Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

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A Boston man drives two and a half hours to Connecticut to bring pizza to a 13-year-old girl, and meets Chris Hansen instead.

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Nov 10, 2018




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Comments 80
Ryan Lynch
Ryan Lynch Hour ago
That dudes got his priorities way outta wack, that pizza looks way better than the chick to be honest. Oh, and he’s a pedophile too, so that’s kinda fucked.
Ik Al gala
Ik Al gala Hour ago
Lol he thought giving a pizza slice will make things better what a dumbass he is
SHOOTERMAN253 Hour ago
This man admitted his dick is small and was found with viagra, LMAO
Suite Life of Savy
I Hate the Pedo but ngl this made me want pizza 😂
Kevin Greer
Kevin Greer Hour ago
She looks fishy lol a CAP & JACKET!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 wat teenager Dress like that lol
Eduardo Esteves
this tatics should be used worldwide, there's too many ofenders like this that roam around ....
Ree sc stacks
Ree sc stacks 2 hours ago
Noooo Jimmy kimmel trippin
*-_Lili Lili Gacha_-*
There is a user in the comment section defending pedophiles. His username is Zenigundam. If you see him replying to a comment, he will most likely be defending Sokol in this video. Report him immediately.
Jacob Lineburg
Jacob Lineburg 3 hours ago
Jimmy kimmel?
lynn kesh
lynn kesh 3 hours ago
Dude enjoying that pizza like he knows tomorrow is not be gonna be another lazy day at home ...
absolut 4 hours ago
Damn that pizza looks good, only thing I gathered from this is that he had good taste in pizza
Lou Mojo
Lou Mojo 4 hours ago
This is total entrapment
General Esdeath
General Esdeath 4 hours ago
Didn’t even realize how hungry I was until I heard Chris say pizza. I feel a lot more sorry for myself and my desire for papa john’s pizza than I feel for the pedo getting arrested in this video. I’d be fine with doubling his prison sentence in fact if it meant I could have 2 hot slices of pizza right now. Even Pizza Hut would be fine. I’m just hungry.
Olaf CG
Olaf CG 4 hours ago
Pretty Fucking Gay
Pretty Fucking Gay 4 hours ago
It’s interesting they bring up there age so much in the chat (the pedos) like as someone whose dabbled in a piss kink talking about it whilst doing it makes it more hot so I can see why they say it (pedos are gross not defending anything) but like why would you keep bringing it up even if it makes it more real to you your really shooting yourself in the foot
Lorenzo Garza
Lorenzo Garza 4 hours ago
Damn that pizza looks good af
EverluckilyLeft 4 hours ago
Wonder if everyone eats the food these guys bring after arresting them.
Marion Cobretti
Marion Cobretti 5 hours ago
Jeff "master of puppets" Sokol
Marion Cobretti
Marion Cobretti 5 hours ago
Chris "Sokol should of brought napkins" Hanson
Teflon John
Teflon John 6 hours ago
When Chris walks in, she should have a grabbed a slice of pizza on her way out. Lol
Juliou Jones
Juliou Jones 6 hours ago
Can’t believe he ruined my favorite band like that
Alex Leach
Alex Leach 6 hours ago
Jeff sokol went to the college I went to...
trit FN
trit FN 7 hours ago
She fucking sucks at acting
Lightskin Jesus
Lightskin Jesus 7 hours ago
Jimmy Kimmel down bad asf
TechSavvy Analyst
TechSavvy Analyst 8 hours ago
JunkBoi 9 hours ago
The guy looks like Jimmy Kimmel, but his voice sounds like Ethan from H3H3. Also on another note, why does that actress looks similar to young Britney Spears.
Drew D
Drew D 9 hours ago
Just a thought: given that they're actually talking to an adult online, and when they arrive it's an adult also, they haven't actually broken any law, the law comes down on something that is ultimately fantasy and intent, but that intent is surely nullified by the fact that nobody under aged was ever actually involved at any point...the show is morally murky but people defend due to emotion and the adrenaline in seeing people they feel are creepy or dangerous get stopped...It's addictive, but the show can't at any point really claim much moral high ground, because they set up a situation to entrap someone when at no point was any child actually at any risk...the show was about viewers and blood lust as much as child protection.
Katrinka San Francisco Bay Area
He just doesn't get it all the way to the end of the video.... He totally seems to think there was nothing wrong with what he did. He's a arrogant wannabe narcissistic pompous ass! What a stupid stupid stupid beast!
Drew D
Drew D 9 hours ago
At the point the dudes show doubt, the show isn't very moral by basically entrapping them and making sure they come anyway
Drew D
Drew D 9 hours ago
I like him, seems like a pretty cool guy, just a bit lonely and desperate.
Earth MC
Earth MC 10 hours ago
My man really chugged that water 😂💀
nashywil 93
nashywil 93 12 hours ago
Did anyone have the urge to jump through this screen and rip his smug ass face off?!?!?!!?😡😡😡
Terryl Hymes
Terryl Hymes 12 hours ago
Holy shit I can't 😂
Zayten e
Zayten e 12 hours ago
Damn he didn’t even bring wings
LifeOfRy 13 hours ago
damn H3H3 went downhill bro
suomynona 14 hours ago
"No rum" rum was never suggested. These creators obviously made a mistake having the decoy say that. If it does actually serve a purpose, im enlightened to hear what it is! theres more as well that aint the only stupid thing I heard.
Dwight K Shcrute
Dwight K Shcrute 14 hours ago
