Manchester City v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 5/08/2021 | NBC Sports

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May 8, 2021




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dateo rirao
dateo rirao Day ago
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Dan The Man
Dan The Man 4 days ago
15:05 the commentator said “rederson”
eleni giannoutsos
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MCI JK 8 days ago
That game could've end 4-1 if the offside didn't exist, I know Man city fan complaining about the penalty. They forgot that the first penalty wasn't even a pen,
lani bob
lani bob 13 days ago
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aaa bbb
aaa bbb 14 days ago
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Gavin Dalton
Gavin Dalton 18 days ago
Daniels Iroh
Daniels Iroh 21 day ago
Champions 🏆league final brought me here🤔🤔
Hayden Kim
Hayden Kim 21 day ago
Chelsea also won the champions league
MrJon 21 day ago
bro Pep always complains... not even Pique complains so much -)))
Mason Nguyen
Mason Nguyen 22 days ago
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Leg End
Leg End 22 days ago
We’ll beat City again in the Champions League yesterday 🤣
Nsi Jdi
Nsi Jdi 22 days ago
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Rafael Orozco
Rafael Orozco 23 days ago
robertihno 23 days ago
Who do you guys got ?
Tompa The Rookie Crusher
Mildred Perez
Mildred Perez 23 days ago
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CHUY 24 days ago
Sterling was looking for a penalty and that ref caught it that’s a smart ref
Md Rubel
Md Rubel 24 days ago
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quoctuan ngo
quoctuan ngo 25 days ago
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John Doe
John Doe 28 days ago
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Dena Jubas
Dena Jubas 29 days ago
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Sylvia Chen
Sylvia Chen 29 days ago
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nhj fre
nhj fre 29 days ago
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Reynard Crescenzo
Reynard Crescenzo 29 days ago
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Julia Yetta
Julia Yetta Month ago
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Jerimiah Drezek
Jerimiah Drezek Month ago
Aguero after Sterling taking his goal:😢😢
znom Month ago
I actually fucking hate timo so much.
Zackary Abdelkader
Werner after scoring his offside goal: Best goal of the game didnt count D:
Mark Gutierrez
Mark Gutierrez Month ago
Let's boys
Vernie Schorr
Vernie Schorr Month ago
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Nora Gearhart
Nora Gearhart Month ago
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mario yu
mario yu Month ago
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Mirza Ahmed
Mirza Ahmed Month ago
What a horrible penalty!
harley eleaiana
harley eleaiana Month ago
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Rene Seda
Rene Seda Month ago
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Brian Biml
Brian Biml Month ago
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Kasia Szym
Kasia Szym Month ago
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Javi G
Javi G Month ago
yo that was a fucking penalty on Sterling by Zouma, what bs
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Alison Thomas
Alison Thomas Month ago
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Comet TLP
Comet TLP Month ago
Feels like he was tryna show off to score a goal like Messi does in pk’s
alfonso flores
alfonso flores Month ago
what Chelsea needs to do is put girdou instead of Werner at least he scores goals
Joel Koffi
Joel Koffi Month ago
Sheesh Chelsea looking thick 😍
Ape Drvp Visuals
Pep is gonna have some nice things to say to Aguero
Brooks Andrew
Brooks Andrew Month ago
Even though Sterling dives it is pretty clear that Zouma took him down in the penalty box
Roosterman 789
Roosterman 789 Month ago
bro sergio aguero is the biggest sellout
Rudy Ann
Rudy Ann Month ago
Look at this four year old dribbler. Subscribe to their Chanel
Dough Boy
Dough Boy Month ago
Aguero needs to go man you could tell he doesnt even like playing for city no more... idk why pep still plays him
Franklin King
Franklin King Month ago
Would Havertz be playing out of position if he replaced Werner?
yktv Month ago
kante is so good
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman Month ago
Wendy Lafortune
Wendy Lafortune Month ago
No defense!! M. City has no defense.
Norman Hunter
Norman Hunter Month ago
The more I looked at Raheem tackle on Timo the more evident I see a red card
Mario Alarcon
Mario Alarcon Month ago
the worst penalty of his career lol if Mendy dives and that goes in they will say "the best penalty of his career"
Bisetsa Eric
Bisetsa Eric Month ago
aguero thought he was messi with that penalty 😂😂😂
Oscar 7
Oscar 7 Month ago
Panenkaguero!! 🤣😂😅
Daniel Hernandez
Fucking Aguero
Daniel Rodriguez
City got manhandled this game. Yikes
Austin Redenbaugh
2:19 Red card if an arsenal player does that
Jerome Louis
Jerome Louis Month ago
I still don't understand why PSG sacked Tuchel .. He made them reach the final of the CL last season . Despite a bad start in ligue1 this season he was getting them back on top. I am sure that if he wasthe coach PSG would have won ligue1 this season too and maybe even defeated Man City. Pochetino better do a perfect season next year because if he doesn't he Will be sacked.
