlash so no matter what they would habe done people would complain
Abdalla Babikir
Abdalla Babikir 9 months ago
Zuckerberg just earned my respect for not sharing a private conversation.
Drew Lovelyhell
Drew Lovelyhell 9 months ago
The backlash would've been worse if the actor in the advert was overweight.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 9 months ago
When he meant with Obama I guess it wasn’t an issue
Greg Keane
Greg Keane 9 months ago
that peloton BS is BS, just because you're skinny doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise.
Jied Cghlm
Jied Cghlm 9 months ago
"The things that are on his mind" ... Suuure.
nelsonminator 9 months ago
Skinny? She is assless
deep hazarika
deep hazarika 9 months ago
yes, how dare they make an ad that makes sense? ads should should never make sense!
Sarai La Fontaine
Sarai La Fontaine 9 months ago
0:28 does his face turn red???
lotfang 9 months ago
I dont understand why people think exercise is for overweight people... it's all about keeping active and staying healthy .... now if you want to shed some kilos u need to diet plus exercise... exercise alone wont help you.
SY Fong
SY Fong 9 months ago
translation: i want all that hundreds of millions of political spending $$. even if it screws up my country with fake news
moonmoonbirdcpt 9 months ago
I have more fun playing *Tree of Savior* instead of watching a T969 simulate drowning on dry land # Have Fun With *Tree Of Savior* Instead #TreeOfSavior
Klara Stern
Klara Stern 9 months ago
two POSs having Dinner... laughing about selling out democracy... THIS is the actual deep state
EK Lim
EK Lim 9 months ago
Trump & Zucker
Wayne E Draper
Wayne E Draper 9 months ago
He looks like millers wierder weaker twin.
Tiger Blade 4
Tiger Blade 4 9 months ago
She made him so nervous he blinked
Mohammed Haris
Mohammed Haris 9 months ago
Gwiji the FreshPrince
hahaha get the Zuck outta here man 😂 😂
Nicholas N Yelegar
Nicholas N Yelegar 9 months ago
You need to see this !!! ruvid.net/video/video-TJWXZmKqY2E.html
Video Stop
Video Stop 9 months ago
Someone should sell his secret meeting conversation, like he sells our info
azae00 Vids
azae00 Vids 9 months ago
dafaq .. that bike looks awesome.. geez people
HappyDude 9 months ago
Wauw nice cyborg mark almost looks like a human Just the emotions on his face are not optimal
Adeyemi Olusegun
Adeyemi Olusegun 9 months ago
This guy zucks
joe collins
joe collins 9 months ago
Interviewer: so what was said. Mark: zshwshew , you can't block my shtyle
david alfred
david alfred 9 months ago
joe collins 😂This...
The Puppet Monster
The Puppet Monster 9 months ago
Delete Facebook !!!
CE 9 months ago
Zuck goes beet red when he is lying.
Jose Benjamin Vargas Terrero
This is silicon valley all over again
King Cuan
King Cuan 9 months ago
Haha you can’t block this style 😎
Think less Live more
How did this zuck become in charge of Facebook. Something ain't right
SubnetMaskedMan 9 months ago
Only in a country full of Obese politically correct zombies would they be offended by that exercise bike ad.
Alfred Degiorgio
Alfred Degiorgio 9 months ago
IT’S TRUE THAT TRUMP HATES (?) CORRUPTION BUT ONLY WHEN HE DOES NOT BENEFIT FROM IT! The Trump (GOP) Party has changed the elephant emblem to a three-brass-monkeys emblem; it sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil but only when evil is committed by Trump. The Trump (GOP) Party Senators will condemn America to a very dark future if they do not condemn Trump for his corrupt and evil actions. Our descendants will forever curse their memory!
Spiritual Anarchist
Spiritual Anarchist 9 months ago
In a democracy a few cyber billionaires should not determine right-wing propaganda can be sold as truth . .
nar ́to Uzumaki
nar ́to Uzumaki 9 months ago
wow his face got red real quick
Nano Free
Nano Free 9 months ago
Facebook is closing account in Algeria for people opposing the military regime. Facebook is no more for free speech anymore
The Mighty Sparrow
The Mighty Sparrow 9 months ago
Two crooks having dinner.....nothing strange about that
citiboi kidd
citiboi kidd 9 months ago
"Get the zuck out of here, man..." LOL! This is golden!
Elfeis Ojeis
Elfeis Ojeis 9 months ago
Mark ZUCKERbot seems like he has been reprogrammed⚙️⏏️
Tory Sama
Tory Sama 9 months ago
Zuckerberg is just as evil as trump. F them both!
