Maren Morris, Hozier - The Bones (Time Lapse)

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Comments 80
Toni Stultz
Toni Stultz 5 days ago
Wow!! This is sooo good. I love his VOICE
Mitch Albom
Mitch Albom 14 days ago
An original painting of Jesus with Mary Magdalene (Lost in Louvre)
MusicAdvocat3 Month ago
wow! nice song and ..er great song and artist! well matched teh Hoz & Maren ..w/the artist too! lovely! TY
Harry Bitch
Harry Bitch Month ago
hozier best
Lenzelle Soliman
Have they performed this live together? Been looking for videos but couldn't find one. Three very talented artists (Maren, Hozier, and Sydney) in a single video!
Valencia Burns
Valencia Burns Month ago
I love this song💓
Andrew Shelly
Andrew Shelly Month ago
First time hearing this. Absolutely love it
Regan Bradford
Regan Bradford Month ago
They’re both FANTASTIC artists separately, but I don’t think they sound very great together.
Agent Khaos
Agent Khaos Month ago
I feel a collab with Marshmallow coming on. Please make this happen! 😍
Alton Hicks
Alton Hicks 2 months ago
She's the Most, Marens the Most I absolutly love her!! And will travel to hear heromg please share, Maren's the Truth and Hozier hell! You already know Do the Damn thang! Im so feelin Y'all Amen!
snowysunday 123
snowysunday 123 2 months ago
I love this song and my mom said Thai is her favorite song
ベジータ 2 months ago
Original was good but Hozier made it 10000x better!!!
Danielle Lathan
Danielle Lathan 3 months ago
Why the hell isn't the artist credited
IHaveAMentalSeizure :v
People should've made this kind of song than drug songs..
James Mackee
James Mackee 3 months ago
We’re still standing! ❤️ Mo Peata
Addison Jernberg
Addison Jernberg 3 months ago
That was a pretty painting
Scott Skinner
Scott Skinner 3 months ago
Ok can anyone explain to me the origin of the saying? I mean artists tend to use 'age old' sayings or adages, never heard the analogy of "Bones" as the foundation of something. Is this something she made up, or have I slept on this saying for 39 years?
SunlightFire Month ago
Phrases along the lines of "this house has good bones" is a saying, just not a very common one these days.
Reina Sotelo
Reina Sotelo 3 months ago
Who else skips to Hoziers part like a hundred times?
Jose Andy González
Jose Andy González 3 months ago
I listen so much this song just for the humming in 1:59 hahaha I would prefer to hear more humming in the middle of the lyrics.
Arnelle Galon
Arnelle Galon 3 months ago
Oh, you thought about me too, seems all too familiar girlfriend!
Devendra 4 months ago
From 1:06 and 1:59
Imiliana Espinal
Imiliana Espinal 4 months ago
I love the song but the song does not go togethr with the vid but love the song
Katie Marie
Katie Marie 4 months ago
This reminds me of Halsey’s “Graveyard” time lapse. I love this song. 😊
robbi 4 months ago
Miss my guy
Amber Heart
Amber Heart 4 months ago
I am ADDICTED to hozier's part in this
kvchoirdork 4 months ago
Love the male voice added, beautiful song
Kim Irvin
Kim Irvin 4 months ago
Cassandra Pulliam
Cassandra Pulliam 4 months ago
HOZIER seems to always subtly fills the air as light and ray's of sun breaks through darkness. He is definitely the real deal🎉. Stay humble and rooted (please)💥
Bailey M
Bailey M 5 months ago
Halsey said you’re welcome
okayalabama 4 months ago
Bailey M foster the people said you’re welcome
Luis Ortega
Luis Ortega 5 months ago
Everything about this video is cool to watch and listen.
Khristina Barker
Khristina Barker 5 months ago
Credit the Artist, please.
cigarettes, pills, and overdosing
rachzainhass 5 months ago
I'm shocked hozier doesn't seem like collaboration type or a top 40 pop type.
Kate 5 days ago
He did a cover of this song on Instagram and she saw it and BAM! Despite the theories, he still human and probably likes any type of music! Some songs just hit you the right way!
Karla Hesan
Karla Hesan 5 months ago
This bitch has sung with two of my favourite singers, how luckyy! She's so talented btw
Hoseok Hottie
Hoseok Hottie 5 months ago
Hozier is an artist that will remain with me throughout my whole life and I will tell stories of him when I'm older. He's just that important to me.
Lerissa 5 months ago
Still not a song I picture hozier to sing. Great song tho
Kaustubh H
Kaustubh H 5 months ago
Dat ass tho
Hunter Tankersley
Hunter Tankersley 5 months ago
I just wanted to see the finished artwork but the previews got in the way. Why'd y'all do me like this?
Moderate FAN
Moderate FAN 5 months ago
What I focused on was the art of her perfect ass
BUNNY27 5 months ago
Wow the Art
MichelleYourBelle 5 months ago
Super talented!
Rj the great
Rj the great 5 months ago
She didn't even looked at any portrait to draw that tf
Justgivememakeup 5 months ago
This song is so beautiful ❤️
Naza Surita
Naza Surita 5 months ago
Te amo Maren
Aishwary Ao
Aishwary Ao 5 months ago
I think the musicians profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession
Rhea Frost
Rhea Frost 5 months ago
I see a painting, i hit like👍
Aaliyah Malik
Aaliyah Malik 5 months ago
Came here to comment "graveyard vibes" but someone beat me to it.
