Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Funny Moments - Ultimate Moo Snuckel Rage!

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Moo : bit.ly/1a8hQt6
BigJigglyPanda: bit.ly/1lySRUN
Wildcat: bit.ly/KEOpTm
DaithiDeNogla: bit.ly/1a9sSyd
Terroriser: bit.ly/1ruJMwR
Music from Epidemic Sound: bit.ly/2bvAGyW
Outro Song is HI-HO by [B]- Rogers


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Aug 9, 2017




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Comments 80
Jayson Randle
Jayson Randle 9 days ago
I mean in early 2020 Tyler is getting his revenge against Brian in Modern Warfare
Blake Chamberlain
he even blurs him out when he doesn't have the crown
Christian Barragan
Why did you blur Brian out? Btw if your mad at this game just try do keep calm and keep er goin
Josh_The_ Hound
Josh_The_ Hound 3 months ago
16:43 Next, next
Nightcore AMV
Nightcore AMV Month ago
I like your profile picture ONE PUNCH !
BahamutEx 4 months ago
i guess brian's blurred because of the name?
baller boy
baller boy 16 days ago
@ni06no lol
ni06no 16 days ago
@baller boy in others words, they suck playing this game.
baller boy
baller boy Month ago
@Marlene G oh I was confused also
Marlene G
Marlene G 3 months ago
No its because he keeps dominating them at the game so they blur him out because the don't even count him
Fe Paclibar
Fe Paclibar 5 months ago
I can hear nogla spoot eating lucky charme
ShadowChilly 6 months ago
ShadowChilly 6 months ago
its a simple necesesarry investeryyy
Fugitive Predator
Fugitive Predator 7 months ago
Austin Woods
Austin Woods 7 months ago
When Brock began to lose his mind
HenSt1985 7 months ago
"stooooooooooooooop~~~!!!!!" oh that scream...
Mato_PatoAOU 7 months ago
Wildcats reaction to the bullet Bill is priceless
Ryan Barnard
Ryan Barnard 7 months ago
best intro
fat piggy 6000
fat piggy 6000 7 months ago
Did anyone notice Anthony’s mii Naruto run when he came on screen?
Ryan Barnard
Ryan Barnard 7 months ago
Kelvin Lyew
Kelvin Lyew 8 months ago
I'm dead when moo Snuckel rages
Jaishawn Franklin
Jaishawn Franklin 8 months ago
U suck
Revanknight *jedi17
K brah
Splooshy kit kat
Yeah ok
Kermit the pimp k
Kermit the pimp k 5 months ago
Ok boomer
Gabe Asamoah Jr.
Gabe Asamoah Jr. 8 months ago
dan td m man
dan td m man 9 months ago
SPL1CE_STREAMZ 10 months ago
Why was Brian blurred out?
Lee Griffin
Lee Griffin 9 months ago
Cause Brian's so far ahead and mostly quiet, it's like he's not even there. Why do you think he's called "Silent Brian"?
john Dortzbach
I want to point out that terrorizer was blurred out for the whole video
FweddZ Animations
FweddZ Animations 5 months ago
Yeah I was confused...i was trying figure it out why he did it
Eduardo Lalo
Eduardo Lalo Year ago
There no point of watching this if you do even win
Film Junkie
Film Junkie Year ago
This game is good. You are just really bad.
Azia Peacock
Azia Peacock Year ago
Miss these videos 😫😢
Daniel Gilson
Daniel Gilson 4 months ago
Same :(
The Musicmaster107
5:28 and 6:36 The only reason I’m here
Daniel Gilson
Daniel Gilson 4 months ago
Vincent Walker
Wow brian was still blurred at the end even tho nogla had the crown
RICKY Palmer
RICKY Palmer Year ago
just getting nothing but mushrooms god its like a meme by now
scorpionking 1204
I was just reading through the comments and it is true. They are very toxic
Dirty Fighters
6:14 Holy Crap! XD
UrbanGorilla Gaming
Stop blurring out Brian! You just suck!! Lmao
KYCrusher1 Year ago
Calm down
Noir Angel
Noir Angel Year ago
I think Tyler went into the Twilight Zone
Melee Mike
Melee Mike Year ago
I thought wildcat said “everyday of my shithole life” I was like his life isn’t that bad he plays video games for an living I want to do that.
