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It got a lot of critical and audience praise, but Nostalgia Critic has some major issues with this biographical miss. Let's take a look at Man on the Moon.
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Man on the Moon is a 1999 American biographical comedy-drama film about the late American entertainer Andy Kaufman, starring Jim Carrey as Kaufman. The film was directed by Miloš Forman and also features Danny DeVito, Courtney Love, and Paul Giamatti.
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May 22, 2019

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Comments 2 376
Channel Awesome
Channel Awesome Month ago
What did everyone think of Jim Carrey in Man on the Moon? Come see us at Indy PopCon & use code AWESOME - popcon.us/indy/ Come see us at Planet Funk Con - planetfunkcon.com/ Come see us at Salt City Comic Con - www.saltcitycomiccon.com/ Check out NC's review on Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - ruvid.net/video/video-ErP8Hv9G5v0.html Support this week's charity - www.hopeforthewarriors.org/
saligari 666
saligari 666 2 days ago
Man on the moon was a great movie, unlike channel Awesome where not only you were a bunch of talent less hacks, you were also a bunch of pervs
Jp Starlin
Jp Starlin 3 days ago
It wasn't bad, it was just boring.
BetaBuildFilms 10 days ago
Its Staten Island not Stanton Island otherwise good review
Boesesjoghurt 21 day ago
Is there a way to filter out all the "tamara xy" content?
Swift The Fox
Swift The Fox 2 hours ago
The music was good in this movie
cdreid9999 5 hours ago
Theres a reason his comedy was never popular. And you nailed why right at the beginning. He got famous for his role on taxi. After that became a miniceleb because of his weirdness. Because of exactly that
Babbleplay 9 hours ago
Kauffman had problems, but, all sympathy for his emotional imbalance aside, he was a depressed, self-centered asshole to others.
The Master & your Daddy.
Man in the Moon is Awesome..... shame on u for thinking otherwise.
Ryan Everett
Ryan Everett 11 hours ago
Damn, so many valid points. It's a shame
Rusty James
Rusty James 13 hours ago
This guy fucks
henry alva
henry alva 14 hours ago
Calling Andy a genius proves that the word has lost its original meaning entirely. The guy was a clown who appealed only to kids and idiots (most of the world's population), just like Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Mike Myers, Jerry Lewis, etc.
David Aston
David Aston 16 hours ago
RULE NO 1 of Hollywood 'based on a true story' they're NEVER based on the true story merely based on a Hollywood condensed version full of half truths or blatant lies for dramatic purposes. Which is what the intro to "Man on the Moon" mocks at the very start of the film. End of the day no movie can ever sum up the full life or depth of any human being. Best to refer to these films as distillations and tributes to the people they are about.
D Cavalli
D Cavalli 19 hours ago
Seeing the film, I just thought we could have learned just as much by simply watching old Andy Kaufman clips. Throughout the 1990s, Comedy Central would repeatedly air an Andy Kaufman documentary and that hilarious mukumentary about his wrestling days, "I'm from Hollywood!" "Man on the Moon" had nothing about his film roles such as "God Told Me To" and the disaster "Heartbeeps."
Karamel 21 hour ago
They need, and I mean need to try again. Andy's life could be made into one of if not the greatest biography pics of all time. He had such a rich life with so much drama and bittersweet moments.
flashhog01 21 hour ago
I had no idea who Kaufman was when I saw this in the theatre, the movie made me not care to find out anything more about him. Unfunny attention seeker is what I walked away with.
joseph rio
joseph rio Day ago
The theater I went to actually did bring up the house lights at the false ending. It was so confusing. Haha
Wei Ren Cheah
Love the intro,mind if I make it earrape
Jason Day ago
The fuck! You trash a great movie just 'cause you don't like it!? Fucking idiot!
Jack the killer rabbit
Please make a movie so we can review it an tell you how bad your ideas are.
dcsmokedown 91
Video starts at 0:36 Long ass intro there.
Frank Munz
Frank Munz Day ago
lau May
lau May Day ago
A comedian performing anti-comedy is sort of like a chef cooking anti-food or a builder building anti-houses. This mets no human need on my planet 🌎
Jones23Boy Day ago
Kinda like making little of sexual assault charges.....
Slayton Rider
How did I forget about lance Russell being in this movie
Full Blooded American Mutt
Didnt jim Carey kill his ex girlfriend?
