Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman [FULL INTERVIEW] | FACE TO FACE | PBC ON FOX

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Two titans of their sport collide on FOX PPV on Saturday, as the legendary Manny Pacquiao faces the undefeated Keith Thurman with the WBA welterweight title on the line. Before all of Saturday's festivities, get hyped for the big fight with the full episode of FACE TO FACE. Order now on PPV! foxs.pt/2SrFeKH
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Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman [FULL INTERVIEW] | FACE TO FACE | PBC ON FOX


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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 13 851
PBC ON FOX 3 months ago
Who will win the title: Manny Pacquiao or Keith Thurman?
Arnold Aniel
Arnold Aniel 2 months ago
@AVE - what happen
Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown 2 months ago
PacMan Manny Pacquaio 🔥
Jay Castro
Jay Castro 3 months ago
John  Villalobos
John Villalobos 3 months ago
Oooowie, I can't wait, it should B fun.
Ernesto Castillo
Ernesto Castillo 3 months ago
Бакыт Бегимбетов
Pbs -BUL SHET./HBO Facce of the best
Rey Rene Dionisio
... this guy thurman is a woman in a man's body...
Spiderman At Batman
Not acceptable at all Kith the old time was the floor. 😤😤😤
Lovingson Lanah
Lovingson Lanah 3 days ago
Manny Pacquiao you are the best 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Francis Ardena
Francis Ardena 3 days ago
its just another blacked eye plus another broken ribs broken nose stretched right arm , well the t-rex arms rips your body one time ...
tikblang1 4 days ago
Love the 9:50 Tulee luloop. hahaha
doubler de guzman
1:55 is that the shoulder they're talking?
wayne Agustino
wayne Agustino 6 days ago
11:21 this is round 1 what he means
Novie Cecelia Stein
Jay Lee
Jay Lee 6 days ago
Keith sounds like a commentator LOL
Aki Aniol
Aki Aniol 7 days ago
Keith trying to preach to a man who lives by the book lol Wrong turn my friend
Elia Hlatywayo
Elia Hlatywayo 7 days ago
From " My Job is to fight in the ring TO I let my fist do the talking" hmm impressive Legend Pacquiao
Sandstorm Deser
Sandstorm Deser 8 days ago
Sorry idiots boy
Dwi purwanto01
Dwi purwanto01 9 days ago
thurman chiken sleepp
A.J. Aparicio
A.J. Aparicio 10 days ago
Thurman oh Thurman 😂😂😂😂😂😂
L . O . R
L . O . R 10 days ago
1st round knockdown 😂
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 10 days ago
iam fkkinnnnnn -67 l.ove tgo fo uoi
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 10 days ago
the earth is flat
aem tacusaped
aem tacusaped 10 days ago
Metro Sports TV
Metro Sports TV 11 days ago
PBC Fox is one of the best boxing channel! I actually created my own channel Metro Sports TV to show even more boxing highlights come and check it out and i always follow back.
Jeson Laurilla
Jeson Laurilla 11 days ago
most humble boxer
Maria Kristina
Maria Kristina 11 days ago
I thought Thurman is a host in the interview hahaha he talk too much
Maria Kristina
Maria Kristina 11 days ago
Maloloka ako kay Thurman hahaha speak Louder than worlds
Sean James
Sean James 13 days ago
I bet he did'nt look forward to that knock out
Jl Guevarra
Jl Guevarra 13 days ago
How many KO's you got ? Manny: 40 Thurman: 19:59 to 20:03 😂😂😂
peregrina tusi
Pacqiao the greatest fighter of all time,no one can achive eight division world title
Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter 11 days ago
Haha He must've forgot Manny is a Legend Thurman hasn't accomplished what Manny has in boxing yet
Paksu Dimil
Paksu Dimil 14 days ago
Manny just smiling i wonder how hard manny holding his laugh 😂😂😂😂😂
Muhammad Anugrah Zakir
Too much trash talk🤣
SDNT LIVE 15 days ago
Keith should be a a wwe wrestler he be cutting wrestling promos lmbo
Sherryl Ann Ercillo
At least Thurman won on this face off by talking too much
Mark Yujoco
Mark Yujoco 17 days ago
Look at how Pacquiao looks, he's looks like a tiger eating a snake.... Hahhaahaha
chaiz gabyano
chaiz gabyano 17 days ago
Hahaha... i hope you like it being beaten by a man with a t rex arms..
A A 18 days ago
He never mentioned FLoyd as one of his toughest fight lol
Jeson Laurilla
Jeson Laurilla 11 days ago
clearly manny win
Kong Yang
Kong Yang 12 days ago
Floyd wasn’t tough. All Floyd do is playing hide n seek and wolf tag
PINLESSGUY 18 days ago
Thurman, that's cute. Laughing at the first round.
Kurt Mellina
Kurt Mellina 19 days ago
everytime im having a bad day at my work i just watch keith thurman interview..hahaha
Primo Dongon
Primo Dongon 19 days ago
Keith next time u. Keep asking for rematch manny will make u sleep for good u underestimate people u know how the pilipino cook the dog like to bark too much we cook it kaldereta u keep barking about my super hero sen manny u will get kaldereta home boy u need to learn some respect for a human being or else the pilipinos treat u like a American bulldog
amir 19 days ago
Manny’s stare is no joke
Alberto Miguel
Alberto Miguel 20 days ago
9:38 - T-rex arms
Vegashot Boi
Vegashot Boi 21 day ago
Thurman was talking like a mortal combat character
Donnie Trowell
Donnie Trowell 21 day ago
Thurman when you got disrespectful Biblically you lost the fight.
Sherwin Tandingan
Sherwin Tandingan 22 days ago
Manny just saved the reputation of thurman, when manny said that all the thrashtalk of thurman is just to promote the fight.. A living 40 yrs. Old legend, 8 times division champion, doesnt need to promote his fight, all boxing fans in all the world know pacquioa. Thurman just lucky...
Sherwin Tandingan
Sherwin Tandingan 22 days ago
'the world of boxing, need me, need me a undefeated fighter" Hahahha even now you lose boxing world need you, to share your lesson.
Jasiel Galvez
Jasiel Galvez 22 days ago
Our legend,very humble.Your always our Powerful boxer because God is with you
Jasiel Galvez
Jasiel Galvez 18 days ago
@S C yes,y?
Victor Maldonado
Victor Maldonado 22 days ago
This was embarrassing from Thurnan, just showed he wasn't training all those years off. Showed in his last 2 fights. Wasn't game that night, wasn't as strong or enough stamina like he use to have.
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Love all
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
น้องมา37 เขามา40
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Dragon Ball Z
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Inget rekord om inget ko
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Jag är dommare inte dom där som sitter vid ringen
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Dragon Boll
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
Praphon Iamchaeng Wongwikan
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