MARINA - Purge The Poison (Official Video)

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"PURGE THE POISON" Available Now. marina.lnk.to/PurgeThePoisonID
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Directed by: Weird Life Films @weirdlifefilms
Concept by: MARINA & Weird Life Films
Executive Producers: Laura Gordon, Ryan Ohm, & Jackson James
Video Commissioner: Trevor Joseph Newton
Produced by: Erin Boyle & Anthony Pedone
Director of Photography: Jackson James
Gaffer: Paul Deorio
Key Grip: Michael Suraci
Art Direction: Justin Ryan Brown
Make Up Artist: Anthony Nguyen
Hair Stylist: Rena Calhoun
Wardrobe Stylist: Mercedes Natalia
Custom Wardrobe Designed by: Oscar Lima
Edit & Color: Ryan Ohm
VFX: Ryan Ohm & Rick Gorge
PA: Matt Garland
COVID Compliance Officer: Anthony Pedone
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All my friends are witches
And we live in Hollywood
Mystical bitches
Making our own sisterhood
Whilst society is falling
We are quietly reforming
Protecting the planet
Healing our own damage
Quarantined, all alone
Mother nature on the phone
What have you been doing?
Don’t forget, I am your home
Virus come, fires burn
Until human beings learn
From every disaster
You are not my master
Need to purge the poison
Show us our humanity
All the bad and good
Racism and misogyny
Nothing’s hidden anymore
Capitalism made us poor
God forgive America
For every single war
Need to purge the poison
From my system until
Human beings listen
Tell me, who’d you think are?
It’s your own decision
But your home is now your prison
You forgot that without me
You won’t go far
2007, when size zero was the rage
Britney shaved her head and all we did was call her crazed
Harvey Weinstein’s gone to jail, #metoo helped us to unveil
Truth and all its glory
The ending of a story
It’s a New World Order
Everything just falls away
Our life as we knew it
Now belongs to yesterday
Inside all the love and the hate
We can all regenerate
Stop how we been living
Every single day
Need to purge the poison
From my system until
Human beings listen
Tell me, who’d you think are?
It’s your own decision
But your home is now your prison
You forgot that without me
You won’t go far
I just want a world where I can see the feminine
We only make up one quarter of the government
Like an angel gone to hell
Cast the moon under our spell
Owning our power
Taking back what’s ours
Earth is like a white rose
Quiet cloud of petals cold
A place so corrupt where Angel’s flesh and blood is sold
The feminine is born as new
Studded with a diamond dew
Saw the dawn was coming
Everybody knew
Need to purge the poison
From my system until Human beings listen
Tell me, who’d you think are?
It’s your own decision
But your home is now your prison
You forgot that without me
You won’t go far
Need to purge the poison
From my system until Human beings listen
Tell me, who’d you think are?
It’s your own decision
But your home is now your prison
You forgot that without me
You won’t go far


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Apr 14, 2021




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Comments 100
I love Marina with all my heart. You are such a brave woman with so many important messages using your music. I would love to see you in real life to tell you that!
Ellja Hour ago
Her and Lana del rey are THE queens in my opion
I can not take it anymore
So is she saying Corona is good and capitalisme is making us poor. She lives in Hollywood and everyone should care more about a rich girl with a problem, Britney.
Vitor Games
Vitor Games 10 hours ago
I love you songs
MaJaHo 1111
MaJaHo 1111 11 hours ago
people are eating her up on twitter bc of the lyrics but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the lyrics
Isomer Mashups
Isomer Mashups 42 minutes ago
There isn't an ounce of subtlty, which makes this song very unpoetic. Imo, the writing for this song is probably the weakest in her discography. It sounds like it was written by an angry teenager in 45 minutes. And yes, I'm a huge fan of Marina... just not this song.
Armahn 4 hours ago
fuck them
Abraham Carrillo
Abraham Carrillo 11 hours ago
''And Crawling on the planet face some insects called the human race, lost in time and lost in space and meaning'' - The rocky horror picture show
x dhufhjhx
x dhufhjhx 11 hours ago
The Earth is sorta crying at the beginning
amy bee
amy bee 13 hours ago
Woke garbage.
xepher æther world ヅ
Guillermo Terry Pinteño
Capitalism made us poor, hell yeah! Eat the rich 😈
Laura Ramos
Laura Ramos 15 hours ago
I love it sooooo bad!!!!!
Milen Penev
Milen Penev 15 hours ago
Cool song by Marina. You can check this one as well, modern rock song with old shool sound: ruvid.net/video/video-kAkn2RsNFfw.html
Jindřich Čermák
Jindřich Čermák 15 hours ago
That's the Marina we love! Amazing, great, brilliant!
