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In national poll after poll, Mao Zedong, forty years after his death, continues to be an iconic rock star in the eyes of the Chinese people. Many millions of Chinese go to Mao's hometown in Shaoshan, Hunan Province every year, to pay their respects to the man who fought for and won their freedom from Western tyranny and imperialism. Many millions more solemnly walk past the sarcophagus in his mausoleum on Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Obviously, they know something about the man that Euranglolanders (all the NATO countries, plus Australia and New Zealand) cannot see, or refuse to do so, thanks to 100 years of hysterical, foaming-at-the-mouth anticommunist propaganda, behind the Great Western Firewall.
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Comments 4
nachtwacht.dd Year ago
I do see the good things Mao did, however, you can shove your anti-westernism up yours.
XMB 2 years ago
you have good point there..
Tekhelet75 2 years ago
Just like how the west has been demonising Vladimir Putin
Jeff J. Brown
Jeff J. Brown 2 years ago
Yes, empire is so predictable.
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