Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | HUGE Chinese, Indian and Malay Food JOURNEY!

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Malaysian Street Food - Malaysian Food - Kuala Lumpur Street Food
Malaysian Street Food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the best! A multicultural display of extremely delicious specialty food is available for eating. Within Malaysian street food, there is Malay Street food, Chinese Street Food, and Indian street food all available to try and the options are endless. Kuala Lumpur street food is some of the best in the world. Street food around the world is different everywhere, but what is so special about Malaysia is how multicultural everything is and how unique the cooking and food culture is. So for my 3rd trip to Malaysia, we came for a Kuala Lumpur food tour. Chuchu and I decided to travel to Malaysia on a 4 day eating vacation to eat as much street food and local specialties as we could.
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One thing that we both fell in love with about Malaysian cuisine, is that you could really spend a lifetime eating here tasting the local varieties of Chinese food, Indian Food, and Malay Food. With our limited amount of time on this trip, we ate non stop to sample all of the Kuala Lumpur food available. That being said, in 4 days, we barely scratched the surface of Malaysian food, there is so much more!
We visited a few famous Chinese cuisine places, a few famous Malay cuisine places, and of course some amazing Indian cuisine as well.
Below are the addresses for the Malaysian cuisine that we sampled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
1) Chinese Indian Food (Fish Head Curry) - PUDU CHINESE INDIAN RICE @ RESTORAN SIN HIAP KEE
2) Nasi Campur and Ikan Bakar @ Gerai Pak Lang Ikan Bakar - Kampung Baru
3) Malaysian dessert street Cendol
4) Malaysian Nasi Lemak at Village Park
5) Banana Leaf Rice at Sri Paandi in Little India (Brickfields)
6) Nasi Dagang only open on the weekends at Nasi Dagang Warung Terengganu
6) Ooi Noodle House famous Pork Noodle
7), Jalan SS 15/4b, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
8)Restoran Home Cooking @ Sungai Way, PJ - near the Indian temple at Sungai Way
9) Durian at SS2 Durian Wai’s Durian
10) Dry Bak Kut Teh AKA Rougucha @ Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh, Puchong
11) Roti Canai at Nasi Kandar Pelita
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My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .
I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!
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The Food Ranger
The Food Ranger 11 months ago
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Am Chow
Am Chow Month ago
Oh wow Trevor, that child's parents (ChuChu) must really trust you to let you film her and take her out to eat, that's so sweet of you, I guess its practice for when you and Ting have kids eh? ;-) hehehehe x
Awias Ahmed
Awias Ahmed Month ago
Nice videos
Nicola Shankaradasan
Hey food ranger your making me Hungary miss Malaysian curry other cuisine I’m salivating nooooooo
bpoon2k2 6 months ago
Where’s the bbq pork place?
Arun Bhat
Arun Bhat 3 hours ago
CHUCHU is very Beautiful. Love from INDIA. Trevor, plz bring her to INDIA.
Bryan Chow
Bryan Chow Day ago
How the hell are you so fluent in chinese like wtf
Best food, Malaysian dishes! I miss KL!
Charlotte Love Animals
Wow That guy is really good at speaking Chinese, I'm a Australian so i don't really know how to speak Chinese but i do a little and i do speak a little Spanish, i'm really good at English. I know a little bit Chinese because i study in China before
sri channel
sri channel 5 days ago
sri channel
sri channel 5 days ago
mehmud 5 days ago
i like chu chu
Johnny 5103
Johnny 5103 6 days ago
Nothing is free u fuckin bastard
billion thawn
billion thawn 6 days ago
Yummy yummy bro
ayman abdelwahid
ayman abdelwahid 7 days ago
Why is she eating like that .... good thing she's cute
Sujan Gurung
Sujan Gurung 7 days ago
australia food tour
shuzaimie shukor
shuzaimie shukor 7 days ago
Your are not at the real food court in Malaysia
FOOD &SWAG 8 days ago
If anyone want to see fresh Indian Bengali food then click here ruvid.net/video/video-eZWJW3sJY3o.html
Bukhari Dedek
Bukhari Dedek 9 days ago
Omputih nie smua masok 😂
pinklotus Lotus
pinklotus Lotus 10 days ago
Please visit Penang ,Malaysia, try out lots of delicious food .
G Noori
G Noori 12 days ago
Indra Gunawan
Indra Gunawan 12 days ago
i can't believe that chinese woman cannot eating with her hand only or maybe she just act 😂
RJ 13 days ago
Chu Chu is incredible!
dinosaur rex
dinosaur rex 13 days ago
Sifat Photography
Sifat Photography 16 days ago
Heri Setiawan
Heri Setiawan 16 days ago
Keling 🤣🤣🤣
Mank07 16 days ago
Ouw ... Chuchu its so cuuuutteeeee ...
Zuraidah Bakry
Zuraidah Bakry 16 days ago
You must go to pahang try " patin tempoyak "
Creator Ghost
Creator Ghost 18 days ago
Any 2020 viewers??!
Something Something
21:17 . Thank me later
Resurrection Ertugrul
ওয়াও, আইটেম টা তো সেই ব্রো!!!!!!!!!
Ponnana Venkatashiva
Ah pakkane avaradhi over action chesthundi
Deddy Wirata
Deddy Wirata 19 days ago
I was wondering if Chuchu understood everytime he spoke in english to her 🤔
Sameer Keeran
Sameer Keeran 20 days ago
Umm umm sounds like porn movie running..
