Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

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A Boston man drives two and a half hours to Connecticut to bring pizza to a 13-year-old girl, and meets Chris Hansen instead.

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Nov 10, 2018

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Comments 98 202
Just Me
Just Me 5 minutes ago
You guys should change the house because they could know what the house looks like
Edward Akin
Edward Akin 51 minute ago
I like pizza 🍕
Iman Barazandeh
Iman Barazandeh 53 minutes ago
This man just took the biggest L
sadness salesman
That actress girl drawing back every time he stepped towards her was so uncomfortable and scary
Judah Soremy
Judah Soremy Hour ago
Who bailed this piece of garbage out of jail?!
Tony C
Tony C Hour ago
He is such a fucking creep
Bryan B
Bryan B Hour ago
I’d love to throat punch this prick !
Bryan B
Bryan B Hour ago
You could direct traffic around those teeth !
Bryan B
Bryan B Hour ago
8:20 he shits himself at the chat log !
khouse 2 hours ago
where’s the pizza from???
P. w. S.
P. w. S. 2 hours ago
This guy take him out back and school him to the point he learns
Maddie Burdiak
Maddie Burdiak 2 hours ago
he is sooo lucky that Chris wasn't her dad. my dad wouldnt even wait for the police to show up
Fadilla Achmad
Fadilla Achmad 2 hours ago
Why aren't we talking about how brave this girl is???
solisium 2 hours ago
I just had pizza with cheese crust. Ya’ll can hate me now 🖕😜
WRECK 215 2 hours ago
They need to just kill these sick sadistic son's of bitches. Try will meet change and putting them in prison wasting tax payers money. So just put one in the back of their heads and keep it moving. Nasty dastards kill all of them🔫😡.
Sushnata Panda
Sushnata Panda 3 hours ago
The comment box is a chill section, a sweet distraction from the alarming video.
Homeless Man
Homeless Man 3 hours ago
This is the first time I see the decoy holding that long conversation on TCAP
Majid Mohammed
Majid Mohammed 3 hours ago
Preciouss Ware
Preciouss Ware 3 hours ago
Because he’s soo hungry
ekum rahal
ekum rahal 4 hours ago
jeff is a dickhead motherfucker pedo
Zandile Hanisi
Zandile Hanisi 4 hours ago
The way she ran from that hug 😂😂😂😂
Carrie E.
Carrie E. 4 hours ago
This POS! He definitely can't chew this one over with pizza haha.
Anthony Borrelli
Anthony Borrelli 4 hours ago
I'd kill this guy on the spot if I found him with my daughter
B C 5 hours ago
hahaha eating that pizza lmao
samara gabrielle
samara gabrielle 6 hours ago
the pizza looked great until he started eating it. 🥴
micropi 6 hours ago
Really want some pizza now
Paula Crichlow
Paula Crichlow 7 hours ago
He is a physco...he's cocky...bold... he eats and drinks as if all is well... well done Chris...Crime Watch...Law Enforcement
Magnets & magic
Magnets & magic 7 hours ago
Okay wtf this dude is just one of the creepy guys in this show...
Moon Sign
Moon Sign 8 hours ago
That pizza is his last meal
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson 8 hours ago
Sus Roberto
Sus Roberto 8 hours ago
What a creep.
La Flame
La Flame 8 hours ago
Damn just let a nigga bust a nut
borgimplant 8 hours ago
He didn't have a Snickers, so the pizza had to suffice
tleeg74 8 hours ago
If I was Chris Hansen and the camera crew, I would have eaten that pizza in front of him, because its like that little slap in his face that he paid for their dinner while he was getting arrested.
Verbal Assassin
Verbal Assassin 8 hours ago
*Best Mukbang Ever* lol
tleeg74 9 hours ago
That busted pipe was Gods way of saying "Dont you do, man...dont go" But he didnt listen and look what happened.
troy freese
troy freese 9 hours ago
that pizza looking fucking great...
