Mark Cuban Owns Skip Bayless!

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Espn First Take, After Lebron wins nba championship, Mark Cuban Calls Out Skip Bayless
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Jun 22, 2012




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Comments 80
John Christou
I'm European (greek).. how is it possible such an ignorant guy (in terms of tactics and reading the game) be a sports journalist.. OH MY GOD HE KNOWS NOTHING! I tell you he could never do this kind of job in Euroleague.. HE JUST COULDN'T.. fans knowledge is in far greater level than his!
wea kio
wea kio Day ago
Skip is an idiot!
Ron Smith
Ron Smith Day ago
Cuban killed skip
Michael Owens
Michael Owens 3 days ago
I don't know how many times I've watched this. Never gets old.
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 4 days ago
There’s a reason ones a billionaire and one isn’t..
JP 5 days ago
steven fuckin knows nothing A is skips backup HA
KP 5 days ago
Stephen A. knew to keep his mouth shut lol
Ricks Tech
Ricks Tech 7 days ago
5:50 This simple question just revealed the differences between a Sports Entertainer - Talking about individual players and how hard they played Sports Analyst - talking how the team moved and acted
Zero Effort
Zero Effort 7 days ago
Cuban literally talked in generalities at the end
B4D D 12 3 4 M
B4D D 12 3 4 M 7 days ago
MC fkn'em up lol
Benjamin Bailey
Benjamin Bailey 7 days ago
I have a new respect for mark Cuban now!!!
Eau Rouge
Eau Rouge 7 days ago
MC never avoids eye-contact. Respect.
Jao Romero
Jao Romero 7 days ago
I think Cuban was just pissed that the Mavs were not getting enough credit and it was always about how they won because Lebron wilted under pressure, not because they guarded Lebron really well.
aleksandar stokic
If there is more people who will say truth to this selflover moron,who come to idea that he is so important that players think of him before, during and after the game...man is ridiculous.
George Masvidal
George Masvidal 8 days ago
Cuban knows nobody’s going to watch a show that breaks the game down and talks sheer numbers, this ain’t a numbers show... Keep talking your shit skip!
raedtrab 9 days ago
3:27 - 4:26 that’s how you do analysis Skip you better take some notes because everybody is tired of your cheap shitty comments and „analysis“
Veji Jahaj
Veji Jahaj 9 days ago
MAN the nba was so different back in 2012
Kick him In the face
Mark Cuban for president 2024 😂
rin win
rin win 9 days ago
boom roasted
Serafino 10 days ago
Best part of the speech is the fact Mark Cuban showed up in a Smurf shirt. When you are a billionaire you do what you want. LOL
Brian Boaz
Brian Boaz 10 days ago
I had to smirk a little when Mark Cuban said "why do you run a zone skip?" Classiccccxx
Mr West
Mr West 11 days ago
😂😂 Stephen A Smith is collecting data information. He rather not say a word.
Gaeli Madlangtuta
Gaeli Madlangtuta 11 days ago
marc cuban is so cool lol
Jacob Snowhill
Jacob Snowhill 12 days ago
Skip is a bitch
Fabin Saju
Fabin Saju 12 days ago
"That's all you saw...you didn't look." OOF that's some father-son talk down Cuban gave to Skip
ohmadamn 12 days ago
Everytime this video gets suggested to me, I always click on it to see skip just get mutilated by Mark.
Ryan Pare
Ryan Pare 12 days ago
Skip is a loser. Mark making that clown look like a damn fool. But Mark, stop saying the word 'right?' After every other sentence. Gets annoying
MasterM2k 13 days ago
SAS didn’t want no smoke lol 😂 mark cuban shut it down
Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes 14 days ago
There seems to be levels to this thing
Danny Kim
Danny Kim 14 days ago
Skip, this is why mark cuban is owner of Mavericks and you ain’t. You’re sitting there thinking like you know more but in actuality you don’t. Who do you trying to teach skip???? Insulting players saying they didn’t play hard enough 🤦‍♂️
Crongnak The annihilator
“Why do you run a zone skip” “... lebron can beat a zone” mainstream analysis are hilarious
Javier Torres
Javier Torres 14 days ago
5:16 the ultimate troll laugh/smile
Bigchris Big chris
Bigchris Big chris 15 days ago
There’s a reason marks a pro millionaire! Skips an amateur millionaire
Honest Fellow
Honest Fellow 15 days ago
Cuban: “why do you play a zone Skip?” Skip: “my wife likes her wine at room temperature.”
Switch out
Switch out 15 days ago
Can we bring mark back and shut these fools up again
Abe Jackson
Abe Jackson 15 days ago
Skip Bayless is so full of sh't, Mark Cuban made his case for that very clearly.
Anthony Ciancio
Anthony Ciancio 15 days ago
This is the best video ever! Skip gets roasted 😂
Luka Calov
Luka Calov 16 days ago
Actually Kuban got DSQ after saying that LeBron didnt choke so...
