Malaysia Will Come for Anyone Who's Talking About Her Kids | Basketball Wives

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Malaysia comes to the skating party ready to get into it with Jen and Dominique over comments about her kids, then Jackie shows up, and all hell breaks loose.
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Basketball Wives follows the daily lives, drama-filled parties and outrageous fights that unfold between the wives, ex-wives and girlfriends of professional basketball players. With a cast that includes Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams, there's never a dull moment on the home court.
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Malaysia Will Come for Anyone Who's Talking About Her Kids | Basketball Wives ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 4 628
faze.maleek Hour ago
That one long neck chick, jeniffer looks like a damn giraffe mixed with a horse...lol..she look like a man on the low low
Tosh Lovett
Tosh Lovett Hour ago
My goodness, this looks like middle school. This is exhausting with a bunch of he say, she say, throwing rocks and hiding hands sh**.
Jackie can’t be trusted period.
tay madz
tay madz 10 hours ago
jackie always doing sum
MrFREESTYLEKING17 12 hours ago
Shay Baby
Shay Baby 13 hours ago
Jackie’s husband has got to be embarrassed 🤦🏾‍♀️ she too old to be doing this bs
DEISI RUIZ 23 hours ago
She told Malaysia there lying over and over and she still wasn’t having it. She let everyone get in her head and things got worse .
Queen Niiyahh
But then again Jennifer said we need to be asking Jackie
Queen Niiyahh
Jenn said to malaysia , that Jackie asked her if jenn said something about Malaysia’s kids! At no point in time did I hear anyone say that those words came out of Jackie’s mouth! The way malaysia presented it to Jackie was as if someone said jack said it! And you can clearly tell malaysia had turn her aggression towards Jackie once Evelyn said that jenn is telling the truth!
Ozuna FF
Ozuna FF Day ago
Harriet idowu
Harriet idowu 2 days ago
Adults acting like kids. Grow up ladies.
Aleesya H
Aleesya H 2 days ago
I NEED this clovers costume!!!!
c g
c g 2 days ago
Show must be dry dry cause Malaysia be coming up with confrontations left & right that don’t even exist 🤦🏾‍♀️ sit down she’s been doing entirely too much this season.
c g
c g 2 days ago
“I’m not! I’m not!” Grabs a metal chair 💀 But I hate when people jump to conclusions. Malaysia stays ready to jump on someone this whole season before she even knows facts. Why trust Jen who’s been lying and using her as a pawn for two seasons vs Jackie. Confused..
ndg7134 2 days ago
Evelyn face expressions r killing me!! Puffin on that fake cigarette like its gonna fix things
ilani azmi
ilani azmi 2 days ago
Can i say this? Her name is Malaysia????
Summer Tingz
Summer Tingz 2 days ago
Jackie trying to avoid Made her look suspect girl if u ain’t do anything u need to defend yo damn self u obviously ain’t have to use the bathroom that bad . If u sat there and listened to wat she had to say then wen fire started to spark u wanna run
Sabrosa De Leon
Sabrosa De Leon 3 days ago
1:21 - Malaysia makin sure them cameras & security following before she start acting tough 😭😭😂
james collins
james collins 3 days ago
I'm shocked. Jackie looks like she wants all the smoke.
D. 4 days ago
Jen lie so much I don't even believe her.
Mila 4 days ago
Lmfaooo I didn't even know that was Evelyn😂😂😂
Chloe Long
Chloe Long 4 days ago
I never seen anybody wanna fight so bad and get so close to people and wait for security to swing thy always trying to hype us up lol
Joeythemovie 4 days ago
What episode was this
Anna Kolee
Anna Kolee 5 days ago
If the truth comes out and it has nothing to do with Jackie, Malaysia is going to look like a fool and a fake friend for even believing it.
Renay Peters
Renay Peters 5 days ago
So did they fight??
iMolika Men-Thlang
Does the saying, “I’ll slap the piss out of you” come to play yet? 😂🤣💀
Jen kb
Jen kb 6 days ago
I can't stand Jackie !!!
Nataly Faison
Nataly Faison 6 days ago
So who was lieing ????
Emony Lassie
Emony Lassie 6 days ago
Evelyn got me over here dying the way she got the cigarette in her 👄 🤣🤣😁🤣😁🤣
Gbaby 6 days ago
These ladies damn near 50ish 60ish acting like high school girls.😂
Xiomya Donaldson
Xiomya Donaldson 6 days ago
Jackie is literally dismissing the situation , so why wouldn’t Malaysia go off and get in her face ?