Scv Pink
Scv Pink 9 hours ago
Not trying to defend this piece of shit, cause he had a sex pill, but he never said he was having sex with her.He just came to her house
Bryan B
Bryan B 2 hours ago
Scv Pink You are defending him you fool ! He shouldn’t be anywhere near minors and FYI in court they said it wasn’t a sex pill,it was for his bowels !
gbot3377 9 hours ago
So this creep hugs every man he meets? Fukin snakey weirdo!!!!!!!!!!!
brenna lambert
brenna lambert 9 hours ago
now i want some pizza, damn it
David Jr Castañeda
David Jr Castañeda 10 hours ago
they put his pizza in the trunk.... im still wondering was that pizza finished? or totally forgotten about?
David Jr Castañeda
David Jr Castañeda 10 hours ago
how do they get the camera angles if this is supposed to be a surprise attack on the guy? where are the cameras hidden so he doesnt see them???
McKenzie Smith
McKenzie Smith 10 hours ago
Eating pizza and being interrogated by chris hanson what a great combonation
Ben Ashley
Ben Ashley 10 hours ago
More pizza jeff i bet i could find u i live close to fair fild
David Jr Castañeda
David Jr Castañeda 10 hours ago
bet you the cops finish that pizza! it would be a sad shame to let that cheesy pepperoni pizza to go to waste.
Ben Ashley
Ben Ashley 10 hours ago
U aer not talking your way out of thing
Ben Ashley
Ben Ashley 10 hours ago
Ha haucant get it up
Ben Ashley
Ben Ashley 10 hours ago
You sure your namesnot jeff kent from brandcrod fl
Ben Ashley
Ben Ashley 10 hours ago
Yes u do
Ben Ashley
Ben Ashley 10 hours ago
Your going to eat with your mouth closed u sick fuck u going to get time that pizza jope its good ladt pizza u will get
Zak Archer Music
Zak Archer Music 10 hours ago
This guy gives me the creeps.
Ben Ashley
Ben Ashley 10 hours ago
U dum ass u think your smart
Peter Kage
Peter Kage 10 hours ago
Tells predator, Im Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC Hey wait a minute aren't you the guy who wrote those bad checks? Walks away with head down 😞
Random Dude
Random Dude 10 hours ago
Yeah remember how Hansen also turned himself into police the moment he found out there was a problem with the cheques, and he cooperated with them and was honest - not to mention HE WASNT TRYING TO MOLEST A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL LIKE THIS SCUMBAG
Ron Rapp
Ron Rapp 10 hours ago
This is uncomfortable to watch
Jdm 2000
Jdm 2000 11 hours ago
sick fuck
Tom Woosley
Tom Woosley 11 hours ago
how do you get arrested for a 13 yr old who ls 19 yr old?
McFarvo 11 hours ago
I'm disappointed it's not Cheese Pizza
igo0di 11 hours ago
When he gets in they should let the girl confess she's actually 12 and then see if he says it's okay he'd be in even more trouble
Jimmy Larmour
Jimmy Larmour 11 hours ago
7:55 how this nigga eats the pussy im DYIN yo
Overdosed Mia Wallace
I honestly don't get what they think is gonna happen if they hook up with a 13 yo, like after that night.. She's not gonna be traumatized and call the cops on their ass? She has all of their info. These people are stupid as fuck
Form Anarchy
Form Anarchy 12 hours ago
Why does he look like Jimmy Kimmel's retarded brother?
Niggaeats Babys
Niggaeats Babys 12 hours ago
15:12 I’m warning yall
Reilly Gleason
Reilly Gleason 13 hours ago
is it just me or does she look like britney and jamie lynn spears lol
iFuzzy WuzzyTV
iFuzzy WuzzyTV 13 hours ago
Wtf ... sick people ... parents protect your children 👶🏻
David Policelli
David Policelli 14 hours ago
oxDestroxo 14 hours ago
EdBear YT
EdBear YT 14 hours ago
Wow, what happened to Chris Hanson? He used to be hot!!
oxDestroxo 14 hours ago
Age. TCAP was 15 years ago, he's 60.
