Mariah Carey-Fantasy lyrics

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Mariah Carey-Fantasy lyrics

disclaimer: i am not afilliated with any of these companies mentioned in this video. All of the products were purchased by me unless otherwise stated in my video. My opinions are not influenced in anyway. the music in the video is not owned by me however a company did not pay me to play it




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Comments 80
No Name
No Name 3 days ago
No Name
No Name 3 days ago
Rush hour PEROIDT
Vamps Belial
Vamps Belial 5 days ago
Idc wat anyone says this beat is fiiiire and her voice for the chorus parts damn it sounds amazing with all the backup vocals she does too wow
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 6 days ago
I think about Rush Hour everytime
Anthony Chobot
Anthony Chobot 6 days ago
Free guy bought me here
TeaTimeWith Lillian
Bringing back memories👉👈
Ar'Yanaa Linnear
Ar'Yanaa Linnear 8 days ago
Happy 50th Birthday Mariah Carey wish you many more March 27, 1970 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Adisha Jones
Adisha Jones 8 days ago
Happy anniversary to the queen diva Mariah Carey turn up sexy 😘🥳💋🌺🌹💋😍🙏😘
Connie Wonnie OwO
Connie Wonnie OwO 11 days ago
fun fact: this is sampled from genius of love by tom tom club! go listen to it :)
Jareth The Goblin King
Yeesh, how many were dancing to this on Tik Tok?
Gaby :v
Gaby :v 18 days ago
por si vienen de tik tok xd 0:40 aqui esta :D
beautiful dayz
beautiful dayz 18 days ago
mariah brought me here
RiotontheRadio 18 days ago
This song is such a classic. I annoy my friend Madison when this song plays (oddly comes on often enough at bars) "Sweet sweet Madison Baby" Doesnt help when we play Magic the gathering and I run Angels. "Sweet sweet Avacyn baby" Lol love this song.
Jana Wolf
Jana Wolf 21 day ago
Kiki Nicole two Lol
if you came here from tik tok... leave
Spider Man
Spider Man 22 days ago
New Ryan Renolds movie
ミTumni彡 24 days ago
Stampylover 343
Stampylover 343 24 days ago
Free guy anyone
Karla Marquez
Karla Marquez 25 days ago
Hate you Tiktok
Luke The Ghost Killer 2515
pug Swagger
pug Swagger 26 days ago
I love this song I know the dance
NeonLight Aot
NeonLight Aot Month ago
I got here from rush hour
john hail
john hail Month ago
The voice of and angel
ItsCrayon Month ago
At 1:31 she looks like Jan Levingston from The Office LMAO
Dwayne Neal
Dwayne Neal Month ago
She sings about love and boyfriends but she cant stick with one guy to save her life
Cinnamon Dolbow
Cinnamon Dolbow Month ago
When I hear this song I turn into her and sing very loud and bad at the top of my lungs
ᗰEYGᗩᑎ Month ago
im from insta edit audios
Richard Panini
Richard Panini Month ago
Stupid Tik Tok brought me here
cashflow2day Month ago
Who else is here because they love Mariah Carey, loves this song and wants to learn the lyrics 🙋🏾‍♂️
Paola Freitas
Paola Freitas Month ago
Rush hour
ladybspink heey
ladybspink heey Month ago
I wanna watch free guy
Patricio Perez
Patricio Perez Month ago
I ain’t here because of rush hour. They played it at Walmart.
jennifer Price
jennifer Price Month ago
Rush hour
Trunks Briefs
Trunks Briefs Month ago
Trunks Briefs
Trunks Briefs Month ago
Trunks Briefs
Trunks Briefs Month ago
Trunks Briefs
Trunks Briefs Month ago
Bring back the 2000s
Kaylee_forever _xxx
Who else came from tiktok?
Cam Coles
Cam Coles Month ago