Jimmy Gorecki
Jimmy Gorecki 8 months ago
Actally being a youtuber is kinda hard you have to worry about adrev an getting good content and youtube shutting down
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 10 months ago
Me too
Christian Williams
you landed on top of nogla when you fell off are you that fucking stupid
Minecraft Legends9
Christian Williams stfu
Brayden Rightmyer
Someone got their feelings hurt
Marvelous Marz
Why did I felt so bad for Brock when he was raging lol?
NightOwl Year ago
Same here
Raymond Cortex
1:48 Tyler: Two of us look under age. Then there's fuckin Hyde from that 70's Show. Fucking slayed me omfg 😂💀
Donnell Harris
Bring bck mario kart😂😂
Bryant Wiltrout
XD it looks like Mario Kart is the bane of everyone’s existence lmao
Its Division
Its Division Year ago
People are fucking deaf if they say "why is Brian blurred?"
King Linner
King Linner Year ago
Its Division Marcel even put him at the bottom of the description lol
Wheeler 57012
Wheeler 57012 Year ago
Midnight Animations
Was it just me or did anybody else notice that Brian was censored? 😂😂😂
KYCrusher1 Year ago
Undertalefan04 Papyrus-rules Watch from 9:35
KYCrusher1 Year ago
Undertalefan04 Papyrus-rules They said why in the video
Timra Durborow
your right why
Trisha Mitchell
You can get rid of yoshi Tyler but that doesn't mean you be any better at this game by changing characters. You'll suck no matter what but that's okay. It's funny.
Eric Selvig
Eric Selvig Year ago
Dolphin Shoals Anthony: "Gawd dammit every f**king time"! Marcel: "I didn't make the jump hello"! Anthony: "I DID IT AGAIN"!
Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall Year ago
1:53 literal watching that 70’s show
dusty K
dusty K Year ago
They got lucky charms and other stuff at the American shop in and it's so expensive.
dusty K
dusty K Year ago
They also have cucumber sprite in regular stores but not regular
VTwinty Year ago
What made this game fair was the Pow-Block, and Mega-Mushroom from MKWii.
Dalton Roller
Dalton Roller Year ago
Blurs terroriser cuz he’s a sore loser, and can’t conceive Brian winning
KYCrusher1 Year ago
No, you would see the reason why if you watched from around 9:35 to 9:50
firebreathing fish
This game is 10% gameplay and 90% screaming
Greninja Storm
After all the bullshit, the game decides to give Marcel a happy ending in Grumble Volcano.
mark swanson
mark swanson Year ago
Who else like is able to feel the rage building up in there chest when watching Marcel rage😂😂😂 (he is still my favorite youtuber)
Joel Hernandez
10:02 were you holdin A?
Adssy19 Year ago
im crying and laughing at the same time
gino semenza
gino semenza Year ago
There’s a reason Brian doesn’t stream this game, because he’s sweating so hard he doesn’t talk lmao.
Ferdragonvale 11
0:01 song name?
Roblox Sux
Roblox Sux Year ago
*sucks up large pp *jumps out window
Kyakukid The Villain
Marcel, You hit every inconceivable item on the map. Lol
Mackenzie Thornton
Why is terrorizer blurred?
KYCrusher1 Year ago
Mackenzie Thornton Watch from around 9:35 to 9:46
Kyakukid The Villain
Mackenzie Thornton Marcel said he was going to blur Brian because he had so many points I think.
Sir Reynolds
Sir Reynolds Year ago
Welcome to the rage corner
Austin Rodgers
did anyone else hear moo referencing 97 bonnie n clyde XD?
Austin Rodgers
@Beej da Deej It starts at 0:45 you can hear him singing it.