Daniel Pardo
Daniel Pardo 15 hours ago
So basically, TFJ era is portrayed by Marina in that gorgeous translucent dress and curly hair, Froot era by that yellow onesie outfit and ELECTRA is out of sight just showing her red gloves , red high heels and ofc her red glow lips. Let me believe in my lie ok
Lil Скрепка
Lil Скрепка 15 hours ago
Marina got me through elementary/middle school and high school. I never regret it.
Aleksandra M-cz
Aleksandra M-cz 17 hours ago
Anyone else getting like intense tv series intro vibe?
Tahera Tasnim
Tahera Tasnim 18 hours ago
Such an important message! You go Queen!
толик назаров
Marina, Bravo!!!
Jonah Morring-Norton
2021 Version of We Didnt Start the Fire. Periodt.
Aunna Rudig
Aunna Rudig 21 hour ago
I swear Kim Wilde and Florence had Marina as their love child.
Acidemonz! 23 hours ago
Big the Family Jewels Vibes
Gee 87
Gee 87 Day ago
That green outfit 🥵
Felipe Braga
Felipe Braga Day ago
Marina is a queen
Gantsetseg Sukhbat
Mariane Plana
Queen 🥰🥰 That's the kind of music we need ♡♡♡
Danie Spry
Danie Spry Day ago
Description: “COVID Compliance Officer”. (?)
Meme Boi
Meme Boi Day ago
There’s so many elements in here that are like classic Marina it’s crazy
jody Day ago
i am living for this video
Peter Connolly
not it every time
Luske Bln
Luske Bln Day ago
That’s so her loved RHPS references
Javi Papi
Javi Papi Day ago
Less than 100k views before she gets 2M! Let’s do it! 💎💕
michael watts
Love the Rocky Horror inspiration for this video but love the message of this song even more
Oh Lxla
Oh Lxla Day ago
Maja Mouse
Maja Mouse Day ago
This is so much better than the fake Madonna ...
Macy Or momo
Macy Or momo Day ago
Idk why marina isn’t as big as Ariana grande and billie eilish etc. She’s smart beautiful talented funny her music always seems to have a story/important message... Be better people
Javi Papi
Javi Papi Day ago
She deserves the world
Baby Mario
Baby Mario Day ago
EBTrollFan Day ago
If we need to purge the poison, let's start with social media.
Javi Papi
Javi Papi Day ago
Start with the government and positions of power 🤙🏽
Human Nature by Madonna vibes
ghostmoths Day ago
unknown Day ago
One of my favorite artists
Caranana Day ago
The fact she went from indie to pop then back to indie kinda iconic
Javi Papi
Javi Papi Day ago
Frederic Reid
Javi Papi
Javi Papi Day ago
Let’s get it to 2M soon!
Frederic Reid
💚💌🕳...(* ̄0 ̄)ノ⁷₀¹⁰💕✝💢
That Cat From the German Ad
This mv turned me straight.
among drip
among drip Day ago
this sounds really similar to we didnt start the fire
A Random Ambipom
gives me a headache.
Alfredo González
is this a different version? I remember it quite different when it got leaked by Marina herself
lotus milk
lotus milk 2 days ago
love the rocky horror picture references
Naomi 2 days ago
Alex Scarlet
Alex Scarlet 2 days ago
Coven Twerking
Japanime 2 days ago
This is my first time listening to her and holy shut i am shook af shes so good i feel like i being lifted into hevan💸💸
Maya W
Maya W 19 hours ago
Javi Papi
Javi Papi Day ago
Omg welcome and enjoy!!
Santiago Betancur
totally you need to listen to electra heart they are all great songs actually all her albums are amazing
Halcyon 2 days ago
What’s her obsession with Hollywood lmao
James Blames
James Blames 2 days ago
Violet Hill
Violet Hill 2 days ago
I’m being forced to listen to this
Arturo Triana
Arturo Triana 2 days ago
I can't believe that the revolution will come from women and gays OMG
Javi Papi
Javi Papi Day ago
Yaaaasss I’m ready 👏🏽
Mitchell Wall
Mitchell Wall 2 days ago
as we should
T M 2 days ago
lmao I'm sorry, marina's feminism just screams "liberal girlboss mom" 😥😥😥
xepher æther world ヅ
@ T M perioddddd 🥸🤞
camila calle
camila calle 2 days ago
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 2 days ago
Yes 💕
Penélope Martinez
Giving green 💚 music
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 2 days ago
Patrick Jhordan
Patrick Jhordan 2 days ago
Oxnylia 2 days ago
i love this!!!! excellent
Raul Villarreal
Raul Villarreal 2 days ago
One Month to ANCIENT DREAMS...