Keiaunshaye Herron
Malaysia b wit the shits she dnt gove a damn anybody can get beat dfck up senior citizen or not lhfh
Alexie Felix
Alexie Felix 6 days ago
It’s FAKE Jackie told Malaysia before everybody Malaysia already knew everything Jackie is gonna reveal it at the reunion
Keirra Baby
Keirra Baby 7 days ago
I love Malaysia
jtvproductions 7 days ago
Malaysia just pop her old ass already! Lmao Jackie always tryna get in someone’s face when security is around. But maybe one punch and you would break her shoulder bone and pelvis bones because she old asf lmao
Adonna Rowe
Adonna Rowe 7 days ago
Ev wit the cig lol
Bryan Douglas
Bryan Douglas 7 days ago
They shouldve had that one on one talk alone.. Away From Everybody..
rnzfrz 7 days ago
Malaysia is my countrys name. Ok bye
_ OneLove
_ OneLove 7 days ago
Malaysia seems like an airhead. Whenever she talks my head spins.
Melvin Sis
Melvin Sis 7 days ago
Jackie u better stop lmao she’ll whoop you 😂
Makyla Robert
Makyla Robert 8 days ago
OMG y’all are grown women in your ability care that somebody talking about y’all seriously this is sad so what hair is going to let them hate
RobLo ChadLo
RobLo ChadLo 8 days ago
Its AMAZING that the story got flipped twisted & turned around a whole bunch of times. & Jackie is getting all the bad wrap. That's some Bull!
James Washington
James Washington 8 days ago
To see a man argue with a woman, is downright embarrassing (gay or not)!
C Mare V
C Mare V 8 days ago
Malaysha did not tell that right.
Nia Reneé
Nia Reneé 8 days ago
Jackie fake
jenmar45 8 days ago
Is that Peg Bundy???
Netiye 27
Netiye 27 8 days ago
It's hard to believe that Black People are such an Oppressed group of people in America when you can Look, Dress and Act like that in Public places, on a TV show that is Black Owned. But as I said before, its confusing. But whatever. And save your Negative comments. I didn't post a comment to start a Debate or an argument. My comment is directed at the video, Not the people Watching it. Peace and Blessings.
lolhehehe Youtube
3:41 (Jackie going crazy) *two seconds later* hEllO gUyS ItS jAcKiE ChRiSTie fRom BaSkEtBalL WiVeS
Jetzel Martinez
Jetzel Martinez 8 days ago
Jackie reminds me of my dad they always gossiping and talking shyt when they confront them they still LIE and get crazy
Te’Kayla Garrett
Te’Kayla Garrett 10 days ago
Malaysia ain’t wont no smoke w/ Jackie fr. girl byeeeeeee
Tishera Tucker
Tishera Tucker 10 days ago
Jackie is Nothing but a scene maker.All bark and No bite.She needs to be taken off the show.She is nothing but unnecessary Drama
Aiisha Forster
Aiisha Forster 10 days ago
Why have they not fired Jackie. For one she is too old and immature for her age and two she causes all the drama and never gets penalized for her drama or mess she started 🤦🏾‍♀️ she likes to victimize herself and it is so annoying 😒
REDD NASTII 10 days ago
All she said was Jackie confronted her about it she never said Jackie said it she said Jackie asked her did she say it 💯
Curtis Greenwood
Curtis Greenwood 10 days ago
Like who really thought Jackie was going to throw that chair lol😂
Namaia Rose
Namaia Rose 10 days ago
Malaysia over here dressed like the bring it on iris team
K Dot
K Dot 10 days ago
I always come back just to see how Jackie was all up on her backing her up
Tofu Tofu
Tofu Tofu 11 days ago
I like how Jackie was trying to walk away from Malaysia 1 on 1 talk...Very uh "not suspicious" and then getting all up in her face like what? x30 They lying They lying, Girl you aint no different lmao..I still think Jackie is nobody in this show. She's just there
The Beauty of it All
But why ain't nobody call Evelyn out for calling him etc she stired the pot.. how many times these females hear something then go and ask somebody hey did u hear this that or the third not to be messy but to see if they should even say something. Only thing Jacki should have done was go to Malaysia first but she didn't deserve all this, thet reaching for storylines.
douses 13 days ago
I will just say this jackie and maylasia were never friends just look at their history
Food For Thought
Food For Thought 13 days ago
Why didn’t Evelyn mention the phone conversation she had with the guy who said Jennifer and Dominique were spreading the rumors about Malaysia instread of just standing around quiet and the saying I feel like Jennifer is telling the truth under her breath to Malaysia because she’s trying to be buddy buddy with Jennifer after she did the same thing to her over and over again.
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