Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

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A Boston man drives two and a half hours to Connecticut to bring pizza to a 13-year-old girl, and meets Chris Hansen instead.



10 ноя 2018

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Mauri Cobian
Mauri Cobian 55 минут назад
Oh shit Chris Hansen is back!!!!
Marceline The Vampire Queen
Marceline The Vampire Queen Час назад
Damn bro. Imagine walking over to a girls house cause she wanted some pizza but she couldn't pay for it, so you were doing her a favor, and then getting caught by my boy Chris Hansen and falsely accused smh
N I C K C D A 2 K G O D
N I C K C D A 2 K G O D Час назад
FINE RUvid , I’ll watch this video
Itz Trickzter
Itz Trickzter Час назад
B4 u talk to him like that let the man finish his pizza. Lmao
rashida mc
rashida mc Час назад
That pizza looks good asf he doesn’t deserve it 💀
Peter_Panda Час назад
13 Years old. That means 2005. Thats disgusting. She could be his daughter.
Angel 541
Angel 541 Час назад
That pizza really looking good though🍕
Matt Romano
Matt Romano Час назад
Chino Moreno + Jimmy Kimmel
Quanniyah Brownlee
Quanniyah Brownlee Час назад
I was 💀
Quanniyah Brownlee
Quanniyah Brownlee Час назад
When he graped and ate that pizza
A'Bre House
A'Bre House Час назад
Y’all saying he look like jimmy kimmel but I think he look like that one picture of Brendan Fraser crying
Kenneth. B
Kenneth. B Час назад
Why don’t they just cut these mother fuckers heads off and make examples of these animals!!!!
mobley Mobley
mobley Mobley Час назад
Jeffery socool
A'Bre House
A'Bre House Час назад
I’m sorry I was laughing the whole time after Chris came out 😂😂😂
A'Bre House
A'Bre House Час назад
He was really just chomping on the pizza 💀
dat Pianoguy
dat Pianoguy Час назад
the decoy is really pretty
Susan Louis
Susan Louis 2 часа назад
Out of all these creeps I find this guy the most obnoxious . I would love to personally beat the crap out of him . He somehow thinks eating pizza would normalize the situation.
imvge 2 часа назад
uber eats
El Game'o Cammando
El Game'o Cammando 2 часа назад
The Claudster
The Claudster 2 часа назад
My stomach turned from watching this. I’ve always wondered if pedophiles are aware of how old they look and that’s part of where they get their sick kicks Or subconsciously they think they haven’t aged so that’s why they prey on children
Meagan Marie
Meagan Marie 2 часа назад
Wow what a freak chasing her for a hug. Sick
me me
me me 2 часа назад
Chris hanson is actually a documented sex preditor and pedophile
Kyle Peters
Kyle Peters 2 часа назад
Please do not associate a pedophile and Metallica.
GC ROBBY 2 часа назад
Sad part is I bet 75% of you have daughters
GC ROBBY 2 часа назад
Everyone making jokes like this is funny but he’s 44 meeting a 13 year old I mean seriously y’all have no soul
Carlos Miranda
Carlos Miranda 2 часа назад
MinecraftBoy227 2 часа назад
Why does he sound like Ethan from H3H3
Dayz 2 часа назад
I would eat the pizza first and then say YOU JUST GOT PRANKED!
Trapper Queen
Trapper Queen 2 часа назад
'You're 44.' 😒🤐😒🤐😔
The Nagalfar
The Nagalfar 2 часа назад
Tfw when a pedophile admits to an underage girl that hes got a small member lol bruh 💀
MrBlitzRD -
MrBlitzRD - 3 часа назад
*plot twist:* Chris is actually the pedo and he’s framing them so he has all the *13 year olds* to *himself*
Nathan Skelton
Nathan Skelton 3 часа назад
Ha ha you got caught dick
Nathan Skelton
Nathan Skelton 3 часа назад
I’m gonna beat the living shit out of this dude for lying to CHRIS HANSEN
Peteng 13
Peteng 13 3 часа назад
What the fuck happened to the pizza?
Rasseshakurr 3 часа назад
He ain't law enforcement he is CHRIS HANSEN
Trapper Queen
Trapper Queen 3 часа назад
How he not gonna know who Chris Hansen is tho?
