Maren Morris - The Bones (Official Video)

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Listen to "The Bones” by Maren Morris, available now on her second studio album, GIRL: smarturl.it/MMGIRL?IQid=youtube

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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 990
Dan Lima
Dan Lima 6 hours ago
Arianna Zucchetti
Arianna Zucchetti 11 hours ago
Erica Savage
Erica Savage 12 hours ago
We're in the homestretch of the hard times We took a hard left, but we're alright Yeah, life sure can try to put love through it, but We built this right, so nothing's ever gonna move it When the bones are good, the rest don't matter Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter Let it rain 'cause you and I remain the same When there ain't a crack in the foundation Baby, I know any storm we're facing Will blow right over while we stay put The house don't fall when the bones are good Call it dumb luck, but baby, you and I Can't even mess it up, although we both try No, it don't always go the way we planned it But the wolves came and went and we're still standing When the bones are good, the rest don't matter Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter Let it rain 'cause you and I remain the same When there ain't a crack in the foundation Baby, I know any storm we're facing Will blow right over while we stay put The house don't fall when the bones are good When the bones are good Bones are good, the rest, the rest don't matter (baby, it don't really matter) Paint could peel, the glass could shatter (oh, the glass, oh, the glass could shatter) Bones are good, the rest, the rest don't matter (ooh) Paint could peel, the glass, the glass could shatter (yeah) When the bones are good, the rest don't matter Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter Let it rain (let it rain, let it rain) 'Cause you and I remain the same (woo) When there ain't a crack in the foundation (woo) Baby, I know any storm we're facing Will blow right over while we stay put The house don't fall when the bones are good Yeah, ooh
Song of my life. She slayed the vocals.
The house dont fall when the bones are good. So well said.
jordan emily elizabeth
my bf got me to like this song. i wasn’t a fan at first but now it’s STUCK IN MY HEAD. her voice is beautiful and the words are amazing. it’s an upbeat kinda girly song so i like how he expressed a liking for something like this :’)
Peter Bennett
Go girl
Kibb Snowden
Kibb Snowden Day ago
Nice song but like many wrong video choice...
Russ Burdelski
She has an amazing vocal range
Stratus910 2 days ago
This song is a "once you hear it, you're hook"!!
Dell666 Lenovo69
Dell666 Lenovo69 2 days ago
tired of hearing this
Lewis Fortney
Lewis Fortney 2 days ago
All I could ever ask for !!! Love you baby !!!
fartpoobox ohyeah
This is about as country as ACDC.
Ashwin pradeep
Ashwin pradeep 2 days ago
Killing it on the billboard well done
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson 3 days ago
So how many times has this happened to you ... robocall ad
ChrisChurchMusic 3 days ago
There is nothing in this song that has anything whatsoever to do with with country music.
Nick Giannatelli
Fuck off.
Taj Johnson
Taj Johnson 4 days ago
I like how it Sounds
Taj Johnson
Taj Johnson 4 days ago
I like This Song
Morris Branch
Morris Branch 4 days ago
Finger snaps & hip hop beats are ruining country music. It's already barely hanging on as it is. Why can't people just make pure country music anymore?? Oh yeah I forgot more money & followers means better streaming numbers & chart positions over keeping it real country these days🙄
Morris Branch
Morris Branch 4 days ago
This is not country!! Why is it even getting airplay on country radio?? Marin Swift..oops I meant Morris go ahead and completely sell your soul out to pop like Taylor. Bout 0.1% country 99.9% everything else but..most new country sucks.
joihnn mulrow
joihnn mulrow 22 hours ago
This song ain't trash but it is NOT country nor even close to it. Truth is it is not the artist, it is the labels and radios.
Taulant Bytyqi
Taulant Bytyqi 4 days ago
We need more of this type of beautiful music, not the garbage they push today in society. I am a dude and I really enjoy this song, it gives me hope...
Lisa-Renae 4 days ago
I heard this song on the radio Monday and I've been listening to it non stop ever since.
Green Rose Consulting
This lick sounds stolen from Machine Gun Kelly's Glass House.
Marc Oji
Marc Oji 5 days ago
Holechaser 6 days ago
The song is good, its a good song. I'm just trying to figure out why its played all over country radio stations? There is nothing country about this song, sounds more like R&B.
Brittney Sanford
Brittney Sanford 6 days ago
I love your singing 😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😌😘😍
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 6 days ago
Wow! Amazing Song! 😳❤️
Tammie Currie
Tammie Currie 6 days ago
Uh this is a great song, but is it country?!
dooshi 7 days ago
when the bombs are good
Psalms19:14 7 days ago
My song!!!!!