Marius Røhr
Marius Røhr Day ago
I had never seen Kaufman before, Man on the Moon introduced me to him. The film was good.
OllieByGolly Day ago
Jerry Lawler himself said that Carrey was so ignorant about who Kauffman was, he literally thought the two hated each other.
BounciestBen Day ago
I’d say most Jim Carrey movies aren’t good. The only one I enjoy is The Truman Show. The rest don’t do much for me tbh.
Gordon Irvine
Your summing up of Carey in the documentary is fucking hilarious and spot-on!!!
Vincent Gonzalez
he went full jim bellucci you never go full jum bellucci
The Screenslaver
I wouldn’t say Game of Thrones was was a disappointing. What was disappointing was the final battle that looked like watching World War Z with 5 pairs of sunglasses on.
simonpenum Day ago
Carrey's onset behaviour was so fucking obnoxious. And poor Milos Foreman, who was obviously a generous director had to put up with his bullshit. I can honestly see why some directors turn into tyrants onset. Actors need to be reigned in sometimes
Fireside Chats
Have you considered the possibility that there are people like me who are not from US and previous to seeing this movie had no idea about Andy Kaufman or any of his stunts? You treat the movie as if everything public that happened in it was common knowledge when it is not and I am glad that I was made aware that some Andy Kaufman ever lived...
Maverick Artitude Entertainment
Don't worry guys Disney will probably do a remake to please the fans.
Thomas Dupont
the start of the movie is an actual bit Andy K did during his tv show.
Carl McDonald
This bald-headed four-eyed loser doesn't know what he's talking about
Spaceghost \m/
Honestly I don't care for I always thought he was a nut job and it's been proven. He killed his wife and if you check out his Norm Mcdonald interview he acts like a real piece of shit.
Russell Setzke
Russell Setzke 2 days ago
I couldn't stand watching Jim deliver his lines in the way kaufman performed one bit. Like 1 bit. But Carrey took that into every scene. It makes him seem to possess a mild case of Autism/Aspergers.
Michael Libert
Michael Libert 2 days ago
Oh come....onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Woke Wooxia
Woke Wooxia 2 days ago
I think in this depiction of The Comedian. Writes & directors perceptive was to focus on his type of comedy. The entertainment industry felt he was difficult. Man On The Moon was not about his life, it was about His Comedy Career. I adore the film, I enjoy learning He Did Everything's His Way! He didn't conform & stayed true to Himself.
Will Teuscher
Will Teuscher 2 days ago
This review gives me a greater level of respect for you NC
popehentai 2 days ago
why did Jim act like a douche? have you watched him lately? Jim IS a douche.
Diego Beltran
Diego Beltran 2 days ago
The man was a master of bullshit bits that somehow workedZ
Hernard Badloght
Hernard Badloght 2 days ago
Andy is still alive he went on to be the bassist for Nirvana
Scary Stories NYC
Thank you for this. It's rare and nice to see somebody still appreciates Andy.
Virtual Pro Wrestling Matches
0:09 - I thought the guy was gonna put a round in his geeky head... I got excited for a minute there.
Steve Strange
Steve Strange 2 days ago
Doug is the same dude who said Ghostbuster 2016 was a good movie, so.... yeah.
boom baby
boom baby 2 days ago
Fantastic review! As a German, when I first saw this movie, it was not clear to me that this was a biopic. I had never heard of Andy Kaufman and just thought that this is a whimsical fantasy. Nevertheless, it felt totally empty handed and arbitrary. Especially the editing was terrible. You are totally right, this could have been a great movie, bit it absolutely didn't happen.
Identity Withheld
So you to are on the "X is bad, and here's why" trend? Huh.
Non Pervenuto
Non Pervenuto 2 days ago
hate me, but i have always thought jim carey was overrated as fuck.
andydrewwww 2 days ago
I was more entertained by your explanation of the actual events and the footage you showed of those events than I was by the actual movie. This movie actually made me dislike Andy Kaufman, and you redeemed him in my eyes quite a bit. I really did misunderstand the guy.
Andy Kaufman was not funny; he was never funny, just edgy.
basp 2005
basp 2005 2 days ago
Hey, anyone want to see an accurate movie about an obscure comedian that lasts ten hours? No, ok, well here's two hours of entertainment.
abeiradoabismo 2 days ago
As a biography is bad but as a film is great. Bohemian Rhapsody wasn't even that.
