Malaysia just finds out it was her cousin Kristen who started rumors about her for a check

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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 100
drixx. x
drixx. x 5 days ago
Yes Malaysia vs Evelyn
Taneika Davis
Taneika Davis 11 days ago
Did she ever find out who was talking about her kids
Alesia Burgzorg
Alesia Burgzorg 2 months ago
Wow this 🐍
Mzmika x
Mzmika x 2 months ago
Never liked her Kristen not Tristenl 😂
Bagas Sugiyono
Bagas Sugiyono 3 months ago
Weirdly UniqueBih
Weirdly UniqueBih 3 months ago
I guess it's true when ppl say it really be your own family. Literally threw her own cousin under the bus for a storyline. Karma's a bitch
meesha robinson
meesha robinson 4 months ago
Tristan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
BizNahEE5150 4 months ago
Tristan is really KRiSTEN!
BizNahEE5150 4 months ago
Tristan is really KRiSTEN!
Monique west
Monique west 6 months ago
Malaysia knows she don't want none of Tami OR Evelyn.
Lakeva Lowe
Lakeva Lowe 7 months ago
Damn KRISTEN MAN! The name is right there in black and white! Anyway this whole thing shows just money make you turn of ppl. It really is the root of all evil😞 just... Girrrrl. Dont say tristin or tristian no mo lol
Bri B
Bri B 7 months ago
why do you keep mispronouncing her name lmaoooo
Letia Harris
Letia Harris 7 months ago
@ C Nowlin
Letia Harris
Letia Harris 7 months ago
@C Nowlin
Tierra Glee- Hall
Tierra Glee- Hall 9 months ago
I figure Kristen did. When she told malaysia what happen and then she added they was dirty when that wasn’t in the words. Even ole girl fubu said it lmao but who tf is Tristan tho
mwoodson1026 10 months ago
Anti-Kristen is a SNAKE! Dark in HEART and SOUL..
Charles Jones
Charles Jones 11 months ago
Kristen plotted this whole situation and I wish that Malaysia would just hear Jackie out
Shenita Gazaway
Shenita Gazaway 11 months ago
Jennifer spreads stuff that at least have some truth to it. I'm not surprised. I NEVER liked Kristen since the first episode she appeared on the show. She let them make fun of Cece before they met her. She's not really family. She married into it.
meaka1979 11 months ago
Omg! How are you saying her name.. I cant
Xena Rules
Xena Rules Year ago
If y'all remember, Kristen was the first one to mention anything about Malaysia's kids being dirty. She started that narrative and let Jackie take the blame.
Keturah McKinney
The caption literally say "Kristen" and you saying "Tristan"!
Moise Picard
Moise Picard Year ago
Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I never in eternity thought Kristen would be the one who started this.
Leah prater
Leah prater Year ago
Fake fake fake and please get her name right
Ediana Ventrice
Malaysia should apologize to Jackie.
D C Year ago
You dumb as hell!
GG Wal
GG Wal Year ago
It was on National TV she just saw it. Girlbye.she lied on jackie said Jackie said that her kids was dirty lying heifer . Boring Storyline
Jozie Year ago
Stop saying Tristan is driving crazy!! It’s K.R.I.S.T.E.N 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
alicia green
alicia green Year ago
Krystian please you probably got the gossip wrong you can't even pronounce a name correct.
Mizzey Year ago
How do you know everything about the show but the girls name?
Ana Matopea
Ana Matopea Year ago
If you say Tristan one more time!!!!!!!!!!!
Kisha Year ago
Kristen throw rocks and hide them hands
Kristian!!!!!!!!! Her name is Kristan
Crystal Allen- Unpopular Opinion
Soooo the same thing Malaysia was so mad at Jen for trying to do to her she flipped and tried to do it??? Girl get all their boring asses on... OG and Tami gone so it's a wrap and Kristen is just a follower and thirsty for friends...
Stefanie Ortega
Can you pronounce Kristen you sound ignorant as hell
The Beast from within
I knew Kristen was dirty, but damn she’s foul.
Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent Year ago
KRISTEN...damn if you gonna spill tea at least get the names correct
Lolita Gaddes
Lolita Gaddes Year ago
I remember on the reunion when Jackie said that CRISTEN knew the main Kristan tried to say she didn’t know the man but at the end of the day she started all this shit I am so glad The truth has came out and jacket trae to tell Malaysia that she started all of that but she didn’t believe her that what she get i am so glad that the shit get thrown back in her face hello
Majesty Stephanie
Dumbass!!! Stop!! U can’t even pronounce the name Tristan!!
Shaneeca Phillips
BossMom Natasha Janelle
Cmon with tristen 😂😂😴😫
Mizzan Year ago
Yeah it Kristen bout to be the sacrificial lamb this coming season. Shaunie gonna remember that Kristen called her a bitch last season. Jennifer is not a fighter that's my girl she's not confinational. Thanks for the update and video upload Trashy women and bullies for the coins. Shaunie and Evelyn ring leader. Also they bringing Byron ex wife on the show Anita. She is friends with Shaunie and she needs the coins too. She supposed to come for OG. CeCe is not coming back.
LaShawn House
LaShawn House Year ago
Kristen.....sounds like ....KRIS.....TEN. You right tho
taneisha blair
I knew it, on the reunion she said she felt comfortable talking to the guy in atlanta because Jackie knew him but nobody else had a convo with him. So who said it? Had to be her
shecanonlybeher Thomas
Girl can you read
Treneice Williams
Why she calling her Tristan 😂😂😂😂😂 last i checked her name is Kristan oooo chile
Louise Brown
Louise Brown Year ago
Girl!! Will you please stop popping off that fan?
Kenisha Johnson
Girlll stfu her name Kristin where the hell the T come from it’s annoying
iAm Dom
iAm Dom Year ago
Og hinted that at the reunion but of course Malaysia wasnt gone listen to her
eatYAKImeat Year ago
Blew me I don’t even want to finish hearing what she has to say bc she kept saying some Dern Tristen...u ain’t that messy 🙄
Michaela Carter
Malaysia knew Jackie didn't start that shit... she wanted a reason not to fuck with her ..
Jacqueline Campbell
They got everyone back this easy. This was genius.
Sassy D
Sassy D Year ago
Why does she call kristan Tristan weird
Kelisha Mason
Kelisha Mason Year ago
I'm confused who is tristen
Michelle Thibou
Lol lmao ur funny i was confused to
Sandra Moore
Sandra Moore Year ago
Kirsten with her messy ass lied on Jackie claiming Jackie calledMalaysia kids dirty. That’s how Kirsten saw those kids.
londa1017 Year ago
How you got tea and can't talk😃
bklynbeef Year ago
Lmao Trishtian! 🤣🤣🤣😂
Sha7 Har
Sha7 Har Year ago
On the reunion jackie said it, that kristian is the one who know the guy
B Francis
B Francis Year ago
Wait 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I thought her name was Kristen. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm done through the whole thing away
Janna Raphael
Janna Raphael Year ago
I didn’t like Kristen from the beginning. Just messy and just trying to be in the klick. Sad!!
Janna Raphael
Janna Raphael Year ago
NOT TRISTEN!!! KRISTEN, KRISTEN, KRISTEN!!! This irritated me. 😖
Cree Elder
Cree Elder Year ago
is she not reading what im reading? who tf is tristan?
diva dwin
diva dwin Year ago
Of cos Kristin is as fake and calculating as Shaunie. Malaysia is a fool...kmt
Rosa Swain
Rosa Swain Year ago
I really do believe thats why Malayaisa gotten up and left from the reunion is because she knew its were coming up about whatever were said about her and her kids she already knew that it wasn't Jackie who started that bull shit it were her sp called cousin who started it and she couldn't face the truth about it it were Keisten who started that but now she really needs to get Kristen ass now
Mignon Matthews
Who the hell is tristian
Rakema Jordan
Rakema Jordan Year ago
Who is TRISTAN???
