Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

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Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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Jun 9, 2021




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Comments 0
Kevin Covins
Kevin Covins Minute ago
He could make a tomb for jesus
That one Speaker guy
We just ignoring the bathroom or what
Amelia Dambu chanel
Amelia Dambu chanel 2 minutes ago
Hebat 👏👍
An Re
An Re 2 minutes ago
What a shit of deparment!!
이땡보 3 minutes ago
부식이도 할수잇다
Your Combiner
Your Combiner 4 minutes ago
1:45 F1A1= F2A2
Kopi Pahit
Kopi Pahit 5 minutes ago
We also do that to put our anchestor body.
The funniest videos !
The funniest videos ! 5 minutes ago
Meanwhile in the UK...council turns up to fill in your cave with cement because you didn't get planning permission! 🙄🙄🙄
China dog
احمد عموري
احمد عموري 8 minutes ago
لو إحنا العرب لحتا انقول مااحفر اخاف تقع فوقي بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Espelha Car
Espelha Car 8 minutes ago
Vai fazer isso aqui no Brasil... alem de ser preso, é tambem processado por invasao de propriedade!
Abdul Salam
Abdul Salam 12 minutes ago
Abdul Salam
Abdul Salam 12 minutes ago
Александр Зверь
Это сделано в глине😂
Rock&Roll 13 minutes ago
I guess the Flintstones would be proud
Jerry Jennings
Jerry Jennings 16 minutes ago
Could never do any project like this in America. You’d wind up in jail even if was on your property
Harlan Ford
Harlan Ford 17 minutes ago
my man you are going to be deaf by the end of it! no ear protection what so ever?
Garbeaux Æ
Garbeaux Æ 17 minutes ago
Curious about the planning permission or lack thereof into this. Hate for him to do all this work and the government say it’s theirs.
P L 20 minutes ago
Downside: no bathroom:(
mike wilks
mike wilks 22 minutes ago
Dust mask, OK. No eye protection?
Rich Hopkins
Rich Hopkins 24 minutes ago
Anybody know how long this took him to finish?
Courtney Bynum
Courtney Bynum 25 minutes ago
Just Awesome
Brand New
Brand New 25 minutes ago
He builds this as a novelty. And the people in Africa make their homes out of mud and poop...and they are serious. Hmmm
JB 25 minutes ago
There is a small town in Australia where about 1/2 of the almost 2,000 residents live underground. The homes, called dugouts, are built into hillsides or dug out of shafts to make it easier to live comfortably in the very hot summers and the cold winter nights of the desert. Coober Pedy is referred to as the opal capital of the world with over 90% of the world's opals. Aside from the dugouts, there are a couple of underground churches and underground motels to provide accommodation for tourists.
ODD Appointment
ODD Appointment 29 minutes ago
Minecraft in rl
Alvin Mu
Alvin Mu 30 minutes ago
Real life minecraft
Sister's “Sister's Media education” Media
I would send him to jail if I was a leader of his country by destroying the planet and abusing the mountain. I will never forget what grandma used to say: “High elevations on mountains produce colder climates”
Darryl Lipscomb
Darryl Lipscomb 33 minutes ago
If you did this in the US Home builders and Local officials would try to stop you because it hurts their MONEY MACHINE!!! Fantastic!!!!
Gisele Félix
Gisele Félix 33 minutes ago
Que bagunça 😂
Toad 35 minutes ago
This is everybody’s first house in Minecraft
Daurak 36 minutes ago
When he put that kitchen counter and chimney up, what was he doing when he was sprinkling dry concrete on top of it and flattening it in?
Bill Britt
Bill Britt 36 minutes ago
I bet you those tools aren’t Chinese made!
xolani kumalo
xolani kumalo 36 minutes ago
Come to think of the different trades employed here....the guy is a true craftsman!
Sean Barnes
Sean Barnes 36 minutes ago
All fun and games until a earthquake hits.
Loulight 37 minutes ago
Why wasn't he wearing eye protection 🥴
ahkine 41 minute ago
Love the dedication and the work just not a fan of some of the design choices but still props to the guy well done.
N L 44 minutes ago
In the future: Ancient astronaut theorists say, yes.
Jason Stratton
Jason Stratton 11 minutes ago
I’m not saying it was aliens but it was aliens.
包包大人 45 minutes ago
sabre1100 47 minutes ago
He better make a comfortable bed so when his back goes he'll have a place to lay down
ю туб
ю туб 47 minutes ago
а разрешение на стройку?
Ollie Olive
Ollie Olive 48 minutes ago
He’s destroying, not building
Foo William
Foo William 49 minutes ago
amazing !! now he needs to look for a wife if he is still single !!
no one
no one 49 minutes ago
He forgot to dig a pit for all the bodies.