Aidan Cael
Aidan Cael 3 days ago
What I hate about this, is being shown how a good movie, could of been life changing.
LondonIrishRover 3 days ago
Your content is good, dude, but your voice drives me mad
TheNthMouse 3 days ago
0:45 - wrong episode.
J. Combes
J. Combes 3 days ago
You're a bunch of racist loving hateful self centered garbage piles and I do not understand how you're able to sleep at night shut off your channel you piece of shit
Lance Ash
Lance Ash 3 days ago
The film was OK. Can't stand Jim Carrey. Andy Kaufman was OK, but at this point in time, he's become horribly over-rated. Proof of this is the herd of people to whom he is such an icon that they will brook no criticism of him whatsoever. I didn't hate him, but we have him partially to blame for "confrontational comedy," a la that "I'm-better-than-you" idiot Sacha Baron Cohen.
Disiam Theillusion
Would've been a better movie if it wasn't all lifted directly from actual footage and performance.carrey is a good mimic but not a method actor
J. Maggio
J. Maggio 3 days ago
Good analysis of a flawed movie. But why did you have to YELL all the time? Chill, dude. (Also, I resent your quick diss on LOST, especially since the vast majority of people who diss it didn't understand the ending. You might, but the majority don't.) . Overall, I like good channel.
The Terrible Gamer
Pre-Watch comment: I watched it twice before I decided it was bad. The overtones of "the greatest comedy is when you fool the audience" was terribly explained.
Mag 3 days ago
Russell brand syndrome 😂😂😂 I just subbed, 👌👌
Lance Ash
Lance Ash 3 days ago
Russell Brand is another one that millions of people whom he wouldn't trouble himself to urinate on will defend until their last breath. Over-rated, pretentious, full-of-himself, inverted rectum.
TheLazysketcher 3 days ago
BUT! ...Does it have the song by REM in it!?
TheLazysketcher 2 days ago
@mrpunk327 Wow, that actually makes sense! That is where i heard the name Andy Kaufman from before!
mrpunk327 3 days ago
It was written for the movie
M Sund
M Sund 3 days ago
Man, fuck you..why do out even make videos anymore? Ironic channel name, this channel Fuknn sukx
Lewis Johnson
Lewis Johnson 3 days ago
I like Jim Carrey. 2019 needs an In Living Color and a Don Rickles. That’s why the world today sucks
Dallas Elgin
Dallas Elgin 4 days ago
I cannot understand how a grown man like you has so many high pitched squeaks in his natural speach. What is wrong with your voice woman?
Dev Hann
Dev Hann 4 days ago
Bahahah!!! Nostalgia critic is a dumbass piece of shit. Any video he has ever done is evidence why!
The Santa Cruz Joker
Can't wait to see him as Dr. Eggman
fungifago 4 days ago
I loved the movie, loved Jim Carrey's performance (in my opinion one of his best ever) and was amazed and weirded out by the recent documentary but having said that, I agree with you Critic. When I watched it I didn't even knew who Andy Kaufman was so I was instantly ingrigued who this incredible person was so I'm thankful for the movie.
Christian Ortiz
Christian Ortiz 4 days ago
Rocket man
douglas jardine
douglas jardine 4 days ago
South park stinks
07foxmulder 4 days ago
You’re nitpicking way too much here. This almost rivals your Pearl Harbour video. Man On the Moon captures the spirit of Andy and introduced a new generation to him.
RowdyRodimus 4 days ago
Wow, so I guess Doug watched the comedy salute to Andy Kaufman and thinks he knows the real Andy. The point is, NOBODY knew the real Andy Kaufman, not even Andy. That's the tragedy of his story, he was a man so focused on fooling people, he fooled himself. I've read pretty much every book and seen every documentary on Andy and they all are different in their accounts of Andy. The only true Andy was Andy on stage, he was complex, he didn't really know where he fit in so he created the different versions of himself. As for the movie portraying the scene in which he's upset because he was rejected by the audience, that was the way he was. Yes, he trolled the audience but they knew it was part of the act and one of his characters, to be rejected by them, while not really knowing who he was was devastating to him. Spending 25 minutes on the Lawler feud was necessary, as it was the biggest thing he had ever been a part of. Do you complain that a movie about JFK spends a lot of time on his presidency even though it's available everywhere? My only problem with the Lawler/Kaufman aspect of the movie is that they removed one of the biggest players in getting it going, Bill Apter.
