Maren Morris - The Bones [Lyrics]

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Maren Morris - The Bones [Lyrics]
"The Bones” by Maren Morris, available now off the upcoming album, GIRL: smarturl.it/MMGIRL?IQid=youtube
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Feb 26, 2019




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Comments 63
kj kamikaze
kj kamikaze 14 days ago
"I am the bone of my sword"
Kinte Lyles
Kinte Lyles 20 days ago
Alton Diamond
Alton Diamond Month ago
Suzette Haight loves this song FYI
Blair_ The Great
Learning With Zoë!
I just realize this the same Maren Morris that sing My Church. She totally went from country to pop singer. I love it. Strong vocals. Go Maren.
Amanda Wahlman
Amanda Wahlman Month ago
I love this song
Dick Tator
Dick Tator Month ago
💙💛💚💞💜🤜🏻🤛🏽❤🖤🦍 🔌💜🌧
A. Orgeron
A. Orgeron 2 months ago
Love the song 😁😁😍
Lakeshia Jones
Lakeshia Jones 2 months ago
Love this song ❤️😮😮😮
Marion Rose
Marion Rose 2 months ago
This makes me miss summer of 2019 uhhhh
Christina Garduno
Christina Garduno 2 months ago
You put the lyrics wrong it's not let it rain it's let it break
Veronica Glover
Veronica Glover 2 months ago
Girl!!! Such a beautiful song! Thanks Maren Morris :)
Sophia 2 months ago
What is means "bones"? Os in french I am French and I don't understand this sentence "The house don't fall when my bones are good" please someone can tell me ☺️
Cerri J
Cerri J Month ago
When the basic structure of the house is strong the house can't be destroyed. "Bones" refers to the foundation and beams/boards being placed correctly and structurally strong. In America when we talk about people (physical appearance or strength) we often refer to their bone structure. So she is using this reference in her song when she is describing the emotional structure of a relationship. It personalizes the house reference to make it about people.
Mandi Kelley
Mandi Kelley 3 months ago
Haven't heard anything like this lyrically in a while. She is a solid vocalist! Dope!!🔥🔥
Brooke Daney
Brooke Daney 3 months ago
I heard it from listen to your heart when Julia and Sheraton sang together! =)
Maycee Wilkie
Maycee Wilkie 2 months ago
kArE0921 2 months ago
Same that's when I heard it the first time. I was also upset about Matt and Rudy.
Brooke Daney
Brooke Daney 2 months ago
Also Rudy and Matt were sooo good together!!! I was so sad when they left!
Brooke Daney
Brooke Daney 2 months ago
Gabriella Reyna I totally agree!!!!
Camariya Broach
Camariya Broach 3 months ago
I listened to this song over and over again
Jon Adams
Jon Adams 3 months ago
The bones maren Morris song music video.
kaylee sampson
kaylee sampson 3 months ago
Love it girl💝
RYAN COPELAND 3 months ago
Hxnbhgggyay we ehzhjjzjzjaajiuqdjdjiajj iqiizkskdkkksmxnajnsjjjsassjjasèhhshsbbshhjjojkkkjsjjbvbßsjisdsia saw we saw shams Jj. PwoskjßšGknxxjjdqanzjjzhbbbv??):hihhcbftufhhhhsjjekfhhhf
A Little Late to the Game
I love this song !! Its such a great love song. I like that its a good tune to boot!!!
TaRon Harbin
TaRon Harbin 3 months ago
To the special one that got away damn wtf
Gabriel Gleason
Gabriel Gleason 3 months ago
I love this song it's sad 😭 but it has a good tune to it..
Raider2Pac 3 months ago
Supposed to be uplifting
Brooklynn French
Brooklynn French 3 months ago
Love ❤️
Nikki 777
Nikki 777 3 months ago
The Bachelor “Listen to your heart” brought me hear... Julia did that!
Kimberley babies Frith-Delisser
Me toooooo!
Charlotte Linton
Charlotte Linton 3 months ago
This song is still stupid my headddd
Charlotte Linton
Charlotte Linton 3 months ago
I meant stuck lol
Evony Freeman
Evony Freeman 3 months ago
I’m planning to saying this to my boyfriend that doesn’t like me but I kissed him in the lips now he hast to like me now ha ha so funny he definitely likes me now totally not
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson 3 months ago
Evony Freeman what ???
Evony Freeman
Evony Freeman 3 months ago
I love this song so much it literally made me cry.🤧
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson 3 months ago
Evony Freeman cringe
Evony Freeman
Evony Freeman 3 months ago
Bro I love this song too I only heard it once in my life and now I’m searching it up
todd hazel
todd hazel 3 months ago
made me cry I love this song
Tony bacon
Tony bacon 4 months ago
Nice joint
Pamela Lara
Pamela Lara 4 months ago
💙 💛
Kel Carver
Kel Carver 4 months ago
Reminds me of country Megan trainor
Learning With Zoë!
This is the country singer Maren Morris that sing. My Church. She went from country to pop. Love it.
