Manchester Orchestra - The Silence

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Directed by Ted Roach
Produced by Lagan Sebert
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Music video by Manchester Orchestra performing The Silence. © 2018 Loma Vista Recordings., Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.


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Dec 12, 2018




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Manchester Orchestra
Your reactions to this song and video have blown our minds. There is no better feeling than when music connects to strangers and we can share it together. We love you all. Stay tuned - MO
Robin Rhodes
Robin Rhodes 18 hours ago
This is so AMAZING!!! I love it. I love everything about this band & song. I've never felt this way inside. I can't even put into words. Thank you for sharing!!
Coral Roads
Coral Roads Day ago
I say the same. It just draws your attention, you’re careful not to break your neck. Dynamic! each time and very inspiring. A “heads up” from phones and tv.
Bygosh Jones
Bygosh Jones 3 days ago
Brilliantly done guys!!!! Stay strong !! Truly Blessed !!
Steven Clark jr
Steven Clark jr 5 days ago
This song, and even the video, despite it's simplicity, has got to be some of the deepest shit I've ever heard laid on track. I could listen to this song, by itself, all night long. I've never listened to it, without hitting replay at least 5 times. I can't stop... This song, the melody, the lyrics, clueless what it's even about, has awakened life within me I never even knew existed. What rock have I been living under since you guys came out? And everyone I know who never turned me on to you guys? Same rock? Well, it must be my duty to share you with everyone I know!! I only pray you out live me, so I can continue hearing new material by you for the rest of my life...
Damian Garbacz
Damian Garbacz 5 days ago
If you can make music like this I hope you never run out of ideas this song is amazing
Alexander Petrov
Alexander Petrov 15 minutes ago
I literally have been watching this video every night (most of the times more than once) for the past six months or so. Such a powerful song!
Ané 3 hours ago
LYRICS: Why do I deserve the science to feel better about you? At a loss I lost my cool I denied that I found you I tried to be a basket case I did not surprise you I'm trying to find a signal fire Let me know when I should move But you, amplified in the silence Justified in the way you make me bruise Magnified in the science Anatomically proved that you don't need me Why do I desire the space? I was mourning after you I was lost and lost my shape There was nothing I could do I don't want to waste away It was all I gave to you Take me back and take my place I will rise right up for you But you, amplified in the silence Justified in the way you make me bruise Magnified in the science Anatomically proved that you don't need me All the while you waste away, you're asking "Did I really need another one to take me down?" Everybody knows it's something that you had to live with darling Nobody's gonna tear you down now There is nothing you keep, there is only your reflection There was nothing but quiet retractions And families pleading, "Don't look in that cabinet, There's far more bad than there's good, I don't know how it got there" That was something your father had burned in me Twenty hours out of Homestake eternity "You can go anywhere but you are where you came from" Little girl you are cursed by my ancestry There is nothing but darkness and agony I can not only see, but you stopped me from blinking Let me watch you as close as a memory Let me hold you above all the misery Let me open my eyes and be glad that I got here
remy barraud Dominique
je vous adore .. mon Dieu que vous me touchez jusque dans mon âme ...
Zuka Conde
Zuka Conde 4 hours ago
WOW This song... WOW
Дмитрий Зубик
Perfect sound...
Sparsh Singh
Sparsh Singh 5 hours ago
It's impossible to believe that this is a live version, sounds exactly like the studio version.
Reign Sewap
Reign Sewap 7 hours ago
Medicine and therapy it hurts being loving n mistreated. 😢😭❤.
MARIA GÁUR 7 hours ago
In this live everything just perfect: when Andy takes away his mouth from mic on "Reflection", when he lose his breath on the lyrics after that... goosebumps, thats all. it's so sincere.⭐✨
Fayt 7 hours ago
Hello, I usually listen to progressive, symphonic, harmonic, melodic sounds such as bands like porcupine tree, anathema, pink floyd, shadow gallery, coldplay ... I find that this song is listening of equivalent quality. Thank you.
Алексей Попов
nikanaughty 9 hours ago
A winner!!
