Mark and Ethan Attempt an Escape Room

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Escape Room... such a simple concept. You are trapped in a room and you have to escape. If you fail, the darkness will take you. Ethan and Mark venture to The Basement in Los Angeles to attempt their most devious escape room yet... THE COURTYARD.
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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 100
ITS DAH BOI 5 minutes ago
I have an announcement to make Unees anees
sanszee 2 hours ago
alternate title: Mark and Ethan laugh and giggle while a woman is pleading for help
Lollie Hollie
Lollie Hollie 7 hours ago
5:05 idk man sounds kinda sus
Kayleigh Ev
Kayleigh Ev 7 hours ago
"Ethan, how did you get here?" "We drove" *cracks me up everytime*
Elena Nusunginya congdon
me: being scared cuz ima baby mark: BECAUSE IM TOO THICC
The Comedian
The Comedian 9 hours ago
Honestly, I’d wait just so I could be loved by a doggo
Eric Xu
Eric Xu 10 hours ago
When Ethan said pinky promise the actor for Quinn was so confused
Kipp Jane
Kipp Jane 11 hours ago
How does she not laugh while she’s watches these idiots
TogaGameCracc 12 hours ago
16:12 *Quinn sobbing and crying* "My life is in the hands of an idiot!" Eef: "nonono, TWO idiots."
Cinder Luna
Cinder Luna 14 hours ago
''my life is in the hands of an idiot'' ''nononono, TWO idiots!'' also holy hell that actress was good. remaining in character while basically laurel and hardy are fucking around. mad props Queen
Darth Sparkles
Darth Sparkles 16 hours ago
Are you chill with dying? We drove here. Thats a machine. Pinky Promise? Uncle Ted?
haniiwaffles 17 hours ago
b-but it wasn't a room
Bored_Couch_Potato Lol
I always get creepy vibes when I watch vids like these and how people are so good at acting, I was watching the part where Mark knocked on the shed with a red X on it and a door creaked in my house... I looked downstairs... IT WAS MY STUPID DOG GETTING INTO MY JELLY BEANS IN THE CABINET XD
TeRRiton Day ago
The Girl:Whining And Crying Ethan:ArE yOu ChIlL wItH dYiNg!?
Strawberii Day ago
Ethan: If we die, we die it comes for all of us Me: B U T N O T L I K E T H A T T H O U G H
Jiahao Xu
Jiahao Xu Day ago
The actors must be struggling to act serious
Caution Tea
Caution Tea Day ago
Dude this is the 10th time I’ve watched this THIS IS AMAZING
Megan Daniels
Oml this reminds me of that spider Man video of Mary Jane saying something like PLEASE HELP! and he faceplants and she's like I'm gonna die.. *explosion*😂
Yeet Idk
Yeet Idk Day ago
izuku midoriya
16:09 He's a idiot but he can read
Invinci-Creep 7049
"My life is in the hands of an idiot!" "No no no no no no no no no. *Two idiots!"*
R.S.T. #1
R.S.T. #1 Day ago
"YO I AM STUCK IN A CAGE YOU ABSOLUTE DOUCHEBAGS!!!" literally, this is what she wants to say while these two idiots (whom which I love, pls don't smite me) literally are high off of Nono snow... or at least Ethan want to get high. Edit: Marks face when she said "rocking chair" 20:33
Alassiel Day ago
Mark: “Oh! God, I’m an idiot!” Everyone: *we know*
• Pollypoplene •
I still wonder if they found Uncle Jeb to this day.
Graham Ballinger
Quinn: HELP I AM GOING TO D I E Ethan: pinkie promise you won’t kill me. Also Ethan: yeah you have a cool shirt you won’t kill us
Ret Day ago
what is the countdown in the begging of the video
Thomas Curtis
Thomas Curtis 4 hours ago
Watch their first video my dude, make the most of it while you can
Braden Grandy
Mark: "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" Xzibit: "I might leave in a body bag but never in cuffs"
I laughed too hard at the “rocking chair”.
