Malaysia Will Come for Anyone Who's Talking About Her Kids | Basketball Wives

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Malaysia comes to the skating party ready to get into it with Jen and Dominique over comments about her kids, then Jackie shows up, and all hell breaks loose.
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Basketball Wives follows the daily lives, drama-filled parties and outrageous fights that unfold between the wives, ex-wives and girlfriends of professional basketball players. With a cast that includes Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams, there's never a dull moment on the home court.
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Malaysia Will Come for Anyone Who's Talking About Her Kids | Basketball Wives ruvid.net/u-VH1




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Comments 80
Pop 6 hours ago
Her name is Malaysia? 🤔
Christopher Hunter
Christopher Hunter 19 hours ago
They need to release a Basketball Wives Too Hot For TV, from, at least BBW Season 5, and BBW LA Season 2 - 6, all the fights we never got to see in full. Why tease your viewers, and frustrate them?
Josiah Butler
Josiah Butler 2 days ago
Jackie is fucking innocent, she doesnt want anybody in her family business , i guarantee you she said NOTHING about malaysia children, good for holding your own jackie
Tuff Bear
Tuff Bear 4 days ago
Who is that girl just smoking relaxingly one the background?! Lol sorry I’m new to this
Shawn Daley
Shawn Daley Day ago
Tuff Bear Evelyn
Don Jean Baptiste
Do Jackie hits Malaysia with the sticks 😏
Audi.B Audi.B
Audi.B Audi.B 4 days ago
Jackie is like an old leather couch... worn out, saggy, and needs to be in a dumpster. #Facts
Tijuan Renfro
Tijuan Renfro 4 days ago
Malaysia ain’t having it TeamMalaysia
abrielle peyton
abrielle peyton 4 days ago
Did Jackie ever make it to the bathroom Is the reall question
Adrian McGrady
Adrian McGrady 5 days ago
Jackie’s “assistant” needs to no run up on a woman cause that will get your ass kicked
Dean Miguel Jackson
I thought the country Malaysia. Hahahahaha
Don Jean Baptiste
Jackie is pretty cool Malaysia just can’t chill
handsomeboyz amerikaboyz
Malaysia have dirty money
_TheNERVOUScat _
_TheNERVOUScat _ 8 days ago
She dat ass grabbed a f***ing chair🤭
Sandii LovesU
Sandii LovesU 9 days ago
First of all the way Jakie was acting spoke volumes its clear She's lying IDGAF what anybody say
Joahanna Reza
Joahanna Reza 12 days ago
Why tf her name is MALAYSIA though?😅😂
Reilley Blouin
Reilley Blouin 12 days ago
you guys saying “malyjah an airhead, she’s gullible” she thought someone was talking about her CHILDREN. that’s a line you don’t cross you never talk about someone’s kids at all. that’s why she went off. malyjahs bad 😍 that’s all i have to say and she reminds me so much of meghan james sometimes.
lauren saucedo
lauren saucedo 11 days ago
everyones saying that because there is no way possible that that should've turned on Jackie. Even Jen explained that Jackie asked her if she said it. no one was blamed for talking about her kid she just wanted to boss up on someone because her friend hyped her up
Andre Carson
Andre Carson 12 days ago
What irritated me about this fight was that Malaysia dumb ass couldn’t listen to what Jackie was saying 🙄
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice shoot🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 1:07 💟🔥💃❤ 👇👇👇👇👇
Doneishia Henry
Doneishia Henry 13 days ago
Jackie’s friend need to sit down tryna argue with females 💀😭
lauren saucedo
lauren saucedo 11 days ago
then again she was out numbered I would expect my friend to step in and help me like that male or female
abdugadir mohamed
abdugadir mohamed 14 days ago
Hi yall hi yalll it won't won't get end up that's what happened yeah
abdugadir mohamed
abdugadir mohamed 14 days ago
Exactly it sounds as if someone I won't say the same it did leave it going to help friends of people having this one yeah just leave it why why is fighting over this girl that you you want it so is it won't give up I give up to the something over fighter don't get handle it but you don't do it but this go for my Christmas I go yeah catch me outside girl oh yeah Danielle bregoli just got into a fight about yeah all these girls getting the fireworks yeah that guy that girl this guy and beauty VH1 getting fire this this is a so you save it don't go over fight of this guy if you want to be a friend or get engagement and help if this is about him
Tijuana Jackson
Tijuana Jackson 14 days ago
They need Jackie Christie.. So let me give it to them!! I can"t 🤣
Don Jean Baptiste
Don Jean Baptiste 14 days ago
You guys need to chill 😐
Lakeshia Ball
Lakeshia Ball 14 days ago
Malaysia was doing too much in this scene if its not true why worry about it so it must be some truth to it frfr why she so mad
Christian Bolze
Christian Bolze 15 days ago
What type of birds nest is on the head of that beautiful woman?