Seat Bedzeti
Seat Bedzeti 9 months ago
People think Mark controls fb n all the info what goes threw, n those psychopaths politicians pedophiles royalty would let Mark to know their deepest secrets, only a fool Will believe that
Aamna Here
Aamna Here 9 months ago
Hate speech is perfectly in line with Facebook's community standards. Those standards are just as hypocritical as Mark Zuckerberg for claiming privacy doesn't and shouldn't exist for us while buying off several homes near his own to ensure his own privacy. No, you've replaced democracy with hypocrisy, Mark.
IDN Bala
IDN Bala 9 months ago
Fukerburg sounds righ
Shelley Wall
Shelley Wall 9 months ago
How can 2 such wealthy men...Trump and Zuckerberg...have 2 of the worst hairstyles on the planet?
Kenn Mossman
Kenn Mossman 9 months ago
Zucker and tRump.....like Stalin meeting Mao
Elijah Grocock
Elijah Grocock 9 months ago
Ah leave the zuck alone, he's aloud to meet the president if he wants to
Hee Sing Sia
Hee Sing Sia 9 months ago
Why would anyone be interested in a dinner between a lizard and a cockroach
Shuv455 9 months ago
You think working out is about getting thin? F that noise, I work out to gain weight and so should thin ppl who want to improve themselves. Also never seen the ad so... lol
oracleofottawa 9 months ago
Mark Zuckerberg - LOCK HIM UP!!!
oracleofottawa 9 months ago
Mark Zuckerberg - LOCK HIM UP!!!
D Richard Carr
D Richard Carr 9 months ago
Sucker zucker
Zachary Hobson
Zachary Hobson 9 months ago
Best ‘Zuckerberg’ i’ve heard yet 😆
WildHog 72
WildHog 72 9 months ago
Easy solution, don't log onto facebook ever again. The last time I logged onto facebook was just after Trump got elected. The power to change behavior is in your hands, you just need to willingness to use it.
the1onlynoob 9 months ago
Zuckerberg screams I work for the government and don’t want to rat on what they have me do.
Mikey 9 months ago
The difference between Trump and Zuk is Trump went after supermodel but supermodel went after Zuk
SPARE BEARS 9 months ago
There are more reasons to exercise than just losing weight to look better. There is also the whole being fit and healthy aspect. This is something that once attained must be sustained with regular exercise. Also, this woman is not 'rail thin', she's just not chubby like most US people are. In Europe, Asia or Africa no one would say she was particularly 'thin, but we would all agree that US people are generally over weight..
Aleksandar Petkovic
Aleksandar Petkovic 9 months ago
amazing acting hahah
Enrico Firmino
Enrico Firmino 9 months ago
Dude doesn’t even look human to be honest
Ygraine 9 months ago
Well, maybe Trump didn't lobby Zuckerberg but Zuckerberg was lobbying Trump for something close to his heart. Maybe Zuckerberg wanted Trump to tell the French not to dare tax his company.
1jx7wlt9 ic7rk3ld8
1jx7wlt9 ic7rk3ld8 9 months ago
Poor Zuck
rutger5000 9 months ago
"I believe it's important for people to see what politicians are saying". Two sentences later "I also want to respect that it was a private conversation. F you Suckerberg. You and Thrump don't do eachother like that, a man like you talking with the president of the USA ain't private.
Sean Harris
Sean Harris 9 months ago
Zucker has a tell. His face turns more red as he lies.
Rob 9 months ago
Zuckerberg and Trump together would be the most socially awkward conversation ever. He creeps me out.
Justin Marion
Justin Marion 9 months ago
So, that's Facebook, Bill Gates, and Apple who supports Trump now?
Kian Gibson
Kian Gibson 9 months ago
People that deleted their Facebook in protest need to remember that Facebook also owns Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Oculus and Masquerade
Obi Dark
Obi Dark 9 months ago
Mark: We talked about various things and lotions 😂 * Jordan Schlansky * *Well you have learned young padawan*
Karin Mazanek
Karin Mazanek 9 months ago
Free Julian Assange
An Argonian!
Antony Stark
Antony Stark 9 months ago
Mark Zuckerberg is very rich, of course he is a republican.
Steven Amoah
Steven Amoah 9 months ago
I ain't had Facebook for years I'm fine with out it
Tseleng Botlhole
Tseleng Botlhole 9 months ago
I am beginning to dislike Zuckerberg more and more
Lunkis 9 months ago
Yes traitor Mark Zuckerberg..
gobzdzilla 9 months ago
Zuckerberg sounds like english anime dub.
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