Fiona Berg
Fiona Berg 5 months ago
Someone copied ms Halsey
Leig Vill
Leig Vill 5 months ago
alayna bird
alayna bird 5 months ago
Kristin Taylor
Kristin Taylor 5 months ago
It's so cool to not credit your artist :))))))))))
Tanyia Williams
Tanyia Williams 5 months ago
Love this song 🥰
Daviana Herrera
Daviana Herrera 5 months ago
Um HOZIER OMG❤ loveeee it already
Maha Mohamed
Maha Mohamed 5 months ago
Beautiful painting 😍👌 I loved that collaboration 💚🌸
taykarrin 5 months ago
Halsey Inspired
Audrey Britt
Audrey Britt 5 months ago
At least do something that isn’t already taken by someone else.
Vinci'sProphet🖖 5 months ago
That artwork 😍
Carolyn Neves
Carolyn Neves 5 months ago
Halsey did it first
Kaitlyn Paris
Kaitlyn Paris 5 months ago
I want to hear hozier sing girls on boys by galantis and rozes
M C 5 months ago
Music video is extremely familiar to Halseys
Ken Jolly
Ken Jolly 5 months ago
WOW!!! That is Amazing!!!
Koyote2e 5 months ago
Personally I think it says a lot about a person that doesn’t aim at giving credit where it’s due before talking themselves up, I mean a musical artist not acknowledging the painting artist.
Sarah M
Sarah M 5 months ago
I adore this, but kinda wack they didn't credit the artist... Also, people saying they copied Halsey: Oh wait, now people can't paint because someone else did it first? Lmaoo 🙄
okayalabama 5 months ago
Halsey stans for you!
Femke Beutels
Femke Beutels 5 months ago
We're in the homestretch of the hard times We took a hard left, but we're alright Yeah, life sure can try to put love through it, but We built this right, so nothing's ever gonna move it When the bones are good, the rest don't matter Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter Let it rain 'cause you and I remain the same When there ain't a crack in the foundation Baby, I know any storm we're facing Will blow right over while we stay put The house don't fall when the bones are good Call it dumb luck, but baby, you and I Can't even mess it up, although we both try No, it don't always go the way we planned it But the wolves came and went and we're still standing When the bones are good, the rest don't matter Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter Let it rain 'cause you and I remain the same When there ain't a crack in the foundation Baby, I know any storm we're facing Will blow right over while we stay put The house don't fall when the bones are good When the bones are good Bones are good, the rest, the rest don't matter (baby, it don't really matter) Paint could peel, the glass could shatter (oh, the glass, oh, the glass could shatter) Bones are good, the rest, the rest don't matter (ooh) Paint could peel, the glass, the glass could shatter (yeah) When the bones are good, the rest don't matter Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter Let it rain (let it rain, let it rain) 'Cause you and I remain the same (woo) When there ain't a crack in the foundation (woo) Baby, I know any storm we're facing Will blow right over while we stay put The house don't fall when the bones are good
erica polk
erica polk 16 days ago
ashley nasimiyu
ashley nasimiyu 5 months ago
Hozier's humming could still end careers
Kim Irvin
Kim Irvin 4 months ago
it could end ME.
Michyx 5 months ago
heck ya
Thiên Thần Thánh Thiện
The same as GRAVEYARD...
okayalabama 5 months ago
Thiên Thần Thánh Thiện graveyard copies FTP. Your point?
Jigme Lepcha
Jigme Lepcha 5 months ago
I love it but I just wish it could be different than Halseys baselaspe video
okayalabama 5 months ago
Jigme Lepcha Yeah especially halsey
Jigme Lepcha
Jigme Lepcha 5 months ago
@okayalabama seems like no one can do nothing original 🙄🙄🙄
okayalabama 5 months ago
Jigme Lepcha I wish Halsey didn’t copy foster the people too! Halsey didn’t create this
Anish Bhola
Anish Bhola 5 months ago
Halsey the trendsetter!
okayalabama 5 months ago
Anish Bhola no this has been going on way before Halsey
Christopher Bursheim
jitters331 5 months ago
Frustrating that the artist is not given credit in the description
Zachary Bernard Carlton
Heron Cabo
Heron Cabo 5 months ago
Trás mais armornia....
Heron Cabo
Heron Cabo 5 months ago
Primeiramente boa noite 🙏🏻🙏🙏🕊️ maren...eu vou fAzer minhas pinturas em telas ouvindo suas canções...
Heather Juhola
Heather Juhola 5 months ago
I sooooo need a mansion just so I could have nothing and then ... Then CREATE! ❤️. Great song. Inspiring.. Thank You. 💓
Aurelia Rose
Aurelia Rose 5 months ago
*whispers* I see somebody watched graveyard
Aurelia Rose
Aurelia Rose 5 months ago
okayalabama 🤭🤭🤭
okayalabama 5 months ago
Aurelia Rose **whispers** I see Halsey has watched foster the people
Karissa Silverstein
Karissa Silverstein 5 months ago
Didn't Halsey just do a video like this for Graveyard? 🙄 Edit: this artist is pretty amazing tho!
okayalabama 5 months ago
Yes...? Your point?
An k
An k 5 months ago
a cool song
Tiffany Jane
Tiffany Jane 5 months ago
Hozier’s voice is fucking magical
Alisson Esteves
Alisson Esteves 5 months ago
Squidinsweaters 5 months ago
I can’t even be mad at Hozier for doing a pop song. That voice is unreal.
Logan Meyer
Logan Meyer 27 days ago
@Kim Irvin but maren is still country, taylor is not anymore
Kim Irvin
Kim Irvin 4 months ago
@Liz Turnis ...:::shrugs:::... so was taylor swift, until she wasn't. :)
Liz Turnis
Liz Turnis 4 months ago
Maren Morris is a country artist, not pop.
Kim Irvin
Kim Irvin 4 months ago
it was a pop song until he started singing. and now it is BEYOND.
James Davis
James Davis 5 months ago
Wanna be Halsey so bad 💅🏾
okayalabama 5 months ago
James Davis Halsey wants to be foster the people so bad
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