Clayton Nelson
Clayton Nelson 15 hours ago
so funny that he doesnt know hes being filmed, or whats going on at all bahahaha
Sweaf Dog
Sweaf Dog 15 hours ago
Pizza looks good
I don't know what to write
Sick mother F@#/£ what a monster, that's discussing I hope he gets locked up for 1000 years !
Tony Tigre
Tony Tigre 16 hours ago
He is probably a Red Sox fan. A dirty, paedophile piece of shit Boston Red Sox fan. 44 yr old disgusting creep loser looking to fuck a little girl. I hope he dies a horrific death and rots in hell for eternity.
Mya Irby
Mya Irby 17 hours ago
“Sokol is placed in the back of an unmarked police car,cops put his pizza in the trunk”😂😂😂Do we really need to know all that information🤣
Beau Downs
Beau Downs 17 hours ago
He almost managed to match the smugness of Chris
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 17 hours ago
Jimmy Kimmel gtfo
ahahadelaaijde 18 hours ago
South Park ruined Chris Hansen for me lmao
banan 654
banan 654 18 hours ago
My kids n me
My kids n me 18 hours ago
Watch ur babies...their nasty sick predators on the lose n out to hurt a lot of kids.....n he looks he could u n a blink of a eye.....book his ass cops
Nolan Martin
Nolan Martin 18 hours ago
that pizza looks pretty good NGL
Big Boss Fredoe
Big Boss Fredoe 18 hours ago
Fucking Sick
Boys in the hood
Boys in the hood 18 hours ago
Dudes just eating pizza like nothing is going on wtf
Frank Segai
Frank Segai 19 hours ago
i wonder what happend to the 🍕
Frank Segai
Frank Segai 19 hours ago
walking in others house and asking them questions.. i will dump a hot oil pan on your fucking ugly face for an answers..bitch
Mike Elbow
Mike Elbow 19 hours ago
I wonder if he knew shit was gonna hit the fan and decided to have some pizza before eating nasty prison food...
Samhangi 19 hours ago
Who is that girl btw? She’s fire
Judah Randolph
Judah Randolph 20 hours ago
If you don’t want to see these guys doing this shit anymore blind them if there eye sight in jail. That way when they come out we can help them get reacquainted in society. Like put them in a fucking zoo.
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 20 hours ago
The only plumbing getting fixed after this is his butthole when Tyrone gets done with him
Agent Kermit
Agent Kermit 21 hour ago
Video: tries to expose a child predator Comments: WhaT HaPpEneD tO tHe PiZZa
Emma grace
Emma grace 22 hours ago
this is absolutely disgusting. i'm around that age base.. and to me i have a phone so like that's extremely scary.. social media can get dark. please be careful out there! :)
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee 22 hours ago
Mmm pizza! Mmm mmm mmm pizza! Pizza ! Yumm!!! GOODDD I cant TASTE IT
honey bun
honey bun 22 hours ago
Lol yea I don’t have homeless feet
Ana Prayagita
Ana Prayagita 22 hours ago
Okay so if that girl was real and all that was all true she was only 13 and did all of that at AGE 13 that's weird and gross she's only 13 she agreed to all that on the text messages!!! And do you see how uncomfortable she looks.
MIKITA WILLIAMS 23 hours ago
As soon as she ran from tht hug i was instantly thinking like damn niggas really like little ass girls like this tht is sick asf
Snake!? 23 hours ago
so.....is this guy behind bars or not?
BOSANČERO 23 hours ago
They should play this video to the inmates in prison he's going to stay at
Jasen Hope
Jasen Hope Day ago
She looked way older than 13 more like 16 or 17
Winter Fawn
Winter Fawn Day ago
I hear him smacking and chewing... all the disgusting eating noises that make me sick... and I just wanna dive on this arrogant mother F-cker and make him eat the pizza box!!!!
KayosJay Day ago
Lmao I didn’t think comments would be here 🍿 let the games begin 😂
murus micmac
murus micmac Day ago
was it cheese pizza?
Keanna Redcrow
He’s so scary omg
Time Distance
He sort of looks like jimmy Fallon
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