So I was eating potato chips in bed and I finished the entire bag. My fan blew the bag towards my feet and I thought it was a spider
dandifazio 15 hours ago
Creep "can you tell me who who are" Chris Hansen "I will tell you in a minute" with that hand gesture hahahaa clutch
Angel 15 hours ago
He has a very disgusting face. It looks like the shit in the toilet . A sick face where you can tell everything he is and what he does. A deprived garbage.
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
Lot of projection going on here....not so happy about your looks are we?
suomynona 14 hours ago
Nah that is your mind playing tricks on you.
McBreakfast 15 hours ago
The title makes it seem like he got arrested for bringing the pizza 😂
Martyfriedman001 16 hours ago
How could he afford $250k bail ?
Alexa L.
Alexa L. 16 hours ago
I get so nervous seeing those girls with those disgusting monsters, and when they leave the room I'm so relieve.
Ty1738x 16 hours ago
Jimmy kimmels long lost rapist brother 😂
Tapan Barik
Tapan Barik 16 hours ago
I think they should get Gordon to cuss out this guy , i will watch that
Aileen Zavala
Aileen Zavala 16 hours ago
Damn he was hungry
448 Ave
448 Ave 17 hours ago
I wonder if Jimmy Kimmel is reading these comments 😂
TH0MA5 17 hours ago
When they get caught why do they even try to act like they haven’t done anything
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
Playing devils advocate, there's no child involved at any point, so what's the crime?
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts 18 hours ago
So what I've learned...make sure they come to ur house..don't go to theirs..thx.
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
Pro Tip
The Witch King of Angmar
I had my attention on the pizza the whole time
Juicemonster 18 hours ago
Honestly I came here to watch a man eat pizza.
Track Gangsta
Track Gangsta 19 hours ago
Dude really offered them a slice like they would be cool with him🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
I would so have taken a slice, maybe two
Franc0188 19 hours ago
Chris Hansen a real g
SURGE 19 hours ago
Champ'eon L'ab'ontray
U know what they do to predators in jail. He’s been raped 300 times already...
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
To dudes that were actually talking to an adult and no rape ever happened....I think that's reserved for the hard core rapists
One Day You May
One Day You May 20 hours ago
Who drinks OJ with pepperoni pizza 😂
Marcus Pollock
Marcus Pollock 20 hours ago
13:55 kidney punch
DiAnna Watts
DiAnna Watts 20 hours ago
He is so unbothered and cocky. He sees nothing wrong with his actions.
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
He only gets cockier cos Chris won't answer a simple question lol
Tanjiro Is My Child
Tanjiro Is My Child 20 hours ago
“Can I eat first?”
Sailor Sedna
Sailor Sedna 21 hour ago
9:28 He knows he's been caught, and sighs only in that regard.
Vincent Ferrigno
Vincent Ferrigno 21 hour ago
Jeff asked Chris, if he looks like a dirty person..I would tell him..Worse
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
He's regular looking
Jp Macc
Jp Macc 22 hours ago
Hansons a smarmy cunt as well though....needs his arse bursting by several sex crazed lunatics just to wipe the smug look on his face
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
Got to be skeletons in his closet, he's so self righteous that it seems like an act to deflect his own impurities...much like many of the commenters here
carti 22 hours ago
“Why do you think I came”...oh boy lol
stan kpop u peasant STREAM
anthony martinez
anthony martinez 22 hours ago
But he continues to eat while he’s reading the text wow that’s sick, a normal person would lose their appetite ASAP, Smfh who in the fuck is this sick 🤕
FogZ 23 hours ago
Who can't say no to a pizza
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
Chris on a diet
Lizbeth Gonzalez
Lizbeth Gonzalez 23 hours ago
The pizza do look good tho
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
It do be looking tasty
LICHT 23 hours ago
13:53 me when my mom tells me not to go to the fridge 🤣🤣🤣🤣
LICHT 23 hours ago
13:38 Yes u do
LICHT 23 hours ago
Dat Pizza Do 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Caedmon Collier
This man eating pizza makes me Hungary
Andy Pelkey
Andy Pelkey Day ago
what a terrible lookin pizza, it's so floppy and limp. It's pointing at da floor when he pick it. Also da cheese is way too stringy almost all da cheese on da dam slice came off when he picked it up.Not to mention it also looks underdone. Dis dude really fucked in da head. Sickening. The pedophilia thing is pretty messed up too ig.
ajzeg01 Day ago
“But sir, is that legal?” “I will make it legal.”
Clamb_J Day ago
This smarmy twat deserves it more than anyone else on the show
afkuri-royal Day ago
What if Bailey just responsed with Lol also my guy said pretty hands Kira confirmed
The guy that corrects all your spelling
Chris Hanson : “Do you trim your blank” Predator: Laughs Me: What the hell
Drew D
Drew D 8 hours ago
Nobody want hair in their mouth after eating a tasty pizza
teebz R
teebz R Day ago
Who drinks oj with pizza?? now I want pizza too
Good Looking Honkey
You know you're a Sicko when you don't know who Chris Hanson is.
Good Looking Honkey
Guy is a fucking sick bastard
Xoxmemphis Boi
Dude looks likes H3H3
Oldmanlowery Day ago
Y’all got a number for the girl? She actually pretty cute
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