Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

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A Boston man drives two and a half hours to Connecticut to bring pizza to a 13-year-old girl, and meets Chris Hansen instead.



10 ноя 2018

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vashti hamp
vashti hamp 14 минут назад
This nigga Savage asf he continues to fucking eat while he finna be arrested
Robert Baker
Robert Baker Час назад
That pizza looks delicious.
dannyboy768 Час назад
These camera angles are suspiciously good..
YAMAHA88 Kawasaki88
YAMAHA88 Kawasaki88 Час назад
Creepy. I'm always worried that the girl is going to get hurt when one of these assholes walks in.
UsualVinity Час назад
RUvid stop pushing this video down my throat.
It’s Jolly
It’s Jolly Час назад
*7:57** Was so random, had me dead 💀*
Sarah Soto
Sarah Soto Час назад
Disgusting Dirt Bag
Landon Miles
Landon Miles 2 часа назад
Either that girl is a really good actor or she was legitimately uncomfortable. Because she seemed like she was honestly uncomfortable.
Marc Ferland
Marc Ferland 2 часа назад
Pretty sure he ate first, not because he was so relaxed, but because he realized this would probably his last chance to eat pizza in many, many years.
CUISINE KING l 2 часа назад
She stayed 13 for like 3 years lol
Steve Goddard
Steve Goddard 3 часа назад
Dirty Bastard needs putting down
_Yugen 3 часа назад
Im not sure what pisses me off the most. The fact that this guy is a pedophile and there are thousands of people like him in the world, or the fact that this video reminded me that 13 year olds really do lose their virginity willingly and sex talk with others?
humanforhuman 3 часа назад
the last pizza to eat for the next 20 years; he knows it !!!!
Herman Andrango
Herman Andrango 3 часа назад
I wonder what happened to this guy
Dinahii 3 часа назад
i like how this guy doesn't give a fuck
Fangirl Sonny Dazed
Fangirl Sonny Dazed 3 часа назад
Bro this is so embarrassing I don’t like this at all I’m cringing they’re excuses SUCK
EZRA YAH 3 часа назад
He needs to get life!
jaxonya 3 часа назад
I'm home alone. Somebody bring me pizza
PET KO 3 часа назад
13 ??? Sick mother F.... !
Mye•Mochi 4 часа назад
*Where you get that pizza tho,pizza look real good..*
Dewna 4 часа назад
come on man dont judge his eating hes gonna get arrested
no thank you
no thank you 4 часа назад
I really want to join this freaking investigation owo
El Alezz
El Alezz 4 часа назад
fuck..man da pizza looks yummy not gonna lie
WAVYSEASONS 4 часа назад
Aidan Zabran
Aidan Zabran 5 часов назад
is it sad that i watched this to see what pizza he brought
Josh Zebrah
Josh Zebrah 5 часов назад
o Loli o Ugly Bastard
Eveline Simargi
Eveline Simargi 5 часов назад
I hope there is this kind of law in Indonesia....
Christian S
Christian S 5 часов назад
He started eating cause he knew he was going to jail. Haha
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 5 часов назад
What’s wrong with eating pizza with a teen?
Jerimiah Hopkins
Jerimiah Hopkins 5 часов назад
Stupidity for this man. It makes me sick that he is a man because I'm a man. This man is avoiding his common sense. I hope he has fear in jail from other prisoners, he deserves it, scumbag.
P Z 5 часов назад
What if the girl told him she is 13 ?? so what ?????????? its her problem, that she wanted to meet up with him/ She can tell him she is 30 and she could be 15 . whats the fucking difference. Staged fucking boring crap. Made in the USa for fat morons wasting their lives on the sofa watching this. he can sent any text to anyone even if the girl was 10 years old. he hasnt done anything wrong . end of story. AAAND its all staged
P Z 5 часов назад
7.00 he has a right to know who the fuck he is . if i was him ill take the pizza and leave. he has no right to ask him who he is or what is he doing. first of all its all staged and second he doesnt haev to say a single word. .. And to all the morons out there its all staged. look at the cameras.. YOu really think a guy will be talking to a girl while there is like 5 different camera angles pointing at him ? wow you Americans are so stupid
Crystal Sanders
Crystal Sanders 6 часов назад
I demand the name of the pizza place
Andys Studio
Andys Studio 6 часов назад
I genuinely had to skip to when Chris stepped in, I couldn't stand the way he was talking to the decoy
Coolnicknameguy 6 часов назад
the girl is safe but that poor pizza is gonna need years of therapy after being fondled like that by this sicko.
