Mark and Ethan Attempt an Escape Room

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Escape Room... such a simple concept. You are trapped in a room and you have to escape. If you fail, the darkness will take you. Ethan and Mark venture to The Basement in Los Angeles to attempt their most devious escape room yet... THE COURTYARD.
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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 12 254
Star's Galaxy
Star's Galaxy 2 hours ago
Just rewatching cause it’s the FRIST video I ever watched
Read and Write
Read and Write 4 hours ago
*Mark* Maybe I should cry for help *Quinn* Maybe I should kill myself *Ethan* Blame it on my ADD, baby
M Isa
M Isa 4 hours ago
15:28 What medicines?
JB Gaming
JB Gaming 5 hours ago
Man i wish the gang would make more vids like this one
Erin Shipinski
Erin Shipinski 6 hours ago
I would be straight up puking and bawling at this
Tina Tavakoli
Tina Tavakoli 6 hours ago
Please make another scape room video i LOVE THIS MASTERPIECE ❤️❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼
Selah Cooper
Selah Cooper 9 hours ago
Quinn "how did you get here?" Ethan "oh we drove here"
katherine stokes
katherine stokes 11 hours ago
Wait did she actually die or is it a actor
Hailey willock
Hailey willock 11 hours ago
This was SO COOL
Bear dude
Bear dude 11 hours ago
haha these goofy guys in this serious situation
Brbr Deng
Brbr Deng 13 hours ago
Ethan: *hands flowers to a girl locked in a cage, begging for them to let her out* Mark: aw
Faraway Brawl Hacks
Faraway Brawl Hacks 13 hours ago
This was probably my favorite video of all of them so far up to this one
HunterRichardsTV 14 hours ago
Why didn’t we get to see the puppies.
Grayson K
Grayson K 15 hours ago
i need more of this...more escape room LMAO
Goode Inc.
Goode Inc. 16 hours ago
Okay, but Quinn is a really good actress!! Hollywood, hire her immediately!
Michelle Guevara
Michelle Guevara 16 hours ago
“Just chill out” I LAUGHED
Michelle Guevara
Michelle Guevara 16 hours ago
“beast in my home” mark: 😯👈🏼 me ?
Jen Nash
Jen Nash 18 hours ago
Mark and ethan: is it Danny daylois? Man: no. Mark and eathan: ITS DANNY DAYLOIS
Cats12SomthingOrAnother cats
Quinn: *practically telling them she needs to die* Mark: NO
Kevin Rod
Kevin Rod 18 hours ago
The man just trying to give. Safety provisions Ethan and mark: THERE IS SEMEN IN THE VIALS!!!
Joe Mazzello’s emergency dairy pills Milk
You’re so smol
Morgan Gassaway
Morgan Gassaway 19 hours ago
Medic from the hit game Team Fortress 2
Quinn: “MY LIFE IS IN THE HANDS OF AN IDIOT” Ethan: “ nah nah nah nah, TWO idiots”
ThatHufflepuffGirl 21
The effort this place is doing is amazing. I would totally love to do this!
Jessica Serius
Jessica Serius 22 hours ago
"My life is in the hands of an idiot! " Ethan: "no, no, two idiots"
Katelyn Wallace
Katelyn Wallace 22 hours ago
ethan and mark do their best to save quinn but in the end, they just couldn't win
Jessica Serius
Jessica Serius 22 hours ago
Mark:"Oh well there's a kay, and a dead body" Amy:"oh, what kind of key? "
AydenA 22 hours ago
That girl is tryna do here job and act and mark is making jokes
john leasure
john leasure 23 hours ago
ethan is a sacrycat
Abbi Philippe
Ethan: if we die we die it comes for all of us Random guy talking to them: um... Yeah.... Sure... I feel like Ethan made that poor guy super uncomfortable 😂😂😂
Equius Zahhak
Ethan looks like joey mills p.s. Don't judge me
Zozza Cartoons
Mark: makes a big speech about death and quin Also mark: holds a head
RandyJW1 Day ago
Quinn dies Ethan: You did this!
Cyrus McWind
Cyrus McWind Day ago
"IVE GOTTA FLANG!" "Yeah, it's called a flang...."
Emersoo 1006
Emersoo 1006 Day ago
*officer Quinn literally knowing SHES about to die and never got to say goodbye to her girlfriend* Ethan: man I feel that. Bad days come for all of us dude. just gotta keep on truckin
Shainaivy Day ago
Mark admits that he is thicc
Mindless Dreamer
“YOU THINK I CAN FIT MY THICC ASS THROUGH THAT?!” Omg mark you’re killing me 😂🤣
Lemon Boy
Lemon Boy Day ago
Quinn: being a great actor and staying to the storyline Ethan: Pinky promise?
Joy Freg
Joy Freg Day ago
just dude up the situation a lil more just say brah more.
Tech T4nk
Tech T4nk Day ago
Taylor Jayde
Taylor Jayde Day ago
Scared the living hell outta me when he said release the hounds
Floopus Doopus
The police lady was a really good actress
-TY- Day ago
das ist sehr episch
Harpes Day ago
they didn't even get out
Taylor Jayde
Taylor Jayde Day ago
Harpes Day ago
the costume make-up ain't that good
fluxionaljj Day ago
quinn and lily said gay rights
Mikkeltron Day ago
Hey i'm Mark😂👌
Noah Plays Minecraft
No one: Not a soul: Quinn:MY LIFE IS IN THE HANDS OF AN IDIOT?! Ethan: no Two idiots
Noah Plays Minecraft
Quinn reminds me of my mom in a fight with my step dad while she was on meth and herowine
kawaiiXpress Day ago
If I ever did one of these, I would view it as another floor in the building from Angels of Death
Gaignun Lucid
Note to self: In the event of being stuck in a stressful situation with Ethan, kill Ethan or he WILL get you killed.
Harrison Ingalls
The poor lady dealing with marks sass😂😂
Shannon Ovadal
Ethan: I'm scared! Mark: *I'M TOO THICC* Ethan: **still whimpering** Mark: *YOU THINK I CAN FIT MY THICC ASS IN THERE?!*
Kayla Shugart
“Like a concert?” LMAOOO
Keevashin Naidoo
Quinn in desperation: Look I want you guys to get out Mark: *Laughs* 21:24
Corey Jae
Corey Jae Day ago
If you actually cannot win without killing Quinn I would not win. I Stan my lesbian cop sister and would die before killing her.
McChrispi 2 days ago
negima112 2 days ago
0:18"If your life is in danger. Oh well" Where can i get a relaxing job like that???
Jonpon 2 days ago
i'm just hoping quinn at least had a fun time listening to two idiots
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