luvinglele 15 days ago
malaysia need to go sit down somewhere believing anything she hear
🔥 *very nice* 0:30 🖤 👇 👇 👇🔥
Neiosha Crawford
Neiosha Crawford 16 days ago
I wanted Jackie to headbutt miss butthurt USA sooooo bad!!!
Tremaine Faga
Tremaine Faga 16 days ago
Haven’t watch this show in years so I must ask WHY is JACKIE still on this show 😂 she needs her own show “BASKETBALL GRANDMA’s” LMAOO
D'heireea Torres
D'heireea Torres 16 days ago
Feeby should've been Tia or Tamera
Stéphanie Cantinol
G-more Herrera
G-more Herrera 17 days ago
Ain't Jackie and Malaysia zodiac sign Leo?
Kong Flu
Kong Flu 17 days ago
shut up Jackie aren't u retired
Robert Zuniga
Robert Zuniga 17 days ago
Sadly I Stopped Watching This Show Because Of Jackie She Think She's Invincible But She's Just Showing Off For Camera Lol Stupid Old Lady
Fermina Cardenas
Fermina Cardenas 17 days ago
I dont like jackie but malaysia got punkd
mahoganyc miles
mahoganyc miles 18 days ago
She never said Jackie was spreading rumors about her
Jacqueline Stuart
Jacqueline Stuart 18 days ago
First time watching...what is right with these people???
Jeannette Stewart
Jeannette Stewart 18 days ago
Best line! They need Jackie Christie so I’m a give it them
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *NBA 🏀🏀🏀* 1:30 💗💞🎬 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇❣
Layah Love
Layah Love 20 days ago
Malysia is such a child she heard one thing & she runs off with it😂
Dvy Dvy
Dvy Dvy 20 days ago
Where's part 2
Groot Groot
Groot Groot 21 day ago
Why she puffing on the cigarette like that lmaooo chill out girl
Kaleb R
Kaleb R 21 day ago
Jackie seemed to ignite the the issue because honestly it didn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal
Jasper DiLincoln
Jasper DiLincoln 22 days ago
I thought Jackie had to use the restroom 😆
Rebecca Smart
Rebecca Smart 22 days ago
These women are too old to be this damn messy 🥴🤦🏾‍♀️
G-more Herrera
G-more Herrera 23 days ago
You know what I just realized Jackie is the only one besides Tami that step up to all these woman...she even was in tami face when they had an argument
bellla tyn
bellla tyn 24 days ago
why malaysia outta breath tho
★ShiningStarz★ 26 days ago
I feel like Malaysia got angry because of the way Jackie dismissed her and dodged the question, which does make her look more guilty so I understand why Malaysia went off.
Shania Montara
Shania Montara 27 days ago
Nay they ain’t lying. She tried to break it with humor and then got defensive
cailyn sullivan
cailyn sullivan 27 days ago
All these birches do is cross the line w one another and be friends I can’t🤣🤣🤣
Galvin B. Begody
Galvin B. Begody 28 days ago
Ahahah Jackie .........she silly....
Latoya Williams
Latoya Williams 28 days ago
if she cared about her so called kids she wouldn't act so foolish on tv .that is just her reason to fight and be ghetto and hate on woman who look better than her. she has no class and this show makes all blk woman look bad.
