Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman [FULL INTERVIEW] | FACE TO FACE | PBC ON FOX

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Two titans of their sport collide on FOX PPV on Saturday, as the legendary Manny Pacquiao faces the undefeated Keith Thurman with the WBA welterweight title on the line. Before all of Saturday's festivities, get hyped for the big fight with the full episode of FACE TO FACE. Order now on PPV! foxs.pt/2SrFeKH
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Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman [FULL INTERVIEW] | FACE TO FACE | PBC ON FOX


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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 80
PBC ON FOX 11 months ago
Who will win the title: Manny Pacquiao or Keith Thurman?
Hydra Spale
Hydra Spale 10 days ago
Hydra Spale
Hydra Spale 10 days ago
Keith is loser pac is best Phillipines is the best🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
mjoseph abello
mjoseph abello Month ago
Sam Kokonot
Sam Kokonot 2 months ago
Update happaned i thot many was going to go down hahahahaha karma birtch
prudhvi 6 months ago
@Victor Valdez lost all the way
Rodney Maylas
Rodney Maylas 6 hours ago
I love how the way Thurman speaks, for me, it's not a trashtalking, it's just a motivation and promotional words. HE'S really good in speaking, having a rhyme and meaningful words, he's just looking forward for their fight, and having a high self confidence that every fighter must have.
Earl Alojado
Earl Alojado Day ago
The only hyped athlete that is always hungry for a fight. Not for money but for legacy and pure entertainment. Salute!
Kobe Garzon
Kobe Garzon Day ago
Rollee Day ago
Boxing is not about big mouth, it's big fist that matters. Just like Pacquiao said he'll let his fist do the talking in the ring....and Pacquiao did. Thurman got his big mouth shut and knocked down🤣😂
telabib Day ago
Pride comes before a fall, and how he fell.
Veest PH
Veest PH 3 days ago
setting the fight aside, this face to face is actually pretty good
Clark's Gaming741
Thurman loose HAHAHAHA
Jose Cuevas
Jose Cuevas 3 days ago
Just promoting the fight
Joshua Rangel
Joshua Rangel 3 days ago
Thurman the Announcer
Life steal king
Life steal king 4 days ago
When you hit a karma 😅
Suzaku Rukawa
Suzaku Rukawa 5 days ago
When you're a pinoy, you know exactly what's running in Manny's head.2 yrs past but this interview still makes me laugh, but not as much as adrian broner. Hahahaha
JatTV PH 5 days ago
Manny Pacquiao T-Rex Arm Pac Pac Pac tuturorot turorommh And Then like Whoooooa!!.. That's So Funny
elyrose dooc
elyrose dooc 6 days ago
I still watching this again and again... i burst in laugh ...thurman how does it feel after the fight?.. its nice if your feet are always in the ground
Karahay 6 days ago
Manny does not talk like a fighter. Haha
MAR VIN 7 days ago
I think thurman is an native american. The way he looks😄
Vims Soller
Vims Soller 8 days ago
Pacquiao-Fast feet and Hands Floyd-Fast Feet Thurman-fast mouth😂😂
aaron medrano
aaron medrano 8 days ago
Hahahaha keith is too funny..😂😂
Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye 8 days ago
Thurman what happened to your rib huh? Feel so good right? Hahahahahaha!
SmileeS vR
SmileeS vR 8 days ago
thurman:im about to end paquiao paquiao: UNO Reverse
Zamat K. Jala
Zamat K. Jala 8 days ago
The real question is can Kieth Thurman fight at a age of 40
samnangpoe 8 days ago
after knowing the result of this match, this face off is so cringe lol
Marjoy Beyonce Soriano
10:53 nagshabu ka boi HAHAHA
One Love Jah Love
"it's just a black eye" -Thurman Lmao that didn't aged well 😂
Ino eusebio
Ino eusebio 9 days ago
Look at the killer eye of sen. Manny 🔥 he is laughing of keith thurman trashtalk hehehe
Amaterasu 9 days ago
he didn't lost to mayweather he was robbed
Nelsie Abin
Nelsie Abin 10 days ago
Trash talk too much but in the ring just round 2 almost knockout.. And his eyes when his knockout at round 2 like its hurt and like his feel dizzy.
Vika Rotokha
Vika Rotokha 10 days ago
Thurman is not only a good boxer but also a good business man😁
Jura Gneiss
Jura Gneiss 10 days ago
Pacman is the most chill, funny and happy badass on the planet.
Fritz Asero
Fritz Asero 11 days ago
poor thurman..tooooo much mouth..hahahaha
Jhun Rosas
Jhun Rosas 11 days ago
Ok fight
SISTIC1 13 days ago
Keith “big mouth” Thurman
SISTIC1 13 days ago
Manny made sure he eat his words!
Dyrell UryuTaichou
Dyrell UryuTaichou 13 days ago
Big karma to trash talker🚮
Dave Bohnen
Dave Bohnen 13 days ago
As the old saying goes a good young fighter will never beat a great old fighter
That Wog Caruso
That Wog Caruso 13 days ago
HAHAHA Keith Thurman is such a clown, it’s just sad he couldn’t back up his talk when they fought
That Wog Caruso
That Wog Caruso 13 days ago
Thurmans a good fighter but wow he’s a clown
Gian Pagador
Gian Pagador 13 days ago
Meme Keith thurman before the fight. I CAN DEFEAT YOU PACMAN, ITS JUST EASY. Keith thurman after the fight. OH NO... TAKE CARE OF MY BELT OKAY? 😂
Jon 14 days ago
2:27 his calves are on all-wheel drive
Abdi Hassan
Abdi Hassan 14 days ago
My father always told me that people who are polit are dangerous people
Mr Boi
Mr Boi 15 days ago
Trash talker lmao
Bugbugin Kita eh!
