Mark Wahlberg’s Daughter Refused to Dance with Him

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Mark Wahlberg revealed to Ellen that even though he went to the father/daughter dance at his daughter’s school, she refused to take the dance floor with him. Plus, he chatted about his upcoming movie, “Spenser Confidential.”




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Steve Chan
Steve Chan 18 days ago
I still remember his pic as Calvin Klein underwear model back in the 90's
Nik Zutshi
Nik Zutshi 19 days ago
That's awesome that Mark decided to visit Ellen when someone dropped out.
Chiquito TV
Chiquito TV 20 days ago
Spencer confidential had me when I saw the trailer on Netflix in an email like 2-3 weeks ago. Amazing movie from start to finish. If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you do this weekend with the family! They will love you for it trust me 😊
Calvin Harrison
Calvin Harrison 26 days ago
The explicit version is the real one
vsquar3d 27 days ago
If your child sees you as a celebrity instead of a father, you're not a good father. He's probably doing a great job.
James Clark
James Clark 27 days ago
Yet he had no problem voting for trump... a man who is a racist, misogynist, and bigot, who brags about grabbing women, dating his own daughter, and ogling underage women backstage at a Ms. Teen USA pageant. Vote for, and support, an abomination that is single-handedly destroying the environment and democracy, but keep your daughter safe from those swear words.. Bravo man... bravo...
Vasil Lask
Vasil Lask 28 days ago
Amazing show
MsTeeny Vinny
MsTeeny Vinny Month ago
When Ellen said they're gonna play burning questions All i can think about is Socks 😂😂😂😂
Wautermelin Month ago
arroz1971 Month ago
what happened to the million dollar man reboot he was suppose to do.
Laurel George
Laurel George Month ago
Good values! Wow
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson Month ago
If Mark Wahlberg were ever in my presence I would do whatever he asked me to. He is truly an incredible actor and person
Clashers Time
Clashers Time Month ago
When I saw "Fear 1996" That movie created a very negative image of him but after this interview I appreciated him. He is a great actor and a great person 👏
Peggy Hayes
Peggy Hayes 22 days ago
Clashers Time I still loved Fear.
MP R Month ago
What happened to his hood acce..... oh, yeah. He got successful and dropped it. I see.
gmi g
gmi g 29 days ago
I dropped mine once you start getting educated and talk to ppl out of the hood it kinda goes away on its own but it still comes out sometimes haha
¡Oscar Aranda!
¡Oscar Aranda! Month ago
his shoes go hard
Steven White
Steven White Month ago
I mean, how could the dj resist playing feel the vibration.
yew 2oob
yew 2oob Month ago
Did his daughter refuse because she found out her dad's a violent racist?
Deborah Douglas
Deborah Douglas Month ago
There's always ONE person to make this comment. Mark has more than made up for his mistakes as a youth. I hope you are granted the grace you are so unwilling to give.
ab vevo
ab vevo Month ago
I last year took my daughter to the Daddys dance, didn't get one dance either! They grow up to fast lol
Rinchen Foxie
Rinchen Foxie Month ago
What kind of daughter don’t want to dance with coolest dad ??
La Flama Blanca
La Flama Blanca Month ago
I heard he likes to be called Marky mark
Patrick Gottsbacher
Nice movie:))
Dess D
Dess D Month ago
I didn't know that McDonald's Monopoly was a fraud, I used to play that hardcore in HS. No wonder I never won
Nobody like me
Nobody like me 26 days ago
It was fraud not a fraud.
ZombifiedKilla Month ago
@Katrinka SFBA i think theres a documentary on netflix about it
Katrinka SFBA
Katrinka SFBA Month ago
@Dess D I'm going to Google it right now
Godson Kose
Godson Kose Month ago
Marky Mark
Heidi NYC
Heidi NYC Month ago
Omg his daughter looks just like his brother Donnie
Angie R
Angie R Month ago
He's cool,doesn't have that Hollywood vibe,still the Marky Mark vibe to me
Travel with Vaani
Hi Ellen love u so much🥰🥰from Mauritius....
