Mark Rober's April Fools' Prank Ideas

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Mark Rober used to work for NASA and now he has his own RUvid Channel. We asked Mark if he could use his considerable brainpower to come up with some simple April Fools’ prank ideas and this is what he created.
Visit Mark Rober's channel at ruvid.net/u-onemeeeliondollars
Deleted Scene from "Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel - ruvid.net/video/video-0Y8iRvQdSGA.html
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Mark Rober's April Fools' Prank Ideas


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Mar 31, 2016




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Comments 80
Faldi 12 hours ago
*Donald Trump dislike this video*
I think you could make a clue but is with 🍯 so when your wife see’s your kid doing that you will say honey these is sweet
Magical Cactus
Magical Cactus 2 days ago
Just wait ‘till 2030 when Mark rober makes a flamethrowing-cybertruck
Reece Walker
Reece Walker 2 days ago
The Freddy Kruger face colour looks so weird
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell 3 days ago
Marks joke: Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man badOrange man bad Orange man badOrange man bad Orange man badOrange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man badOrange man badOrange man badOrange man bad Orange man bad v Orange man badOrange man badOrange man badOrange man badvOrange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad Orange man bad
Mini Thaiboxer
Mini Thaiboxer 4 days ago
6:33 mark pushes his mentos in
Andres Gutierrez
Andres Gutierrez 5 days ago
I subscribed for the hamster
Magic Tumblr
Magic Tumblr 5 days ago
Why did i try to action camera prank with a Barbie doll?? My mom freaked out real bad...
Musa Iqbal
Musa Iqbal 6 days ago
jimmy is the most unfunniest person
Calvin Blanford
Calvin Blanford 6 days ago
5:44 democratics 2.0
william reid
william reid 7 days ago
hes smart enough to help your shark tank career
Sajeda Alhadidi
Sajeda Alhadidi 8 days ago
He got these pranks from 5 minutes craft👎 Boooo ! Mark robores you think you are a genius
Lzy Life Guide
Lzy Life Guide 8 days ago
Ok I know it's way past April, but I'm still gonna do it. Muahahaha
Ernst Haeckel
Ernst Haeckel 12 days ago
Hmmm so keemokazi got his pranks from here !
Eamon Martin
Eamon Martin 13 days ago
BOOOO! About the trump joke
happy gumdrop
happy gumdrop 14 days ago
does anybody watch mark rober other than me
KD 15 days ago
Wait a minute...the guy who got out of the car to return the coffee cup had to have been his buddy because he was wearing what I think is a nasa jacket. Why did I get suspicious and replay that part? I know that traffic intersection by the Wells Fargo and Panera bread! It’s nice but one is *that* friendly 🤣. Edit: I mean obviously the buddy is in on it, I guess because Jimmy’s camera person actually captures him from the start as he gets out the car.
Fatigued Marshmallow 0w0
Comon y’all don’t let the hamster 🐹 die
Andrew Wheeler
Andrew Wheeler 16 days ago
your telling me they brought in a rocket scientist to show us how to make a sign say anus? buitiful
NicklePickle 16 days ago
They would have never shaken hands if it was May 2020
youknowmeGP 17 days ago
Handsome and smart as hell, omg when i can be that guy
edward timothy
edward timothy 17 days ago
Wait what? He has a son? He looks very young as a father v,
Mark Pfannmuller
Mark Pfannmuller 18 days ago
I like how the host had a suit and tie and then there was Robert who was just in a tie and sweat shirt
Bob Bach
Bob Bach 18 days ago
oh no, now I am afraid to search for a fake baby prank on car...
Itz_pastel_fox 18 days ago
i didn't want the hamster to die
Belle Liang
Belle Liang 20 days ago
I hear the janitors crying
Lyric Venom
Lyric Venom 22 days ago
If you didn't subscribe, you're a monster for letting that hamster die. Shame on you.
DanHarkless ﴾Halloween, theme parks, YTPs, & more﴿
Really need some test footage of the Freddy backup camera prank!
Robert Stetson
Robert Stetson 23 days ago
Did anyone notice at 6:30 when Mark had to push is the mint in to the coke
motaki701 24 days ago
Would love to see Kimmel stuck on the roof of a car going down the freeway.
michi7702 11 days ago
For a moment I thought you were me
Sabre 24 days ago
Long story short: dont mess with the nerd.
Flaps Down Aviation
Funny how the guy who came and took the coffee off the roof was wearing a NASA jacket and Rober was a engineer at NASA for 9 years. Totally not staged.
Comment Police
Comment Police 25 days ago
Trump picture just kinda irritated me
Jonathan Brandt
Jonathan Brandt 26 days ago
imagine being such a badass and popular scientist that you can roast the president of the united states
Jayden Vazquez
Jayden Vazquez 26 days ago