Mika Tuores
Mika Tuores 4 days ago
As an artist it's really funny to hear people who love their own voice so much that they are totally blind to their environment. Well narcissistic personality is a river uncrossable....
mrpunk327 3 days ago
Nice irony bro
Mika Tuores
Mika Tuores 4 days ago
I wonder how many movies you have made. With that much knowledge I bet that you have another Citizen Kane coming real soon.
Camilla Strandberg
Thank you for making fun of Jim Carrey. He deserves it.
Starman DX
Starman DX 3 days ago
Hes so pretentious
Shalack Gaming
Shalack Gaming 4 days ago
Best Nostalgia Critic video I ever watched. Went in wanting to hate this video, but damn, you got me kid.
Spaz 360
Spaz 360 4 days ago
"The first big TROLL comedians"....excellent observation!
DeepEye1994 4 days ago
I hope they try to do another Andy Kaufman biopic, I can see Nicholas Cage in the role. If anything this first "unfaithful but okay" biopic can be the introduction to Kaufman for normies, then the more faithful one really lives up to the real Kaufman.
Dillon Ohlemiller
We wouldn’t have gotten R.E.M.’s hit Man On the Moon if it wasn’t for this movie
A S 4 days ago
The song came out almost 10 years before the movie.
How To Stuff
How To Stuff 5 days ago
I love the straight to the point reviews
Tim Cogan
Tim Cogan 5 days ago
Andy Would have been cancelled today. He was the personification of lightning in a bottle.
123612100 3 days ago
What do you mean canceled?
Raging Kiwi TV
Raging Kiwi TV 5 days ago
Fuckin bat country.
Hazmat Chris
Hazmat Chris 5 days ago
Courtney Love is easily the worst part of this movie. I despise that woman so much...
Darkfireice 5 days ago
Hey Carey is the only reason I'm going to see the flick; he looks like the only one having fun
Tim Sevigney
Tim Sevigney 5 days ago
Ur channel is bad... here’s why...
Hey Trey
Hey Trey 5 days ago
did you ever stop going through puberty? or has your voice just perpetually been in a state of squeaking? great video tho
Lensman 5 days ago
Sorry; I can't get past the host's disturbing squeaky high pitched sing song voice. Good for Kermit the frog but intolerable for a human!
graham newman
graham newman 5 days ago
I actually liked the film. But.... I have to be honest, apart from taxi I didn't know his work. I only knew his squeaky voice. This film was very similar to me as patch Adams. I enjoyed it for what it was rather than what it was meant to be. It did get me to watch Kauffmans routines online. Which above anything negative about the movie must be regarded as a good thing
Scott LaMont
Scott LaMont 5 days ago
I never knew about that Dinah Shore bit. You are right, that would’ve been great to recreate. I see Charles Nelson Reilly in that clip, he was still alive and working then, I’m sure he would’ve put on one of his ‘80s toupees and helped recreate it.
Methos 5 days ago
Cant stand a bad movie but working with stalkers/pedophiles is okey?YES? Damn.. what a strange world we live in.
mola55e5 5 days ago
I’m having a brain fart. What is that nostalgia critic theme song in the beginning of the video? I know I know it, but I’m drawing a blank.
sairenx 6 days ago
When I watched the movie I had no idea who Andy Kaufman was, and that's why I really liked the movie and still like it to this day.
Red Davis
Red Davis 6 days ago
I guess that 60fps didn't work out.
quietvalerie1 8 days ago
I really started hating Jim Carrey for being such an asshole with this film. It actually turned me away from looking into Kaufman as I thought he was the asshole Carrey portrayed him as. Ive since learned better but how maybe people thought Kauffman was the asshole....bad Jim Carrey....bad....get your shit together.
Ben 9 days ago
Why do you constantly do a squeaky voice at the beginning of sentences. It's fucking annoying. Stop. Can't watch this because of that stupid tic
metal87power 9 days ago
Another guy who knows "what Andy would do"?
neonknights 9 days ago
Actually, you should've read through the accounts of making this film. The studio screwed Forman over big time, and he had to give up his original vision of the movies completely, and essentially film an entirely different script than he wanted to.
Dike Mickersen
Dike Mickersen 9 days ago
Amazing video is always! I never did care for the movie much. But I love this video! Great work Channel awesome.!
TheMegaOnyx 9 days ago
This person ate icecream... People were laughing... And i was interested as hell...
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