Dora A
Dora A Month ago
I love Mark ....O God
Olivier Gahungu
Olivier Gahungu Month ago
maybe he dances badly
sara Month ago
His daughter does not know what she missed
riaa Month ago
Funny how everyone laughed when Mark mentioned Post Malone’s acting debut 😂
CarmenMe21 Month ago
I love that he had an issue with the DJ playing inappropriate music at his daughter's dance. He's a great father.
luhole 25 days ago
@Peter Bouma Hahahaha amazing Peter. Where do you get your stats from? I'd love to see your evidence. YOUR experience is not objective truth either.
Peter Bouma
Peter Bouma 25 days ago
@luhole Yes, we understand 'YOU' don't like protective men or fathers... However, since 90% of females DO like that... Keep complaining online. The real world won't be listening.
Heather 28 days ago
@luhole You must not be a parent if you are then not a good one!
luhole Month ago
@riaa I don't know where you got crime from. I just think it's really irritating he speaks about young girls as though they are precious petals who are going to wilt at the slightest touch. His girls hearing some swear words are not going to ruin them.
riaa Month ago
luhole Lol! I think it’s cute. Plus, he’s talking about HIS family/daughters. Despite today’s society, I hope it hasn’t turned into a crime to see a father who’s protective of his daughters/kids???
rose Snyder
rose Snyder Month ago
Yep fun
Owen Chua
Owen Chua Month ago
He's getting more different than Damon
milky way
milky way Month ago
He's soo hot and his voice is really sexeeeh!
William Phillips
Ellen hasn’t watched mcmillions because she said she loved it as opposed to loves it because it still has 2 issues left. Liar
johnsmi213 Month ago
You may be right -- she might have just watched the first episode -- but I know that The Ellen Show staff gets movies and TVs screeners to watch before their segments, if they choose to. So she might have gotten all six episodes but probably only watched the first.
Nat Month ago
Mark makes my heart beat 🥰🥰💓
Kelli Workman-Reavis
I still have good vibrations on my playlist which I got from Limewire years ago after my cd got scratched up!
ThyJuan C
ThyJuan C Month ago
This guy seems so cool.. would like to workout with him.
raulbora Month ago
Ha Ha...smart girl
Daniella Month ago
He's got swag
Icey Brice
Icey Brice Month ago
I am all for musician/actor post malone
MrNikkimaxine Month ago
That’s be good do is because say no 👖 see I can find something what help me on that I will be happy 😊 you do that as well see I can find something
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez Month ago
Giorgi GG
Giorgi GG Month ago
Please meet Beyoncé again 😍😍😍😍😍
MrNikkimaxine Month ago
Giorgi GG that be great
Nikki Mcdonald
Nikki Mcdonald Month ago
..lol..has she seen marky mark ? 🤣🤣🤣
_2392ahah Month ago
I’d let him pound me all night long
Hugo van der Meer
Chewing gum for the cerebraly challenged.
Promise Akanteh
Promise Akanteh Month ago
You are never a star to your kids. They just see you as a regular parent. I am in Cameroon, Africa and I spend long hours on RUvid watching Ellen. I just love her
Che Ndu
Che Ndu Month ago
@William Phillips Cameroon is actually an English speaking country (well minority English and Majority French)
William Phillips
You have better English and sentence structure than a lot of Americans
Jordan Fabove
Jordan Fabove Month ago
Promise Akanteh wow I am a Cameroonian in the us
Ahmed Sarkar
Ahmed Sarkar Month ago
Good Evening
Cierra Jackson
Cierra Jackson Month ago
I watched every episode with him/every movie of his and tv show😩 been on him since The Big Hit Im so infatuated with this man😩😩❣️
riaa Month ago
I Was Here you said it “past.” Is he not allowed to grow from that experience or??? Also, in regards to the Vietnamese man, he was already blind from the war. Mark and him already made peace.
Cierra Jackson
Cierra Jackson Month ago
I Was Here i heard sumthn bout dat.. i still love him.. let me fantasize 🥴😩
I Was Here
I Was Here Month ago
@Cierra Jackson Maybe u should read about his racist past in Boston that might change your mind!!! 😅😅😅
Cierra Jackson
Cierra Jackson Month ago
Will Hart how rude🙄🤗
Will Hart
Will Hart Month ago
Cierra Jackson shut up dramatico
YES WE CAN Month ago
Can I have some money Ellen?