En Si Sim
En Si Sim 28 days ago
Thats my country ayyy....
En Si Sim
En Si Sim 28 days ago
Thats my country ayyy....
Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.
Torros sure are #1.
live Blackrose
live Blackrose 29 days ago
I got my money on Jackie
A. G.
A. G. 29 days ago
Lollol no she won't. She just yelled. They were talking about Laquisha's parenting skills.
James Payne
James Payne 29 days ago
I aint never heard of no jackie christy or whatever and wth she cant fight like any other normal person she gotta get a weapon! The girl was n ur face now u got ppl coming around and security breaking yall up now u wanna step ooooo u soooo bad lmfao!
James Payne
James Payne 29 days ago
Omg what the hell was that coming out the dark corner with a cig in its mouth!!! Lmfao pls forgive me but woman wat is going on. Are you trying to get a black Peggy Bundy going on? Lololol
Natrah iera
Natrah iera Month ago
Serioussss lah nama dye malaysia😂
Hasya Krzn.
Hasya Krzn. 29 days ago
HAHAHA saye ingat saye sorang je yang terkejut tengok tajuk video ni 😂💀
BgcBad Month ago
Let’s be real. Malaysia is only on the show because she’s pretty and because she’s always ready to fight. Soooo, my good sis Jackie decided to give malaysia a fight so malaysia could have a storyline. We stan
BgcBad Month ago
And that’s the tea.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Month ago
Jackie put them skates down like she was READY to brawl. 😂👊🏾😎
Andrej Iman
Andrej Iman Month ago
"I never heard that in my life"- Jen "imma say this, jackie told meeee" -Jen lmaoo this bish
tOangA vaKa
tOangA vaKa Month ago
Anyone notice Jenn “No i never heard that in my life” few seconds later “okay Imma say this” like whaaat 😂
Jay Barnes
Jay Barnes Month ago
Malaysia would have whooped Jackie ass. Jackie all talk remember she had to spit on Meghan. She wont throw hands
Jay Barnes
Jay Barnes 17 days ago
@Michael Merritt Uh did you forget Malaysia whooped Laura ass in the first episode?
Michael Merritt
Michael Merritt 17 days ago
Jay Barnes Laquisha had her entire family there so yeah, she’d whoop Jackie, but not one on one. Let’s not forget she got whooped by Laura
dianawhite1 Month ago
Settle down Jackie. Your old lol
Mykee Wattz
Mykee Wattz Month ago
Leta condone fat black queen phaggot getting in black women's faces... ok cool black culture.
James Washington
Malaysia: This is not a joking matter! Jackie: I got to go to the bathroom! Me: Done!
KB Bang B’z
KB Bang B’z Month ago
Malaysia has her people picked, she approached jen & her friend totally different then she approached Jackie.
Sapphire Luna
Sapphire Luna Month ago
Malaysia is such a Airhead ...
Lisa Owens
Lisa Owens Month ago
Anyone know where I can find the rest of this video? Every video ends the same way.
Jonelle85 Month ago
1:10 “The thought of someone so close to me betraying me is like unheard of.” Malaysia, that’s basically the entire premise of the show 😂😂
Queen Shannie Love
Omg Malaysia is so annoying! Reaching just to start a figt
Aleiza Kinlaw
Aleiza Kinlaw Month ago
I love me some Jackie lol
Michał Pater
Michał Pater Month ago
I never watched the show, but that Jackie girl would mf destroy the other one in an altercation. She looks like her hands don’t lie 😂😂
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj Month ago
Michał Pater she’s never won a fight on this show
Why do black women have Asian cities/countries for names ?
Swiff Rilla
Swiff Rilla Month ago
I remember when Ms Jackie got chased out of Downtown Sacramento club because of this show!!!! lol...... Gotta watch what you say because people know people all over the place
Antanasia Coleman
Jen lol ..... ;)
Nini Dimples
Nini Dimples Month ago
Jen lying
Michael Timberlake
When Malaysia allowed Evelyn to play her and break up her and Jackie's friendship... I was unable to get over the disappointment...
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