Danae ***
Danae *** 10 hours ago
1:10 you're welcome
DoMenos Aziris
DoMenos Aziris 12 hours ago
До 5:22 всё отлично. Дальше - неприятно слушать.
rensvopstal 12 hours ago
One of the few sources of energy I have left being depressed is music. Even though this song is harsh, brutal and devestating in its message it still gives me energy through the sheer force of the song and the incredible writing that has been done. Thanks a lot for making my day better
Cristina Coro
Cristina Coro 13 hours ago
Jenaro Vega
Jenaro Vega 15 hours ago
Four other songs that make me feel deeply as this song does are Slow Up and Unknown by Jacob Banks, River by Leon Bridges, and Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka. Check them out, and if you have any similar songs comment them below, I would love to discover some more gems
Lenora Al Ratta
Lenora Al Ratta 18 hours ago
This is one of the most powerful pieces of art I have heard in a very long time. This is one of those pieces that moves me deeply so I feel it physically in my soul 💫
Louis Pedlar
Louis Pedlar 19 hours ago
Andy Hull....... What a beautiful Voice.... Look out for Manchester orchestra in 21 xx
cristina pereira
cristina pereira 23 hours ago
Não me canso de ouvir... apaixonada pelo som...🖤
diggy dice
diggy dice Day ago
What does this mean ?? "" Anatomically proved that you don't need me "" Now, what possibly could a woman have that would "anatomically" prove they don't need another person..... lmFao, it's either a mind or a di@K. THe music is fine but the words are as weird as their drug use? peace
Rex McGee
Rex McGee Day ago
Well you now have a new fan 🤗
Riaan Landsberg
Great things to come.....
Christina Street
devin crocker
Wow just discovered this band .wow ,wow ,wow .. listening now..His voice just speaks to your soul
Marcello Greco
I'm trying not to listen this song at least 30 times a day but it's impossible
PeTeR HuDeC Day ago
"Public figure, Peter the Rock. God's shepherd. Born to run and discover”: After I heard this song for the very first time, it was last night, before going to bed. What? This song gave me the best dream, which is very hard to get. After waking up, I was stunned and very surprised. Very beautiful song, melody has power, connected to God 🥇🙏🏽💖
gato ss
gato ss Day ago
Very good
Марія Макух
Shannon Waterhouse
sol rayz
sol rayz Day ago
1:25 + . . .
Shyam Sundar
Shyam Sundar Day ago
Discovered this song today. Would have been such a shame to die without listening to this !
wat apartja
wat apartja Day ago
When you listen it till the end.magic
wat apartja
wat apartja Day ago
wat apartja
wat apartja Day ago
An ocean in between the waves.i forgot an
wat apartja
wat apartja Day ago
Great song.love it.my favorit is still " ocean inbetween the waves" from war on drugs live on kexp youtube.check that out.excuse my bad english
The_ Xantheiris
proper song to help describe the human condition
luvthesun100 Day ago
Hands down, this will be my forever favourite. Just brilliant👍🏻❤️❤️
alexandre talissé
Thank you soo much I love you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Heather Copeland
Just discovered these guys while listening to portishead. Holy crap...they are awesome.
Javier Vargas
John Parish
John Parish 2 days ago
impressed. very haunting yet captivating.
Monica Zanet
Monica Zanet 2 days ago
Tina Mesec
Tina Mesec 2 days ago
This is amazing!
Niels Versteegh
Niels Versteegh 2 days ago
Wow... Finally An awesome pop up on my RUvid.... !!
Cynthia Aultman
Cynthia Aultman 2 days ago
Belt it out and pour it on me!
Luis Francis
Luis Francis 2 days ago
Im hooked💪🔥🔥 great band high quility music...beautiful 🙌
anne franzen
anne franzen 2 days ago
🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻So adorable sensitive and calming ❤️❤️❤️❤️Like cotton around my ❤️
Yulia I.