Feast Your Eyes
Feast Your Eyes 6 часов назад
"I'm not that big but I know how to satisfy a woman" LMAOOO 😭😭😭
Ibrahim Rami
Ibrahim Rami 7 часов назад
He got shegged
SWEET BABY 7 часов назад
That was the last pizza he ever had
XiaoFury 7 часов назад
He's a scum bag, and that pizza is too good for him.
Jj Mmm
Jj Mmm 7 часов назад
14:56 dattebayo
Jj Mmm
Jj Mmm 7 часов назад
It's like I'm watching a fucking movie when Chris came out. That conversation while the bad guy thinks that he's winning so he's casually eating a slice of pizza
Breen Irwin
Breen Irwin 7 часов назад
Pizza Pizza Gate makes ye think ? Wasn't Chris Hansen arrested recently ?
Ethel Hiley
Ethel Hiley 7 часов назад
They should have waited for him to start making moves so he has no way of pretending he had no ulterior motive
Jj Mmm
Jj Mmm 7 часов назад
Hey... What's wrong with homeless feet
ViralHub 8 часов назад
just find a 18yr old if you like young girls lol i dont understand these men
shinigamidziri 43
shinigamidziri 43 8 часов назад
06:15, there's a screen that shows that he's being recorded right behind him, am I the only one who saw it or what!!? 🤔
Truth Be Told.
Truth Be Told. 9 часов назад
He looks very creepy! The pizza looks great though!
Thomas Cromwell
Thomas Cromwell 9 часов назад
That pizza actually looked really good.
Lightning ᏩᎪᎷᏆNᏩ
Lightning ᏩᎪᎷᏆNᏩ 10 часов назад
Millions of pedos
Hippity hobitas
Hippity hobitas 10 часов назад
he's like: this might be the last pizza I could have in a long time, I'm gonna fucking eat it while having the most terrifying conversation in my life.
Eisy Murphy
Eisy Murphy 10 часов назад
the guy eating pizza like that listening to the transcripts...what a piggy scumbag. I hope he gets what he deserves.
Xaciel Ortega
Xaciel Ortega 11 часов назад
Abhigyan Pal
Abhigyan Pal 12 часов назад
Is it right to show his face?
Demonicrage 948
Demonicrage 948 13 часов назад
This guy makes me sick to my stomach
Jay Utgikar
Jay Utgikar 13 часов назад
*dominos has left the chat*
Allmighty Berserker
Allmighty Berserker 14 часов назад
Jimmy kimmel is a pedo
Brendan Walsh
Brendan Walsh 15 часов назад
Omg so awkward
Dayna de Montagnac
Dayna de Montagnac 15 часов назад
Do pedos not know about this show?? You have to be dumb to think you could get away with something like this🙄
Mr. Tripod
Mr. Tripod 15 часов назад
Just let the nigga hit
Hannah Kellaway
Hannah Kellaway 15 часов назад
I never thought To Catch a Predator would make me hungry I'm talking about the pizza, I swear
Shaun 15 часов назад
Jimmy Kimmel
Nintendo 64
Nintendo 64 15 часов назад
My nigga like want a slice
John Parven
John Parven 15 часов назад
He got that pizza from Podestas Comet pizza parties.
Cielo Mikaelis
Cielo Mikaelis 15 часов назад
I really love the comment section xD Im bout to pass out readin them
momo 16 часов назад
Oh look a pig eating his own kind..... Fucking disgusting POS! HOPE THEY SLICE HIM UP IN PRISON!
momo 8 часов назад
+Anish no. You're just a liar. A piece of shit liar that loves to listen to the media.
Anish 14 часов назад
Your prophet prefered 6-year olds. He should be in prison too if alive
rrios283s73 16 часов назад
This guy ruined his life for that .?