Plütø Kïd
Plütø Kïd Day ago
bourbon : Damon Edward : twilight me : THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS
Not Yet
Not Yet Day ago
Uncle jeb?
Zelda Crafter
Tono Mateo
Tono Mateo Day ago
Mr burns ‘ \ Lol
Chaosari Day ago
Quinn gave me Linda vibes from The Edge of Sleep *god i miss it* okay bai ima go stay up all night re-listening to edgeofsleep on spotify :))
Lillygrove sun
The person who speaks on the intercom sounds like an anime character lol! I can imagine peagusus from Yu-Gi-Oh saying this 😂😂😂. Who do y'all think of?
9:50 Mark-
Jolie R
Jolie R 2 days ago
I was here :D This seems so cool!! Too bad I'm such a wuss to do anything of the sort-
Dominic Butto
Dominic Butto 2 days ago
The moral of the story is kill everyone you meet inside of an escape room
Nathan 2 days ago
Ethan: He’s and idiot Quinn: my life is in the hands of an IDIOT! Ethan: Nonono...two idiots
BenjaminB 2 days ago
She points out the rocking chair... guess what was beside the chair in window sill... the fuse!!!!
Kateri Warren
Kateri Warren 2 days ago
I've done 2 real escape rooms so far in my life, the first one was my team failed, but wasn't terribly scary, but the second one we passed, but it was actually pretty scary at some points. At the end of the day, I'd say they're fun unless you are very easily scared or are claustrophobic. I really enjoyed them though and want to do more
Novus Talks
Novus Talks 2 days ago
I’m surprised they were allowed film inside
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson 2 days ago
Imagine how this actress felt when she found out Ethan and Mark were famous
whilthy 2 days ago
*”w e ‘ r e g o i n g t o f u c k a r o u n d w i t h s o m e c h e m i c a l ‘ s”*
flim go
flim go 2 days ago
im not gonna lie some of the unus anus episodes are scawey ):
Lilly Doyle
Lilly Doyle 2 days ago
I lost it when Ethan said “Two idiots” XD. Also I love that Mark is like “ehh I’m not gonna kill her”, I would’ve totally been like “okie nice knowing you peace out ✌️ ”
JMW 2 days ago
Never forget Ethan killed a woman in this video
Mahmoud_Amr Allam
"you did this!!!!" lol
Zee Doctor
Zee Doctor 2 days ago
Ethan your gonna get bacterial meningitis for doing a pinky promise with her
hi there
hi there 2 days ago
"HE WATCHES MY EVERY F***ING MOVE" mark: alright (•_•)
PiGallagher 2 days ago
Ethan is so pure at heart, poor soul
James White
James White 2 days ago
Quinn: "My life is in the hands of an idiot!" Ethan: "Nononono, *two idiots!* "
The 501st Failure
I would love to see Mark and Ethan in a Horror Movie
julia julia julia
mark: pee. blood. SEMEN kyle literally just trying to do his job: :|
Nathan W.
Nathan W. 2 days ago
bruhhhh they need to focus on different things
frank Hauber
frank Hauber 3 days ago
I wanna see the puppys
Sushi Roll UwU
Sushi Roll UwU 3 days ago
Quinn: *serious* Mark and Ethan: no❤️
Fix For Fun
Fix For Fun 3 days ago
10:08 The girl reading the letter was really scary. Congratulations on your performance!
Leah Ferber
Leah Ferber 3 days ago
Uhhh is no one going to mention how Quinn had a girlfriend, no ok. (shes a great actor)
Lilacwarriorcat 3 days ago
i would be FREAKING OUT if i had to do that shit. like legit i would be like Quinn.
Louise Charpentier
When they met that lady Ethan sounded like he was trying to calm down a 5 year old lost in a mall, and Mark looked like he thought he was at a meet and greet or something
Kat M
Kat M 3 days ago
16:08 My life is in the hands of an idiot!! No, no, no...two idiots.