Beej da Deej
Beej da Deej Year ago
FAILARTIST Gaming no when does he
Tommy from wii sports Retarded twin brother
The Musicmaster107
5:28 Moo is getting assaulted (Every yell he gets hit by a Red shell)
AkA Stealth80D
Marcel and Tyler starts singing a song from the lorax
Kaiserin Rei
Kaiserin Rei Year ago
finally someone approves daisy
PanchitoKush Reyes
These videos are better then fortnite
EL HOMIE Year ago
I like how old this video is and still people watching 👏👏 these might be better than fortnite
ALONE swip
ALONE swip Year ago
Tode abuse or what good thing your not like that ; )
KYCrusher1 Year ago
pug.パグ Year ago
lol, Brian was blurred out.
CapeMike Year ago
So...did anyone ever figure out why/how Wildcat got so badly out of sync in that one race?
aapelinaattori gaming
I have never EVER heard Moo rage like that, but it was amazing xD
CapeMike Year ago
I've seen these videos...he might go Super Saiyan before Panda or Terroriser does.... :D
Kyakukid The Villain
If you never heard him rage like that, you should watch him play Golf It with friends. It's glorious.
CapeMike Year ago
Normally, Moo is the nice guy of the bunch...when HE starts to get mad, that's usually a sign you've over-done it.... It's still funny, though.... :)
ItsGandolf 2 years ago
Why did you blur terroriser? you could see his name in some parts and tell who it was.
KYCrusher1 Year ago
ItsGandolf Watch from 9:35 to around 9:46
JoeMamaMe If Gay
Mr.WeebFanboy101 your "Mr.WeebFanboy101"??...cause if you are you've had played fortnite instead of roblox
Caleb Shelton
Caleb Shelton Year ago
It was just a joke because of how well he was doing.
Diet Watermelon
Diet Watermelon 2 years ago
Why would you blur him it's not like it matters his Mii is bright red and we saw him before.....so you wasted ya time marcel......
Justin Kirby
Justin Kirby Year ago
Did you hear the joke as it passed over your head?
A G Year ago
EchoLeviathan n you mad
Marina Adams
Marina Adams Year ago
Zion Parker it’s a joke
1020 vision
1020 vision 2 years ago
I love Marcel’s very natural rage XD
lisa semarron
lisa semarron 2 years ago
You should blurred out nogla too. He is a bigger ass than brian
Dodobirdeth Year ago
That's not why he blurred Brian
lisa semarron
lisa semarron 2 years ago
Zion Parker yes
Diet Watermelon
Diet Watermelon 2 years ago
Is this double crossing I see?
Fei Nguyen
Fei Nguyen 2 years ago
i saw this in the action video section lol
Cybernetic Much
Cybernetic Much 2 years ago
If you put it in smart steering you won't fall off the map
Ol' Dreäddy
Ol' Dreäddy 2 years ago
I wish he'd blur Nogla to. Since Terroriser and Nogla do the same thing.
Dodobirdeth Year ago
That's not why he blurred Brian
Nogla is a bigger asshole
Dan Cheung
Dan Cheung 2 years ago
you said this video would be funny and rage
RedGhost 2 years ago
I legit was eating lucky charm s lol while watching this 🤣
SkydivingPies 2 years ago
Lol he blurred out terroriser
ok boomer
ok boomer 2 years ago
Marcel just awakened his rinnigan
Jamie Hoffman
Jamie Hoffman 2 years ago
stop blurring Brian in the videos its not his fault you all suck at this game
TobyTobes2003 Year ago
It's a joke, calm the fuck down.
Diet Watermelon
Diet Watermelon 2 years ago
Your photo looks like a simulated mugshot
M . E .
M . E . 2 years ago
Didn't you here that he blurred brian last video cause he played the game since it got releasted
Rainbow DashAF
Rainbow DashAF 2 years ago
Fuck off
Jake Scott
Jake Scott 2 years ago
Jamie Hoffman keep crying
Jake Clifton
Jake Clifton 2 years ago
I thought this was a new video until moo’s rage moment
The Sight
The Sight 2 years ago
lol he actually blurred out #####
Diet Watermelon
Diet Watermelon 2 years ago
The Sight is blind
Tater Solus
Tater Solus 2 years ago
Am I the only one who lives for Anthony's rage? Brock's is good, but Anthony's is just great
Nathan love
Nathan love 2 years ago
Is marcel daisy because it gives him an automatic crown 👑😂😂🤣
Someone else said that
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