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 2 days ago
Ugh I’m so ready!!
Jerimiah Banuelos
And oh yeah beware of Maya the illusion
Jerimiah Banuelos
I like the undertones of the song but where is the enlightenment? Where is the teaching? No reference to gen 11:6 just wearing my colors doesn't mean ya actually joined Marina. Sometimes I do regret telling people anything.thoygh I never thought you'd be one of em.
cyan 2 days ago
Emily 2 days ago
This gives me MGMT vibes
Arturo Alonso Flores
This is fucking awesome, i am here in my laboratory in México all fucked up, turn on the music and appears this awesome song, thanks marina, saved my Monday and my week and my life
jade from the outside world
the aspect ratio rly sells it for me
Šarūnas Belskas
1k people who didnt like with no music taste..
OneSadLad 3 days ago
Cool music, awful boring vomit-inducing lyrics
Mitchell Wall
Mitchell Wall 2 days ago
Hawaii 3 days ago
I like it
Hawaii 3 days ago
Unlike life
cake pop
cake pop 3 days ago
Okay but we can talk about the powerful lyrics she wrote like WAKE UP WORLD
Isomer Mashups
Isomer Mashups 27 minutes ago
The lyrics sound like they were written by an angry teenager in 45 minutes, tbh.
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 2 days ago
Yes such a queen!
Макс Стимул
Marina is everything 💓 Masterpiece, we need more you!! Love you!!!!❤️
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 2 days ago
zeiad ahmed
zeiad ahmed 3 days ago
She's saving humanity with this one
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 2 days ago
lucastiel 3 days ago
Is this a nod to PJ Harvey's "Down By The Water"? Loving it.
MaxTheAxe 3 days ago
i just realized you look exactly like my spanish teacher... 😳😳
Emily yeah
Emily yeah 3 days ago
Can we just appreicate how many topics and issues she covers and still manages to mush it up all together into this insanley incredible song
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 2 days ago
Literally! That’s hard to pull off and i can’t stop hearing it tbh
Tim tim
Tim tim 3 days ago
YESSSSS MARINA. Family Jewels mixed with Froot is the vibe I’m getting here.
Lara Garcia
Lara Garcia 3 days ago
na rin
na rin 3 days ago
imagine lana del rey and Marina together *0*
Javive Segovia
Javive Segovia 3 days ago
wow ♥
The life is music
izzy 3 days ago
Does she even age ಠ_ಠ
hearbeat13 3 days ago
Marina - the woman that really is able to purge the poison. Good luck, Marina.
Oscar Barbosa
Oscar Barbosa 3 days ago
She sings about Britney... You are all witches
Brenda Chavarría.
t amo marina
David Paluka
David Paluka 4 days ago
The way I had this song on repeat since it released! I LOVE everything about this song! The vocals, the instrumentals, the message, the visuals! I am OBSESSED!
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 3 days ago
Yes same let’s get it to 2M views 👏🏽
sceneryooh 4 days ago
1,840, eight one zero
Пожалуйсто добавьте русские субтитры
dieschlotte 4 days ago
i don't think ppl realize how smart she always have been her songs are bops and they carry a lot of messages. this song alone 🤯🤯
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 3 days ago
Yes our enlightened queen
AMELIA WEST 4 days ago
Faith Sizemore
Faith Sizemore 4 days ago
This gives me To be Human, Savages, Man's World era vibes.
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 3 days ago
Yes yes yes!!
lovely laney
lovely laney 4 days ago
the shots of the red lips give me rocky horror vibes and i love it
Goryhub 4 days ago
Cuanto arte
á x.
á x. 4 days ago
conspiracy theorist marina talking abt new world order ..
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 4 days ago
||ヽ(* ̄▽ ̄*)ノミ|Ю⁸₀⁰💌💢💥
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 4 days ago
( ̄o ̄) . z Z⅟₀⁰💞💥💜🤎
Javi Papi
Javi Papi 3 days ago
victor duarte
victor duarte 4 days ago
brasil? alguém?
Eliana Ferreira
Eliana Ferreira 4 days ago
Love + Fear Acoustic EP And The Family Jewels VIBES!
umbrafabula 4 days ago
I’m just crying she’s a literal goddess
disaster. 4 days ago
She's such an icon and I genuinely love all her music
✞ Cthulhu ✞
✞ Cthulhu ✞ 4 days ago
Sorry for being a capitalist
Bubblegum Bitch
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