Malaysia Will Come for Anyone Who's Talking About Her Kids | Basketball Wives

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Malaysia comes to the skating party ready to get into it with Jen and Dominique over comments about her kids, then Jackie shows up, and all hell breaks loose.
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Basketball Wives follows the daily lives, drama-filled parties and outrageous fights that unfold between the wives, ex-wives and girlfriends of professional basketball players. With a cast that includes Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams, there's never a dull moment on the home court.
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Malaysia Will Come for Anyone Who's Talking About Her Kids | Basketball Wives ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 4 932
Aleiza Kinlaw
Aleiza Kinlaw 8 hours ago
I love me some Jackie lol
Michał Pater
Michał Pater 3 days ago
I never watched the show, but that Jackie girl would mf destroy the other one in an altercation. She looks like her hands don’t lie 😂😂
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj 2 days ago
Michał Pater she’s never won a fight on this show
JonerysStan4life 5 days ago
Why do black women have Asian cities/countries for names ?
Swiff Rilla
Swiff Rilla 5 days ago
I remember when Ms Jackie got chased out of Downtown Sacramento club because of this show!!!! lol...... Gotta watch what you say because people know people all over the place
Luke Lopez
Luke Lopez 5 days ago
Everyone keeps talking about how Malaysia is in the wrong buy y'all didn't see how Jackie's eyes looked. She looked crazy. Even evelyn looked at jackie with a shocked face. Then jackie tried to rush to the bathroom because she knew what she did wrong. I agree with Malaysia on this one
Antanasia Coleman
Jen lol ..... ;)
Nini Dimples
Nini Dimples 9 days ago
Jen lying
Michael Timberlake
When Malaysia allowed Evelyn to play her and break up her and Jackie's friendship... I was unable to get over the disappointment...
Michael Timberlake
Jen said she never heard it, then said the first time she heard it... what?
alissagonzalez28 9 days ago
Malyasia can’t speak correctly . She can’t pronounce words right and her grammar needs help
San 10 days ago
Malaysia is an airhead.
K Moneyy
K Moneyy 10 days ago
Jackie's messy ass is ALWAY'S behind the drama! NEVER fails!! 🙄🙄
Bridget Reed
Bridget Reed 10 days ago
Malaysia scary asf
stefanae coleman
stefanae coleman 10 days ago
Feby ass irritating 💀
Siunipa Toson
Siunipa Toson 10 days ago
Keep your circle small
QBee240 11 days ago
Evelyn’s the one that couldn’t wait to make the call and download the info
Yeabu Kamara
Yeabu Kamara 11 days ago
christan started all of the rumors!!!
Just another cool kid
all Jackie wanted too do is poop in peace god damn. Poor Jackie Marie Christie
I fucking love Jackie
Business Of Seyy
Business Of Seyy 16 days ago
Jen just said Jackie was asking... she didn’t say it 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Water Yarbrough
Water Yarbrough 19 days ago
Malaysia doesn’t hit people without them hitting her
eccentriclocs 20 days ago
🌝 ugh Malaysia
Milli 20 days ago
Jackie should’ve just went to Malaysia with what she heard instead of talking to all of the girls first. That was extremely messy, especially being that her and Malaysia were actual friends. I don’t think she said it, but she was so wrong for entertaining that messy ass fan. They really let his irrelevant ass create an entire storyline based off of a lie.