My grandma is scared of freddy
Leo Morante
Leo Morante 27 days ago
Who is Watching this in 2020 and seeing difference
Adam 27 days ago
thumbs down for the unnecessary and irrelevant orange man bad crap
Counter Dhruv
Counter Dhruv 26 days ago
Adam orange man bad
Lorraine A
Lorraine A 27 days ago
Love mark. He’s so smart and funny.............and cute. 😊
Rithi Monster
Sorry I didn’t mean to offend I was just looking at your com,ent the wrong way sorry!😬😂 it is just the way you said it is what confused me
Lorraine A
Lorraine A Day ago
Rithi Monster Ahhh, ya. I can’t think a married man is smart, funny and cute? Doesn’t mean I want him!
Rithi Monster
Lorraine A you do realize he is married right?
SceNoxXx 27 days ago
6:32 did you see it?He failed!!! His calculations are wrong
Gaz Fan
Gaz Fan 28 days ago
who is here on april 2nd
Beck Iverson
Beck Iverson 29 days ago
jax shade
jax shade 29 days ago
There not social distinting
Eric !
Eric ! Month ago
he's got way more potential to be shown lol
Lars Bruinenberg
Wouldn’t be Jimmy Kimmel if it didn’t get a Trump joke in the video
Pragya Fating
Pragya Fating Month ago
He looks younger and cuter without his hat.
Pragya Fating
Pragya Fating Month ago
I love how easy going he is. It's national television where n number of celebrity come in there branded clothes to promote there million dollar movies. And here we have an actual intellectual person who just came in a hoodie and pants.and rocking it. Cool. Beaware the dress could still be branded
The American boi Tanglao
Everyone gangster until George Floyd died 4:25 R.I.P
Mathias notter
Mathias notter Month ago
Look at Mark's bottle the mentos didnt get through so he push it in very quickly 6:32
The Dark Snipe
The Dark Snipe Month ago
My B-day is on April first
Jokes From The Internet
What's the best fake birthday prank gift you've ever gotten Jason?
Anshuman Garg
Anshuman Garg Month ago
6:32 prank fail lol look at Mark's finger
Arc Boss
Arc Boss Month ago
Dry Fiji Water
Dry Fiji Water Month ago
SVURulez Month ago
*Good Samaritan gets out of his car to give this guy his coffee* Mark: "WATCH JIMMY KIMMEL ON WEDNESDAY!" Poor guy: .... Is a 'thank you' too much to ask?
Marcell Widjaja
Marcell Widjaja Month ago
I swear this guy is smarter than Einstein
Quest Atkinson
Quest Atkinson Month ago
Really trying to figure out what's funny about 4:15
Paddy Month ago
Alma Rademan
Alma Rademan Month ago
I love this guy
back when people could shake hands.
Sully Month ago
I hate condenseding Jimmy is at the start he like "worked NASA and now a RUvidr Cleary things aren't working out"
MmmChezBurgerz Month ago
6:32 Mark had to push his Mento in XD
J Copeland Vlogs
Never mess with a scientist that has humor...
Honey Bee
Honey Bee Month ago
Alessandra Hall
Alessandra Hall Month ago
I don’t have any lamps in my home
The Life of Bippie and Friends!
I only subscribed because of the hamster
Viva il Fantasma
Jimmy straight up made fun of Mark for being a RUvidr
Luna The Cat
Luna The Cat Month ago
All I did for April fools was make my dad an ‘I love you’ card filled with dry cat food
Luna The Cat
Luna The Cat Month ago
:( I was unprepared
daksh chauhan
daksh chauhan Month ago
You could also cover the b in black you can guess what that is
Banana Juice
Banana Juice Month ago
Mark dressesvlike he lives in a parents basement but his life is far beyond that 😂
Zenn Month ago
As if, put the coffee cup on someone else’s car.
Offmeta Month ago
whats better is get some water dye it black, pour it into a diet coke bottle and put in mentos, easy
Sarina Camacho
Sarina Camacho Month ago
Who’s here cuz they saw Mark Rober
Nightpaw Month ago
"Considerable brain power" is a vast understatement
Lisa Henry
Lisa Henry Month ago
For the reverse camera one, if you're using an image, take another picture of the back of the car with nothing on it and when you put the scary image on the car facing the camera, but the image of the back of the car on the back facing so it's even harder to spot
Ian Mac Nab
Ian Mac Nab Month ago
my name is angus!!!!!!
Raspy Bob
Raspy Bob Month ago
And of course this show had to go political!!! Omg people!!! Enough!!! You all are whats wrong with this country!!!
Go go Team
Go go Team Month ago
Colinfurze is the UK mark rober
24cm cast iron non-stick frying pan
RUvid: hey let’s reccomend this 4 years after it’s uploaded
Pizza Wonderer
Pizza Wonderer Month ago
@BincksAnts fax
24cm cast iron non-stick frying pan
1000 subs with 1 video lol
BincksAnts Month ago
Congrats! Ur the 100.000th person that said this!
Kiran Nayak
Kiran Nayak Month ago
As if people only prank on April 1
e rivera
e rivera Month ago
Or you could just shake the bottle before you give it to them
jason chen the pusheen
For the black anin one also cover the b
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