Yulia I. 2 days ago
Perfect for my depression mood
Anne Coudreuse
Anne Coudreuse 2 days ago
destination euro vision saint etienne medaille
Mightzther Thegathering
the road knows better then your foot, where its path leads... but your head learn from it journey walking the roads, how to choose, wiser and more effectivily its trails to follow... after reconizing the bible as a suicidal, proposist to our children, that rome kills the fouls beleivers... you geting the point of whos the true abusers
Mightzther Thegathering
At night get a some branch, pills it, throw somme oil, light it, get out of view, wait, shoot the mf geting around, take back they packages...
Mightzther Thegathering
you throw dog shit over your rich neibourg fence... than the day he comme to argue, you shoot him cold... right in front of his dogs, so they get a piece of it! Sleeping dogs: shit the richs, methode 101
Mightzther Thegathering
you want to save the poors, eat the richs
Mightzther Thegathering
the trinity of power, the democraticly fallen kings, desesparated for beleivers damns religius and the wormy banquers... these are your orwell novlangue, masters' languages, thungs to get a collection ove!
Mightzther Thegathering
know what best than a heros?? a commun enemis!
Erik van Herwijnen
I can't listen this song without tears, but also find strenght in living a live that resonates with my soul. Thank you for this mastersong.
Dorothy Lynch
Dorothy Lynch 2 days ago
Found this song by accident or maybe it was ment to find me. Soothes my soul every time I listen to it. Thank you for the Music 🎼 ❤️x
Gareth Squidy Collins
I will absolutely never get tired of this song. Such an incredible song.
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 2 days ago
This type of song is up my alley, I love the mellow melody, but unfortunately the lyrics don't mean anything to me. I can't even finish this song
Gregory Cooper
Gregory Cooper 2 days ago
I can't not stop listen to this song... 🤔
Sita 2 days ago
damn I remember first hearing about you guys when i was 18... I'm 30 now and I still listen to the old albums... yall are forever killlin it!
Yonatan 2 days ago
Of those 48M views i think I’m responsible for 2M of’em
Mike Cameron
Mike Cameron 2 days ago
I don't remember how I came across this song a couple years ago but I'm glad I did! I come back every couple weeks to listen again and I'm blown away every time! Seeing the view count and likes grow is incredible too! Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for making great music!
Kathi Robinson
Kathi Robinson 2 days ago
Haunting and sooo relatable. My soul was wrapped up for the duration. Love everything from percussion to vocals. Sound quality exceptional.
Kolos Kiss
Kolos Kiss 3 days ago
This is like listening to Pink Flody a while ago!....A long while ago! The voice is great!!
Kerim E.
Kerim E. 14 hours ago
@HitProof lol sure
Bri Quinn
Bri Quinn 23 hours ago
Don't know of i would say better 🤔🤔, but they r def playin in the same stadium😜❤
HitProof Day ago
I think this song is better
Samy Bouba
Samy Bouba 3 days ago
listen to it alone at night.....it puts you in another dimension
ShootInPutIn 3 days ago
mannacioo 3 days ago
Oh my fucking GAAAAD !!! Can't stop listening..thank you..!!!!!!
Лена Дякина
Самая шикарная музыка в мире
James Kelly
James Kelly 3 days ago
This is SO refreshing. I can ROCK out to these guys 24/7. Looking to find MORE like this, so PLEASE HIT ME UP THANKS! 😀😀😀
woopoos 3 days ago
there is nothing you keep there is only a reflection........... WOW
woopoos 3 days ago
B E A utiful. lyrically moving and video is amazing. have been listening to this one for months and keep coming back to it. love it keep up the good work x
Christian Gerhardt
People do not realize this but depressed people thrive on this and not listen to the shallow stuff. This is soulful has meaning and tugs at the heart and soul.
Mason Myers
Mason Myers 3 days ago
I love this song! I know it’s about your relationship to God but to me its about my relationship with my recent diagnosis of bipolar. The last 6 lines is an apology to my daughter who may have to fight this same brutal lifelong hereditary battle. But knowing what I know I’ll be here to help in any way I can.