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez 10 days ago
Exactly like if you heard somethings that was said about someone don’t go telling other people because that’s how rumors start just go directly to the main person about what you heard about them
Michael Anthony Valles
Why malaysia walk up on Jackie an get in her face only for Jackie to get pissed off and start backing malaysia up . Scared much😅
Issac 1117
Issac 1117 21 day ago
Malaysia ain’t want no smoke
Fae Amor
Fae Amor 23 days ago
Turns out it was her cousin 😂😂😂😂😂 it be your own family
Zufar abu
Zufar abu 23 days ago
Malaysia...thats my country name!!!!hahahahah
isabel lopez
isabel lopez 23 days ago
Maylasia could have ask feby because she was there with evelyn and jackie talking to this random dude over the phone 📲
Thee Deryn Diör
Thee Deryn Diör 24 days ago
“Bertraying me” lmfaooo Malaysia’s grammar 😭😭😭
Corn Tv
Corn Tv 25 days ago
Malaysia is the name of one country in asia 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Art Gozzip Nation
Art Gozzip Nation 26 days ago
Malaysia ain’t bout that life 😂😂
Teera Xo
Teera Xo 27 days ago
I have a feeling Evelyn and Kristen came up with this idea to break the other clique.
Bigbrowneyes 29 days ago
Malaysia (not her real name by the way) is too fat & thick for the tight clothes she always wear... This is a mother, poor kids!!!
Darlette Whyley
Darlette Whyley 29 days ago
Lmhoooo Malasyia's vocabulary sucks "botraying"
Tatiyana J ❤️
Did she ever go to the restroom?
Don Pepe
Don Pepe Month ago
The woman with the big red hair and leopard blouse looks like Peggy Bundy from that t.v show Married with Children.
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez 10 days ago
That’s exactly who it is lol
Valerie Muturi
Valerie Muturi Month ago
They were telling each other to get away but they were stil rubbing against each other😂😂😂😂
Lisha Brown
Lisha Brown Month ago
Malaysia is a follower !!! Omg it’s sad to watch ! She’s trying to impress Evelyn
Love Jones
Love Jones Month ago
Malaysia how are you going to allow other people to tell you about your friend and believe them what kind of friend are you?
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez 10 days ago
Hey not everyone is always your friend lol
Yahaira Hernandez
Why Malaysia always believe other people like some people might be lying 🤥
Yazi Amourr
Yazi Amourr Month ago
It don’t matter if she had to use the bathroom foreal or not the way she came off is what made Malaysia snap. She wasn’t gone pee on herself sis full of it
Nastacia Ruiz
Nastacia Ruiz Month ago
Jackie and her homosexual friend came causing problems as usual
malasia the asmr channel
My name malasia now
Jay stevenson
Jay stevenson Month ago
Kristen is so adorable in her Ashley Banks Costume
Ti’Juan Renfro
Malaysia has the right to beat Jackie ass
Cameron LeLon
Cameron LeLon Month ago
Word is Jackie has yet to go to the bathroom
Erick Rico
Erick Rico Month ago
Bruh Jackie don’t sound scary she only threatening people to sound scary
R.A .W.R
R.A .W.R Month ago
40 year old 11 year olds...acting asses
Zaria Burkett
Zaria Burkett Month ago
Ok Malaysia your kids are dirty
Juju H
Juju H Month ago
Time to throw the old troll off the show...bye jackie....🖕😡
Germaine Tyler
Germaine Tyler Month ago
basketball wives is an entertaining series. Im sending musical instrumentals through taxi music co. they are too silly on that series.
Naomi Lee
Naomi Lee Month ago
Malaysia realized her error quite quickly.
abdi badal
abdi badal Month ago
How Malaysia 39 but look like 25 year old shnaaack 😩😩😩
Lydia Marie
Lydia Marie Month ago
Did Jackie ever get to pee?😂😂😂😂😂
Honie Bunchez
Honie Bunchez Month ago
If she wasn’t lien, why she dismissed the conversation?
Tawanna Harris
Tawanna Harris Month ago
Was Jackie trying to go do coke? Like for yes, comment to guess
Omayra Morel
Omayra Morel Month ago
Jackie old @ss needs to have a seat❗️🤦🏻‍♀️
yannick willems
yannick willems Month ago
man u girls talk to much start spanking them booties man😂😂😂😅😅😅
Lehua Giffard
Lehua Giffard Month ago
If me and another girl was in each other’s face like that I wouldn’t even think twice
Aissata Kone
Aissata Kone Month ago
Malaysia is the negative representation of a leo
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