Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

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A Boston man drives two and a half hours to Connecticut to bring pizza to a 13-year-old girl, and meets Chris Hansen instead.

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Nov 10, 2018

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Abdullah Abdullah
Abdullah Abdullah 13 minutes ago
Millions of people watched this I don’t know how he’s going to get married when his face is every where
Chuck rogers
Chuck rogers 19 minutes ago
FUCK! This shits Creepy..I live in ct.
Jiji Math
Jiji Math 52 minutes ago
This is sooo cringe, I keep looking at the comment section 😂😂
Amandarodriii Hour ago
The way he eats the pizza
Chris DiDonna
Chris DiDonna Hour ago
Sick pos. They would annihilate him in the penitentiary
Chthonian121 Hour ago
Isn't the decoy supposed to have like a 5-10 second interaction? Savage Chris let him talk with her for like 10 minutes xD
WBP WNY Hour ago
Did the pizza make a statement?
Louie Bapestar
he drove two hours to eat a pizza and to get arrested
No Need
No Need Hour ago
The power of pussy!. Us men have gone to wars and killed over pussy and still haven't learnt!. He gets caught and he waves his right for a lawyer. You stupid retart,see you in 10 years!
James O'Garcia
The MOST cringeworthy part of this video is watching it on an empty stomach while eyeing that pizza 😋😋
cam biggaveli
cam biggaveli Hour ago
My guy Chris Hansen needs to do audio books.. haha
cam biggaveli
cam biggaveli 2 hours ago
Free promotion for Planet Pizza lol
Eixen 2 hours ago
Man, when you think you can escape "Chris Hansen" But then he pulls out the papers of the girls and young boys you've texted.
pXhantom Menace
pXhantom Menace 2 hours ago
I wouldve broke this mans jaw if that was my sister and eat the rest of his pizza
Brian Binnie
Brian Binnie 2 hours ago
For those wondering, they keep the pizza and check it for date rape drugs. It would be an additional charge had he laced it with something.
Daz Ediss
Daz Ediss 3 hours ago
Cops put his pizza in the trunk. Erm. Why?
Chewy 3
Chewy 3 3 hours ago
Can’t believe after all that my guy really tried to offer Chris a slice if his pizza
DJQuan718 2 hours ago
He offered the camera crew too lmao
A A 3 hours ago
The guy is a perv and a would be pedophile, but this chick is 19 and this is entrapment under the lawful definition. Technically the man has committed no crime under federal law, because the person he was engaging with is not a minor. This is all theater folks whilst real pedophiles out there like Epstein were sex trafficking young girls. This is all diversion TV.
FIGHT NATION 3 hours ago
People saying this is entrapment are correct, but the again these mfs r tryna fuck LITTLE KIDS they deserve it
Jusn Gctujj
Jusn Gctujj 4 hours ago
He seems chill if he wasn’t a pedo
GPB 25
GPB 25 4 hours ago
every pedophile deserves jail and pedosexuality shouldnt be normalized. CHANGE MY MIND
It’s Me, Stupid.
It’s Me, Stupid. 5 hours ago
“ I don’t have homeless feet”.
kale salad
kale salad 5 hours ago
jimmy kimmel needs to chill
Chris Bridston
Chris Bridston 5 hours ago
Coming to MEAT some one is a crime “laughs and eats pizza” 🤦🏻‍♂️👏👏👏 good Christ
Bleach Boi
Bleach Boi 5 hours ago
They gon love him in prison 😬
Chris Bridston
Chris Bridston 5 hours ago
This is awkward... the silence.. and his voice along with the crinkle bag.. u look so different.. like older than I thought 💭
Chris Bridston
Chris Bridston 5 hours ago
Fairfield is sure on this show a lot 🙄
tmcgee 5 hours ago
Hansen dieseled this schmuck!
Myah Espinosa
Myah Espinosa 6 hours ago
CH: you can take your pizza Pedo: you want a slice?
tom Donaldson
tom Donaldson 6 hours ago
this guy is the creepiest and ugliest of all of them
Michael Moran
Michael Moran 6 hours ago
His face is so slappable
ThisIsPuff :-D
ThisIsPuff :-D 7 hours ago
These dudes pathetic
Nick 7 hours ago
That is some NASTY looking pizza.
dylf14 7 hours ago
"The cops put his pizza in the trunk" Gotta keep the evidence.
GD sockeye978
GD sockeye978 7 hours ago
I thought this dude was a legit pizza man XD
los TOMAHAWK 8 hours ago
Who’s Chris Hansen/
Dionysian Beast
Dionysian Beast 8 hours ago
This bitch sucks at acting
Selim The Succubus [Male]
That pizza looks absolutely delicious. It's only too bad that it's being consumed by a sick, twisted sociopath that set out to rape a 13-year-old girl. That pizza is too good to be eaten by subhuman filth like this.
carlwinslo 8 hours ago
Damn so he had to drop 25k just for the 10% bond? There goes the rest of the pizza money.
Averill Springer
Averill Springer 8 hours ago
Fuck this dick.....chop his balls off.
Isaiah Hobbs
Isaiah Hobbs 8 hours ago
Am I the only one wondering how it isnt super obvious she isnt a 13 year old girl? Lol This show is a meme basically
Madison O'Brien
Madison O'Brien 9 hours ago
this is painful to watch lmaoooo
Steven Winterhill
Steven Winterhill 9 hours ago
do you have pretty feet 😂
Marti 9 hours ago
Planet Pizza got the best free ad they could ever ask for
Kerry Elizabeth Myers
Man is fucking deluded. What a prick. Great work again. Keep protecting our children from shit bastards like this wanker 😖
Trojanfan666 10 hours ago
Nobody.... RUvid: Here is this pedophile to see
Lawrence Nakoa
Lawrence Nakoa 10 hours ago
i can smell that pizza from here
Loki Dog
Loki Dog 10 hours ago
Castration should be mandatory.
Dru H.
Dru H. 10 hours ago
No hug??? 🤔 You okay 🤐😁😉😒🤣😘😅😩😣
zebatov 10 hours ago
"Normal" is relative. Also, arresting these guys when there is no minor present, when they haven't broken a law is arbitrary detainment. It doesn't matter what they were thinking, it matters what they did. No minors are ever involved in these operations, so no crime can actually be committed. Unfortunately you have to wait until they break the law to get them. What's happened here is a breach of his rights.
DEKUSCRUB 10 hours ago
My man was talking about the pizza he said it wasnt that big but it will please u
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