Synecdoche Films
Synecdoche Films 3 часа назад
Should have been titled “Chris Hansen Meets His Match”. After a decade of doing this kinda work, he’s finally found someone whose arrogance rivals his own.
the_dude 3 часа назад
i understand almost everything about this video except the second of the three charges seems likes its out of nowhere. attempted risk of injury to a minor? i dont see where that came in to play maybe im missing something.but i dont recall him threatening her or asking her to perform a task that could result in injury
Foxy Fresh
Foxy Fresh 3 часа назад
Damn im like 15 and this shit is wierd consideribg theres gay pedos out there too, aint nobody touching my squidward
Cringe an Binge Pot
Cringe an Binge Pot 3 часа назад
But nobody was underage tho
Jay Bird
Jay Bird 3 часа назад
Alabama and old time peeps dislike this
Nick Adams
Nick Adams 3 часа назад
This guy is a fucking creepy asshole
Jay Bird
Jay Bird 3 часа назад
Why is this guy the way that he is? I should consult my psych professor.
brocko69 69
brocko69 69 3 часа назад
ngl that pizza looks bomb
Jake Paulsrud
Jake Paulsrud 3 часа назад
If this doesn’t make you want pizza
Samier Gregory
Samier Gregory 3 часа назад
The real criminal is that male's voice that's reading the texts 😂😂😂
brazilsky brazilsky
brazilsky brazilsky 4 часа назад
Chris please tell him what type of food you like for the next party. Being that you don't like pizza.....
Joe Burns
Joe Burns 4 часа назад
That pizza does look good though
If he doesn't get arrested I'll have sex with a 13 year old girl to.
He don't give a fuck that's just legit .
He really roasted Chris lmao😂😂😂
This guy is legit😂😂😂
Mike Diesel
Mike Diesel 4 часа назад
At least he got to eat a slice of pizza, that shit looked straight out of TMNT. Cowabunga, Jeff
Joss D
Joss D 4 часа назад
These videos are so addictive but they creep me out
Monica Jenkins
Monica Jenkins 4 часа назад
That poor decoy so gross my god
SkittlesCat *
SkittlesCat * 4 часа назад
He’s the washed up version of Jimmy Kimmel
Brandon Feathers
Brandon Feathers 4 часа назад
You know you’re fucked when she says “did you find the house alright”
chloe fitz
chloe fitz 4 часа назад
he makes my blood boil. so disgusting! especially how loud he chews like um. where the hell were u raised ?
Lee Clark
Lee Clark 4 часа назад
You are doing a great job Mr. Hansen. It could be greater when you set up women as well
ava gulezian
ava gulezian 4 часа назад
i think about that pizza every day
sam damerji
sam damerji 4 часа назад
Fukin loser, find someone your age or at least not under age.
Stephen S
Stephen S 5 часов назад
Every time he takes a bite of that pizza I would remember knock another tooth in afterwards!
John Do
John Do 5 часов назад
That pizza looks so good.
Staffy P
Staffy P 5 часов назад
Maybe mentioning the pizza in the comments will make it funnier the more people keep posting a comment about it?
cintrik 5 часов назад
Can we actually judge someone like this? Obviously something happened in this guys early childhood to make him this way. Is he wrong to feel the way he feels? Hell no, but he should get help. Making him feel like shit about the whole situation won't help a thing, nor will the legal system. He needs treatment similar to a drug addict. Ignorant America!
Britt So NC Baby
Britt So NC Baby 5 часов назад
"The kind where you call the doctor if it's still working after 4 hours" 💀😂😂
Etrician55 5 часов назад
anybody have the decoys number?? she thicc
Yenny Quinonez
Yenny Quinonez 6 часов назад
I just want to shove that pizza in his face really hard
000 000
000 000 6 часов назад
"to be honest with you"
Yenny Quinonez
Yenny Quinonez 6 часов назад
that pizza was so cheesy omg 😮
oc 6 часов назад
Gio Diaz
Gio Diaz 6 часов назад
The real crime was that haircut
Issa Emcee
Issa Emcee 6 часов назад
This is disturbing
Blake 6 часов назад
I think besides Casey from the first series, this decoy does a really good job given this gig requires her to be within two feet of actual creepers.