Pablo Fonseca
Pablo Fonseca Month ago
Love this.. F45 is key for sure.. physics behind the 45 minuted number is important.. The other language in schools is horrific...I am changing the culture in the our wrestling room and anyone I hear talking like that at school.. Go intermittent fasting
alix ali
alix ali Month ago
Mark is big star, i love this man, i love u so much Ellen, u are genious lady, u are amazing
giselle joseph
giselle joseph Month ago
He is hot
Kadeem Bailey
Kadeem Bailey Month ago
I wish i had a dad to even talk to Damn i love d Ellen show tho
Odell P Blamo
Odell P Blamo Month ago
Jk Angel
Jk Angel Month ago
I have started my orphanage but one day Ell l want to grace it
Marcelo Ortega
Marcelo Ortega Month ago
Te quiero
Marcelo Ortega
Marcelo Ortega Month ago
ENU TV Month ago
Lorena Lucero
Lorena Lucero Month ago
I love Mark and I love ellen the most😍😘
MrNikkimaxine Month ago
Lorena Lucero is. Not the some
Sheiles Furlanbaia
Poetic LadyChelle
I love you Ellen. I just had surgery, thanks for cheering me up!
Bestone Month ago
No one else hyped to see Post Malone?
Sangeetha Praveen
Come to India
ECLECTIC 361 Month ago
TWITCH get fired???
ECLECTIC 361 Month ago
@Po Tato Thank you for responding That's awesome!!!!
Po Tato
Po Tato Month ago
Nope! He is on paternity leave.
Linda Cormier
Linda Cormier Month ago
Linda Cormier
Linda Cormier Month ago
Leah Lynch
Leah Lynch Month ago
Linda Cormier it’s just you being super critical.
Reckless style Baby
I have school :(
Diamondelle84 Month ago
2:46 Good luck with that 🤣😂🤣
Mick The King
Mick The King Month ago
Bet there are other daughters who would love to dance with Mark
Jade 26 days ago
There is nothing sexy about this midget at all
Christian Mistian
I’m someone’s daughter and I would love to dance with marky mark from the funky bunch! 💃🏻
STU Tommies 6
STU Tommies 6 Month ago
Like me! ;-)
Connie Vaccaro
Connie Vaccaro Month ago
I bet the mom's would! LOL!
Cheryl K
Cheryl K Month ago
@christi crenshaw that's the truth
Best Buy
Best Buy Month ago
jadon Thompson
jadon Thompson Month ago
God I love that guy
Chris Ttown
Chris Ttown Month ago
Y'all love Mark wallberg is he racist ?
Cierra Jackson
Cierra Jackson Month ago
Jadon Thompson me toooo😩😩😩😣😣
Dance Mom Addict
Ellen just spammed my subscription column. Anyone else?
Woke Unveiled MaryElizabeth
I'm totally okay she can spam me all day... ALL DAY! lol
core gameplay
core gameplay Month ago
Ellen pls reply big fan want to meet you but my parents do not allow me to fly to you
Patrycja Wanat
Patrycja Wanat Month ago
not really on topic but sometimes I like to cover my self with mud and pretend I’m a worm.
Chey Station
Chey Station Month ago
Yeah sometimes I cover myself in Vaseline and pretend im a slug
Mara M
Mara M Month ago
Patrycja Wanat how could that possibly be off topic?
Coding Bot
Coding Bot Month ago
💓 from India 😊😊
Naughty Girlfriend
Wawoo I lovedcthe storyline I want to watch the movie
Hansika B
Hansika B Month ago
I have always wanted to be in Ellen I dreamed that be in her channel i actually dreamed
Anand Loitongbam
Hi Ellen, love u from Asia 🥰😍
Anand Loitongbam
Anand Loitongbam 22 days ago
@MrNikkimaxine ?
YES WE CAN Month ago
@MrNikkimaxine *know
MrNikkimaxine Month ago
Anand Loitongbam get to now you
Joaquin Teixeira
life will give me another series and I will rock
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