Embree Polk
Embree Polk 4 months ago
I love this song to much
Angela Kent
Angela Kent 4 months ago
I love this song
Jess dela Fuente
Jess dela Fuente 4 months ago
I spent the half the day looking for this song cause I misheard all the lyrics 😂😂
Damerion Degree
Damerion Degree 2 months ago
Gabrielah Morales
Gabrielah Morales 4 months ago
She inspired me to write my own song. She sings so beautifully #beautiful
Blair_ The Great
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones 4 months ago
I love this damn song to no end, her voice is beautiful, and to make matters worse, we were born the same day like wow 😲 😲 😲
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones Month ago
@lucia a i feel you
lucia a
lucia a Month ago
Oh ya 🙃 guess it’s not that bad of a word and not saying it out loud isn’t too bad
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones Month ago
@lucia a it was an excited utterance, i don't normally cuss.
lucia a
lucia a Month ago
Phillip Jones no need to swear 👍🏽😝
Mike G
Mike G 4 months ago
I enjoy this song to the limit:) In these current times of fleeting acquaintances, the words are appropriate. Thanks for posting.
Nancy Adkins
Nancy Adkins 4 months ago
The house don't fall when the bones are good💞
Brooke Mcclellan
Brooke Mcclellan 4 months ago
Maren Morris looks like one of the teacher at my school #identical
Debbie Spalek
Debbie Spalek 4 months ago
I love this song
Autumn Atkins
Autumn Atkins 4 months ago
Noelle Mayer
Noelle Mayer 4 months ago
I love this song🥰😊😊😊😊
Greg Stark
Greg Stark 4 months ago
Wow.... I heard this song a hundred times on the radio. Finaly seeing the complete message made me cry. ... good job.
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson 3 months ago
Greg Stark hahah pussy
Glam You Girl
Glam You Girl 5 months ago
Such a good sweet song. I met someone recent and then discovered this song the same week. That has to be a sign. I prayed for something Good & Godly. Thank You God.
Tommy Walker
Tommy Walker 5 days ago
Shalom my sister
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones 4 months ago
@Glam You Girl you welcome
Glam You Girl
Glam You Girl 4 months ago
Phillip Jones wow thank you for this reminder. God Bless
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones 4 months ago
Glam You Girl nothing just randomly happens so it could possibly be God's sign to you. Pray to make sure what you're feeling is aligned with God's word because sometimes it's not and you'll be deceived. God bless you girl.
Glam You Girl
Glam You Girl 4 months ago
atiena925 thank you dear
Melena Madore
Melena Madore 5 months ago
Love this song 💗💗💗
Cordelia The Roblox Kid
This should get more views. Great job
Bob Combs
Bob Combs 5 months ago
This lady is the best I've heard in awhile and she is flying with old dominion
Nicole Gallas
Nicole Gallas 5 months ago
Nicole Gallus
Aryana Fisher
Aryana Fisher 5 months ago
Join tik tok I am going to sing this song
Aryana Fisher
Aryana Fisher 5 months ago
My favorite song
Stephanie Parton
Stephanie Parton 5 months ago
Love this song!
Robert Traylor
Robert Traylor 5 months ago
Going j j m m l mnfnch
Laura Bond
Laura Bond 6 months ago
John Swaim
John Swaim 6 months ago
Whether it is classified as country or anything else matters not. This is a KILLER song and her voice is absolutely electrifying.
Sara Schulz
Sara Schulz 6 months ago
My favorite song ever!!!!
Jodi Ford
Jodi Ford 7 months ago
I just got a hoverboard that Bluetooth and I always play this song
Jodi Ford
Jodi Ford 7 months ago
Best country song ever I love so much❤️💕🥰
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson 3 months ago
Jodi Ford more pop than country
Brooklyn Crawford
Brooklyn Crawford 7 months ago
i love the song so much but my sis dont
Akshay Saini
Akshay Saini 8 months ago
Nice voice
Robert Traylor
Robert Traylor 5 months ago
VickiLovinmySelf 8 months ago
I love music so I've never had a favorite song, but right now this is my favorite song! It's very well written, the meaning is real and she's sings it beautifully!!
Jose luis Gonzalez
Jose luis Gonzalez 4 months ago
beatiful i loved
Madison Young
Madison Young 5 months ago
VickiLovinmySelf I agree
Madison Young
Madison Young 5 months ago
I love your song so much😍😘❤️💕
Darlene Fleming
Darlene Fleming 5 months ago
jdgeibe 8 months ago
Great Song. Love the lyrics and the meaning. 😎
ddslickteam 9 months ago
I guess this is close enough to Undertale
Chakey Baby
Chakey Baby 9 months ago
Love this song Exciting for Excellent .
riansazein Year ago
So in love with this song
Rachel DePietro
Rachel DePietro 6 months ago
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 9 months ago
Alyssa Buckle
Alyssa Buckle Year ago
I love her voice
Ely G
Ely G 4 months ago
She can make any song sound amazing!! Love this song though!! ❤
doug evans
doug evans Year ago
good song and she's beautiful
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