Michael Month ago
If Man City got that penalty at the end, I wouldnt be very confident if Aguero tried the penalty again. Still my favorite player tho.
Dat Doge
Dat Doge Month ago
The cringe of everybody on the field after Auguero's penalty is palpable
i See Kings
i See Kings Month ago
Idk why I thought this was the UEFA Championship final game.
James Month ago
And they called Ranieri the tinker man, dang
Al Month ago
Please don’t play aguero in the finals he’s too slow. Should’ve scored first goal should scored 2nd pass by Jesus and should’ve scored the penalty
Mike in CC
Mike in CC Month ago
Pep is such a drama queen. When he loses, he loses bad.
eman luna
eman luna Month ago
these commentators did not like aguero at all
Phil Bathurst
Phil Bathurst Month ago
It was a good comeback by Chelsea
Abdiazi Abdiali
Abdiazi Abdiali Month ago
Every goal 4:23 8:20 13:49
Abdiazi Abdiali
Abdiazi Abdiali Month ago
@EggsAndToast ur welcome
EggsAndToast Month ago
Jettplayzgames Month ago
Sterling was lucky to have avoided red for that challenge
Jackie Ferrel
Jackie Ferrel Month ago
United fan here was cheering on Chelsea the whole time
Pancho Plays
Pancho Plays Month ago
this was basically the champions league final XD
Emil Lutfiyev
Emil Lutfiyev Month ago
All that streaming aguero was doing 🤔🤔😂😂😂
kpadeh muryanyuoi
What I enjoyed most is how tactical both managers conducted their teams. I respect zidane, tuchel, and pep they are tactically sound with their team.
Andreyy Month ago
HyabusaXZX Month ago
Imagine how guilty Agüero felt after knowing that penalty he took costed the game.
Edwin Olvera
Edwin Olvera Month ago
Hope they win the champions league they outplayed madrid in both games couldn’t stop them too good 🙏
NYs9thwonder Month ago
Kurt Zouma unlocked the shadow defender achievement for putting the shadow moves on the elusive Raheem Sterling. ☺️
Eric Lynch
Eric Lynch Month ago
Aguero shot himself in the foot. Sterling can’t bail you out everytime 😂
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SpaRk_City Month ago
You already know Chelsea fans hoping for a repeat of this on May 29th
zezindaesquina Month ago
Great performance by Gabriel Jesus tbh
tianl98765 Month ago
why no VAR in that second possible penalty????
A Month ago
And what do you know... They're not kneeling anymore.. Where's blm? Why aren't they crying that this league is "racist". So after all that fake bs, we'll just forget it and move onto another bs? Gotcha
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams Month ago
How was that not a pen on zouma lmfao
Matt Pastore
Matt Pastore Month ago
If VAR isn’t objective then what’s the bloody point?
Connor Yancy
Connor Yancy Month ago
Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven
Matt D
Matt D Month ago
Glad we passed up on Timo Werner. He isn't built for the EPL. Another terrible signing at striker for Chelsea.
Jason Rennie
Jason Rennie Month ago
The non-call at the end of the game seemed like more of a foul than the penalty call at the end of the 2nd half...
asael rodriguez
asael rodriguez Month ago
ball never lie's
Pedro Bessoni
Pedro Bessoni Month ago
this was like a practice for the finals lol
SuperCJV Month ago
Tuchel takes PSG to the UCL final. PSG sacks Tuchel. Tuchel: THINK, PSG, THINK!
Doug Larsen
Doug Larsen Month ago
Werner's new mantra: "Finish like I'm offsides."
LittleAsianfps Month ago
these is basically a preview of what will happen in the champion league final
Pedro Bessoni
Pedro Bessoni Month ago
werner would have scored 100 goals this season if most of them werent offside or if he missed an open net
melqs !
melqs ! Month ago
Trying to get famous off comments day 1
Mustafa Month ago
Chelsea fan but outcome would be different if Riyahd Mahrez started
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