He's just resting... he's so sleepy
ღ ItsNikki ღ
Dear TikTok users, 0:39 - 0:58
Melanie Itzincab
The3EyedVision Month ago
Such a wonderful, beautiful woman. Zero flaws.
Jimmy John
Jimmy John Month ago
Wake up at the saturday morning be like:
King Lewy
King Lewy Month ago
Tom tom club genius of love brought me here.
Rãïnbøw Çløùd
Free guy trailer brought me here
Bourgeoisie Month ago
*Rush Hour* brought me here😂❤
John Wolfchild
John Wolfchild Month ago
Ryan Reynolds freeguy brought me here
Sandy Mondragon
Sandy Mondragon Month ago
RUSH HOUR brought me hereeee
sharon 1661
sharon 1661 Month ago
0:39 ;)
COTTY Restoration
1995 brought me here.
天狗伯爵 2 months ago
Come here from Tiffany young.
Anali Rivera
Anali Rivera 2 months ago
this song sucks haha
Allyson Gregg
Allyson Gregg 2 months ago
Allyson M.Gregg
Say So
Say So 2 months ago
KidSemplice 2 months ago
I’m actually kinda embarrassed that tiktok brought me here 🤭
Daniel Life
Daniel Life 2 months ago
Yes girl u rock
Jarissa Valdes
Jarissa Valdes 2 months ago
Amazing song
Rachia Kemari
Rachia Kemari 2 months ago
Free guy trailer brought me here!!! Meanwhile let me roll down my windows and turn up the volume
Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman 2 months ago
Screw TikTok. RUsh Hour brought me
Primera Segunda
Primera Segunda 2 months ago
The year was 1995 on a cheap radio, i was 11 and my brother was 5, the sunshine made us feel alive. Im back 24 years later, my brother is gone and all i feel is deep melancholy because i would give anything to have my brother alive. Music truly takes us back, if you're reading this, just know that all that really matters in the end is how much you were able to enjoy life regardless of the obstacles. Be as happy as you can be, be grateful for what you do have and above all never give up.
Samuel Rodriguez
Samuel Rodriguez 2 months ago
Tictok time
Keira Roberts
Keira Roberts 2 months ago
This is literally my mother's and my theme song. 🤣
Debs Bell
Debs Bell 2 months ago
Who came here from tiktok?
Y E E T 2 months ago
Bruh I’ve been hearing this song for my entire childhood and now I’ve finally fucking found it
Clementine Abele
Clementine Abele 2 months ago
I love this song my papa thinks it’s happy instead of hectic
Mel Mel
Mel Mel 2 months ago
Is my laughing boyfriend or loving boyfriend!!
Amanda Agreste
Amanda Agreste 2 months ago
*mE anD mY bOYfRiEnDDDD*
Jaye Batista
Jaye Batista 2 months ago
1995 all over again, and the girl that broke my heart. My soul mate.
Raichells Stefany Vega Quiroz
Charlie damelio?
Takalah Harrison
Takalah Harrison 2 months ago
2020 and it still a great song
cipriano Pedroza
cipriano Pedroza 2 months ago
I love you so much Mariah Carey I'm dying to meet you
MUSIC LYRICS 2 months ago
0:40 tiktok
Clarissa Minnix
Clarissa Minnix 2 months ago
You guys and your stupid tick tok get a life my aunt brought me here 😤😤😤😤😤🤢🤢🤢🤢
phoenix_ayala 2 months ago
Nevaeh Mckenzie
Nevaeh Mckenzie 2 months ago
2020 anyone
i be pimping
i be pimping 2 months ago
Y'all sad if you came from tic toc😂
Elvin Özdemir
Elvin Özdemir 2 months ago
Dann schön kopftuch frau finden ;))
Obama Obama
Obama Obama 2 months ago
Okay, wait the beginning gives me La Catrina vibes
Clarice Fisher
Clarice Fisher 3 months ago
This sure dose match Rush Hour XDL
Uso 684
Uso 684 3 months ago
2020 still jamming to it
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