Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Review

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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 reviewed by David Jagneaux on Nintendo Switch.

As we've come to expect from these bi-annual crossover minigame collections, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 packs a colorful and recognizable cast and a fair amount of fun into exciting, bite-sized mini-games that highlight some of the most iconic events in the Olympics. But there are also some duds, including a painful story mode. Even though the colorful and recognizable cast of characters injects a great amount of diversity and personality into the events, the relatively small retro sampling and lackluster multiplayer features hold it back from scoring Gold.

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Nov 5, 2019




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Comments 519
Andrey Ilic
Andrey Ilic 10 days ago
6.4 - “No Sushi-eating contest.” - IGN.
AZIZ 24 days ago
to be honest this is like the worst game to buy seriously, so boring, i liked the Rio 2016 better
Awesome game man...keep it up
TheMail518 Month ago
I give this game an 8/10. It isn't a bad game. It is weird that they gave Sonic Forces a better rating than this game. I have so much fun with the Olympic minigames, such as soccer, dream racing, and table tennis. Sonic Forces is way less exciting than this game. Ign's ratings of Sonic games on the Nintendo Switch: Sonic Mania: 8.7/10 Team Sonic Racing: 8.5/10 Sonic Forces: 6.9/10 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: 6.4/10
Umbigo Cometa
Umbigo Cometa Month ago
Should i get this or mario kart 8? Both are with discount
Bjørnar Pepperkake
Mario kart
david brown
david brown Month ago
Not worth 60
JohnnyXP Gaming
JohnnyXP Gaming Month ago
My favorite was 2012 Olympic Games
Sunny So Cal
Sunny So Cal Month ago
Should i get this or mario party ? I’m lost honestly both seem moderately decent
Sunny So Cal definitely get this one and skip Mario party
none noone
none noone Month ago
Worst game since Sonic Forces
marie splatoon
marie splatoon Month ago
my boy waluigi won 4:15
G Vonta
G Vonta Month ago
Can you play it with control or only with joy con??
Jorduan Griffin
Jorduan Griffin Month ago
Sooooo....no wrestling??? Shame.
SistemaGaming Month ago
IGN - "Sonic is in it. It's bad? 4.8" This is why Sega doesnt localize anything. I had to import Tokyo 2020.
Lightning the Hedgehog
2:11 Sonic Riders *cough cough*
Ven Almia
Ven Almia Month ago
Mario Party or this?
elscarface 25 days ago
Mario party
Duraludon Boi
Duraludon Boi Month ago
Reviews nowadays are completely inaccurate they want you to play just fortnite which is worse than sonic 06 I recommend you tp get this game it’s AWESOME
Jonathan Pinzon
Jonathan Pinzon Month ago
I’m going to Japan in 2020.
Omer Bar
Omer Bar Month ago
Well, everything they said is true. But the score... yare yare daze.
Cannon_05 Productions
I thought the story is pretty fun
Investor9872 2 months ago
Nintendo should have just ported the Wii version over, like they've done with everything else. That version is the better game!
PRO_347 2 months ago
atleast the 2010 olympic winter games and london 2012 olympic games were amazing
Prince Icarus
Prince Icarus Month ago
Manny N it’s more like a party game, should be only played with friends
PRO_347 Month ago
Manny N not really
Manny N
Manny N Month ago
Do you recommend me buying this game?
Fernando Kuzunoha
Fernando Kuzunoha 2 months ago
this game is at least an 8, I've been playing boxing like crazy
mark silver
mark silver 2 months ago
Can you play with the gamecube controller?
Dave 345
Dave 345 2 months ago
Does it bother anyone sonic and mario being the same height despite offically mario is 55 cm taller?
Max Crankshaft
Max Crankshaft 2 months ago
Who else remembers fondly Mario and Sonic: 2008 summer games! That thing was my childhood!!!!!!!
tbic234lightning lightning
They should make one of these games, but Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox
Hastubersan Thegamer
