Mark Hamill's Chucky Made Brian Tyree Henry Cry

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Brian Tyree Henry reacts to being immortalized in a Jeopardy clue, describes how getting tortured by his sisters growing up prepped him for the Child's Play reboot and reveals how Mark Hamill made him feel bad for Chucky.
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Mark Hamill's Chucky Made Brian Tyree Henry Cry


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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 185
Diego Pisfil
Diego Pisfil Month ago
Brian Tyree Henry, Sam Neill, Rhys Ifans and Dexter Fletcher should do a movie together.
J S 3 months ago
Who is this ?
The Dragon Legault
The Dragon Legault 3 months ago
I honest to God love how everyone's reaction to the Child's Play remake change what's Mark Hamill was announced as Chucky I know firsthand what people when they were told that Brad Dourif wasn't going to be voicing Chucky they wanted nothing to do with it until was announced Mark Hamill was voicing him and then they were all on board
LaughingHyena2 3 months ago
lilTed.e Official
lilTed.e Official 3 months ago
He made me cry to 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Nathan Hastings
Nathan Hastings 3 months ago
This is for Tupac
Cole Edits
Cole Edits 3 months ago
Someone tell Shazam to shut the fuck up.
Mac Mizzo
Mac Mizzo 3 months ago
Fayetteville NC 2-6!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know he grew up in my hometown!
Caliboss Nelson
Caliboss Nelson 3 months ago
I've seen Child's Play twice already, Amazing movie!!!
DarksaberForce 3 months ago
Same here
Chauncey Etter
Chauncey Etter 3 months ago
yo I could see Brian and Lil Rel In a movie together!!! don't y'all agree
xlixity 3 months ago
Hamill made me cry when I heard his performance in the "You Are My Buddy" jingle. Such an emotional wholesome song.
Todd Garver
Todd Garver 3 months ago
I didnt like Mark Hamill as Chucky. Not menacing enough
SKULLFACE 3 months ago
Finally someone in Hollywood from Fayetteville...
Mac Mizzo
Mac Mizzo 3 months ago
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey 3 months ago
He's kinda camp ain't he.
Chubless The Bear
Chubless The Bear 3 months ago
What does camp mean?
Kevin Csehoski
Kevin Csehoski 3 months ago
Aye he was born in the same state as me
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 3 months ago
4:25 for start of tagline story.
Ronin pdx
Ronin pdx 4 months ago
Nobody: Jimmy Fallon: Hahahaha slams on desk*
Trinity Diaz
Trinity Diaz 4 months ago
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan 4 months ago
Smell farting ass poo fart butt hole Emily legs
Randomizer 7
Randomizer 7 4 months ago
Despite how angry I am that they would remake/reboot "Child's Play" I can at least appreciate that they’re doing something different w/ the fact that Chucky can hook up and connect to other devices witch is a relevant topic
L0L L0L L7L 4 months ago
From what I've heard, it seems they're simply taking one of the unused original ideas for the old movie and adapting it for a modern movie. I gotta say, I think it's pretty interesting. Though why they still call him Chucky instead of Buddy like in the original drafts, I think it's just because of the name recognition despite the fact that both being killer dolls are probably the one thing they have in common.
MearlyBird 4 months ago
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool 4 months ago
This guy was great in White Boy Rick.
Gary Hall
Gary Hall 4 months ago
Jason turned that girl's head around for an entire year?
et 4 months ago
lol, now that's some traumatizing mess right there.
Link The Ripper
Link The Ripper 4 months ago
Ernie Coney
Ernie Coney 4 months ago
Jimmy is cringe now, how tf does he still do the nervous host gimmick 5 years in. I loved when he first started, and i even loved his version of the Late Show. But damn man
Sal Capone
Sal Capone 3 months ago
Ernie Coney Like most late night tv hosts today that are mediocre, they all mostly generally try to be politically correct and liberal.
Jordan Bryant
Jordan Bryant 3 months ago
He always been cringe. Hes a great entertainer but not talkshow host.
James Kelly
James Kelly 3 months ago
From what I hear, he drinks a lot, maybe the DTs?
Jarion Jackson
Jarion Jackson 4 months ago
Mike’s mom is the one that got killed in the car in the trailer😱😱😱😱
D Pleasy
D Pleasy 4 months ago
Bruuuhh wttfff
Chandra Star
Chandra Star 4 months ago
Brian wearing pounamu. Kiwi jade necklace for all you non kiwis.
Jered Steadman
Jered Steadman 4 months ago
Until he returns to the island 😀
The Noob Network
The Noob Network 4 months ago
Worst beard goes to Jimmy haha
ѕcore_ ѕнaĸυr on ιnѕтagraм
There's no movie or series that will ever scare me
Sukari Williams
Sukari Williams 3 months ago
@T C whoa, just take it easy man
T C 4 months ago
ѕcore_ ѕнaĸυr on ιnѕтagraм shutup you punk son of a bitch
Ty The Healer
Ty The Healer 4 months ago
I feel like Brian's actual swag is so much better than any character he ever played. He's one of the celebrities I just want to smoke with and talk about the universe. Cool ass guy
Chip Hargis
Chip Hargis 4 months ago
This is total bullshit. This chunky movie looks fucking horrendous
eMdotcomTV 4 months ago
....something is off about dude... and this interview is awkward too...
