Manchester City v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 7/2/2020 | NBC Sports

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Man City put a beating on the newly crowned champions, crushing Liverpool 4-0 at the Etihad. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManchesterCity #Liverpool
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Manchester City v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 7/2/2020 | NBC Sports


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Jul 2, 2020




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Comments 60
Aaron Johnson
De Bruyne - world class player, too good for ManCity, Real should buy him.
Isaiah Sperry
Isaiah Sperry 5 days ago
I love that "winning mentality" by liverpool...
Tikaram Saru Magar
They already won the league, they were hungover, just one game, they did not play to win... Blah blah. City beat their 1st team. If it did not mean that much why play the first team. Still 99 points though.
Abhinav Sreekumar
Abhinav Sreekumar 10 days ago
People had the audacity to compare this trash team to the 1999 untied treble winning teams . Embarrassing . This Liverpool is not even worthy of licking the shoes of the 1999 United team . Pathetic team and fans
Rodrigo Nieto
Rodrigo Nieto 13 days ago
This is going to happen to Real Madrid in the second leg against Man city in the Champions League
Lauro Vids
Lauro Vids 17 days ago
Who else was happy to see that handball 😂
Shuvam P
Shuvam P 18 days ago
They were taking out their anger lmao
Columbia Pictures
Liverpool is turning into the new Arsenal
liil lolodidie
liil lolodidie 21 day ago
Yazan Hadi
Yazan Hadi 23 days ago
It stands for Kevin de bruyne sterling and foden
Yazan Hadi
Yazan Hadi 23 days ago
Hecterthebrave 25 days ago
When you thought the watford game was terrible then how do explain 3 goals in the first half 😂😂😂😂😂😃
Andrew Guzman
Andrew Guzman 25 days ago
It was a penalty at minute 55
GalaticSparkz 25 days ago
Usually second beats first XD tryna get some subs can I guys sub to GalaticSparkz
Roberto Diaz
Roberto Diaz 25 days ago
Kneeling to honor a criminal who held a pregnant woman at gun point while ruthlessly robbing her... Disgusting....
A.H.F.C HD 26 days ago
A.H.F.C HD 26 days ago
A.H.F.C HD 26 days ago
BuzzyBeatz 27 days ago
Mahrez goal was refused with an absolute ridiculous way.. but great game! Liverpool was so week after the 30th minute of the game.
Yazan Hadi
Yazan Hadi 27 days ago
Gomez almost took sterlings underwear and pants off
Samantha Hartz
Samantha Hartz 27 days ago
Man city are Donald trump supporting hackers
So we are not gonna talk about the crazy outside the line ederson did against salah.
Shweta Rathore
Shweta Rathore 29 days ago
Jair Higuera
Jair Higuera Month ago
Nobody is going to mention th at dumb hand rule for th at disallowed mahrez goal, same as Luca for tottenham
Relaxed Everyday
The passing was amazing at 6:31 just wanted to point that out😁
Masresha Degfue
Masresha Degfue Month ago
livepool is a post to win
Javier Aleman
Javier Aleman Month ago
I just liked it cuz the 3rd fxxxing Goal 😎 😈
mikhael go
mikhael go Month ago
sterling is a drama queen
mikhael go
mikhael go Month ago
KDB to liverpool please
Danny Segura
Danny Segura Month ago
Ik these 2 diffrent team but barca ivolving again or is it me
Danny Segura
Danny Segura Month ago
Mane ranned why they cut it out😭
Fly Eagles fly
Fly Eagles fly Month ago
7 Day Bender
P. A.
P. A. Month ago
Man City really beat Liverpool 4-0 then lost to Southampton 1-0. 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ “iTs oNLy oNe GaMe”
Jose Morales
Jose Morales Month ago
Them crowd sound effects though lol
Albino Cruz
Albino Cruz Month ago
Manchester City getting ready for Champions league.
Matthew Nasralla
Leland Carpenter
god kyle martino sucks so much at commentating and just speaking about football in general.
Gm_314 Month ago
Nothing new. Champions loosing after winning leaugue. This season is over, doesn't matter anymore
aspencrest Month ago
Love what they are doing with the crowd noise and the big screens near the goalies.
Tao Gusu
Tao Gusu Month ago
tghinute 00:24 Robby: "Oh They look like champions" 😂😂 uhhh righh Vin Dyk & Fabinho look like chickens with their head cut off. Gomez makes love to Sterlin and Robbie says " it's not enough for me " 😂 Mane is a better Olympic diver than Roben ever was. Liverpool won about 12 games on free penalties and free kicks this season... That's 36 points blood. Seconds before he's given the free kick he was 1 v 1 with the keeper but Mane was looking for E. Garcia to dive and get a penalty, and the fool misses the ball for the goal. I watch this league for the comedic relief.
Adrain Lomeli
Adrain Lomeli Month ago
I like how they added a crowed in the background hahaha
Charles Klepac
Charles Klepac Month ago
I believe that commentators for each game should remain impartial. Robbie Mustoe clearly sounded like he was in favor of Liverpool the whole game😅
Johnson Taylor
Johnson Taylor Month ago
What was the point of this game?
panda panda
panda panda Month ago
Come on boys, we can catch up to liverpool and beat them this season!
36epc Month ago
Lol we didn't care man city were trying so hard 😂
Naija247 NewsTV
Naija247 NewsTV Month ago
But it’s too late for more goals tho
Uzo Design
Uzo Design Month ago
That's bs to rule out such a good goal for handball. Where's the falling player supposed to put his hand?
Uzo Design
Uzo Design Month ago
Can someone explain to me why City sold Sane when you consider he's better than Sterling and Gabriel Jesus and also really young. Aguero is getting older and will soon need to be replaced.
Ralex11 Month ago
I still am shocked that the mahrez goal didn’t stand. Foden was fouled by Fabinho and in order to protect himself when he fell stuck his arm out. While he is landing the ball hits his arm. Ridiculous.
Tanguy MUTAH
Tanguy MUTAH Month ago
What a shame watching Liverpool! And this is their real level. Poor defence, poor goal keeping, no drive ... .
liverpool sucks
liverpool sucks Month ago
So true. Wish liverpool played like this every game
isaac del valle
isaac del valle Month ago
Adama Traore is overrated
abdulaziz yalahow
Who cares that we lost this game we are the premier league champions see y’all next season In Shaa Allah ( Allah Willing )
abdulla mohamed
abdulla mohamed Month ago
Wow! Can you believe these commentators, " foul on the edge of the box, going into the penalty area." Yeah, you just said it, the 'edge' of the box- not a penalty, but a free kick. They wanted Liverpool to have a penalty so bad, it just wouldn't happen for them. So biased!
Albert McMullen
Albert McMullen Month ago
Were the Liverpool players still drunk or completely outplayed? City have more style than Liverpool and play better football.
J Magic
J Magic Month ago
Probably both and I agree. You could something was off just by the way some of them were playing. I mean Gomez, TAA, Alisson, just some I can name that were not playing like themselves.
Lenny Torres
Lenny Torres Month ago
5-0 < Premier league title
Alexander Trujillo
Nice goal by Foden
Free Palestine
Free Palestine Month ago
Robinson what happened
Planet Lord
Planet Lord Month ago
Planet Lord
Planet Lord Month ago
6lemans10 Month ago
Manchester United beat these City clowns TWICE this season.
wondu xx
wondu xx Month ago
wasn't there a foul on Foden in the buildup of the disallowed goal? What is the rule if it is a foul?
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