Mario & Luigi: Super Anime Brothers

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Mario and Luigi go on a bizarre adventure, and then suffer the ultimate anime betrayal! D:
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written and Animated by Pegbarians
Voice of Mario and Luigi by Florian Walraven
Voice of Anime Mario by Alex Walker Smith
Voice of Anime Luigi by Blake Swift
Voice of Anime Gooigi by Mick Lauer
Sound design and mix by Tom Polkamp
Music curated by Jason Dewey
Additional music Composed by Alex Walker Smith
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Luigi's Favourite Bro:
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Mashed end theme by: Liam Tate
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Sep 12, 2019




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Comments 14 120
mashed 4 months ago
First comment! Who wins in this 3-way fight? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!! 🌋🌋🌋
Tian Yang
Tian Yang 2 hours ago
Aa Bb
Aa Bb 3 days ago
@Nightcore YuGiOh AMV *
呂岳勳 14 days ago
mashed 人員實際上是有多大的問題
Doodle Doodle
Doodle Doodle 16 days ago
KoolTimYT 47 minutes ago
Wait a minute, in Super Mario Galaxy. Can’t Luigi run faster and jump higher than Mario?
Adventures of Luigi
Adventures of Luigi 50 minutes ago
Double cross🤞🤞
Ultra Jacksgaming
0:28 when I fall in the lava and lose my last life but my friend still has 5
mathis Peterson
Just Mario kill a human with Cappy
Flamingo fan
Flamingo fan 4 hours ago
Mario's super adventure
Nova 6 hours ago
*sees ghost* Luigi: NIGERUNDAYOOOO
Oscar Ayala
Oscar Ayala 6 hours ago
Odd Pokémon
Odd Pokémon 6 hours ago
Then comes mr L
Hodd Toward
Hodd Toward 7 hours ago
Haha funny jojo. Laugh immediately.
Kotori Chan
Kotori Chan 8 hours ago
Where's waluigi
A man from the internet
Stand Name : Magician's Flower Stand Master : *M A R I O*
Nathan Brotherton
Nathan Brotherton 10 hours ago
I Want Mario Vs Luigi Vs Gooigi
Thomas Sauvao
Thomas Sauvao 10 hours ago
Mario:JoJo Luigi:Dio
Mona Kelly
Mona Kelly 10 hours ago
I thought the time ran out...
Dedrin Thompson
Dedrin Thompson 11 hours ago
I thought one of them were going to say that they used double cherry berry from super mario 3d world
Stranger Channel
Stranger Channel 12 hours ago
In both games we still play as Mario and Luigi, does that all of us #3?
ღ N1kku-Kun ღ
ღ N1kku-Kun ღ 15 hours ago
is that a Mario reference?
Nadja Naira Silva
Nadja Naira Silva 16 hours ago
Hy_LovezCookiez :3
Hy_LovezCookiez :3 17 hours ago
Start: jumping Next: Luigi falls into lava and Mario saves Luigi and guess what gooigi Next next: turn into anime Next next next: push each other Next next next next: does a special move to gooigi Next next next next next: into cartoon This the whole videos
Sinister Chaos
Sinister Chaos 18 hours ago
Nghĩa Nguyễn
Nghĩa Nguyễn 18 hours ago
I think it like Jotaro & Kakion
Groiny Boy
Groiny Boy 21 hour ago
This reminds of death note
Ayşe Kolsuz
Ayşe Kolsuz 23 hours ago
Nobody: Luigi: Wawivo heyp me !!!
Shan Vanoss3
Shan Vanoss3 Day ago
Were you the guy who animated vanossgaming
Ok jojo reference
Faceless Man
Faceless Man Day ago
So the random guy that Mario threw his cap onto is now dead?
Dirt Disrespector
How many mushrooms have you eaten in your life?
Markus McEachern
I don’t know what is better, JoJo or This
Jyavant Day ago
That must be some lukewarm lava.
Kartez Brown
Kartez Brown Day ago
Year of Luigi 1:05
Kathy Cook
Kathy Cook Day ago
CeeAge Levair
But it wasnt even his final form?!
Chloe Ogania
Chloe Ogania Day ago
smurger burger
MonsterBros 1
that moment when they turn derpy again is like when you get an ad that is actually interesting, so you watch the five minutes of it, and completely forget about the video you clicked on
JenriMaicol Day ago
Top 10 Epic Moments Of Anime
Phantom Alex Plays
Luigi and Mario: Omae wa mou Shindeiru Googi: NANI
Cheese Man
Cheese Man Day ago
Number 1 and number 2. None is better than the relationship between bros
Pablo Serrano Ortiz
Who imagines😄 if Howtobasic was an anime🎥🎨🗾?
Eatidal Akram
The lava lookes like chilli
canal da Nic
canal da Nic Day ago
Do you even realize how weird that is? Like O.M.G?!?
hamsandwichgod 1iq
Yare yare daze...
Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vouestarla
Mario's Bizzarre Adventures
Freddy Abreu
Freddy Abreu Day ago
The voice acting, wow!
CuzIamJojo Day ago
Playazz Lacefield
Why isn't anyone talking about the man mario threw cappy on that just died
Kay Küstner
Kay Küstner Day ago
2:26 Maluigie
Treen Toulus
Treen Toulus Day ago
I would love to see a "what actually happened" for this
courtney bubble02
No one else realise mario killed a regular man by making him fall in the lava instead of him
Blox 343
Blox 343 Day ago
When I watched it again it felt shorter
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Day ago
Hmm I like this part of jojo
Mastic Games
Mastic Games Day ago
I guess I’m a weeb now?
[FS] Woomy
[FS] Woomy Day ago
Ligma Dismore
Mama mia! Yare Yare Daze! Woohoo!
Superhero Editron
*They had us in the first four halves, not gonna lie.*
angga campaka
Mario and luigi: i am 4 prallel universes ahead of you
Joedoeem Day ago
Bruh this is jojo's bizzare adventure but its nintendo
GNK Power Droid
マリオ そして  ルイージ 主演: Charles Martinet -マリオ Chrales Martinet - ルイージ
Caleb Johnson
I love this
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