Flippy the Solider bear
The clip begins at 5:12
Natalie Zelante
Natalie Zelante 4 months ago
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! ❤🔪 I love Brad Dourif, and in my eyes He's always going to be the One & Only chucky to me. But you can bet your ASS I'M GOING TO SEE THIS IN THEATERS BiiiiiiTCH 🤩🤩
Beard Of Horrors
Beard Of Horrors 4 months ago
It’s crazy how all 4 of the main characters from Atlanta are in almost every movie you see on the big screen now
Bill Clay
Bill Clay 4 months ago
They are a very talented crew which explains the greatness of that show. I wasnt being sarcastic just adding to your comment.
LANDONS POV 4 months ago
He is ewwwwwwwww
Tenjin Ikeda
Tenjin Ikeda 4 months ago
Had a similar childhood experience. I’m the youngest only boy and I was taken to so many horror films that weren’t appropriate me.
King 2202
King 2202 4 months ago
"Mark Hamil....Luke Skywalker, himself".....well yeah, but also.....you know what, nevermind, lol.
Hunter Raby
Hunter Raby 4 months ago
Mark Hamil = joker Hamil in childs play Brian in joker movie and childs play Coincidence?
Cole Edits
Cole Edits 3 months ago
"... I THINK NOT!..."
Ben Gates
Ben Gates 4 months ago
Checkmate, Atheists
Wayne's Hammer
Wayne's Hammer 4 months ago
Short Star Wars Essays
Hunter Raby smh
Rodney Lewis
Rodney Lewis 4 months ago
Friday the 13th part 8 is my favorite
Chubless The Bear
Chubless The Bear 3 months ago
🗽+🔪= 🚮
Zach 4 months ago
Look, I'm happy for all the ATL cast for all their big screen and mainstream success lately, but I miss the show already. Season 3 can't come soon enough!
Beard Of Horrors
Beard Of Horrors 4 months ago
For real. Normally 1 or 2 will hit it big, but all 4 of them are in every thing lately on the big screen
MrMovieLover 4 months ago
We need Atlanta season 3
youngbricks yg
youngbricks yg 4 months ago
Friday the 13th is so garbage, I regret ever watching them
Harley Hotchis
Harley Hotchis 4 months ago
Is it just me or has jimmy run out of funnyness
Marvel. Thalia
Marvel. Thalia 4 months ago
like 3 years ago
Muzzamil Alli
Muzzamil Alli 4 months ago
Brian going to be the next big actor!! Love this man 👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾✊🏾
Mohammad 4 months ago
"Owe them nothing .. it's called trauma " .. may i say i felt that 😩
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 4 months ago
Chucks is Terminator now
Goji THRILLER16 4 months ago
Nice that his first Friday the 13th movie was the same as mine
Kevin L
Kevin L 4 months ago
I had a my buddy dolly when I was little and after child's play I was afraid of that thing for a bit for sure lol.
CBright7831 4 months ago
Some people think Chucky is a joke, but to us 90's kids.....he was nightmare fuel.
Z's_ World
Z's_ World 3 months ago
ik im not a 90's kid but i watched it all the time...and yeah...NIGHTMARE FUEL INDEED...😂😂
J&J vape and publicly disabled
@Freshbite575 your mom does
Frankie269 Jones
Frankie269 Jones 3 months ago
Yes he was. That was pure terror for me when I was a kid. That feeling of nightmare terror no other generation will ever understand. Nightmare on elm Street and chucky were terrifying for me
Arthur Sliker
Arthur Sliker 3 months ago
Couldn't watch the first one for awhile
J&J vape and publicly disabled
He wasnt until 1991 when childs play 3 became the comedy stock for chucky abd even after curse he failed to make a good movie thats why mancini had to start a tv series soon and why chucky stopped going to theaters until this reboot and damn it was amazing
Douglas Quaid
Douglas Quaid 4 months ago
So fake fallons laugh
Fat Boy
Fat Boy 4 months ago
Ayyee another man from the ville
deloy Jr Edwards
deloy Jr Edwards 4 months ago
Poltergeist Sh****************t
PUNK STAR 4 months ago
So happy that everybody in Atlanta is winning right now. Unfortunately that means we probably won’t get season 3 for a while 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤑😂
Putins Cat
Putins Cat 4 months ago
Is Jimmy on coke? Why is he always spazing?
Luca Glio
Luca Glio 4 months ago
He touches his noes quite often so who knows 👀
Ru Pe
Ru Pe 4 months ago
What is on his neck? It looks like something like my grandmother.
Desu Chan
Desu Chan 4 months ago
I’m glad I found this. Someone’s gotta put this on Twitter!!
Scobie Whitebeans
Scobie Whitebeans 4 months ago
Why is it called Fayettenam?
Scobie Whitebeans
Scobie Whitebeans 4 months ago
@Munney PTE thank you!
Scobie Whitebeans
Scobie Whitebeans 4 months ago
@raymond brannon thank you!
Munney PTE
Munney PTE 4 months ago
Because it's a well known military city next to Ft Bragg base. Also it's called 2-6 because of the famous 2-6 infantry
raymond brannon
raymond brannon 4 months ago
Scobie Whitebeans Most likely due to violence that occurs in the town, I’m not from there but that would make sense
WuTang Gyarados
WuTang Gyarados 4 months ago
Wow DJ Akademiks got on the Tonight Show!
J the Don
J the Don 4 months ago
Does brian tyree know J. Cole?
Gerald Boney
Gerald Boney 4 months ago
It's possible, but the city isn't so small that everyone knows each other, lol
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