Bugbugin Kita eh! 15 days ago
Those t rex arms of manny pacquiao knocked down keith thurman and even broke his rib with a vicious body shot and manny won the fight but Keith thurmans mouth didnt prove anything.
HENTAI4LIFE 15 days ago
Manny fs
Cristian Chahin
Cristian Chahin 15 days ago
does keith thurman sound like a key and peele character to anyone else
Ashish Ashish
Ashish Ashish 15 days ago
Lord... Bless Manny and his family👪.... Manny ur wise man... You uttered words of wisdom... Ur already won by the way ur spoke with so called opponent... and also by ur action.... Only a foolish will get provoked by these cheap tricky words from opponent's but they can't overcome wise person like you Manny....Manny u proved again... Your GOD and you are great and wise.
Jfree M
Jfree M 16 days ago
Hey Keith! Are you retired?!
Jfree M
Jfree M 16 days ago
Why not fight Golovkin?!
Jfree M
Jfree M 16 days ago
No more boxing offers?
W ON 16 days ago
And what happened next is history
先生さいたま 16 days ago
8:45 that is a priceless smile
Tinfoil hat stoner
Tinfoil hat stoner 17 days ago
Who's waiting for Keith to say Thufferin' thuckotath ?
ketho kevis
ketho kevis 17 days ago
Thurman made one blatant blunder in his diss on pacquio. He ridiculed Jesus Christ. Hence he went down on the first round. Otherwise who knows the result could have been different. His punches were lethal actually.
PRO RIDER 19 days ago
But lets be honest this fight is very great than floyd vs pacman fight
Mark PH
Mark PH 19 days ago
Ibahin mo ang pinoy sa loob ng ring tang inaaa mo gago pangarap ko rin nyan balang araw wag mo trashtalikn idol ko
Thomas Gongora
Thomas Gongora 19 days ago
Keith some time Thurman
Drexder Kogz
Drexder Kogz 20 days ago
best promoter goes to Thurman
Ivan T
Ivan T 20 days ago
its just another body shot! lmao
Christian anjelo vinson
T rex punch HAHA
ASTR4LX 22 days ago
20:44 That middle finger is obvious Manny HAHAHHA
Khruhuto venuh Venuh
PAC is the most humble human I HV ever seen KT :I will retire him PAC: will teach him in the ring
Madd KNightBLue Poja
Back here during Quarantine 😆 Floyd maybe disappointed or gonna cry coz Pacquiao said over the 2 decades in boxing i experienced the hardest fight, like cotto, hatton, dela hoya, etc BUT NO MAYWEATHER HEARD😆 RIP😆 HAHAHAA
Popeta M
Popeta M 23 days ago
Thurman was a clown thou.... t-rex arm! amf!!!
Stan Alfonzo
Stan Alfonzo 23 days ago
Keith, what did you learn.......lol....... Let your fist do the talking.
Hafar Zuffa
Hafar Zuffa 23 days ago
Lmao kieth talking so much 🤣🤣🤣 y’all must of forgot
Chikky Coco
Chikky Coco 23 days ago
Why do people underestimate old fighters so much?!
Redundancy II
Redundancy II 24 days ago
Thurman's way of Trash Talking is really enjoyable. He compliments Pacquiao in a very agressive way.
Jo Dela Cruz
Jo Dela Cruz 24 days ago
Trash talker belongs to the trash can.
Fred Dallas TX boxer
Manny was trying so hard not to laugh 😂
abcdefg 12345
abcdefg 12345 25 days ago
Manny is the humblest boxer ever, salute him👏🏻
cowboy 1605
cowboy 1605 27 days ago
I love that trash talk. I LOVE it. I love it because a short time later the calm and respectful Manny pac-man- Pacquiao got in that ring and school was in.
Dany Han
Dany Han 28 days ago
Thurman was speaking highly of Manny here and there. He packaging manny nicely while promoting the fight. Respect for veteran is one of many signs of great learner
filmigo Filipino
filmigo Filipino 28 days ago
Hahaha hes addicted to story telling trash talk
Danny Vasquez
Danny Vasquez 29 days ago
Thurman was trying too hard.
James Lapuz
James Lapuz Month ago
Ahaha and still undefeated Keith one wish Thurman! Hahaha
Sophia Aguila
Sophia Aguila Month ago
Manny pacqiuao is a humble kristian😊🇵🇭
Deadkiller Rynx
Deadkiller Rynx Month ago
"Im gonna retired manny paquiao" 😂 Keith are ya serius😂
Mike Luzawski
Mike Luzawski Month ago
Lol, no trashtalk here. Just keith thurman respecting many all through out. That's why Manny was just laughing. Respect for Thurman.
Tom Cayanan
Tom Cayanan Month ago
We know thurman is a joker hahaha thats why there are less haters of him than broner such a show off
Dinø_ Dinø
Dinø_ Dinø Month ago
Can't believe Thurman just lost to a 40 year old politician lol
Mark Carreon
Mark Carreon Month ago
We know pacquaio gives thurman a lesson HAHA
Hafar Zuffa
Hafar Zuffa Month ago
Looking back Thurman really underestimated the goat
SF01Pro Month ago
and Manny is also a senator. Keep that in mind.
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