Maximus D Meridius
You guys are intense and these lyrics blew me away. It's amazing how we each perceive our own existence on this planet but can make connections through music. This song has touched my mind and soul that defies logic. Thank you for this greatly structured piece of music! Your genius shines through.
banty boss
banty boss 3 days ago
Itzik Hillel
Itzik Hillel 3 days ago
WOW, I knew I was hooked from the first note. What a great feeling to find a gem like that, amazing! I feel the words in my bones.
Jason S
Jason S 3 days ago
I don't know what this song is about or why he is so angry, but very very good song!
Milena Kupis
Milena Kupis 3 days ago
I found this song's name on my random paper with my Cursed kagamine rin drawing, what a blessing tune
Doing me
Doing me 3 days ago
This song has been on repeat for days now with no end in sight....it speaks directly into my soul and pulls everything out.
Denise Woskett
Denise Woskett 3 days ago
The only good thing to come out of the pandemic is the new music I have discovered . And wow I m so glad I happened along this beautiful talent. Stay safe x
Coral Roberts
Coral Roberts 3 days ago
I thought it was shia labeouf
Coral Roberts
Coral Roberts 3 days ago
I want to collab with them so bad
RO BIs 3 days ago
I quill be shober
Dimitri Talbot
Dimitri Talbot 3 days ago
Best band since The Band ✌🏼
Georgios Batzolis
Some songs just came to stay forever!
Matěj Černý
Matěj Černý 3 days ago
Oh my god, it's a masterpiece
Ismael Espinoza
Ismael Espinoza 3 days ago
Rini Vega
Rini Vega 3 days ago
I needed this
Rini Vega
Rini Vega 3 days ago
Who are you?! Why did i not hear about these guys! M
Rini Vega
Rini Vega 3 days ago
Kemi Adeyemi
Kemi Adeyemi 3 days ago
Manchester orchestra is possibly the best thing I’ve experienced. There have been times when I prayed, turned on a random playlist, and it felt as if God answered me through the lyrics of their music. Sounds fanatic, I know, but I couldn’t make this shit up of I tried. But I’ve been a fan for over 11 years now, seeing them in detroit for the first time during their mean everything to nothing tour. Then, I screamed out the lyrics of their songs, but i didn’t know what they meant. 10 years later, and a very low point in my life, I get it. So many artists these days that promote nothingness. Thank you Manchester Orchestra for sharing your art.
blastula2 4 days ago
je ne comprend pas,ceux qui n'aime pas ,je sais qu'il en faut pour tout les gouts, mais quand même. comment ne pas aimer .c'est sublime.
Wouter 4 days ago
Epic.....Fucking epic
Gaurav Mehra
Gaurav Mehra 4 days ago
i do not want this, i do not need this but it still become an integral part of my life. Glad i explored this.
Christine Dayeure
La vache ! Comme c'est bon MERCI ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!
adilsonlegalyt 4 days ago
That's some very powerful frequencys here, gave me chivers and I was not even paying attention to the lyrics.
Dinis Mesquita
Dinis Mesquita 4 days ago
Indescritível... é apenas sentir..
pratik mandal
pratik mandal 4 days ago
Lchin MirAch
Lchin MirAch 4 days ago
Lilo du Toit
Lilo du Toit 4 days ago
Epic. Epic. Epic.
Lilo du Toit
Lilo du Toit 4 days ago
OMG I'm absolutely in love with this tune...listen to it full blast whenever I can.
משה ימין
משה ימין 4 days ago
This is amazing!
Kane Sharman
Kane Sharman 4 days ago
Sometimes you come across something really special that connects with you on a higher level. That's how I feel about this song. Thankyou.
Thilina Gunarathna
lowell prince
lowell prince 4 days ago
This song puts me w this super unique and kindhearted lady friend I'm lucky to have as a friend. Would love to b more but definitely not at our friendships expense
Dylan Ragucci
Dylan Ragucci 4 days ago
The feels of it all !Is spontaneous!
Lee band
Lee band 4 days ago
You now what guy's to be honest i've never heard of you, but youtube as it is links certain searches, being from near Manchester - England a lot of my music is local, you popped up from your name, thank fuck for that!!! love this tune ,the beard rocks. Mint Guy's ❤️
annette Triplett
annette Triplett 5 days ago
I just love this song
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