NickNackPaddy 16 часов назад
Jimmy Kimmel
Yesenia Rivera
Yesenia Rivera 16 часов назад
*Sponsored by Planet Pizza*
Kathleen Devine
Kathleen Devine 17 часов назад
champagnecoloredeyes 18 часов назад
13:12 love when Chris just gets to the point of such disgust with this guys arrogant nonchalant idiotic answers and demeanor that he drops the chat log papers down on the table out of irritation
kuunami 18 часов назад
This is amazing. I didn't know that these were still being made. I'm about to have a marathon.
Austin Clouse
Austin Clouse 19 часов назад
At like 5:40 it just sounds like ASMR😂😂
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez 20 часов назад
whats funny is the guy is pretty decent looking, i have no idea why hes trying to screw teen girls lol
Ethan logue
Ethan logue 20 часов назад
God dam chris is a bad ass
Ethan logue
Ethan logue 20 часов назад
Drake Hahahahahahah
john gnang
john gnang 21 час назад
You need to have a big s.o.b come out and say"boy,you got a pretty mouth"
Joana Aaltonen
Joana Aaltonen 21 час назад
WHAT?? How come that piece of SHIT, after all of this, just went on his life by himself after court?!?!?!?!?!?!
Andrew Lovaas
Andrew Lovaas 21 час назад
who the fuck sits around with the box of pizza wide open. let the shit get cold, thats why youre really in jail.
Anna Esmaili
Anna Esmaili 22 часа назад
What’s in the brown bag . Ffs open the brown bag
Fish Minecraft
Fish Minecraft 22 часа назад
7:57 'Should have bought napkins.' LOLLL
Datt Nigga
Datt Nigga 23 часа назад
how does he not know this show? lmao hilarious. he seems dangerous
xriena Brown
xriena Brown День назад
I guess the thumbs down was for the pizza not only getting arrested but for it being placed in the trunk like it was to be dumped
K Edmodson
K Edmodson День назад
The shithouse is doing well to keep that pizza down consider how much his stomach must be turning.
blablablooblaful День назад
what a scum bag. this guy makes me sick.
Nohmad Baker
Nohmad Baker День назад
The pizza stole the show tonight
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson День назад
Hansen is a criminal
Ethan logue
Ethan logue 19 часов назад
What do you mean
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 20 часов назад
Writing bad checks
Ethan logue
Ethan logue 20 часов назад
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson День назад
"What kinda pizza do we have tonight?" HAHAHA! Classic!
Brian День назад
I can already see this guy getting his ass kicked in prison for going after 12 year olds and his last words be "FOURTEEN! SHE SAID SHE WAS FOURTEEN" as if that 2 years means something smh
Klara Stern
Klara Stern День назад
this is so creepy :( Please be good to your children and treat them right... so they are less vulnerable to get victimized...
Brian День назад
"The small pizzas just as big as the big one" OK THERE BUD. buddy trying to snake his way in with metaphors. Subconcious conditioning to think "small blanks aren't any different". lol This guys so scared thats why he wanted to know if he was talking to her dad or nah cause otherwise he'd just cry lawyer lawyer and snake is way outta this one. But fck, that American pizza looks daaaammm good.
Robert murray
Robert murray День назад
I'd love to be her father!
wrxsubaru02 День назад
Why dont you guy start this show back up? Oh never mind, I think i know why now lol ruvid.net/video/видео-w_M-Jpz1kO8.html
another channel
another channel День назад
can i please have a slice of that pizza
Nata Data
Nata Data День назад
I bet that girl is freaking out inside.. But in the outside shes still keeping up her act, I wish I had as much self confidence as her.
Winnie coopr
Winnie coopr День назад
He should be put in jail for the fact he doesn’t know who Chris Hansen is.
Mikser Wolf
Mikser Wolf День назад
I’ll take a slice.
ian flanagan
ian flanagan День назад
pizza looks good tho
Beautypie55 День назад
I didn't expect Jimmy Kimmel to be here.
Conor Higgins
Conor Higgins День назад
They should have let them go at it and then bust his ass 😂😂
Kibe Paris
Kibe Paris День назад
Vile, sad, delusional, disgusting pig
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