Reshanda Walker
That damn girl name is Kristen
Cursha Joseph
Cursha Joseph Year ago
U always messin somebody name up 😭😭😭😭
Cooking with Madame Chef
Kristen not Tristian Chloe’s Kardashians man honey. We love you tho😂
Ms Hollywood
Ms Hollywood Year ago
Jen is not about that fighting stuff
Lala Lewis
Lala Lewis Year ago
I hope Malaysia whoop her fake ass Shaunie need to get rid of her phony ass cnt stand how she treat CeCe she gotta go
Susan Charles
Susan Charles Year ago
That's why when she told Malaysia Jackie said the kids were dirty I wanted them to role the tape to expose Kristen ass at the reunion but that reunion was a hot mess.
Carmen Grimmett
Been knew she was dirty.
Chris Young
Chris Young Year ago
Um...do yall read between the lines? They set Jackie up to bring it to the group and she did it...Jackie looked as messy as she is lol
Tara Mccants
Tara Mccants Year ago
At the reunion, Jackie said, Kristen, knew the guy, then Kristen looked spooked she said, Jackie
Janetta Beamon
Her name is Kristian stop calling her Tristian.
Keva Tony
Keva Tony Year ago
Kristan kept fuckin with CeCe to throw everybody off about her calling Malaysia kid's dirty great acting skills always crying
Ty Leveque
Ty Leveque Year ago
I wish you would go back to grammar school & learn how to read. Every time I watch your videos you’re always mispronouncing names & words. The woman’s name is KRISTEN not Tristen.
Lady Fay
Lady Fay Year ago
Its called sarcasim. Also known as shade. 📝📝📝📝
Amoonz Perspective
Yo are u reading tristan ??? or u just dont know these people ur reporting about name. This is a mess. Seems like ur reading Tristan lol chilllle
Arielle Pate
Arielle Pate Year ago
Yosef Smart
Yosef Smart Year ago
U right
ShaeDnae Tv
ShaeDnae Tv Year ago
When Kristen tried to tell the story but messed it up and feby was like naw that’s not was said “she was quick to say the girl kids was dirty”
Danyelle Minton
It's Kristian not Tristan
fanaeya nicholson
Tristan ?
Metro Tmoblie
Metro Tmoblie Year ago
Everybody knew but Malaysia 😅😅😅😅😅😅haha
Sylvia Basley
Sylvia Basley Year ago
Tristain is duty she is a liar girl you being found out get your life girl ur a big bully.🤑🤑
Vitamin C
Vitamin C Year ago
I knew she responded too fast on the reunion.
Nancy Fischer
Nancy Fischer Year ago
Girl that girl name is Kristen like get your shit together before you do a review 🙄
Consuella Martinez
I knew it was her everytime it was talked about her face always looked scared those pretty sweet grls...watch out
Tammara Brown
Tammara Brown Year ago
Da hell with TRISTAN shit I'm annoyed 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tytianna Richardson
ninapop821 Year ago
Kristian and her husband aren't blood family. They family by mentorship and marriage. Malaysia and Byron are blood family and CeCe will be family by marriage.
ninapop821 Year ago
@mz E Wooooow.... Smdh
mz E
mz E Year ago
ninapop821 I heard Malaysia’s ex husband is cousins with Byron. That’s why OG asked her how are her and Thomas related and Malaysia said shut up
Coco Jones
Coco Jones Year ago
It starts with a K Kristen it's true I believe every word
Queen Bee Conage
Fabi De Castro
Why can't your just say Kristen? You sound ignorant! It's your post but you can't get the names right? Ridiculous!
shana mcclain
shana mcclain Year ago
Got that azz 😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏
NerdGirl72 Year ago
Kris-Ten. Omg. A few seconds in and.... Im out
Emilie Strachan
Nobody didn’t say about Malaysia kids being dirty . Kristen a liar
Shawnna B
Shawnna B Year ago
I kneeeeeeewwwew it
woomp woomp woomp
All these bitches petty dirty dogs smh but im team tammi and Og all dayyy
Alison small
Alison small Year ago
Kristen is wicked ASF I never like her
Laquitta Young
Kristen not Tristan
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