Taffy And Friends
dUdE i ThInK sHe mIgHt bE hIgH Yeah no shit
Unicorn 666
Unicorn 666 3 days ago
I wanted to see the puppies 😔
Myst the Hedgehog
I feel so bad for the actress who plays Quinn lmao, they're taking the piss out of her
Hattie smith
Hattie smith 3 days ago
“My life is in the hand of an idiot” “No no no two idiots”😂💀
Nurul Nabila
Nurul Nabila 3 days ago
the fact they considered fighting edward at first ended me
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth R 3 days ago
As soon as that crawl space opened up I woulda demanded a refund
Melonboy 44
Melonboy 44 3 days ago
Bodly fluids...
Aaron Whitney
Aaron Whitney 3 days ago
Quinn: I don't wamt to die in a cage! Mark: I mean, NO ONE wants to die in a cage, but death is inevitable, right?
Ashley Frost
Ashley Frost 3 days ago
All those episodes of outlast finally coming true.
Megan Chisholm
Megan Chisholm 3 days ago
"MY LIFE IS IN THE HANDS OF AN IDIOT!?" ethan: "nonononononononono ... TWO idiots."
Jib Domado
Jib Domado 3 days ago
me hearing mark pronounce my name: 👁👄👁 well its close to pronouncing Jeb but....still 👁👄👁
¿AvieAppleTree? 3 days ago
After he shut the freezer door and was like, "He'll be fine." I got an ad and the first words said were "What shoukd we do with him?"
Lidy 3 days ago
Hey Mark and Ethan
Elvice OS
Elvice OS 4 days ago
16:13 LMAOOOO "TWO IDIOTS" I love that pair. They're so goddamn funny.
Book Nerd
Book Nerd 4 days ago
Ethan was honest to god scared and Mark was just being an asshole. 😂😂
First Last
First Last 4 days ago
I know they were saying the name of their special place, but that censorship made it sound like n!&&@
Queen Ray
Queen Ray 4 days ago
the girl playing Quinn was an incredible actress, she never broke character and it surprised she didn’t start laughing
Yeri loves Herself
Finn Bell
Finn Bell 4 days ago
So goddamn funny
YeleeXGaming 4 days ago
Ashes to Ashes.. Dust to Dust.. Your gonna burn with the rest of us
Ask WHAMMY 4 days ago
I loved this video
Video Games only
Video Games only 4 days ago
Quinn is a great actress imagine having to keep a straight face when you ask someone how did you get there and they say we drove here
DoubleJams 4 days ago
Girl Cop:*freaking out* Ethan:"U got a cool shirt 9:15
Adrianna Holder
Adrianna Holder 4 days ago
And this why I won't go thei.
Angie Acevedo
Angie Acevedo 4 days ago
I lost it at burpies
ArtemisTheWitch 4 days ago
This is some resident evil biohazard bs and I love it, where is the green herbs!? 🌿
Sarril 4 days ago
"My life is in the hands of an idiot?!" No no no no no no no, two idiots. *spits my drink*
noel 4 days ago
i am CRYING he said listen i didn't take my add meds today
sad noises
sad noises 4 days ago
im still so happy this was my brithday video
Ice Cream Maniac
Ice Cream Maniac 4 days ago
Yo i got in trouble for laughing to much XD
Goatqueen 5 days ago
ive done it lol
james timmons
james timmons 5 days ago
yo this is the house and backyard in that game you played mark!! uhm resident evil 7!!!!
Riley Gilson
Riley Gilson 5 days ago
So my life is in the hands of an idiot no 2 idiots 😂😂😂
Arithma Kitten
Arithma Kitten 5 days ago
Why is Mark just holding this fucking head it’s hilarious
rebeca 5 days ago
Quinn: MY LIFE IS IN THE HANDS OF AN IDIOT! Ethan: No no no no Two idiots i laughed so hard at this
Seanderson 5 days ago
Nobody: Not a soul: Ethan: *So We'rE goNNa fuCk aROunD wiTH soMe chEMIchALs*
Spleens The Cat
Spleens The Cat 5 days ago
Oh we killed someone.... Welp. The world moves on.
XMilkDub _StudiosX
Mk I legit was on the verge of tears when Quinn died :/
Got Em
Got Em 5 days ago
This is probably my favorite one
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