Malta - LIVE - Michela - Chameleon - Grand Final - Eurovision 2019

Eurovision Song Contest
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Michela represented Malta at the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Chameleon. Read more about Michela here: eurovision.tv/participant/michela-pace


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May 18, 2019




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Eurovision Song Contest
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MXP_Liam Month ago
0:01 what was that sound
Johann Baniqued
Johann Baniqued 3 days ago
I listen to this song at least five times a day. Love from the USA!!!
Super Sej Kaj
Super Sej Kaj 6 days ago
How the f*ck did this get to the final?
STELIOS Georgiou
STELIOS Georgiou 7 days ago
Malta and Cyprus are almost ALWAYS sending the best songs ever and never do well!
Big Brother
Big Brother 9 days ago
In my opinion, Malta is one of the most difficult countries in Eurovision. There hasn't been any Maltese entry which actually got stuck in my head. Most of their songs are just mediocre and not special, the same goes for "Chameleon"
Lyo being Lyó
Lyo being Lyó 9 days ago
This song is AMAZING, easily my favourite with Greece's as a close second, but the performance was... I mean, her voice was having a bad day (as was Katerine's, actually) and her performance doesn't start having any interest until the very last post-chorus: most of the camera cuts before that are awkward at best, and the live editing wasn't nearly as cool as it was trying to be. This is still my favourite song of ESC 2019, but it was done very dirty live.
Francoit Singh
Francoit Singh 10 days ago
Il love this song guys
Maddy cba today
Maddy cba today 16 days ago
I’m going to be honest, I like this song better In the studio, she is a clearly talented and a very good singer, however she has really choppy runs and some high notes were so high. Not to bash the girl tho cuz the song is good.
Sam Galea
Sam Galea 23 days ago
I prefer her on cannonball but still love this 😍
Disney Mlp
Disney Mlp 23 days ago
setheurovision94 25 days ago
2019 is in my opinion the single-best staged Eurovision yet. Every single act looked unique, and some kicked into overdrive like Australia and Switzerland. Just take a look at how the camerawork and graphics paint such a picture. Rotterdam 2020 will have a lot to live up to.
Keeper Holderson
so cliche and uncreative.
Kitty Castin
Kitty Castin Month ago
Michaela are you Angel Gretings from poland you are my winner
I love it 🥰
John Ly
John Ly Month ago
1. Switzerland 2. Netherlands 3. Italy 4. Slovenia 5. Belarus 6. MALTA
Can Dogan
Can Dogan Month ago
OdeCologne Month ago
Quite bad performance
Salbelm Month ago
Beautiful voice but not fan about the music, I prefered Malta's 2018 entry from far.
Ruth Duca
Ruth Duca Month ago
Proset 👍
Airell RM
Airell RM Month ago
While waiting for ESC 2020, I'm going to recap on entries in each year's edition, starting from the GF, then SF(s). For SF participants that qualify, I'll comment only on the GF performance. MALTA Overall the staging and dance was fun and the song is catchy, albeit the lyrics and the song being kinda commercial pop for me. Vocals was ok overall, but kinda shaky at parts. Personal position: 33/41
Airell RM
Airell RM Month ago
@Xx_CASSAR_xX depends really. I'm a bit picky when it comes to more modern songs that's all. I can't stand back-to-back ballads either like 2015 😅. I guess I'm more into songs with either cultural connotations or meaningful & motivational lyrics (no matter modern/traditional). And I'm from Indonesia :)
Xx_CASSAR_xX Month ago
@Airell RMOk now i can confirm that you dont like modern song and that you dont suppost people who doesnt have much experience. Norway was my First 😍, if i may ask from which country do you come from?
Airell RM
Airell RM Month ago
@Xx_CASSAR_xX umm I CAN put this 33rd and I know what I'm typing. Just because someone does not put this high like most Eurofans do, doesn't mean they don't have taste (Norway is my 9th for example). Mine is just not the typical ESC normies taste 😊 And fyi, this was my dead last before the show. So there's that.
Xx_CASSAR_xX Month ago
Sorry buy you dont have taste, how could anyone place this song 33rd. Without a doubt you dont know what youre typing! 🙄
Rio Nesse Roberts
SO UNDERRATED! 😭😭😭| My 3rd favourite song | GO MALTA🇲🇹, GO MICHELLA👩🏼, GO CHAMELEON🦎
Lucy Gordon
Lucy Gordon Month ago
We say the juries are awful- but in this case it was the televote. Guess my 12 points weren’t enough
Selestia Carington
Who thinks that she deservd higher place like
John Raggers
John Raggers Month ago
Nice good
Amelia Bowerman
Amelia Bowerman Month ago
I love her skirt what is it called also love the song
Sam Galea
Sam Galea Month ago
I think it's a skort.. The skirt shorts
Iga Rychlik
Iga Rychlik Month ago
Дмитрий Нетсев
First 30 seconds is best.
Conny Kuijt
Conny Kuijt Month ago
Goed gedaan
Bram T
Bram T Month ago
Rory McColl
Rory McColl Month ago