Kal El
Kal El 21 day ago
Chu-chu is sexy...
ahmad mujahid
ahmad mujahid 22 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-3wZ--gRfmjo.html want to learn Malay languange? Just click to the link
megumiii kawaii vlogs
i'm a filipina but i really loved MALAYSIAN FOOD ♥️
sri channel
sri channel 23 days ago
Universal Exports
Universal Exports 24 days ago
*The food I really wanna taste is standing next to james* 😌
Tobin SIA
Tobin SIA 24 days ago
Why does chuchu keep moaning
XRadioactive 25 days ago
I like how encouraging the companion lady is.
Pop Shervin
Pop Shervin 25 days ago
Dude if you are interested coming back to Malaysia again, then try Nasi Goreng Kampung at Restaurant Arzad(Bukit Fraser)...
sujatha rani
sujatha rani 28 days ago
Teach to that lady how to eat.it is ugly eating if we see we can't eat in lifetime
Randy Blattner
Randy Blattner Month ago
My favorite videos is when your with chu chu. Should make it a three man crew, love all your videos 💝
Muhammad Syafii
Muhammad Syafii Month ago
Dave Warren
Dave Warren Month ago
Miss Chu Chu... In the regular vlogs
Vili Vilagos
Vili Vilagos Month ago
Chuchu yu SO nice Women My favorite.. GO trevor.. Chuchu the best
Amirul Asraf [AA]
Fact: Malaysia one of the country has the best food in the world. Malaysia is multiculture country. You can try all food from malay, chinese and indian. Dont pissed off when you gain weight when eat all food in malaysia 😱😂
LOLness Month ago
I'm just a lonely Malaysian dude. My dream in life is to date Chuchu. Please like my comment. 1 like = 1 pray
Chantelle_ Is_The_Shizznit
Do you go to other countries like Germany or Finland or Ireland? I absolutely enjoy your videos.
আবু আল তালহা আনিক
She iss cuteee 😭😭
R H VLOGS Month ago
r u Chinese bro?
Md Mukbil
Md Mukbil Month ago
Very cute
দূর দূরান্তে
Too many 'Haram' things in your video. Did not expected..
Lokesh R
Lokesh R Month ago
Damn she's so cute and foodie
Md Hjfj
Md Hjfj Month ago
Very sidap Makan. Wife china no-good. Iam American. Before working Malaysia.
Jia Hao Chan
Jia Hao Chan Month ago
Feel free to visit my.carousell.com/keithchanproperties
Mashud Ahmed
Mashud Ahmed Month ago
Hola mamá no mamu soy mashud bendición from Panamá city Panamá trancimica
Ng SooHao
Ng SooHao Month ago
expensive af for a malaysian
I’ll eat anything but man, that durian is all you
Pot Ate Toe
Pot Ate Toe Month ago
Chuchu 😍
Md Hridoy
Md Hridoy Month ago
Ben Lucas
Ben Lucas Month ago
Chu Chu ke-ai loooo hahaha
Tasty Traveller
Tasty Traveller Month ago
Bree Month ago
Why are they eating with their hands? ?
Siew Yong Li
Siew Yong Li Month ago
As a Malaysian, I think they over charged you for the banana leaf rice. Impossible that two plates of banana leaf rice can cost you RM77
Shahrin Rahman
Shahrin Rahman Month ago
Does everyone in Malaysia speaks Mandarin?
Pull Juri
Pull Juri Month ago
Tasmena Rahman at klcc2017 and Abdul Rahman
Aashish Rai
Aashish Rai 2 months ago
She is just like you never tried this kinda food before even she is Malaysian ..thanks to you bro she got chance to try this famous food...
Noorul Aini
Noorul Aini 2 months ago
Michael Woo
Michael Woo 2 months ago
Junaid Nazki
Junaid Nazki 2 months ago
He is definitely banging chu chu
Kumar Roy
Kumar Roy 2 months ago
hey....can you please let me the know joint from where you tried the BBQ pork.....???
FAIZAN QURAISHI 2 months ago
Best food in which country?
Music Forever
Music Forever 2 months ago
The real question is.. How did chuchu taste Trevor..?? Was she as delicious as the fish lol
Ambarsaria 2 months ago
That chinese woman is lying .She definitely have learned from INDIAN cook.😡😡😡😣😣😣😣😣😕😕😕
dennis 13
dennis 13 2 months ago
She can chew chew on this
Muzakiahmad657 Muaa
Muzakiahmad657 Muaa 3 months ago
Thats food sama gas insonesia
Gamers Kentang Indonesia
Can you to Kashgar now ?
Brandon Sellers
Brandon Sellers 3 months ago
I love watching Chuchu eat, I could marry that woman and eat and get fat together, lol. ;)
Rohin Dey
Rohin Dey 3 months ago
Chu chu is cute😍
Mohd Amri Razlan
Mohd Amri Razlan 10 days ago
Yeah! ChuChu TV
ednel rana
ednel rana Month ago
@Greg Pincus I can make her thickkk
Greg Pincus
Greg Pincus 2 months ago
It's a shame she isn't T H I C C.
David Evans
David Evans 3 months ago
Chuchu knows how to handle a ladle. That fish eye, never stood a chance. :)
Emma Maembong
Emma Maembong 3 months ago
Comel tol amoy ni hahaaha
I want to travel to Malaysia 💟💟💟💕💕
Intishar Mashrur
I love you
I am Malaysia
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