Darrell adams
Darrell adams 6 часов назад
"Hanging out with whom. " - Chris Hansen
Adrian Anthony
Adrian Anthony 6 часов назад
No play for Mr. Gray
James Peters
James Peters 6 часов назад
lol that girl was like - JUKE - NO HUG *SAFE*
Quickly Chosen
Quickly Chosen 6 часов назад
What kinda pizza we have tonight?? 😁😁🤣😂😭
Breaker Soccer
Breaker Soccer 6 часов назад
This guy reminds me of the dickhead smartass know it all everyone of us had in their high school class and everyone who went to school with this dude is laughing their ass off right now
Cvikam Zicu
Cvikam Zicu 6 часов назад
Why this lil bitch dont give this guy a hug ???
Mohamad Mohamad
Mohamad Mohamad 6 часов назад
Can I eat first?
Amanda M
Amanda M 7 часов назад
Chris Hansen is a legend
Filzah Kamil
Filzah Kamil 7 часов назад
thank God I just had pizza for my lunch!
KittenVillain 7 часов назад
Chris is getting angrier the more pedos he meets, he's slowly losing faith in humanity
Stan Smith
Stan Smith 7 часов назад
Jeni Fierce
Jeni Fierce 7 часов назад
How do u not know who CHRIS HANSEN is bruh??
Fateara Mines
Fateara Mines 7 часов назад
This bitch came to this house and act as if he's in charge. Questions Chris as if he (Jeff) was the man of the house. Arrogant little prick.
68 mopar
68 mopar 7 часов назад
You SUM BITCHES!!! Ya toss the man's pizza in the TRUNK, so he can smell that?!?! He tried to give you a SLICE!!! Oh what, it wasn't pastries?!?! 😂
G.W Grubbs
G.W Grubbs 7 часов назад
They never show the outcome of the case because of entrapment, he asked you law, no lie entrapment.
Naib-ur Rahman
Naib-ur Rahman 7 часов назад
Why would a 44 year old guy like to hang around with a 13 year old girl. Absolute nonsense
Matthew Gillis
Matthew Gillis 8 часов назад
My gosh jimmy
Justin Kreklow
Justin Kreklow 8 часов назад
He didnt bring condoms what if he got her pregnant he would be 62 and she would be 31 by the time it graduates high school also what if he gave her an std ???????
68 mopar
68 mopar 8 часов назад
He met Chris Hanson?! I've never been so excited since Scooby Doo met Batman and Robin!!!
Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
Remember when homosexuality was seen as one of the sickest acts ever? Now it's normal. What's the difference with people who are attracted to younger ages?
Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
+Quickly Chosen let me also clarify that I only mean this about the good ones. The ones who don't deliberately break the law by sending nudes to someone they just met and going over to their house. But there are plenty of men and women who secretly have these feelings but dont act on them: 1.) Because its against the law, and 2.) Because they dont want to be treated like the horrible people they are portrayed to be. I mean it's actually pretty sad when you sit and think about it
Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
+Quickly Chosen No there's definitely something wrong with it, but why call these people sickos and such? You wouldn't describe a homosexual that way. Especially not in 2018. Maybe you could argue that it was a mental illness(mind you they said the same thing about homosexuality at one point) but that wouldn't really be the person's fault in that case. What should really happen is these people should get help and stop being dehumanized for what they are attracted to
Quickly Chosen
Quickly Chosen 2 часа назад
+Are you sure you entered your name correctly? And... I can call a girl "Dude". U kinda sound like you're defending pedophilia by hypothetically saying there's nothing wrong with it.
Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
+Quickly Chosen Im a girl tho
Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
+KittenVillain What about two gay 13 year olds? Neither of them can give consent. Should they both be sent to jail?
X_Splo 8 часов назад
Is that Muhammad?
jc3fresh 8 часов назад
Fuck, now I feel guilty for wanting pizza after this
nearzero12 8 часов назад
Who are you? Lol
lexxisbih 8 часов назад
Probably eating pizza bc he knows he’s going to jail and the food is shit there 😶😶🙄
Michael Keister
Michael Keister 9 часов назад
Mad Dog
Mad Dog 9 часов назад
I think he was insinuating that he'd be banging his 14 year old daughter.
Genesis M
Genesis M 9 часов назад
He’s still trying to justify himself 😂 dude your a grown man, just accept that your disgusting pedophile!
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