Shane Tyler
Shane Tyler 7 days ago
yeah i came to the wrong utube video more pop Commietry
Chandra Schroeder
Totally in love w this song. 💗 keep on keepin on!
JAE SIN DnB 8 days ago
Love it!
osp80 8 days ago
pop nonsense
Harika Harry
Harika Harry 8 days ago
Really good song
Jade Sheppard
Jade Sheppard 8 days ago
Sounds like Turn the Lights Down Low gnash
T Hawkins
T Hawkins 9 days ago
James Bay- "Let It Go". Sound familiar?
Tara Bowe
Tara Bowe 9 days ago
Hey I love you xoxo
Niall mon
Niall mon 9 days ago
Una chica realmente impresionante ❤️😭
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson 9 days ago
Bones are good song makes no sense lol
MissShoko96 9 days ago
Some parts of this song totally reminds me of Happy Now! Anyone agrees??
MissShoko96 9 days ago
Especially in the beginning I think they sound so similar!
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 11 days ago
What makes me pissed is this isnt country put this shit on pop not country i hate it....
Ayesha Michelle
Ayesha Michelle 12 days ago
Love this
Keegan Webster
Keegan Webster 12 days ago
Keep this song off the country stations. This isn't even close to a country song. Good for pop station but to have this under the country names is just embarrassing. Not a bad song, just on the wrong stations.
joihnn mulrow
joihnn mulrow 22 hours ago
I use to listen to country 24/7 down here in GA. Now all I listen to is Jazz music, mainstream country music no longer exist
Keegan Webster
Keegan Webster 9 days ago
@Alessia T Hicktown and My Kinda Party are decent songs. Afew others are good but his recent songs that I don' think he writes aren't very good. Songs like this have nothing to do with country music but are getting played on stations all over the place. Nothing wrong with playing the song on the radio, but when it doesn't have resemblance to country music or tell a story which is what country music is about, then why have it playing. Might as well have rap and rock music being played on there as well.
Alessia T
Alessia T 9 days ago
@Keegan Webster This song is not country by any means. My dad grew me up to George Strait, Clay Walker, Alan Jackson and old Brad Paisley. This is a pop song passed as a country song, just like most of what people call "country" today. But at least this is a good pop song. Jason Aldean has made a living in country music releasing idiotic hard rock songs about dirt roads, tailgates, trucks, beer, and boring machismo. And since he is not country by any means as well, I think we should be criticizing him and people who emulate him rather than people who release good pop songs. Let's solve the main problem first.
Keegan Webster
Keegan Webster 11 days ago
@Alessia T His old tunes are good but his recent songs are not very well written. There isn't one thing about this song that is country base. You can't tell me this sounds like a country song. What is the point in even having genres if the sound doesn't even fit the?
William Shaffer
William Shaffer 13 days ago
When you find the right person but the timing isn't great so you just hold together through the storm so you can enjoy the sunshine together
Jane B.
Jane B. 13 days ago
Oh music is so touchy.... Thanks a lot....
Naïda KARIHILA 14 days ago
k Gray
k Gray 15 days ago
play this daily lov e it
kristin mclarty
kristin mclarty 15 days ago
The very first time I heard this song I was like, meh I don’t like it at all....the second time I heard it, I really actually listened to it and I’m in love with it!! I listen to it over and over some days❤️❤️❤️
José miguel Saavedra
#22 top 100 bilboard congratulations
Pistol Annie
Pistol Annie 15 days ago
Without good "bones" a relationship really never makes it. Am I right?
Mac man
Mac man 16 days ago
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Allison Frederick
Allison Frederick 16 days ago
She slayed this so good!!
Angeline Bena
Angeline Bena 16 days ago
Sadly most people only remember from The Middle. Her music is gold
Todd Gross
Todd Gross 17 days ago
howling wolf
howling wolf 17 days ago
Makes you think. Wish I had a house with good bones
glennosmansdeiros 17 days ago
Maren come to Berlin again. Concert. Your concert May 17, 2019 was awesome in Berlin!
Water pepper
Water pepper 17 days ago
This is the best song about carnivores I have heard so far
Shannon Willis
Shannon Willis 17 days ago
ǫᴡᴏᴘ 17 days ago
1:13 🥺🥺😭
Leonardo Silva
Leonardo Silva 17 days ago
Let's put this song on top 20 of Billboard hot 100, she's almost there, #22 right now, Maren deserves. Let's stream The Bones on RUvid and Spotify.
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