If she danced with the same energy as ZENA from Belarus she would’ve been top 10 still really good though
Rory McColl
Rory McColl Month ago
Byakugou Queen sorry meant zena
Byakugou Queen
Byakugou Queen Month ago
You mean ZENA or Lena?
noramad Month ago
deserved top 10, wtf Europe
joaquin montaño
Zeynep Cassiopeia
April Perkins
April Perkins Month ago
this could have done really well, but the staging flopped so much. if it had staging like Like It, it would have done so well, the energy just wasn’t there so it was easily forgettable, despite being a good song
April Perkins
April Perkins Month ago
Sam Galea ya I get where you’re coming from, there’s multiple sides to this, what I’m saying is I feel if it had a little push and more energy it would have done really well. for many songs it’s about performance and not necessarily vocals, like Sergey’s songs (Russia) have had a large focus on performance, and whilst the songs aren’t for me I can see why people would like the songs without the flashy staging, but the staging really emphasise the song and that’s why it reaches audiences. I’m defffffo not saying this song should be stayed like Scream, that would be very strange, I’m just saying it’s a song that, with a matching performance, could have done really well
Sam Galea
Sam Galea Month ago
@April Perkins I don't think it makes a difference. And the staging was good... just we're debating the concept, it's not like we're saying the staging "problem" (I personally don't see any) was like Albania's or something. That's such a small detail to be like oh the staging is why... Nah that's not it. Malta isn't ever going to have like 100 on the televote we both know that, it's one of those countries lucky when qualified
April Perkins
April Perkins Month ago
Sam Galea cause the song was just,,, if you know what I mean. this song had a lot of staging potential and I’m not saying it should have been a replicant if Like It, I’m saying they should have worked on making it more engaging to match the song
Sam Galea
Sam Galea Month ago
How could it have staging like "like it" and do better when "like it" did worse with both jury and viewers? Lmao
Cosmaspas Paschalis
Cosmaspas Paschalis 2 months ago
Ειναι πανεμορφη πραγματικα !!!👌
Idan ben hamo
Idan ben hamo 2 months ago
Bar rafaeli speak 0:01
Thomas Caffyn
Thomas Caffyn 2 months ago
ShyWolf Games
ShyWolf Games 2 months ago
I cant believe she had so much fans and she only got 20 points. *RIGGED*
cosas contra el aburrimiento
00:01 e y asun jajajaj xd.
Laki Srb
Laki Srb 2 months ago
My top 3 favorite with The Netherlands and Azerbaijan!!! Robbed!!!
Lila Nikolova
Lila Nikolova 2 months ago
for malta
Phakkhanan Duangtabchan
2018: Chickens 2019: Chameleons
Can Dilaver
Can Dilaver Month ago
Y. 2 months ago
good song and voice but low performance
ranco_YT 2 months ago
I was living in Malta 1 year ago, and renember the country give good renembers
mira lazovska
mira lazovska 2 months ago
Wow 🆒
OFFICIAL ESC 2 months ago
Michela should have been in the TOP 5 with this masterpiece of song ♥
Roland Becs
Roland Becs 2 months ago
Thats my winner😍😍😍😍😍
Mixalis Zogas
Mixalis Zogas 2 months ago
Abdullah Çigal
Abdullah Çigal 2 months ago
Malta's Kesha 😜
Yrsa. LinthorstxLy
Yrsa. LinthorstxLy 2 months ago
Fantasic! Love from Netherlands ❤💕🔥
Jack Fullam
Jack Fullam 2 months ago
Im Dutch but this song dawm! OMG 16TH How!!
Esc Denmark
Esc Denmark 2 months ago
0:27 what the hell is the lyrics? Ehve we drugs to ho-old me down Don’t get me wrong, i love the song, she is my second. My top is olso on my Channel
Abbie 2 months ago
Esc Denmark the lyric is “And when they try to hold me down, inside a box I'll find my way out”
Bogdan Kokhan
Bogdan Kokhan 2 months ago
no diaspora no televote points Is it?
Vaqif Eliyev
Vaqif Eliyev 2 months ago
Who is better? Like: Chameleon Comment: She got me
Super Sej Kaj
Super Sej Kaj 6 days ago
Both sound like a cat being run over by an Audi A4 going 127
Vaqif Eliyev
Vaqif Eliyev 9 days ago
@Potterheadgirl 2005 #DA yes,i like heroes and other fairytale,euphoria and arcade
Potterheadgirl 2005 #DA
@Vaqif Eliyev this year my favorite eurovision songs of all time are Heroes and Satellite
Vaqif Eliyev
Vaqif Eliyev 9 days ago
@Potterheadgirl 2005 #DA only this year? or all esc history?
Vaqif Eliyev
Vaqif Eliyev 9 days ago
@Potterheadgirl 2005 #DA yes,arcade the best song
Mirkamil Quluzade
Mirkamil Quluzade 2 months ago
1: Azerbaijan 2:malta
Can Dilaver
Can Dilaver Month ago
Bence de ama ikisine de çok haksızlık yapıldı 😔😔
Damian Martin
Damian Martin 2 months ago
This song was my winner😭😭😭 why???!!!😭😭😭❤️🇲🇹
Gacha Jennifer HD
Gacha Jennifer HD 2 months ago
She's my QUEEN! I LOVE this song sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! I really really really really really wish Malta won even though I'm from Macedonia:)
ESC Vasilis
ESC Vasilis 2 months ago
20p from Televote is just a disgrace... Malta deserved Top 10 for sure, Love from Greece !!!
Danae Panagiotou
Danae Panagiotou 2 months ago
Favorites 1 Malta 2 Norway 3 France 4 Cyprus 5 Greece
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