Ateka3530 πbitbot12
Ateka3530 πbitbot12 49 minutes ago
I liked very much of idea how u do it this, dude are really increible.
Maximus Prometheus
Maximus Prometheus 50 minutes ago
Well slap my ass and call me silly - I'm impressed. He's Mr. Handyman.
Quần trung Phan
Quần trung Phan 55 minutes ago
Mình t là người VN 🇻🇳
577 Jersey Customs Adventures
Pretty cool he wouldn't be doing that in bedrock though.
Bj Ramos
Bj Ramos 56 minutes ago
No way this can happen in the SF Bay Area. If it did then every freeway underpass would have this done to accommodate the homeless.
David Wood
David Wood 56 minutes ago
Wish I owned a Hill of Rock
Талга А
Талга А 59 minutes ago
Через 1000 лет раскопают, будет потом по Рен-ТВ рассказывать что строили боги по внеземной технологии. Зато людям будущего будет легче засыпать)
Iamlamet Jeslyn
Iamlamet Jeslyn 59 minutes ago
It would have been very nice if he left the central column & just used it as the entry way greeting area / & just gone further into the mountain side for everything else well that's what continuous renovations are for
bogeyman 12
bogeyman 12 Hour ago
All Mr tiger needs is a Mrs tiger now!!
Netkiller3714 Hour ago
Honestly tho. The amount of different things he did and created. Mind blowing. That's pure talent.
Douglas Schramm
Skills...He's got 'em! Awesome to watch him work
Netkiller3714 Hour ago
When the nuclear war ends. This will be the last house left lol.
Tariq Brown
Tariq Brown Hour ago
Cool but he's still shitting in a hole
Erick Indra Tara (Erick)
this is what would I do , If have money to feed my family for 10years while I am making this apartment
Kyle W/ The Bois
This is me every time I make a new Minecraft world
Servers Hour ago
If this was the only evidence of the human race ever existing Id be happy
Netkiller3714 Hour ago
It's just the fact he is using powered tools and still couldn't get it as nice as an ancient temple. Now you tell me they did that by hand. lol
ISMA Hour ago
helio rosenvald
Like Hamas, Hezboolla tunel.
Nice work man
Zhangkui Huang
Carlena Ponce
Carlena Ponce Hour ago
That was badass! Kudos to this man and the friends that helped him create a masterpiece!! Much love y’all ❤️☀️🍀🌸
Sara Lora
Sara Lora Hour ago
He must not have a woman
Jennifer Wood
Jennifer Wood Hour ago
wow, wow, wow, wow, wow...
Adam Porter
Adam Porter Hour ago
Looks like my first Minecraft house
Ruben Chables
Ruben Chables Hour ago
Cool.....except that terrible thing or noise or music...oh... and is not amazing is ugly...but is natural 🌱
Bill Pii
Bill Pii Hour ago
Strangely intoxicating
Aye cah
Aye cah Hour ago
That’s tough 😤👍🔥
Daniel Parmer
Daniel Parmer Hour ago
4:23 getting kinky with the saw
Marcelo Motorista
Bem criativo
Cryptojay Q
Cryptojay Q Hour ago
I’m not going to lie i watched the whole thing lol
shamil bekirov
Изуродовали скалу ,которой миллионы лет ,ради сраного китайца
Zaraki Hour ago
This is how my minecraft houses looks like
onion Hour ago
minecraft moment
Damian DeLapp
Damian DeLapp Hour ago
Doesn’t show the three trash cans of dead power tools
Luiz Fabiano
Luiz Fabiano Hour ago
Jaime morote
Jaime morote Hour ago
Queria ver ele cavar na mão como os homens da caverna faziam
Jennifer Wood
Jennifer Wood Hour ago
RCM MC Hour ago
Carving soap bars be like:
DIG65 Hour ago
If I can have air conditioning, I wouldn’t mind moving into a mountain. That takes serious dedication to take on that task.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Hour ago
very nice. great job dude.
Роман одинаково
У нас за такое посадят😔
Kalfyr- Lucas Monsores
Muito legal mas tem que ser um engenheiro muito experiente pra fazer isso pq o perigo de desabamento é grande se não souber oque está fazendo
Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio Hour ago
nice but moist
Jesus said,,,,,,,,you can move a mountain with faith as big as a mustard seed.
Osano bin Laden
Ada tempat beraknya ga
tepliy led
tepliy led Hour ago
мужик просто гений👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
comme dans du beurre..
JLC from CA 760
JLC from CA 760 2 hours ago
Ton Num
Ton Num 2 hours ago
ดีจังอยากอยู่บ้านแบบนี้อยู่กับธรรมชาติด้วย ว่าแต่ภูเขาลูกนี้รัฐบาลอนุญาตเหรอ