they should make mario and sonic odessey
Hardik Gurung
Hardik Gurung 2 months ago
Sonic heroes is the best sonic game ever period.
linkezio901 2 months ago
This series is never gonna hit the same bas it did on the Wii
SNAKE0789 2 months ago
Imma take a wild guess and assume the same ppl that worked on this game also worked on the new Mario Party
Radicola !
Radicola ! Month ago
SEGA developed this game so your wrong.
BENNY THE bunny 2 months ago
sorry your princees is in another capsule
TheMrfoxguy 2 months ago
Will miis be in this?
RaDD C 2 months ago
“How comfortable Daisy looks” So comfortable is the word people use nowadays. Also I only saw 3 dream events...
Apricock 2 months ago
story mode... why does it even have one in the first place?
hau gamer tran
hau gamer tran 2 months ago
No cream waaaaa
Frank Adjei
Frank Adjei 2 months ago
I need this so bad
TheDarkSkull 3 months ago
The Winter and London version is way better than this trash
Jason V
Jason V 3 months ago
1:38 Luigi is thuggin
2Tb Gaming
2Tb Gaming Month ago
Kristen Kristen
Kristen Kristen 3 months ago
2012 was much better imo and better minigames
MrBullet 3 months ago
after 2016 Rio games this would happened
Carter Bohrer
Carter Bohrer 3 months ago
Does it have rowing
The Legend King
The Legend King 3 months ago
Insane unGrateful Noobs Take all the capital letters and see what it spells.
Falto 3 months ago
C Ez lol
mlpfimguy 3 months ago
IGN is well known for having biases against Sonic games, So take everything they say with a grain of salt.
kawaiifranxx 3 months ago
i’m getting a switch for christmas and i was gonna get this for my little brother and i but after watching this, im not really sure anymore to anyone that has the game, is it worth getting?is it better than the london 2012 one?
kawaiifranxx 2 months ago
SNAKE0789 he loves zelda but i’m looking for something two player
SNAKE0789 2 months ago
Hell no. Get him Zelda BOTW. He'll love you for it
Cruz Clavel
Cruz Clavel 3 months ago
It was not intersting
Elvis 3 months ago
2:13 SA2 and Mario Kart? To me it looks like Sonic Riders
Philippe Bambou
Philippe Bambou 3 months ago
Stick to lame button pressing? No thanks, I burned my copie of Mario and Sonic at Rio Olympics because there was no motion control
Loknath 007
Loknath 007 3 months ago
Nintendo is really losing it. Let's make a party game for the family and friends and let's just not allowed them to play the Olympics between them, how about we let them just play a bunch of mini games? BRILLIANT!!!
Hana Claire
Hana Claire 3 months ago
Too bad I already bought it.
x-Manta 3 months ago
Is this playable on the lite???
Duraludon Boi
Duraludon Boi 2 months ago
x-Manta I don’t have a switch lite but I think it is
Alex Reid
Alex Reid 3 months ago
I thought the story was endearing... .___.
El Mantishrimp
El Mantishrimp 3 months ago
This is the closest we'll get to Switch Sports
TheActs2021 3 months ago
Go Vacation... am I a joke to you ??
Okami 3 months ago
why always the games that i love u give it a 6 score like death stranding or dissidia ff or this mario and sonic its a cool games OMG
1Miro Vera
1Miro Vera 3 months ago
“For example, dream racing feels like a fun mash-up of the opening level of Sonic Adventure 2” Sonic riders: am I a joke to you?
Greg Baylis
Greg Baylis 3 months ago
Biennial, not biannual
Jeffrey Perez
Jeffrey Perez 3 months ago
It really makes you feel like you’re an Olympian 3/10
Riley Parris
Riley Parris 3 months ago
0/10 we weren’t able to see Sonics feet
EX_ST4R 3 months ago
6.4 "at least it's better than Death Stranding"
EX_ST4R 3 months ago
@Kostas Spirou Oh shoot
Kostas Spirou
Kostas Spirou 3 months ago
Death Stranding got 6.8/10 though
Xenfinite 3 months ago
Nintendo 6.4
justin ryan
justin ryan 3 months ago
Idc about the review but seeing Peach in a leotard might have awoken something in me
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 2 months ago
Fuck Batman
Fuck Batman 3 months ago
They gave her hip animations too😶
sportsMike87 3 months ago
Wish they’d bring Mario strikers back
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