Q B 16 days ago
Who is here in 2020?
NateDrake54327 16 days ago
He had the balls to say Tim Tebow is a bigger draw then KOBE Bryant
NateDrake54327 16 days ago
Skip bayless is an idiot
Sun Rise
Sun Rise 17 days ago
vishweshwar matti
vishweshwar matti 17 days ago
This Billionaire mavericks team owner retired Kobe Bryant's no.24 Jersey jus otta of love, nothing but respect for him🙏🏿
Rohit Roy
Rohit Roy 18 days ago
Skip clueless.Mega Gae.
Nick Finamori
Nick Finamori 19 days ago
And holy sh*t stephen a stfu for 5 mins for once hallelujah
Nick Finamori
Nick Finamori 19 days ago
Stfu skip please n thanks 🙏
Frog Man
Frog Man 19 days ago
Dude I wish Mark Cuban was my dad
B B 19 days ago
Tmac 01
Tmac 01 19 days ago
Lol Stephen A. Wants no part of this debate. SAS: Mark knows his shit and here's why.
Emanuel Pena
Emanuel Pena 19 days ago
Stephen A has a sleeping problem. I mean this loud mouth fool sleeps on live TV!! Lol
Are you feeling it now Mr krabs
Cmon Stephen a your gonna let your guy get destroyed
x0xmadcapx0x 20 days ago
I’ve got to say tho.. Stephen A. made some great points for once.
The Campaign Of Peerless Kent
Part of a reporters job is to sell the drama of sports......for better or worse. Presenting facts doesn't drive emotion.
Jao Romero
Jao Romero 7 days ago
Naw. Part of a reporter's job is to report facts. They're not reporters. They're TV personalities. And their job is to drive drama.
Lady Getter
Lady Getter 20 days ago
I love mark
Big Apple
Big Apple 21 day ago
Killed skip ass
Centered 21 day ago
This is when ESPN finally realized the importance of analytics.
Ruslan L
Ruslan L 21 day ago
Why to they put such explict sex acts on youtube?
T - Squared
T - Squared 21 day ago
Mark Cuban owns alot!!
Kevin r
Kevin r 22 days ago
Skip is the biggest idiot on tv. I don't understand why he still has a job.
darcy 22 days ago
I love how SAS and the other dude are just like, "Skip, you fucked up"
giam kee
giam kee 23 days ago
Molly should be like Stephen A in this video
Ben Featherstone
Ben Featherstone 23 days ago
Cuban : why was he (LeBron) standing out in the perimeter (Skip)? Hahahaha thats so true Cubin wins haha
spencerlynn5 23 days ago
How does skip bayless still have a job? For talking about sports (Cuban is right) he understands very little. These shows are for dimwits. Cuban makes a great point how none of these shows ever talk about schematics. Defenses played, rotations, what could or should be done. Maybe it’s not as entertaining as 2 babbling idiots (skip and screaming A Smith) yelling at one another
MrToaster65 23 days ago
Stephen A said: and for that reason. I'm out.
Y B 23 days ago
Cuban look's like he just woke up from a nap lol
Korey Sylver
Korey Sylver 24 days ago
“You are under the presumption that people care what you say..”. LOL. Cuban for the win!!
Ayushman Ghosh
Ayushman Ghosh 24 days ago
He looks like Quentin Tarantino in the thumbnail
maddness4000 24 days ago
I have never seen a "grown man" on the nuts of another man as hard as skip.
Andre Gutierrez
Andre Gutierrez 24 days ago
I want him to go do this again for the bs skip says about luka being average
Sean Ogrady
Sean Ogrady 25 days ago
Even if Skip had a better argument(not saying he did). How can any non billionaire win an argument with a multibillionaire? All he has to do is big time you, like he did here.
Adrian Carter
Adrian Carter 25 days ago
1:37 Stephen A sitting looking like Bob the Builder 🪑👀👀
Renee Lemke
Renee Lemke 26 days ago
Oklahoma City had it stolen
Renee Lemke
Renee Lemke 26 days ago
Lebron is a top 5 so stop under rating or down playing him
Renee Lemke
Renee Lemke 26 days ago
How do you own what I own??
Sedoris Ferguson
Sedoris Ferguson 26 days ago
sean muza
sean muza 26 days ago
Mark was READY !
juanito conguito
juanito conguito 26 days ago
American sports media in general is straight up trash. I completely agree with Cuban
dingle torres
dingle torres 26 days ago
Skip dug his own grave here. Tries to troll n gets owned
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 27 days ago
Skip you're not a basketball anything bruh stfu
Qt_DraZzY 27 days ago
If a player wasnt playing his hardest, i promose he wouldve been benched. Kd or not💀🤓🦸🏼‍♂️
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